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FM3 - Lesson 2 - Practice


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Published in: Technology, Education
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FM3 - Lesson 2 - Practice

  2. 2. Learning Objectives Identify potential research projects Develop research skills Create a 5 minute presentation on an area of investigation of your choice A04 Demonstrate the ability to undertake, apply and present research into
  3. 3. Critical Framework Options You have the choice of eight ‘Critical Framework Options’ or areas of investigation that you may wish to research Star/Performe Gender r Issues Genre Ethnicity Critical Framewor k Options Auteur Institution (Director Study) Social, Political Technolog & Cultural y Studies
  4. 4. Critical Framework Options In your groups you have 15 minutes to think of at least 3 possible research project for each ‘Critical Framework Option’ Example:  Area of Investigation – The Films of Michael Mann – ‘Impact of Experimental audio/visual techniques’  Focus film – Heat  Related films – Miami Vice & Collateral
  5. 5. Critical Framework Options Pick one research project identified in the previous task1. Note down what you hope to achieve through your research2. Mind map potential areas of investigation3. Finally, create a Question or Release: Statement that will be the starting 2007 point and focus of a your mini- research project E.g. Director, year of release, context of films release, impact on society / film
  7. 7. Learning Objectives Continue research of your chosen topic Develop research skills Create a question or statement that will form the basis of your investigation Begin presentation and annotated catalogue
  8. 8. Research Tips Before you begin researching a topic you must clearly identify the area of investigation Create a question to answer or a statement you wish to prove, or disprove A clearly defined objective will make your research project a lot easier and allow you to focus your research on a specific question Before you create your presentation and catalogue, create a mind map using to consolidate your
  9. 9. Critical Framework Options Now that we each have an Area of Investigation - Using the internet (No Wikipedia!) research the area of investigation and create a five minute presentation Create  ONE PowerPoint Presentation  ONE Presentation Script (see booklet for examples) You must include images, video clips and at least 500 words (not including introduction) Use your handbooks and the examples in your folders as a guide to help with the format of your presentation
  10. 10. Research Project As well as a Presentation and Script you must also provide evidence of your research The Annotated Catalogue is used for this purpose You can identify the name of the resource and provide a short annotation explaining why and how this piece of information has helped develop your understanding of your chosen research area Item 1 – IDENTIFY THE RESEARCH MATERIAL YOU HAVE USED IN THIS BOX YOU MUST EXPLAIN HOW THE RESEARCH MATERIAL INFORMED YOUR UNDERSTANDING OF THE INVESTIGATION AND WHY / HOW YOU HAVE USED IT.