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This is Havas Worldwide Melbourne. An full service, integrated advertising agency. We strive to create ideas that have social significance and that people are compelled to share. In doing so making our client's brands famous and delivering maximum ROI.

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Welcome to Havas Worldwide Melbourne

  1. 1. Welcome to Havas Worldwide Melbourne
  2. 2. Contents 1. Our story 2. Our team 3. Our positioning 4. Our approach 5. Our particulars 6. Our work
  3. 3. Our story
  4. 4. Havas Worldwide Melbourne has great people. That’s why we’re here. People who want to create great work for great clients. And that’s great. We exist because a group of multi-talented individuals don’t want to live and work any place other than the vibrant city of Melbourne. So whilst we work seamlessly with our larger family in Sydney and the world, Havas Worldwide Melbourne is built around them. And they are proud to offer you our award winning service.
  5. 5. James Wright Managing Director James was a Board Director at international agency Grayling before joining the Havas group in 2011 as Managing Director of Red Agency. With broad-ranging experience across consumer and corporate communications, his specialities are digital and social media and crisis/ issues management. James has worked on some of Europe’s most influential and challenging campaigns for major blue chip companies, governments and charities. James was appointed managing director of Havas Worldwide Melbourne in 2013. The European coffee vibe, no two days are the same and around every corner you can discover something new. Steve Coll Executive Creative Director Steve was a Creative Director at AMV BBDO London when he wrote the Cannes Grand Prix- winning Walkers Crisps Sandwich campaign. Before that he was at Leo Burnett where he was responsible for the McDonald’s ‘Inner Child’ ad, recently ranked seventh in the Campaign Brief Australian Ads of the Decade. Since joining Havas in 2010, Steve has won multiple Cannes Lions for Vanish, Virgin Mobile, Durex and the Save Our Sons charity, as well as a silver and bronze Clio. Melbourne is a city with style, flair and a point of view. Appropriately this is what makes Havas Worldwide Melbourne such a distinctive agency. Mat Crompton Group Account Director Mat has been with Havas for over five years, four of those in London. While overseas he worked on a wide variety of accounts including Santander, Evian, Peugeot, Yakult and Arjowiggins; and in 2012 was the Account Director for Santander’s largest ever campaign – the launch of their 123 current account and credit card. That same year, he also led a number of sponsorship and PR based experiential events for Evian. Its understated eccentricity, European influence, encouragement of ‘wall art’, effortless living and, of course, ‘the G’. Richard Smallwood Digital Strategy Director Richard joined Havas in 2005. He manages our Melbourne digital team and heads up the Telstra and Australia Post accounts. Prior to joining Havas, he lived in the UK where he was Technical Director at M&C Saatchi London between 1999 and 2003 and Technical Strategy Director at Digitas London for two years. He brings to the team a full-service approach to digital strategy, including expertise in customer strategy, technology, platforms and delivery. Melbourne is a contradiction. A truly international city on the side of the world, surrounded by farms, desert and sea. A place where you can push the limits, and still have a good work-life balance. Be surrounded by art, sport and nature all on the same day. The most liveable city. Tony Radosevic Planner Tony has been with Havas for four years and is highly experienced in digital strategy, interactive advertising, brand identity, print, and TV. Expert in the creation of digital ideas that really engage consumers, he has a track record of generating significant ROI. Tony has worked on NAB, Telstra, Australia Post, Medibank, La Trobe University, Stainmaster and Devondale. I love the area around Johnston and Brunswick street (it’s also where I live). It’s filled with really interesting people; chefs, artists, teachers, rockers, hipsters, hippies, skaters. It’s an eclectic, fun neighbourhood. It embodies Melbourne – understated, cool, educated, and interesting. Our team
  6. 6. We’ve won a few awards. In 2012 & 2013 we won around 50 including 11 Cannes lions. We are proud of these awards and the work that was recognized for them but the reason they are important is again all about people. Quite simply awards retain and help recruit the best talent. And that’s the reason we like them. Awards
  7. 7. Our positioning
  8. 8. Who we are We’re lucky to live and work in Melbourne, a youthful city. And we believe in the wisdom of youth. In fact it’s integral to what we do. Whilst wisdom of youth can be considered a strange juxtaposition, we believe that in today’s fragmented world of media and messaging, it is essential that agencies can demonstrate both youthful empathy and experience-based knowledge. At Havas Worldwide Melbourne we’re blessed with the ability to distil masses of information into pure insights that inspire single- minded advertising ideas. Great ideas that can be propagated and shared in a technology-led world.
  9. 9. What we do We believe in advertising that has social significance. The passive consumption of advertising is a thing of the past. We believe the only way to stay connected with today’s audiences is to create messages with meaning. Whether it’s through sheer entertainment value or tangible utility to the consumer, our creative ideas always carry a social hook that delivers maximum return for our clients.
  10. 10. We aim to create borderless ideas that are ‘deliberately shareable’. Ideas that can live anywhere and resonate with consumers so much that they feel compelled to share with their friends, colleagues and networks. Creative ideas that people will talk about around a water cooler, in a boardroom or down at the pub, share on social platforms or point out to a friend on the bus. How we do it
  11. 11. Underpinning what we do is the bedrock of a full service offering. From traditional broadcast channels to gamified app production; from designing corporate collateral to search marketing; we relish every brief and every creative challenge. Our service Broadcast Print Content Search Play Digital build Display Activation/ Events Graphic Design Graphic Design
  12. 12. Our approach
  13. 13. Collaboration Creative DigitalPR Collaboration is a core value at Havas Worldwide Melbourne. We believe collaboration benefits the culture but more importantly, we believe it results in more powerful and effective campaigns. We always take a collaborative approach to idea generation. Ideation still resides in our creative department, however the idea is stretched, built upon and tested in collaboration with our digital and PR departments. Now we can deliver campaigns that resonate culturally and that people and the media want to share. We are not precious. Although we love working with our digital, PR and media gurus in house, some clients have their own preferred partners in this space so we go through exactly the same process with them. The result is invariably campaign ideas that are both engaging but also incredibly efficient in their cost to the client.
  14. 14. We are here because of our people. We have the wisdom of youth. We create ideas that are socially significant and that people want to share. And we believe in collaboration. In short
  15. 15. Our particulars
  16. 16. Havas Worldwide is the youngest of the five major global networks. In Australia we have offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. We have over 300 offices globally and 11,000 staff members. Thanks to our youth, we have none of the legacy issues that other major networks face. In fact, we grew up offering digital and PR in every single office. Our network
  17. 17. At Havas Worldwide Melbourne we’re not just about generating innovative and socially significant advertising ideas. We also have a very strong technical capability in the build and management of digital assets, delivering major projects for blue chip clients such as Telstra, IBM and Sony. We’re highly experienced in email marketing and deployment; we’ve built numerous websites and complex technology systems; and we deliver SEO and SEM solutions across a variety of industry sectors. Established with digital at the core (in fact, we created the first dynamic banner in Australia), we build both functional back-end working teams and creative-support teams that stretch and share our advertising ideas. A digital core
  18. 18. A good test for its social significance is how newsworthy a campaign idea is. Our PR professionals are central to our ideation process and of course, play an important role in campaign amplification. Lead by our Managing Director, James Wright, our PR division Red Agency, was the most awarded PR company in Australia in 2013. And again, whilst accolades are very welcome, this allows us to retain and recruit the very best in the public relations business. PR expertise
  19. 19. Our work
  20. 20. La Trobe University Decisive Moments The Problem In an increasingly competitive market, La Trobe University lacked traditional education sector measures such as high global ranking to persuade students they should automatically be a first choice. They required a cut-through engagement campaign that worked seamlessly across 6 months and multiple action points as students considered their final university preferences for 2014. The Solution Research showed that La Trobe’s target market covered a unique, emerging demographic which they termed ‘Aspiring well-rounded, world citizens’. We created DECISIVE MOMENTS, a campaign that engaged them both socially and culturally by empowering their freedom to choose rather than what to choose. Everyday simple objects and empathetic copy supported the key decisions they had to make during the Preferences period, reinforcing the perception of La Trobe as a like-mind, not another student marketer. The Results Campaign has just finished and we are awaiting final results. Click on image below >
  21. 21. Save Our Sons Most Powerful Arm Ever Invented Coverage in 300 technology and creative blogs, 5 prime-time national television shows and every national newspaper – generating $7.9M of earned media. The Problem Save our Sons desperately needed $1.75M to fund urgent clinical trials that could stop Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) – a rare and fatal condition that deteriorates the muscles in thousands of Australian children. Our strategy was to petition the Australian Government to fund the trials, but as a rare disease, DMD has virtually no awareness in Australia. Which makes getting thousands of signatures difficult. The Solution We created ‘The Most Powerful Arm Ever Invented’ – the world’s first petition signing robot – and invited Australians to sign for those that can’t. By asking people to login via Facebook, we were able to automatically share a photo of the robot signing their name to their wall, creating a massive viral effect. Users could also watch the arm signing their name in real time via a live stream. To make the arm more powerful we gave it a font based on the handwriting of Jacob Lancaster, a 19 year-old with DMD. We sampled it from a Mother’s Day card – the last thing he ever wrote. The Results Facebook impressions signatures unprompted donations Australian health related petition ever petition to be officially tabled by the Senate a pharmaceutical company has started the trials Click on image below >
  22. 22. The Problem The digestive health yoghurt category is in decline. The expansion of the broader yoghurt category (in particular Greek products) and increased promiscuity at point-of-purchase meant that even though Activia itself had seen relative growth in 2013 there was the need for 2014 to further increase awareness of the product benefits but also increase the brand’s equity to reduce in-store switching. Activia Yoghurt Fixing Life’s Little “Blurghs” The Solution Adapting the ATL campaign to resonate more socially, we created an always-on strategy aimed at helping people with their everyday problems. The ‘Fixing life’s little blurghs’ campaign identified and answered these issues in useful, entertaining and topical ways, keeping Activia front of mind for our consumers and increasing their affinity for the brand. The Results Campaign is still live and awaiting first round of results.
  23. 23. Click on image below > Five years was the cumulative time users have spent playing the game. million games played over 3 weeks of the campaign Australian location-based alternative reality app. Five Years 2.5 Largest-ever The campaign is in market but initial results show: Virgin Mobile Game of Phones The Problem Virgin Mobile are more than just a mobile provider, they look after their own by giving them great rewards and great perks. Our challenge was to demonstrate to non-customers what it’s like to be part of the Virgin Mobile family. The Solution Facebook and gaming are the two most popular activities on mobiles. So we created an addictively social mobile app, ‘Game of Phones’ where players could hunt for more than $200,000 worth of prizes using GPS, steal them from each other and compete to become the ‘The King’ to win a dream holiday from Virgin. Among the prizes to be won were some of the same perks that come as standard when you’re a Virgin Mobile customer. The Results
  24. 24. The Problem In Australia Durex were a distant second behind category leader Ansell, who had secured market dominance and consumer loyalty. Despite their extremely low brand awareness and boring brand perception, Durex possessed a competitive advantage in the form of several existing innovative products such as mutual climax condoms and orgasm inducing lubes. Rather than advertising an existing Durex product, we decided to fuel worldwide news and create a new one. The Solution We created Durex Fundawear – an innovative range of his and hers underwear that allows touch to be transferred over the internet. For the first time, couples could tease, tickle and tantalise even when they are apart. Fundawear would be our first Durexperiment – An ongoing conversation with 18-24 year olds driven through Durex’s Facebook page. To sell this world first was no easy task. To make it was far far harder. Initially we engaged with some of the top minds across universities ranging from RMIT to Auckland University in order to assess the feasibility of the project. We then collaborated with Sneepo, a self proclaimed bunch of geeks, who worked hand in hand with Havas Worldwide Sydney in order to create the bespoke technology to make this happen. We even created a custom made Durex Durex Fundawear circuit board in order to miniaturise the technology into the underwear. Concurrently, we engaged Billy Whitehouse, a top fashion designer, in order to create both desirable and wearable underwear with the technology embedded. Then we sourced a young couple and split them up for 4 straight days. After enough time apart to leave them hot under the collar we documented the initial trial of the Fundawear thus creating as realistic an expose as possible of the product. This film was then seeded into influential bloggers along with tailored content focusing on the technology and the fashion. The world couldn’t get enough of it. The initial results say it all. The Results mainstream news pieces and a further 1,333 blogs most viewed YouTube clip in Australia in April YouTube view of the campaign of earned media value in fan growth on Facebook in talk about Durex on Facebook tweets #1 6,422,351 244 $1.9M 3978.6% increase 489.9% boost 23,000 Click on image below >
  25. 25. The Problem During the 2013 Federal Elections there was a danger that environmental issues would not be a key consideration in party campaigning. The Solution To focus attention on this as well as the potential scrapping of the Emissions Trading Scheme we created an activation that embodied our message, literally. In a high footfall area of Sydney we created an evocative art installation featuring a real person, painted with body paint, as part of an image of endangered animals. Around this intriguing installation our objectives were explained. WWF I Am Real The Results The stunt was filmed for TV and online channels driving people to the campaign microsite. The campaign reached over 12 million people and 7000 emails were sent directly to local MPs.
  26. 26. The Problem Within the Home Builders category the consumer’s ability to change a property’s design is usually cost prohibitive. Due to their franchise model and unlike other builders, Hotondo Homes encourage bespoke home designs for little or no extra cost. However even with this strong point difference sales leads were not matching their expectations. Hotondo Homes Home Planner The Solution Empowering customers to literally create their own home during the consideration process was a socially significant breakthrough to support this proposition. In addition to an emotive ATL campaign, we created an online tool allowing consumers to modify floors which were then sent on to the local franchisee as a warm sales lead. The Results 20% of sales leads included the completion of the online home planner in sales lead22% YoY increase
  27. 27. Our clients
  28. 28. Get in touch James Wright, Managing Director p: + 61 423 606 403 e: james.wright@havasww.com Mat Crompton, Group Account Director p: + 61 400 714 759 e: mat.crompton@havasww.com