10 Problems with Social Media and How the Right Tactics Can Fix Them

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10 Problems with Social Media and How the Right Tactics Can Fix Them






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10 Problems with Social Media and How the Right Tactics Can Fix Them Presentation Transcript

  • 1. The 10 Big Social Media Challenges (and how the right tactics can address them) Rand Fishkin, Wizard of Moz | @randfish | rand@moz.com
  • 2. No Need to Take Notes: http://bit.ly/10socialproblems
  • 3. #1 With Whom Should I Interact?
  • 4. Interact with These Folks:
  • 5. Find Them Using Followerwonk: Sorting by Social Authority can help ID influential accounts that may not have huge follower counts http://followerwonk.com
  • 6. #2 What Should I Share?
  • 7. Base Your Sharing on Your Strengths Always in the know about important news before others? Share it! Master of humor? Keep „em laughing. Have short, profound insights & phrasing about trending topics? Share „em! Can you create great photos/visuals for your shares? Do it! From the Canadian Bobsled Team‟s Recent “Selfie” on Twitter
  • 8. Track Your Sharing to Determine What’s Working vs. What Isn’t I try to compare these against the shares that get the least traction to understand the differences between what works vs. doesn‟t. Via my Moz Analytics account
  • 9. #3 When Should I Share?
  • 10. When Your Audience is Online! Via http://followerwonk.com (and scheduling via http://bufferapp.com
  • 11. And, Hopefully, More than Once: If I only share once, even at the peak of my followers being online, my tweet would only be seen by ~6%! Buffer‟s Case for Reposting Content
  • 12. #4 How Do I Get More People to See My Shares?
  • 13. Easy… Just share really awesome stuff that no one has seen before.
  • 14. Participation by & Inclusion of Others Earns Built-In Amplification
  • 15. Participation by & Inclusion of Others Earns Built-In Amplification Early in Moz‟s history, we started the search ranking factors by collecting feedback from many of the industry‟s best-known professionals. Naturally, they helped us spread the word once the project launched.
  • 16. Participation by & Inclusion of Others Earns Built-In Amplification
  • 17. Creating Your Own Sharing Network (over email/chat) Can Be of Huge Value Using Google Groups, Wiggio (pictured above), or a homegrown solution can work
  • 18. #5 Which Networks Are Right for Me/My Brand?
  • 19. Don’t Just Look for Your Competition or Your Customers!
  • 20. Go Where Your Audience’s Influencers are Most Active & Receptive 79 new posts about Seattle bicycles in 60 seconds! Maybe Google Plus is worth checking out…
  • 21. #6 How Can I Grow My Followers on Social?
  • 22. Share Great Stuff that Gets Amplified This was one of my most successful Google+ posts in terms of shares and +1s, and it also resulted in a large number of new followers.
  • 23. Create a Conversion Point from Other Trafficked Channels From Dustin Curtis‟ now famous experiments on social account CTAs
  • 24. Get Influential Accounts to Mention You & Your Stuff One of the best ways to do this is to give people/brands/accounts the heads up when you‟re mentioning or saying nice things about them
  • 25. Participate in Events I gain the most followers when I speak at conferences, participate in webinars, or join events. Interestingly, I usually lose followers if/when I tweet something political 
  • 26. #7 How Can Social Media Help My SEO?
  • 27. Google+: Fairly Directly
  • 28. All Other Networks: Indirectly Via http://searchengineland.com/googles-matt-cutts-facebook-twitter-pages-are-treated-like-any-other-web-page-on-the-internet182370 and http://moz.com/blog/google-plus-correlations
  • 29. #8 What Format(s) Should I Use for Sharing?
  • 30. Test & See What Works… Via http://www.socialbakers.com/blog/223-what-types-of-posts-work-best-on-facebook-pages
  • 31. But Probably A Lot of Visuals 
  • 32. #9 How Much Time Do I Need to Commit to Social Sharing & Engaging?
  • 33. Quantity Matters Less than Consistency http://blog.kissmetrics.com/science-of-social-timing-1/ and http://michaelhyatt.com/bloggingfrequency.html
  • 34. This is What I Do: I do intermittent sharing, replying, and engagement on social while I‟m catching up on my daily reading & email. http://moz.com/rand/how-can-a-ceo-lead-social-media-efforts-for-their-company/
  • 35. #10 How Should I Track Success in Social?
  • 36. Which Metrics Are Worth Tracking? I like Avinash‟s post on this topic, though I believe audience and traffic are metrics worth tracking and for many brands, measuring economic impact may prove too challenging.
  • 37. Vs. the Competition This comes via a concept for Moz Analytics (which collects this data but doesn‟t currently show it in precisely this fashion)
  • 38. Against YoY (or MoM) Growth Rate From Moz CEO Sarah Bird‟s 2013 Year-in-Review
  • 39. The 10 Big Social Media Challenges http://bit.ly/10socialproblems Rand Fishkin, Wizard of Moz | @randfish | rand@moz.com