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Social media sharing is a big deal for the modern marketer. If you’re not leveraging social media to drive awareness and leads for your business, you’re missing out! Watch this webinar with Marketo and GaggleAMP to discover how to tap into the full potential of social media marketing. Learn how to amplify and track the impact of social in content-driven lead generation campaigns and how to maximize the integration of social sharing and marketing automation.
Plus, get best practices for encouraging your colleagues to take part in your social media efforts.

Listen in as Carra Manahan of Marketo and Glenn Gaudet of GaggleAMP help you discover how to:

-Incorporate social sharing into your marketing campaigns
-Improve lead generation and tracking
-Conduct referral contests
-Manage message quality and provide privacy

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  • So to kick things off, let’s talk about social sharing.. The reason we’re all here today. Let’s start with these key statistics.Can social sharing make a difference? Absolutely! 93% of marketers are already using social media for business and those that aren’tmaking their content socially shareable are missing a huge opportunity.Also when you’re thinking about social sharing it’s important that you remember it’s about quality not quantity! It all depends entirely on your company’s social presence. For instance if you’re working a large corporation with a million fans, 1000 shares but not be a lot. But if you’re at a smaller business, 1000 shares goes a much longer way. You’ll also want to keep in mind that only a few shares but by influential people can be key. 93% stat- BufferHalf of all social media users under age 35 follow their online friends’ product and service recommendations. (TECHi)43% of US marketers have found a customer through LinkedIn (source: A Sales Guy Consulting)Twitter users send 400M tweets each day (source: Nielsen)Facebook users share 2.5B pieces of content on the site each day (source: Nielsen)
  • So moving on…At Marketo, we like to use an iceberg as an example of the power of social media and its reach. On the surface, you can see the top of the iceberg, which represents your social network including all of your Facebook friends, all of your Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections, etc.
  • But when you look beyond the surface and see the whole iceberg, you’re able to see its true value. Not only are you able to utilize your direct social network, but the real opportunity lies in the ability to reach their network of friends.
  • And on that note, 70% of people trust their family and friends while less than 20% trust company messages. Again we see that the majority of people value what their immediate networks have to say and it emphasizes that buyer to buyer trust is much more valuable.So how can you as a brand overcome this statistic? By making sure that your content is socially shareable.
  • There are 5 keys to achieving social sharing success. They are:#1 – Encourage the share#2 – Visuals#3 – Make Every Campaign Social#4 – Have the Right Resources#5 – Measure the Results
  • So #1 Encourage The Share.You want to make it easy for people to share your useful content. Also try to create compelling reasons for someone to share.Go over each image… 3- give them access to something exclusive
  • MemesFun images make people want to share your valuable content. Also help build affinity, on Facebook for instance a big part of the algorithm is affinity- drives likes and shares.
  • We like to make sure that all of our marketing campaigns have a social element. If we’re launching a new asset or promoting a webinar we always think about how to make it social. Whether it’s by creating a referral offer, a contest, or a simple social share. For instance, when you registered for this webinar you probably noticed a social share button below the form you filled out.Let your network amplify your campaigns! Drive traffic to your website, landing pages, ads, email, etc. Include social engagement in all of these channels. Think of social as something that you integrate into everything and can provide extra lift.
  • Make sure you have the resources and people to available to make your social presence happen. Depending on how much you’re looking to do on social media, you’ll want to have at least one person dedicated to social. Also, besides making sure you have the appropriate person, you’ll want have the right tools. Have a platform that you can use to schedule your social posts to be more effective, have someone that can create and track your social media programs in your marketing automation instance.
  • Not only do we add social media to every campaign we launch. We make sure that we can track its success. A common issue when it comes to social media is that its success is not measurable and cannot be quantified. This is where marketing automation comes in- by utilizing your marketing automation platform you can not only track but also measure the success of your social campaigns.
  • Similar as to how your different marketing programs, track your social leads by social channel.
  • 20% Text RuleFacebook engagement – likes shares comments. Image used for amplification- generate leads.Sponsored stories are key you’ll want to use Facebook’s algorithm to your advantage. When anyone engages with any post on your page, whether it’s a comment, like, or share that action is then shared with their Facebook friends. Also when someone shares your post, the link that you’ve placed goes along with it. So when you’re posting promotions for anything on Facebook you want to make sure that you can track how well your post is doing.Ideally you’ll want to send them directly to a landing page so you can then see how many people have registered for an upcoming event, downloaded a piece of content, or whatever it is that you’d like your friends to do. Put a little paid promotions behind it.
  • While we do use links to landing pages, we also link to our Facebook tabs so create a better user experience for someone. When they click the link in the our Facebook post, the landing page actually opens within Facebook, they fill it out, and are able to download the asset.Publishing your landing pages to Facebook make things easier for anyone of your potential buyers to do whatever it is that you’d like. You can create ones for event registration as well.
  • Real time engagement. Use it to push out new content.A few months ago Twitter rolled out lead generation cards which allow you capture leads from twitter which then sync directly into your marketing automation instance. They are also great for adding another level of social sharing to your campaigns. All someone has to do is retweet your post and in 1 click the asset delivered straight to their inbox.
  • Company posts on LinkedIn are also important. To truly take advantage of your social networks, you’ll want to be sure to have an active company page and use it to promote your content.Just like Facebook, when someone likes your post it shows up on their profile and will appear in their friends’ feeds.
  • Tons of visual content. We have someone download our slides and have a form pop up. When someone fills out a form, we capture their lead information.
  • So another element of social sharing that you can’t overlook are your employees. Them along with your customers are your biggest brand advocates.Social media is a big part of our marketing efforts and we encourage our employees to have a presence and promote valuable and useful content. Yet, some people are hesitant about this because they’re not sure what to say or what content they should be promoting.To avoid all of the above, we rolled out GaggleAMP. Every month we add in exactly what we’d like people to post with the exact messaging and they can then post it and share it with their networks.
  • Besides promoting your content on social networks and making sure everything is shareable, you can also add a little fun and incentivize. Create a compelling reason for someone to share your content.Earlier this year we released the Big Marketing Activity Coloring book. It was one of the first referral campaigns we launched at Marketo and the results were great. The key here was that we incentivized the audience.When people signed up for the referral campaign, they were given a personalized URL to share with their friends via social or email. When 5 people downloaded the coloring book using their URL we’d send them a hard copy of the coloring book and crayons.
  • Coloring Book Referral: this was one of the first referral campaign we launched it was great for testing. We had 341 people sign up to share, 400 registrations from people’s personalized URLs which gave us a 20% increase in overall downloads.
  • Overall social is very important for brand and content amplification. And a mix of both paid and organic promotions goes a long way. Another important part of social sharing are various types of stakeholders that a company has and how to leverage them for social sharing.Glenn Gaudet the president and founder of one of our integration partners... GaggleAMP. For full disclosure, Marketo is also a customer and uses GaggleAMP.  
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