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Burger King


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  • Located in florida
  • Transcript

    • 1. The King Is Dead Stephanie Lin Christine Marchetti
    • 2. Burger King• 2nd largest fast food hamburger chain in the world• James McLamore& David Edgerton founded in 1954
    • 3. The Original King• Advertising mascot created in 1955• Used to target children• “Burger King, where kids are king!”
    • 4. Transformation of the King• Marvelous Magical Burger King • Campaign compared to McDonald’s McDonald Land featuring Ronald McDonald in 1976 • Ruled “Burger King Kingdom”• Burger King Kids Club Gang • King went on hiatus in 1989• Return of the King in 2003
    • 5. Chrispin Porter &Bogusky• Fully integrated advertising agency • Specializes in business challenges• Represents: • Under Armour • Coke Zero • Dominos• Took over BK advertising account in 2003
    • 6. Chrispin Porter &Bogusky• Chrispin Porter &Bogusky• Implemented new campaign• Caricatured version of “The King”• Viral Marketing
    • 7. CP&B Ad Campaigns• Waking Up with the King – 2004• Square Butts- 2009• Kings Gone Crazy- 2010
    • 8. Problems• Lost sight of true target market• Focused on price and fun rather than food itself• Sales were dropping • 2.3% decline in world wide same store sales 2010
    • 9. New Management• 3G Capital bought BK holdings for $3.26 billion in Spetember 2010• New CEO:Bernardo Hees• Fired CP&Bin March 2011
    • 10. “Burger King Corp. and Crispin Porter + Bogusky have enjoyed a tremendously successful relationship over the past seven and a half years. During that time, our creative partnership resulted in countless innovative and engaging campaigns for the BK brand. We are incredibly proud of all that we have accomplished together, but have mutually decided that now is the right time to part ways. We are fans of each other’s work and wish each other much success in the future.”
    • 11. McGarryBowen• Chicago/New York offices• Represent: • Marriot • Verizon • Disney• Offered BK original and innovative thinking
    • 12. Competitors• McDonalds • “It’s what I eat and what I do… I’m lovin’ it” 2005 • television ads, new packaging, an updated Web site • Ronald McDonald teaching children to eat well and stay active.• Wendy’s • Drop iconic red wig • 2008 focus on authenticity of food. • "We must raise the bar in 2008,” - CEO Kerrii Anderson
    • 13. Objectives1. Showcase food2. Broaden and specify target market • Diverse demographic & mothers *All in hopes to raise sales*
    • 14. California Whopper
    • 15. Free Fries Friday! December 16, 2011
    • 16. Execution & Future Plans What’s Out What’s In$1 Value Menu Asian Chicken Salad Mango SmoothiesEarth Tone Decor Red and black interior colorYoung male target market Offering something for everyone, especially femalesTHE KING Nicer booths and seating optionChrispin Porter &Bogusky McGarryBowen
    • 17. Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths Weakness New direction More focus on mothers Defining a new target market Lack of circulationReason to “return to burger king” Measureable objectives
    • 18. Tactics• Social Media • Facebook& Twitter• Paid Media • Commercials and other print advertisements• Earned Media • News Releases
    • 19. Alternatives• Create measurable objectives• More interactive ideas• Utilize social media
    • 20. Framing of Attributes“Characteristics of objects and people are accentuated.” • Focus on food • Fresh ingredients
    • 21. Evaluations