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  1. 1. A CASE STUDY
  2. 2. Introduction• Burger King has been very innovative into reaching their target audience at various touch points that was not used by competitors.• The brilliant marketing of Burger King triggered a lot of anticipations from the target audience
  3. 3. TVCSetting Records ViralPR & Publicity Application Advergaming Merchandising
  4. 4. TVC
  5. 5. Viral Marketing
  6. 6. Whooper Freak-out• A documentary-style "WhopperFreakout." The campaign includedbroadcast spots as well as athree-minute montage on the web.• Burger King consumers are toldthe Whopper has beendiscontinued. Ranting and, ofcourse, freakouts ensue.• U.S. same-store-sales gainsbeat McDonalds for most of thespring, and first-quarter Whoppersales were up double digitshttp://www.whopperfreakout.com/
  7. 7. Application
  8. 8. Whooper Sacrifice• Delete 10 friends on Facebook with • A total of 233,906 Facebook users foundthe WhopperSacrifice-App and get a themselves "de-friended" in the name of aWhopper for free. hamburger before Facebook requested the application being changed
  9. 9. Merchandising
  10. 10. Burger King Flame • Burger King launched a special perfume called Flame by BK. • Supported by a disturbing website featuring absurdly sexy imagery including The King character in grotesquely erotic poses, the product is described as “the scent of seduction with a hint of flame-broiled meat.” • According to some reports, the $3.99 fragrance is being snapped up like hotcakes. Meaty hotcakes.
  11. 11. Advergaming
  12. 12. Xbox Games• Burger King began offering Burger King • McDonald’s putting only NintendoXbox and Xbox 360 games with their value mascot toys in their Happy Meals.meals in three different genres; action,fighting and racing.• It was reported that 20 million BK Xboxgames had been sold for only being on themarket exactly one month. • Burger King used marketing strategies that none of their competitors are utilizing.
  13. 13. PR & Publicity
  14. 14. The Burger King Crown Card • The Burger King "Gold Card" entitles its owner to a limitless supply of free food from any Burger King. • The card is presented to celebrities who are "good friends" of the Brand. • In 2006, BK released the "Burger King Crown Card" to the public.
  15. 15. Whopper virgins • Featuring television and online ads that show “Whopper virgins” in remote regions around the world who taste the sandwich for the first time against McDonald’s Big Mac. • Burger King said after each taste test the company worked with local authorities to make donations in each region. • Burger King operates or franchises more than 11,600 units worldwide.
  16. 16. Setting Records
  17. 17. Most Expensive Burger in the world• The fast-food giant launched a$200 burger Wednesday — allin the name of charity.• Setting a new record, theworlds most expensive burgeris available at just onerestaurant in West London,England, once a week.• The Burger beat the previousworld record for the mostexpensive burger, held byDaniel Boulud for the DBDouble Truffle Burger in NewYork, (1994) priced at $130.