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  • Notes: Mattox Heads up strategy - he will be behind looking into some of the more market entry strategies Has significant experience within the company, so he knows what they are capable of and what will integrate the best with Dell's strengths Has a broader perspective than simply on current operations Cannon Will be a signficant player in the expansion into growth markets abroad Has experience with global hardware manufacturing and marketing Will also be able to give insight into better operating procedures and cost cutting initiatives Garriques New addition to the management team Comes over from Motorola where he successfully spearheaded an image makeover (Razr, etc) Will hopefully be able to complete similar makeover of the tired Dell brand
  • Presentation on burger king

    1. 1. Welcome To Burger KingHave it your way
    2. 2. Presented By:ID Name Program11104012 Md. Mominul Islam MBA12104012 Rajib Bosak MBA12104017 Dilip Chandra Ghosh MBA12104025 Md. Kuddus MBA12104016 Md. Abdul Al Mamun MBA11104032 Md. Arifuzzaman Miah MBA Have it your way
    3. 3. Burger KingHave it your way
    4. 4.  Industry : Restaurants. Area served: Global. Headquarters: 5505 Blue Lagoon Drive Miami-Dade County Florida, United States Key people: Alexandre Behring Bernard Hees Chairman CEO Have it your way
    5. 5. Current Situation Current performance: 1957:The WHOPPER® Sandwich is launched. 1958:The First TV Advertisement for BURGER KING® Is Broadcasted. 1959:The company begins to expand through franchising. 1963:First BURGER KING® Restaurant Opens Outside of the United States. 1967:The Pillsbury Company Purchases Burger King Corporation. 1974:The HAVE IT YOUR WAY® Marketing Campaign Is Launched. Have it your way
    6. 6. Current performance cont.… 2006:Burger King Corporation Goes Public. 2007:50th Anniversary of the WHOPPER® Sandwich. 2009:Burger King Corporation Releases “WHOPPER® Sacrifice” on Facebook. 2010:Burger King Corporation Is Acquired by 3G Capital. 2010:BURGER KING® Launches a New Breakfast Menu. 2011:New French Fries introduce in BURGER KING® Restaurants. 2054:BK® Saves the World. Employee: 34,248 (2011) Have it your way
    7. 7. Financial Information Mar 2009 Mar 2010 Mar 2011 Revenues $2537.4m $2502.2m $2335.7m Net Income $200.1m $186.8m $107m Assets $2707.1m $2747.2m $5583.5m Liabilities $1732.3m $1618.8m $4134.3mShareholders Equity $974.8m $1128.4m $1449.2m Have it your way
    8. 8. Fast Food Services Hamburgers French fries Soft drinks Whopper Sandwich Milkshakes Fire Grilled Burgers Chicken Salads BreakfastHave it your way
    9. 9. Top Management Alexandre Behring Chairman of board of directors Jim Schwandt Bernard Hees Daniel S. Schwartz Director of Business Chief Executive Officer Executive Vice President Development & Chief Financial OfficerHave it your way
    10. 10. Vision StatementWe proudly serve the best burgers in the business, plus a varietyof real, authentic foods…all freshly prepared…just the way youwant it. Mission Statement "We will prepare and sell quick service food to fulfill our guestsneeds more accurately, quickly, courteously, and in a cleanerenvironment than our competitors. We will conduct all ourbusiness affairs ethically, and with the best employees in the mid-south. We will continue to grow profitably and responsibly, andprovide career advancement opportunities for every willingmember of our organization." Have it your way
    11. 11. External Environment GENERALBurger king is the second largest fast food hamburger restaurant in the world in terms of number of restaurant & sale. It has 12174 restaurants in 76 countries including America, Spain, Brazil, Turkey, China, Argentina, Japan, Italy etc.Out of 12174 restaurants, only 1387 are company owned and 10787 are owned by franchisees which indicates that company‘s capital is very low comparatively others competitor.Their main items are hamburger, chicken, sandwiches and soft drinks. It is very difficult for new entrants to become successful in USA. Have it your way
    12. 12. Industry Environment The company mainly competes against market leading McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Hardee’s restaurant. There is a segment of the restaurant industry that is Quick Services Restaurant (QSR).QSR plays a great role to increase net sales. Sale has been growing 3% over the last decade. The Quick Services Restaurant industry appears to be less vulnerable than other businesses. For example, during the period of 2010, due to economic recession, Quick Services Restaurant sale decreased only0.5% whereas other business industries decreased 3%. The inhabitants of America are very conscious about their health. That’s why restaurant companies are offering healthier items. Now they emphasis on fried food and calorie related items. For example, Burger King is now offering Pizza Burger which possessed 2530 calorie. Have it your way
    13. 13. Internal Environment Corporate StructureBurger King used the Matrix structure of management. Marketing40,000 plus employees Business operates in 71 countries Generated revenues from three sources Market share 14% Have it your way
    14. 14. Marketing MixProduct : Burger King produces Hamburgers, Chees burgers .Price : Burger King recently joined McDonalds in offering a $1 double cheese burger.Place : Burger King operates its business via franchises in worldwide.Promotion : Burger king value menu featuring six items at less than $1. Have it your way
    15. 15. Finance Burger King `s revenues is $2.3 bill in 2007. Operating Profit Margin was increase in 19.19% from 17.95% in 2008 to 2007. Return on equity is also increase in 24.28% from 23.07% in 2008 to 2007. Return on assets is also increase in 7.28% from 5.84% in 2008 to 2007. Receivable Turnover is decrease in 18.55% from 19.09% in previous year. Have it your way
    16. 16. SWOT Analysis OverviewStrengths:• Strong market position -BKC is the worlds second-largest FFHR chain as measured by the total number of restaurants and system-wide sales.• Greater franchise mix -As a result of its higher franchise mix, the company is able to grow with minimal capital expenditure and is assured of regular income in the form of fees and royalties.• Robust financial performance -Revenues and Income have consistently grown providing a platform for future growth. Global Brand Equity. Have it your way
    17. 17. SWOT Analysis Cont.…Weaknesses:• Market concentration -Though the company operates in 65 countries, its operations are heavily concentrated in the US and Canada. About 65% of its restaurants are located in the US and Canada -Concentration of operations in one geographic area increases companys exposure to local factors such as adverse economic situation, labor strikes and changes in regulations that can affect its operations.• Scattered Marketing Campaign -Fail to efficiently promote products, because they are too busy trying to promote “The King” character .• Declining market share• Slowed revenue and income growth Have it your way
    18. 18. SWOT Analysis Cont.…Opportunities:• New products development -BK value menu featuring six items at less than $1, breakfast sandwiches, and specialty burgers.• New opportunities in growing economies -India, China, Singapore, and Malaysia• Positive outlook for restaurant industry in the US -The year 2009, would mark the 18th consecutive year of sales growth in the restaurant industry. -Well positioned companies will benefit from growing foodservice sector• Reduce cost of entry for BK franchise• Expand in Asia market• Reduce underperforming outlets Have it your way
    19. 19. SWOT Analysis Cont.…Threats:• Intense competition -The companys competition in the broadest perspective includes restaurants, quick service eating establishments, pizza parlors, coffee shops, street vendors, convenience food stores, delicatessens and supermarkets. Expiry of Franchise Agreements -Of the 409 agreements that expired in fiscal 2006, only 47% were renewed and 28% were extended for similar periods.• Acrylamide in French fries -Acrylamide has been shown to cause cancer in some studies in experimental animals although further studies are underway to better understand the significance of these results in relation to human health.• Mature industry Have it your way
    20. 20. Recommendations• Expand International Platform.• To Introduce New Products.• Reduce Cost Of Entry For BK Franchise. Have it your way
    21. 21. THANKS EVERYBODY TO BE PATIENTHave it your way