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Html tag html 10 x10 wen liu art 2830 Html tag html 10 x10 wen liu art 2830 Presentation Transcript

  • HTML TagHTML Art 2830 Wen Liu L/O/G/O
  • What is it? Definition: HTML is Hypertext Markup Language The root element that specifies that the content of the document is HTML. The html element must contain: Head Body
  • What is its function?HTML is the Structure of HTML TagHTML Tag Structure contains: html ,head , body , div , spanThe opening tag of HTML Documents follows: the DOCTYPE declaration. line breaks. the closing tag.
  • What attributes are possible for HTML?Required Attributes of HTML is XmlnsThe definition of xmlns is means XML namespace. Ex. Value Website:
  • Relationship between HTML and XML• They are all Markup language• Html is an ancient web programming language, and sets up for symbols at the front paragraph of the website.• XML is an extensible markup language, it can define the language, which means a meta language that can be used as small database.
  • Optional Attributes of HTML• dir Specifies the direction of content.Ex. Can give the details of each report, analyze, text and content.• xml:lang Specifies the language of an element.Ex. It can be set up for English, Chinese, German, Japanese. <html xmlns= xml:lang="en">
  • Webpage subject content description <html> Mark as the beginning of the web page <head>Mark as the beginning of head EX. Html edit tools can use for head element describesuch as document title, it also can add CSS and the introduction of javascript label < script / > and < link / > </head>Mark as the ending of head <body> Mark the page text begin Page entity part </body> Marks ending of text. </html> Mark the ending of the web page.
  • A simply HTML & Paragraph Examples:A simply HTML Documents:<html><body></body></html>A simply paragraph<html><body><p>this is first paragraph.</p><p>this is second paragraph.</p><p>this is third paragraph.</p><p>in the HTML, p usually define the paragraph.</p></body></html>
  • Completed example & Screenshot• <html xmlns="" xml:lang="en"> <head> [stuff] </head> <body> [stuff] </body> </html>
  • References• /• monattributes/#i18n••••