prediction classification introduction to cascaded style sheet(css) computer arithmetic data warehouse distributed databases normalization er model queries sql slides data retrival logical design and conceptual database design introduction of database design and development data mining query language(dmql) k-mean algorithms classification by decision tree induction association rule mining apriori algorithm mining association rules in large databases application of data mining kdd process pivot dicing slicing drill-down roll-up(consolidation) functionalities of data warehouse subject-oriented integrated time-variant non-vo oltp vs data warehouses(olap) types of database processing data warehouse - testing computation of data cubes data warehouse tuning data cleaning load refresh data warehouse back end tools distributed data warehouse molap vs. rolap olap server architectures etl (extract-transform-load) integrity constraints tablespaces physical data model data warehouse physical design fact-constellation schema snowflake schema star schema data warehouse schema dimension table fact table multidimensional data model types of data marts data marts clustering association data mining techniques descriptive functions classification and prediction in data mining k-map minterms maxterms pos sop flip flops sequential logic pal pla rom encoder bcd adder half adder full adder combinatational logic boolean algebra and logic gates analog system binary system the anatomy of e-commerce application. electronic commerce and media convergence electronic commerce framework introduction to electronic commerce: introduction and global information distribution network network access equipment components of i-way market forces influencing the i-way the network for electronic commerce: need of netwo internet governance: the internet society. nsfnet: architecture and components the internet terminology the internet as a network infrastructure: introduc evaluating software development using macros in microsoft excel part 2 using macros in microsoft excel part 1 using macros in microsoft access testing software development application software and business processes an introduction to vba and macros an introduction to end user software development advanced features of ms office packages 2 advanced features of ms office packages 1 introduction to (x)html html forms page layout with css integrating media hyperlink html tables software development software testing managing a computing project parallel processing makes a program run faster bec the simultaneous use of more than one cpu to execu parallel processing risc reduce instruction set computer cpu structure and function operating system support input/ output internal and external memory the control unit and the arithmetic and logic unit instruction sets operating systems support input/output external memory internal memory computer interconnection structures computer evolution and performance computer interc
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