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  • Kick Off - West Region Update w/ Neal PotterTechnology Buzz –Landing the New Office & BI OverviewPartner Marketing – MCC Overview of the New OfficePartner Open Roundtable - We’ll discuss the hot topics you vote for on the call w/ Neal Potter, Josh Condie, & Justin Slagle
  • Download the latest version of this slide from http://docs.com/K7CD.
  • Timing: 5 minutes Key Points: By supporting business-ready devices—whether they are corporate or personally owned—you can enable your employees to use the devices they want to get their work done. You can also take advantage of the latest hardware innovations to empower your field workers with access to their information from virtually anywhere, anytime. Microsoft is introducing a whole range of devices ready for business use:Windows 8 x86 devices provide the convenience of a tablet and the power of a PC: users can move between personal and work activities effortlessly, while IT benefits from enhanced end-to-end security and management and virtualization advancements.Windows Phone 8 smartphones provide an enterprise-ready mobile experience designed to complement Windows 8 devices, including a built-in Office Hub and robust security technologies.Windows RT devices are ideal companion devices for the business user, complete with support for side-loading LOB apps, as well as virtual private networks (VPNs) and virtual smartcards for corporate network access. Script:Today’s employees have tremendous choice in the devices they use to do their job. Hardware innovations are making devices smaller, lighter, faster, and more secure than ever. Soon there will be thin and light tablets and ultra-portables that start and run faster than today’s PCs. PCs will come in a variety of form factors, from tablets, to convertibles, to ultra-portables, to all-in-ones—and smartphones will equal PCs for diversity of design. Many of these devices will be optimized for touch, making computing more natural, engaging, and easy to use on the go. What does this mean for your business?Supporting business use of these new devices—whether personal or companion devices—will mean your people can use the devices they really want to get their work done.For your field workers in particular, you can provide small notebook computers, tablets and smartphones so that people can access their information from anywhere, at any time, and perform day-to-day business tasks without having to return to the office or a workstation.A full range of exciting new business-ready devices and form factors will hit the market this year with Windows 8. With Windows 8 tablets (specifically x86 tablets), users will no longer have to choose between convenience and productivity. Windows 8 is designed for touch, but a mouse and keyboard will still work great. Users can have the convenience and mobility of a tablet along with the power and familiar experience of a full PC and move effortlessly between work and personal activities. They can also have a connected experience with apps from the Windows Store while continuing to use the desktop LOB and productivity apps that they use today with Windows 7. Furthermore, Windows 8 introduces new possibilities in mobile productivity: with Windows To Go, users can have a fully managed corporate Windows 8 desktop with them on a USB stick wherever they go; with DirectAccess, users can access the corporate network without a virtual private network (VPN) [now with easier deployment for IT]; and built-in mobile broadband in Windows 8 will help mobile workers get connected to the Internet more quickly. In addition, Windows 8 offers the enterprise:Enhanced end-to-end security. From client device to network to back-end infrastructure, and from the moment you power on to the time you shut down, Windows 8 offers features to help improve the security and reliability of the systems in your organization. Management and virtualization advancements. Windows 8 includes enhancements to manageability and virtualization features to help IT administrators manage their client PCs. Enterprise-ready smartphones will complement the new devices powered by Windows 8. Windows Phone 8 isn't just a great phone for business. It's an extension of the Windows ecosystem and an integrated part of a Microsoft-wide mobile computing story. It's easy to deploy and manage in a Windows infrastructure so employees can communicate and contribute right out of the box. And with support for on-premises Windows Server, Exchange Server, SharePoint, and System Center Configuration Manager as well as Office 365 and Windows Azure, Windows Phone 8 fits well with what you already have and know. It's built on the same trusted core as Windows 8 and has a built-in Office Hub, which means that your employees will have a consistent productivity experience across device types. You can also expect the same robust security technologies—such as trusted boot, full device encryption, information rights management, and application sandboxing—on Windows Phone 8 devices to help you protect your business information.Windows RT companion devices round out the business user experience. Business users will also love to use Windows RT devices. Windows RT devices feature long battery life; thin, sleek, and light industrial design; and a high-quality and predictable experience over time. The real advantage of Windows RT as a companion device for business users is that it shares a common base with Windows 8, so users get a consistent experience with their primary Windows 8 PC. Windows RT also includes Office applications pre-installed—and you get commercial rights for use automatically if you already have Office licensed through Software Assurance for a primary device. You have the option to build your own LOB apps that run on both Windows 8 and Windows RT (which can be side-loaded to avoid making them public through the Windows Store—we’ll talk more about that later), and Windows RT comes complete with support for VPNs and virtual smartcards, so you can enable access to the corporate network.
  • Timing: 1 minute Presenter Note:Consider sharing a demo of Windows to Go to complement this slide. Key Points:Regardless of device—PC, tablet, smartphone, Windows To Go USB drive—users should be able to connect to both their personal content and corporate content.Windows 8 allows users to stay connected to cloud services and enterprise servers behind a firewall at the same time, continuously and transparently. Script:As we mentioned previously, today’s users don’t want to have separate devices for their personal and work lives. They want to be able to keep tabs on work projects from virtually anywhere they might be and from whatever device they are using, and they want to be able to access their personal content even when they are “at work.” Windows 8 is all about enabling mobile access to both personal and corporate content, whether someone is using a PC, tablet, smartphone, or even public or borrowed computer (by using Windows To Go USB drives, as we discussed earlier). From virtually any Windows 8 device, users can access personal content stored and managed through personal cloud services. Equally, they can access content behind an enterprise firewall, continuously and transparently—whether those are corporate cloud services or documents stored on an enterprise server.
  • Slide purpose: Use this slide to welcome your guests and to set their expectations for the presentation. Presentation purpose:This presentation is designed to help you introduce the new Office 365 SKU,Office 365 Midsize Business, to the TDM and/or BDM of midsize businesses under 250 users, who want core communication and collaboration capabilities, and IT control. The deck starts with business pains, then go into how Office 365 can solve those pains. Your goal as presenter is to achieve the following:Introduce yourself and demonstrate the value you can bring to the customer.Highlight the solution and scenarios of the new OfficeShow that you are someone who can discuss Office 365 solutions knowledgeably.Expand your conversation to Project and Visio if it makes sense (see appendix slides)How to present this slide:Leverage the content below to explain what the audience can expect from the presentation.What can customers get from this presentation?Learn about the features and benefits of Office 365 and the cloud.Get immediate feedback on their questions and concerns about moving to Office 365 and/or the cloud.Talk to someone who understands IT and specific business needs.Get directions about taking action and next steps.
  • Slide purpose: Break the news that there is now a specific offering for midsize businesses called Office 365 Midsize Business. Explain what Office 365 is and what Office 365 Midsize Business includes at a high level.How to present this slide:Keep in mind that most people, when they hear “Office 365”, only hear “Office” and think “Word, PowerPoint, Excel”. And when they hear “cloud”, they think “web apps” only, thinking this is only a browser-based version of Office, similar to Google Apps. So it’s important to take your time and labor on these 2 points specifically. Transition from previous slide by saying, “We understand what technology you need to help you manage the business challenges you are facing. We are excited that there is a new offering in the market that has been designed specifically for you….”Talk trackIntroducing Office 365 Midsize Business – this is an offering specifically designed for businesses with less than 250 usersFirst of all, Office 365 is a cloud-based productivity service hosted by MicrosoftIt gives you enterprise-quality productivity tools at an affordable priceBecause this is a cloud service, you always have access to the latest, most up-to-date technology…Including the latest version of the familiar Office applications (like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, that you currently run on your PC or laptop)…Connecting seamlessly with business-class email and calendar, with the ability to share documents, and set up online meetings with audio/video conferencing.(If you feel customers will know the product names, you can mention this) These are all services powered by our enterprise-grade solutions, Exchange Online for email, SharePoint Online for document sharing and business processes, Lync Online for IM, presence, and conferencing.All these services are built to work together seamlessly so you can easily start an IM or schedule an online meeting in Outlook or any Office applications.Plus all these services can be managed within a single web-based admin console so you can easily integrate with your existing Active Directory, add/delete users, and add security to your mobile devices, etc.All services are supported and backed by the same 99.9% uptime guarantee service level agreement.In contrast, some key business needs, such as Voice for PC to PC calling, Google Contacts, and Google Video, are not covered by the Google Apps for Business service level agreement (SLA). What’s unique about Office 365 is that:It works perfectly with the Office you know and use so your employeesdon’t have to learn a new tool or require additional training from youIt is designed to help you work seamlessly online or offline:Say you are working on a proposal and want to get feedback from your partners or customers. You can start working on it on your own computer, then save to the cloud and share it securely with partners or customers for feedback. They can then access the documents and work on them with you online instead of emailing different versions back and forth. If you go offline, say when on a plane, you can still access the documents and work on them offline (using SkyDrive Pro), and Office 365 will automatically sync the document back to the cloud as soon as you have connections again.These are all enterprise-class services – trusted by large corporations designed to give you the reliability and security you expect.Coca-Cola Enterprises (72,000 employees), Starbucks, Campbell Soup, Hyatt Hotels (106,000 employees), the Department of Veterans Affairs (600,000 employees), Lowes (>200,000 employees), Hallmark (9,500 employees), Japan Airlines (20,000 employees), and Burger King (3,500 users). We do not violate your privacy or confidentiality requirements by using scanning technologies to read your email for targeting advertising like Google does.Let’s drill down now on the specifics of Office 365 to help you understand why it’s the right technology for your business. The first area we talked about is “anywhere access”….
  • You get more new and advanced “Enterprise” functionality, and we continue to increase the granularity of admin (rather than take away) partner opptySharepoint actually starting to surpass it’s on-prem counterpartIntegrating with new assets – FAST, SKYPE, YAMMERThis is a good slide to explain what is included in Office 365 Midsize Businesses. You can consider printing this out as a leave-behind too.When you explain Office 365 to a small and midsizebusiness, it’s easiest to explain in four buckets. The first and foremost, and where most of the exciting investments are coming from for this release, is Office. This is the familiar rich Office client that your customers use and love, but now offered as a cloud service, so it’s always up to date. This Office “knows” you, meaning you now sign into Office so your latest documents and settings roam with you or follow you. Users can use this Office on multiple devices. And when you don’t have your laptop, you can now stream the full Office applications to any PC in minutes with Office on demand so you can work from anywhere. This Office, delivered as a service, is designed to work seamlessly with best of breed productivity services. Exchange Online for hosted business-class email, SharePoint Online for document sharing and sites management, and Lync Online for web conferencing and instant messaging. These are all enterprise-class services designed and optimized for SMB. There is a lot of features and capabilities packed into Office 365, so to start a conversation, Exchange Online is the best workload to lead with because everyone needs and understands email.
  • Richest experience across all form-factors, all input methods and across platformsBefore the click:Office 365 includes the latest version of all the familiar Office applications – including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook – for you to use on your PCs and Macs. After the Click:In addition, it also provides access to certain Office applications that are optimized for tablets and smartphones. For example, Outlook for Windows tablets is optimized for touch experience and makes it easier for users to interact, compose and manage their email on the go. Lync and OneNote for Windows Phones as well as iOS and Android operating system provide the rich experience on the mobile phones. For each Office 365 licenseduser,you can use Office on up to 5 PC or Mac, and 5 mobile devices.
  • Integrate the cloud into the creative environment to automate backup and ubiquitous access. <Distinguish Skydrive and SPro)There is no use for Office on all your devices if you can’t get to your documents.With Office 365, your documents are saved to the cloud by default so they are automatically backed up. You now have a “drive” in the cloud called SkyDrive Pro for documents that you are managing and working on but can also share with others (see screenshot, point to the SkyDrive Pro link at the top right bar)Because everything is saved to the cloud, when you sign into Office from any browser, you will always have the latest version of your documents follow you. See this list of your latest documents (point to the screenshot on the left). This also goes for settings like your personal dictionary and custom templates. When your documents are saved in the cloud, you can also sync (point to the sync button on the top right) these files to your laptop or mobile devices so you can still access and work on them when you are offline. It will automatically re-sync it back to the cloud when you have your connection back.
  • Distinguish the 2 Skydrives again!In addition to making it easy to share documents and emails with a pre-set team structure, you also want to do ad-hoc sharing and also sharing with external partners or customers.With SkyDrive Pro or any other document library within SharePoint Online, you can easily share documents from the preview pane. This preview pane helps ensure it is the right file you want to share.[Click]Or, you can also easily share documents from within each of the Office applications by clicking share.
  • The future of the phone call! Speak to limitations though. This is the “Wow!” moment when you demo to customers. Talk it up!The biggest challenge for remote workers is to hold meetings, especially productive meetings together. Lync Online in Office 365 has solved this problem by adding multiparty high-definition video conferencing where every participant can now interact with everybody else on the meeting in a more lively manner. Plus, with the ability to share your screen, may it be a specific document, presentation or your entire desktop, users can convey their point clearly to the audience of the meeting. [Click]The new Lync Online in Office 365 now also supports creating a shared OneNote meeting notes during the meeting. This means with one click, you create a OneNote that everyone in the call has access to and can start typing at the same time. Everyone can see and verify the list of action items as they are being discussed during the meeting so there are less chances for errors and ensure everyone is on the same page. Since it’s a shared OneNote, it also means the organizer of the meeting can delegate the responsibility of note-taking to someone else in the call if need be.
  • Explain “Business” Social and then speak to pervasive presence and the move from non-realtime to realtimecollab (flow)We are bringing social to the business world to help you stay connected and get things done the way you are already familiar with.[Click]Office 365 provides an integrated social experience to help users keep tabs on what everybody is working on or talking about via the newsfeed.[Click] You can follow people, documents, sites as well as tags to get updates in your newsfeed on all the things that are important to you.[Click] Also, you see the presence wherever you go within Office 365 to know who’s online and available. When you mouse over it, it pops up the same people card, giving you the full details about a person as well as their social feeds all from one location.
  • Office 365 simplifies most of the tasks required by IT admins by making them easily accessible via the simplified admin portal. IT administrators can get to workload management portals using the universal nav bar. Also the left navigation frame allows IT administrators to quickly get access to adding users, checking service settings or check on licensing. In addition, Office 365 now have integrated community support where IT Administrators can quickly search for any issues on the community right from within the portal.
  • Deploying Office in the past has always been a chore. Now you can deploy Office on desktops quickly and effortlessly by streaming the full featured Office desktop applications directly from Office 365. [Click] It’s so simple, users can do it themselves by simply clicking on “install”.This is a ground-breaking technology because rather than taking 30 min to download the .msi file (Microsoft Installer) and then another 20-30 min to install Office. With this click-to-run technology, Office is ready to use within moments (as quick as seconds with a fast Internet connection) of you clicking “install”.This Office stays on the machine so users can go offline once it’s installed. This is not to be confused with Office on demand that we talked about before for you to stream one Office application to any PC for you to edit documents wherever you are.
  • Not only is the new Office quick to install, it can also run side-by-side with older versions of Office. [Click] Here you have an example of a single machine running both Word 2013 and Word 2003.This is great for many reasons. It means you can deploy and standardize everyone in the company with the new Office but still allowing, say Finance, to open and use a budgeting Excel file with macros built in that they have been using for years. This will give them time to test the new Excel before completely moving off of Office 2003 – which is coming end of support by April 2014.
  • Business-ready toolsOffice 365 has the broadest definition of what productivity and collaboration means for businessYou get big business tools at affordable price, no compromisesOne stop shop for everything you need to be productive at work, no more cost and hassle of integrating point solutionsMicrosoft builds professional tools for businesses. This is the core of our business. We don’t think about this as a side business so we can useyour business data to sell advertising.Latest technologyBecause Office 365 is a cloud service you subscribe to, you’ll always have the latest version of the technologyOffice is the common language in business for years – you can now subscribe to Office and always get to use the latest versionLow upfront costsYou don’t need to upgrade any servers to use Office 365.You cut down on cost related to server maintenance when you no longer run your own Exchange Server. You just manage your Office 365 services from a web-based admin console.Office 365 also means low training costs because itis based on services that are already familiar to your usersPer-user licenseSimplified per-user rather than per-device licensing: Less time spent tracking licenses, more options for users.With each Office 365 user, you can Office on up to 5 PC or Mac, plus 5 mobile devices which include smartphones and tabletsYou get predictable monthly costs that are easier to budgetIf you have seasonal workers, you can easily add and delete users as you need them.
  • We introduced the new offering Office 365 Midsize Business earlier on in the presentation as the unique plan designed specifically for businesses under 250 users. To help you choose the right plan for your business, we have a comparison between three popular options: Office 365 Small Business Premium (SBP), Midsized Business (M), and Enterprise E3. There are some similarities across all three plans, for example all three plans include the full featured Office desktop applications. But let’s look at the differences here…First, at the bottom of this table, you can see the seat target for these plans, as well as the pricing (USD dollar shown). There are technical limitations on the number of seats you can add to SBP and M, but you should choose the right plan not only based on these, but also around topics like IT control, support, how to deploy Office, and whether you have advanced business and IT needs.Let’s start from the bottom.IT controlIT admin with Small Business Premium is simple and preconfigured so customers don’t have to do much to get up and running. Midsized Business and E3 customers want greater control and customization from the console, which is why we’ve built in more robust controls like Active Directory integration. The difference between M and E3 is more subtle, where in M you should expect to see more templates and how-to videos for the IT generalists, and in E3, full capability to configure all the services.SupportSupport is much the same. Basic support for Small Business Premium includes initial phone support as needed. Midsized Business includes unlimited telephone support during business hours, whereas E3 has 24/7 access. Of course, we have 24x7 phone support on all critical service issues. Our phone support exceeds our closest competitionon all of our plans. OfficeAs mentioned, all three plans include desktop Office applications licensed as a subscription, plus Office Web Apps. What’s different here is how you get to deploy Office. Office Deployment for Small Business Premium and Midsized Business is a “pull’ experience meaning the end user initiates the deployment and it streams Office directly from Office 365 servers. Push deployment in E3, means that Office may be used with software distribution and automation tools that enable IT admins to install it on behalf of end users.Advanced servicesWe’ve already touched on it, but only Midsized Business and E3 will work with Active Directory. This enables single sign-on for all your PCs and it integrates with your company’s identity system. Users created on-premises are available for license assignment in the cloud, and you will have one place to set up permissions. The biggest difference between M and E3 are advanced services like Excel and Visio Services for SharePoint integration, rights management (allows customers to send IRM mail from Exchange), voicemail, and compliance features like In-Place Hold and Data Loss Prevention. If you need these services, you will want to consider E3 regardless of your company size.


  • 1. March West RegionPartner Call
  • 2. West Region Technology Update with Buzz with Neal Potter Josh Condie Partner Partner OpenResources with Roundtable Glenn Osako
  • 3. Segment Topic Speaker Timing West Region Update & WPCKick Off Neal Potter 5 minutes Awards AnnouncementTechnology Buzz Office 365 Josh Condie 25-30 minutesPartner Resources Leveraging RTG & Incentives Glenn Osako 15-20 minutes RGM, PTM, and TS2 discussPartner Open hot topics voted for on the Neal Potter, Glenn Osako and call by polls 10 minutesRoundtable Josh Condie Open Q&A
  • 4. West Region SMB&D GM US SMB&D Vice President Neal Potter Cindy Bates npotter@microsoft.comArea Partner Territory Managers (PTMs) Online Services Team Northwest Area Robyn Schutz SMB Online Services BDM, Northwest robynt@microsoft.com Justin Bowers justin.bowers@microsoft.com Southwest Area, SoCal SMB Online Services BDM, Southwest Glenn Osako Joshua Shea gosako@microsoft.com joshea@microsoft.com Southwest Area, Desert Mtn. US SMB Technical Services John Hermann Partner Solutions Advisor jhermann@microsoft.com Bryan Von Axelson “BVA” bryanvon@microsoft.comRegional Disti TPAM Sales Manager Partner Solutions Advisor West Region Josh Condie Brian Jones jcondie@microsoft.com brjone@microsoft.com Cloud TSP, US SMB Technical ServicesRegional Partner Sales Manager Cloud Sales Manager Tim Tetrick West Region Justin Slagle Tim.tetrick@microsoft.com Michelle Peterson US SMB Regional West michelle.peterson@microsoft. jslagle@microsoft.com com
  • 5. A new era. Together.Join us at the 2013 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference. Website http://aka.ms/wpc2013 | Pre-register http://aka.ms/wpc13regWhy attend WPC 2013?• Meet and network with other partners and with Microsoft• Hear the product and technology roadmap from Microsoft leaders• Learn about Microsoft priorities for the partner business in our new Photo courtesy of Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau fiscal year (Microsoft FY14 starts July 2013)• Get guidance to win with your Microsoft-based solutions against competitors• Be among the first to know about the latest opportunities and incentivesActivities for U.S. partnersDetails about U.S. activities at WPC will be announced starting inFebruary. Follow us on Twitter twitter.com/WPCUS Read our blog at aka.ms/wpcus-blog http://docs.com/K7CD
  • 6. Great experiences across devicesChoose the best device for your specific business scenario Windows 8 Optimized for Enterprise ► “No compromise” business tablets with Windows 8 (Windows 8 laptops , notebooks, and possibilities with Windows to Go, DirectAccess improvements, and mobile broadband enhancements ► New phones) Windows Phone 8 ► Business-ready phone: end-to-end encryption, secure boot, IRM, and secure application container ► Shared core with Windows 8 provides common user experience and app development efficiencies ► Office Hub built in Windows RT ► High quality and value business companion device with Office apps pre-installed ► Office Home and Student 2013 RT commercial use rights for anyone whose primary device is licensed for Office with Software Assurance ► Support for VPN and virtual smartcard solution
  • 7. Going mobilePersonal cloud services Enterprise servers and services ► Persistent Internet connection ► Easy and secure access to corporate data behind the firewall ► Seamless access to personal data ► One device for life and work when travelling Broad range of devices with mobile support
  • 8. Get Connected. Stay Connected. Plan Enable Create Demand Sell Monthly Compete Customer Talk Unleash Partner Webcast Blitz Webcast Your Calls Series Series Productivity Webcast Series Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly 3rd Friday 1st Friday 3rd Wednesday 4th Friday April 19th April 5th March 20th March 22nd(10-11am PT) (9-10am PT) (11am-12pm PT) (11am-12pm PT) Engagement for every stage of the partner business cycle (to access registration links, right click on the webcast name/date and select “open hyperlink”)
  • 9. Cloud productivity services hosted by MicrosoftEnterprise-quality tools at an affordable priceAlways up-to-dateOffice, email, document sharing, video conferencingSimplified admin console
  • 10. Latest version of Office desktop apps licensed as a subscription Hosted business-class email and shared calendarPer user licensing across 5 PCs/Macs and 5 mobile devices 25 GB of storage space per userStream any Office application on a PC while traveling Robust anti-spam and anti-malwareDeploy Office on desktops quickly and effortlessly Set and manage mobile access and policiesDocument sharing and management in the cloud Presence, IM, voice, and HD video conferencingShare documents with customers/partners with controlled access Real-time note taking and document sharingSync online files to your devices for offline access with SkyDrive Pro Conduct Lync meetings with customers and partnersShare team emails and documents with Site Mailboxes Connect with Skype contacts using presence, IM, and voice
  • 11. choice Retail Retail Consumer Services Retail Commercial ServicesOffice 365 Office 365 Advisor Advisor Office 365 Advisor Office 365 Advisor Advisor Office 365 Advisor Office 365 Pro Plus Student Pro Plus Consumer Pro PlusBusinessPro PlusBusiness Open Pro Plus Pro Plus
  • 12. Access documents,email, calendar, andcontacts with Officeapplications optimizedfor your PC or Mac…as well as your tabletand smartphone.
  • 13. Touch Mode adds more space and finger-friendly Quick Actions Inline reply lets you compose while staying in contextQuick Peeks give you access to yourcalendar, people and tasks without leaving your inbox
  • 14. Project & Office 365 Office Exchange SharePoint Lync CAL Suites VisioApplications ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●Enterprise Value ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●Subscription Value ● SA Only SA Only ● ●License Type License Type PC/Mac Installs Mobile InstallsPrice
  • 15. Save to the cloud bydefault for automaticbackupSign in to Office andaccess the latestdocuments and personalsettingsSync files to yourdevices using SkyDrive Profor offline access andautomatic re-syncing
  • 16. Share documents fromSkyDrive Pro orSharePoint team siteswith controlled access Share directly from Office applications Easily share documents with others
  • 17. Host and participatein online meetings withmulti-party HD videoconferencing, screensharing, and real-timenote taking
  • 18. Get updates on your newsfeed based on the people, documents, sites, and tags you are followingTake advantage of anintegrated socialexperience to stay close Share ideas and getto the people and answers in real timecontent that’s important on your newsfeedto youClick to communicateutilizing pervasivepresence and peoplecards Get updates from social sites right inside the contact cards
  • 19. Add or delete users, manage email, and set document sharing policiesSimplify managementwith a single, web-based admin center One admin console for all services, with quick overview of service health Stay up to date with in-line planned maintenance reminders
  • 20. Ready to use withinmoments of clicking“install”Built on Microsoftvirtualization technologyStays on the machineand can go offline onceinstalled
  • 21. Deploy the new Officewithout uninstallingprevious versionsEliminate legacy orcompatibility concerns
  • 22. CUSTOMER PROFILE Office Client Subscription Email, Collaboration and Communication1Smartphones and tablets added regularly. Availability of Office 365 apps varies by device.
  • 23. Admin Portal Office 365 ProPlus Email, Collaboration and Communication1Smartphones and tablets added regularly. Availability of Office 365 apps varies by device.
  • 24. Office 365 Small Office 365 Office 365 Business Premium Midsize Business Enterprise E3 Voicemail, In-Place Hold, Data Loss Prevention Advanced Services Rights Management  InfoPath Forms, Access, Excel, Visio Services  Active Directory® Integration   Office Desktop Applications    Office Click to Run Office Deployment Pull Pull Push Office Web Applications   StandardServices Email, IM, Collaboration, Storage    IT Level Phone Support Basic Expanded Full IT Administration Console Basic Expanded Full Seat targets 1–10 11–250 >250 Price (per user/month in US Dollars) $12.50 $15 $20
  • 25. Own the Ability to sell billing as you do relationship today An economic model similar to the current one Ordering and Billing Process in Office 365 Open / FPP ORDER ORDER ORDER INVOICE INVOICE INVOICEEnd Customer
  • 26. Office 365 Small Office 365 Office 365 Business Midsize Enterprise Premium Business            1FPP is sold to distributors, at retail, and through OEMs. OEM channel will resell subscription as an FPP license (not an DOEM license)
  • 27. Own the customer billingUse existing systems & sales motionsIncreased upsell & attach opportunities Little to no capital costs required Fixed payment structure More predictable revenue stream
  • 28. © 2012 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries.The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on thepart of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.
  • 29. http://aka.ms/BEST Customer Pitch Deck Webinar-in-a-box (industry-specific) with decks, e-books, and email content Tele Discussion Guides Campaign BTL Toolkit for M and SBP with posters, templates, banners, etc.
  • 30. RTG - SyndicationFree service, delivering dynamic content to customers
  • 31. RTG – Microsoft Community Connections (MCC)Deliver a customer event & get free software
  • 32. Using Your Website to Help With the Register for Upcoming Sales Cycle Webinars by Ready-to-Go Marketing (All webinars begin at 9:00am PT) April 17, 2013 9:00 am to 10:00 am Pacific Time Turning Attendees into Real Prospects through Event Marketing – 5/15 REGISTER TODAY Watch On-Demand WebinarsWhy attend? Your website is your single most important Sell More Through Better Marketingmarketing tool. Does it fully support your prospect’s buying cycle and Planninggenerate qualified leads? We’ll show you the seven critical components Close More Business By Attacking Newfor an effective lead generating website. You’ll learn the best practices Growth Areasfor addressing all stages of the sales cycle, creating compellingcontent, keeping your site engaging and fresh, and delivering the right Building Marketplace Credibility with Customer Evidencetype of calls to action throughout your site. We will review a number ofpartner websites that do a great job of attracting and engaging theirtarget markets and ultimately get better results than the competition.
  • 33. U.S. SMB Incentives & OffersOffer March 1 , 2013 – May 31, 2013
  • 34. What is the Cloud Easy Offer?The Cloud Easy Offer provides partner subsidy funds to customers when they make qualifying Microsoft Online Servicessubscription purchases. The offer is valid from March 1, 2013 - May 31, 2013.What’s in it for Customers and Partners?Customers who make qualifying Microsoft Online Services purchases can earn partner subsidy funds which can be utilizedwith their choice of an eligible Microsoft partner for implementation of their Microsoft software or associated services.In addition to providing partners with cross and up sell opportunities, the Cloud Easy Offer solidifies the partner’s role as atrusted advisor by encouraging customers to return to their chosen partner for solution implementation.Call to Action:1. Review the Offer details located on Microsoft Partner Network portal http://aka.ms/cloudeasy2. Alert your customers to purchase within the offer period March 1, 2013 - May 31, 20133. Submit Cloud Easy Offer claim when customers make qualifying purchases at https://www.microsoftincentives.com/cloudeasyResources & Links:1. The Cloud Easy Offer Site for partners: http://aka.ms/cloudeasy 41
  • 35. What is the Big Easy 10?The Big Easy offer 10 provides partner subsidy fund to customers when they make qualifying Microsoft volumelicense purchases between the offer period March 1 – May 31, 2013.(Please note: Cloud Easy offer will be in market during this time for qualifying purchases of online services).What’s in it for Customers and Partners?Customers who make qualifying Microsoft volume license purchases can earn partner subsidy funds which can beutilized with their choice of an eligible Microsoft partner to purchase additional Microsoft software or associatedservices.In addition to providing partners with cross and up sell opportunities, the Big Easy offer 10 solidifies the partner’srole as a trusted advisor by encouraging customers to return to their chosen partner for solution implementationCall to Action:1. Review the offer details located on Microsoft Partner Network portal http://aka.ms/bigeasyoffer2. Alert your customers to purchase within the offer period March 1, 2013 – May 31, 20133. Submit Big Easy Offer 10 claims at https://www.microsoftincentives.com/bigeasy10Resources & Links:1. The Big Easy Offer 10 site for partners: http://aka.ms/bigeasyoffer
  • 36. FY13-H2 Offer Payout Schedule Big Easy 10% 15% 20% (On-premises) Core Growth Incubation Office Project & Visio System Center Open L Exchange SharePoint WSData Center Windows Client SQL Lync Window Server Dynamics CRM Developer Tools Annuity Accelerator 5% Note: Subsidy payout is a percentage of ERP Cloud 15% (of annual subscription fee) Office 365 Office 365 Open Easy Office 365 SBP Dynamics CRM Online Windows Intune (Online Services)
  • 37. Cloud Easy example: 50 user commercial Cloud Easy $$ customer 50 Office 365 E3 SKU’s $1,800 50 Windows Intune $1,000 Total subsidy $$ $2,800
  • 38. Big Easy example: 50 user commercial customer Big Easy – Open Business (no SA) 50 Office Professional Plus $2,550 1 Windows Server Datacenter (2 proc) $962 1 SQL Server Enterprise Core (2 lic) $2,750 Total Big Easy subsidy $$ $6,262
  • 39. Customers are increasing their purchases of Microsoft cloud-based solutions.Help meet this growing demand by taking advantage of this new incentiveprogram for Office 365 Midsize Business & Small Business Premium SKUs.These incentives will be paid along with the standard Reseller incentiveprogram payments.• Program Period: March 1, 2013 through June 30, 2013.• Eligible Partners: All authorized U.S. Value Added Resellers (VARs) with a signed and accepted enrollment.• Enroll at: http://www.oneview.ms/varThese Office 365 incentives are supplemental to the existing U.S. Scale Reseller, CommercialDistributor and Value Added Reseller Open Incentives and are paid as a percentage of revenue of Length of Office 365 License Type SKU Bundle Rebate Payout Ratethe Office 365 Midsize and Small Subscription Premium SKUs as follows: Business Office 365 Midsize Open, Open Value, Sold as 1, 5, 25 and 50 Business Open Value Subscription user bundled SKU 12 months 6.0% (ERP) (Up-front payment) Office 365 Small Business Premium FPP/PKC Single UserProgram subject to full Incentive Guidelines, which are available on the site starting March 1, 2013.
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