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Learn how to accurately capture business requirements from end users and content owners to create a SharePoint strategy that meets expectations and delivers results. See how a customized demonstration of SharePoint capabilities can get users excited and stakeholders interested in learning more about the possibilities. We will learn how to quickly prioritize business needs and recommend the best bang for the buck to the customer. This session will help you understand how to work with users and stakeholders to successfully gather and prioritize business requirements.

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Deployment Planning for Success - #SPSBend

  1. 1. Deployment Planning for Success twitter @davidsamoranski david.samoranski @robbinsgioia.comDavid SamoranskiProduct Manager @davidsamoranski
  2. 2. Session SummaryAudience Energy Requirements Planning @davidsamoranski
  3. 3. Thank You to the Sponsors of SharePoint Saturday Bend!
  4. 4. AUDIENCE @davidsamoranski
  5. 5. Their World Change Complexity Compliance Consolidation @davidsamoranski
  6. 6. Explore Pain Trends Customers Information Teams @davidsamoranski
  7. 7. Symptoms Costs Productivity Quality Time @davidsamoranski
  8. 8. Understand the Problem Facts Challenges Effects Value @davidsamoranski
  9. 9. Be the Solution Translator Problem Solver Advisor Partner @davidsamoranski
  10. 10. ENERGY @davidsamoranski
  11. 11. Dreamforce 2012 Laptops Smart Phones Tablets Technology @davidsamoranski
  12. 12. Tony Robbins Human Involuntary Infectious Contagious @davidsamoranski
  13. 13. Realistic Optimism Pain Opportunity Problems Solutions @davidsamoranski
  14. 14. Better Together Business Problems SharePoint Solutions @davidsamoranski
  15. 15. REQUIREMENTS @davidsamoranski
  16. 16. The Demo Educational Knowledge Capability Vision @davidsamoranski
  17. 17. Mental Gymnastics Make it Easy! Connect the Dots Current Needs Future Possibilities @davidsamoranski
  18. 18. Start with the Problems Sample Data Documentation Process Model Questionnaire @davidsamoranski
  19. 19. Prove the Concept Sites & Pages Lists & Libraries Web parts Columns & Views @davidsamoranski
  20. 20. The Art of the Possible Content Search Integration Reporting @davidsamoranski
  21. 21. Create a Vision Today Tomorrow Investment Benefit @davidsamoranski
  22. 22. PLANNING @davidsamoranski
  23. 23. Problem Statement Focus Priority Engagement Expectation @davidsamoranski
  24. 24. Solution Statement Characteristics Outcome Behavior Results @davidsamoranski
  25. 25. Breaking it Down Users Services Products Features @davidsamoranski
  26. 26. User and Services Example Standardized Continuous Data Entry Collaboration FM Analyst Self-service Reporting Data Integration @davidsamoranski
  27. 27. Product & Features Example Forms Services Lync Server SharePoint Excel Services BCS @davidsamoranski
  28. 28. Architect the Solution Partner Remote Internal Farm Customers Users Employees Employees Employees Administrators Customer Extranet Default Intranet Custom Environment Internet Authentication = forms Authentication = NTLM (Integrated Windows) Authentication = Integrated Windows Authentication = Integrated Authentication = Anonymous authentication using ISA Server 2006 SSO (Kerberos or NTLM) Windows (Kerberos or —or— NTLM) Forms with an LDAP provider Solution [ Get ‘y’ ] [ Load Balancer ] [ Load Balancer ] LOB Data Web Document Farm A Management B Farm Application Pool 2 Application Pool 1 Application Pool 3 Application Pool 7 Application Pool 8 Conceptual SSP Site - [ Enter ‘x’ ] SSP Site - Default Central Admin Site Central Admin Site SSP Site - Default PartnerWeb Web Content SQL Server Search Management Users [ Get ‘y’ ] Microsoft Application Pool 4 [ Search ‘x’ ] Pool 5 Office 2007 Application Application Pool 6 Application Pool 9 Web Application: Published Intranet Content Web Web Application: Team Web Application: Partner Web Rights Management Identity Web Application: http://PartnerWeb/sites Content Deployment Application: My Sites Sites http://team Management Company Internet Site Team3 Team2 Team1 LogicalHR Facilities Purchasing Project 1 Project 2 Project 3 Authoring Staging Production http://my http://my/personal/<user> Product Services Support @davidsamoranski
  29. 29. Identify the Gaps Current State Future State @davidsamoranski
  30. 30. Crunch the Numbers Deployment Support Configuration Customization @davidsamoranski
  31. 31. QUESTIONS?David Samoranski | @davidsamoranski | (703) 706-4020 @davidsamoranski
  32. 32. THANK YOU! @davidsamoranski