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Cloud desktop for byod

  1. 1. Cloud Desktop for BYOD: Android & HTML5Armin Lungwitz (Consultant)Johannes Orgis (Software Developer)
  2. 2. Who we are
  3. 3. BYOD„73 Prozent der europäischen IT-Verantwortlichen sind davon überzeugt, dassan der Unterstützung des Consumer-Equipments kein Weg mehr vorbeiführt.“ Computerwoche 4.08.2011 Bring your own device!
  4. 4. Corporate Mobile DevicesBlackberry was the leading corporate mobile device. MDM was availablethrough the BES.
  5. 5. Current Situation of Corporate Mobile DevicesWhich each employee bringing his or her own device into the company auniform plattform environment is history.Question: How should we integrate this?
  6. 6. 3 Types of Integration Virtual Dektop Lightweight Heavyweight
  7. 7. Heavyweight approaches – secure? The solution to all security risks? Have you thought about your employees?The most secure solution is useless if it is bypassedthrough the use of simple solutions! Highly Secure Data Center
  8. 8. Security vs. Flexibility Private E-mail Internet Highly Secure Data Center SD/USB/CD/DVD Office
  9. 9. Lightweight Approach Private E-mail Internet Highly Secure Cortado Corporate Server Data Center SD/USB/CD/DVD Office
  10. 10. Security + Functionality with CortadoPrivate Office Secure Cortado Corporate Server Computing Center
  11. 11. Cortado Cloud Desktop uses ressources on boththe device and the backend Backend Native Applications Cortado Corporate Server HTML 5 (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome) ThinClients…
  12. 12. CCS = More Functionality = More Benefits File Management Increased Export Productivity Scan/Copy Reduced Print Costs Send as E-mail Fax High User Data Base Reports Acceptance Web Capture
  13. 13. Android Client: full functionality
  14. 14. Android Client: Access to the Corporate Network
  15. 15. Android Client: PDF Export
  16. 16. HTML5 Client: Instant, Fast, Secure
  17. 17. HTML5 Client: Access to corporate drives
  18. 18. HTML5 Client: Multiple file handling options
  19. 19. Case Study Cirquent GmbH Cirquent Consulting: IT Company with focus on offering IT Consulting Services Cirquent GmbH belongs to NTT Data Group (finance, insurance, manufacturing, telecommunication, IT, logistic, energy) 70.000 employees in EMEA, 220.000 employees worldwide.
  20. 20. What the customer was looking for Mobile Device Management (specifically secure authentication for use of MS Exchange) Access to files in corporate network Printing from mobile devices (network and direct Wi-Fi printing) Devices in use: Android BlackBerry iPhone/iPad Windows Mobile
  21. 21. Architecture By default users are not allowed to access via Outlook Web Access (OWA) (Active Sync) Proxy Server checks host header and forwards accordingly. When forwarded to Cortado check of user-agent Additionally check of client certificate (optional or mandatory) During import of user to Cortado all necessary settings are imported. t Additionally user now gets access to OWA (Active Sync). Distribution of configuration including certificate via e-mail (later via self service portal)
  22. 22. Roadmap Central Cortado Management Console for full cross platform Mobile Device Management Cortado as Single Point of Access to MS Exchange Document management systems MS SharePoint) Enterprise web applications Intranet Cloud storage services Cortado Enterprise Store for over the air distribution and management of Local apps Web based apps Cloud Storage/DMS
  23. 23. One Solution For: Board Portal… MDM Security iPad Cortado Corporate TabletBYOD Smartphone Server Information Access Document Management Improved Business Processes Teamwork
  24. 24. Q&A Cortado Corporate Server Download your 30 day trial version: Cortado Workplace public version – 2gb storage – printing functionality Download the App at google play