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Presentation on Macbeth, Acts I - III

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Macbeth Presentation

  1. 1. : ACTS I-IIIBy MacbethStudentGr11
  2. 2. MAIN CHARACTERSMacbeth• The title character of the play is a man withgreat ambition who goes to great lengths to getwhat he wants• Macbeth is persuaded by his wife, LadyMacbeth, to go ahead with their evil plans• He is willing to murder King Duncan and his bestfriend Banquo in order to become King• He is also a man of contradictions and istormented by his actions; his guilt makes himmiserableMacbeth
  3. 3. MAIN CHARACTERSLady Macbeth• The husband of Macbeth, she is a woman whopushes her partner to engage in evil deeds• When it comes to murder, she is in favourbecause it helps her get what she wants• She is willing to risk whatever it takes to help herhusband obtain the crown and become King• Lady Macbeth is manipulative and strong-willed; she seems not to have feelings orcompassionLady Macbeth
  4. 4. MAIN CHARACTERSBanquo• Banquo is brave in battle and leads the armywith Macbeth at the beginning of the play• He believes in integrity and doing what is right• Banquo is skeptical and wise, with an honestand trusting nature• He waits patiently for things to come tohim, rather than taking immoral actionsBanquo
  5. 5. MAIN CHARACTERSKing Duncan• King Duncan is elderly; otherwise he would havebeen out in battle at the beginning of the play• He is impressed when he hears of Macbeth‟svictory in battle• He then proclaims Macbeth as the Thane ofCawdor after finding out that the current Thane isa traitor and orders him to be executed• King Duncan is murdered by Macbeth at thebeginning of Act II and survived by his sons,Malcom and Donalbain King Duncan
  6. 6. MAIN CHARACTERSMacduff• Macduff is Macbeth‟s main enemy• He is a man of simple, to-the-point statementsand believes in right from wrong• He questions the story of the murder of KingDuncan, his attitude showing his skepticism• His major role is in Act II so far in the play, afterthe murder of DuncanMacduff
  7. 7. MAIN CHARACTERSThe Three Witches• The „weird sisters‟ play a part in fate as the playdevelops• They predict what Macbeth will become: Thaneof Cawdor and later King• The witches have supernatural powers, likepredicting the future and creating storms• Macbeth used their words as an invite to kill theKing, but it was not their fault that he chose thatactionThe Three Witches
  8. 8. MOTIVES FOR MURDER• The three witches had predicted Macbeth wouldfirst become Thane of Cawdor, then King, early on• Upon becoming Thane of Cawdor in ActI, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth devise a scheme forMacbeth to become King• Lady Macbeth urges Macbeth to kill KingDuncan, while Duncan is a guest in Macbeth‟scastle• Macbeth does not want to go through with it, butLady Macbeth questions his manhood and hefinally kills him with a dagger. Macbeth makes itlook like drunken servants murdered him• In Act III, Macbeth decides to kill Banquo and hisson, Fleance, to ensure his crown as king;however, Fleance escapes and the ghost ofMacbeth and Lady Macbethby Dee Trimm
  9. 9. ACT I: MAIN POINTS1. The three witches are seen at the beginning of the play and make plans tomeet Macbeth2. King Duncan wants to know about the battle and discovers the current Thaneof Cawdor is a traitor; he then decides Macbeth will take over this role3. Before Macbeth has heard the news, the three witches find him and predictthat he will be Thane of Cawdor and eventually King of Scotland. They tellBanquo that his heirs will become Kings one day too.4. Macbeth is obsessed with the idea of becoming King, while Banquo is skepticalof what the witches have told them5. King Duncan states that his son Malcolm is now Prince of Cumberland, whichmeans he will become King after Duncan6. When Lady Macbeth receives news of what‟s happened, she immediatelydecides to take advantage of the opportunity to kill King Duncan while he is aguest at Macbeth‟s castle that evening
  10. 10. ACT I: MAIN POINTS CONT.7. Lady Macbeth discusses her murder plans with Macbeth, who doesn‟t agreeto kill Duncan, but doesn‟t refuse either8. King Duncan‟s group arrives at Macbeth‟s castle and Lady Macbeth givesthem a warm welcome. It is a home of evil and death, with the hostesspatiently waiting to kill King Duncan9. When they are alone, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth have a discussion wherehe says he can‟t go through with the murder. Lady Macbeth questions hismanhood and urges him to murder King Duncan to achieve their goals10. Lady Macbeth mentions the details of their plan: to kill Duncan and place theblame on the drunken servants11. Macbeth is convinced that the murder must now take place.
  11. 11. ACT II: MAIN POINTS1. Banquo is talking with his son Fleance late at night, and says he feels uneasy2. Macbeth comes to talk with Banquo at the castle and Banquo presents a ringas a gift from Duncan to Lady Macbeth; Banquo says he can do whatever hecan for Macbeth3. Macbeth prepares to commit the murder of Duncan in a soliloquy; he then hasa vision of a floating dagger that he cannot grasp, then runs red with blood4. After the murder of Duncan, Macbeth goes back to Lady Macbeth, coveredin blood and visibly upset5. Lady Macbeth tries to calm him down, mentioning that what‟s done is done6. Macbeth believes the blood will never wash from his hands and would like toundo what he has done
  12. 12. ACT II: MAIN POINTS CONT.7. A drunken Porter is seen outside the gates, who says that liars are note able to„equivocate‟ to heaven8. Macduff and Lennox enter the gate, and Macbeth finds out they are there towake Duncan9. Macbeth and his wife lie through all of the discussions and pretend they knownothing of the murder of King Duncan10. King Duncan‟s sons, Malcolm and Donalbain, enter the castle and Macduffseems to be suspicious when Macbeth says he himself killed the servants, whoappeared to be responsible for Duncan‟s death11. Malcolm flees to England, while Donalbain goes to Ireland for safety12. Macduff provides the news as „matter-of-fact‟ and it seems that he doesn‟tbelieve that what he has been told, actually happened.
  13. 13. ACT III: MAIN POINTS1. Banquo is suspicious about how Macbeth became King and suspects thatMacbeth killed him; he remembers the three witches said his heirs will be kings2. Macbeth enters as King and invites Banquo to a feast that evening, finding outBanquo‟s plans for the day to help him figure out how to best murder his friend3. Macbeth knows he must kill Banquo and Fleance in order to get rid of them asthreats to his crown. He meets two murderers to set the plans for that evening4. Lady Macbeth begins to wonder what her husband is up to; he isn‟t includingher in his evil plans anymore and can see his conscience is bothering him5. Macbeth mentions that plans have already been set and Lady Macbeth isamazed that he has become so evil6. That evening, a third murderer joins the first two men; they kill Banquo butFleance escapes
  14. 14. ACT III: MAIN POINTS7. The new King and Queen, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, attend to the guestsof their feast. The first murderer arrives with blood on his face, telling Macbeththat Banquo is dead8. Banquo later appears as a ghost that only Macbeth can see, sitting inMacbeth‟s spot at the table. The guests think that Macbeth is not well, as he isacting like a crazy person from fear9. Banquo disappears then returns, and Lady Macbeth asks the guests to leave10. Macbeth speaks to Lady Macbeth, mentioning how Macduff refused to cometo the dinner and that he wishes to see the three witches again11. Macduff has gone to ask for the English king‟s help to overthrow Macbethwhile Malcolm has made it safely to England