Brochure of luxoft automotive software by luxoft software development


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Brochure of luxoft automotive software by luxoft software development

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Brochure of luxoft automotive software by luxoft software development

  1. 1. AUTOMOTIVE SOFTWAREHMI Design and DevelopmentIn-Car ConnectivityIn-Vehicle InfotainmentConnected NavigationApps IntegrationAutomotiveProductEngineeringand SoftwareSolutions
  2. 2. Luxoft, a recognized provider of automotive infotainment software technologies, serves as yourstrategic development partner, using the power of software to drive infotainment innovations andcustomized solutions that minimize your effort, expense and crucial turnaround time.Luxoft Automotive Focus AreasHuman-Machine Interface (HMI) Designand Development ServicesInfotainmentProprietary software productplatforms and technologiesIn-car communicationInter-car communicationIn-car access to onlineservicesConnectivityWeb accessVoice-controlled web browsersOnline operational managementRemote controlWireless connectivityServices:Customer needs analysisArchitecture designSystems engineeringFull cycle automotivesoftware developmentApplication developmentHMI design and developmentSystems integrationSoftware testingHardware validationField testingTest automationMaintenance and supportNavigationGLONASS integrationGPS integrationMaps processingLocation-based servicesHuman-Machine InterfaceScreen design UsabilityHMI conceptsHMI Design and Development:HMI story, design, specificationSoftware engineeringImplementation of HMI frameworksHMI Design Process OverviewIntegration of externally created HMI interfacesR&DAnalysisSpecification Quality CheckReview with Customer Preparation for TargetSimulationDriver Distraction & SafetyConcept Work Usability StudyLuxoft’s R&D Center in Filderstadt, Germany, focuses on advanced automotive HMI development.Luxoft engineers have years of experience in developing efficient, intelligent, reliable, non-distractive,rich, and user-friendly HMIs for the world’s leading automakers, including Mercedes, Ferrari, Porsche,Toyota, Hyundai, Chrysler, and
  3. 3. Software Product PlatformsLuxofts R&D division creates software product platforms that are easily customized to fit theunique requirements of automotive OEMs, significantly reducing the time-to-market and overalldevelopment cost for new and updated in-vehicle infotainment products.HMI PlatformLuxoft’s HMI platform was created to provide easy implementation of the HMI framework, supportfor localization, variants and skinning, and to enable performance optimization. The platform isdesigned with a focus on software architecture and development, and to support relevant HMItechnologies, such as Flash, Qt, and HTML5. The platform provides critical HMI developmentcapabilities, including:ImplementationTooling (creation and  implementation of diverse editors)Know-how in low-level graphics and graphic driver integrationLuxoft Benefits for Automotive HMI Development:Screen design, User Interface (UI) concept and HMI software fromONE sourceShort interaction loops for maximum customer satisfactionMore than 10 years of experience in developing automotive HMIfor multiple customer projectsIndustry-wide accepted source of HMI know-how for embedded systemsFaster time to market with Luxoft’s in-house design and human factorscapacitiesScalable, modular, efficient, and optimized HMI platformPerfectly aligned development tool chainScalable and diversified engineering resources poolVS.Luxoft automotive approach:software product platforms+ professional servicesIn - house System Development ApproachesSoftwareDevelopmentValidation&VerificationRequirementsDefinitionArchitectureDesignGain advantage at every stage of product development cycleEstimatedtime-to-market reduction*:Estimated cost savings*:* Compared to in-house development.According to Luxoft’s assessment.up to33%up to33%up to50%up to60%up to75%up to80%up to66%up to72%Learn more:$$ $ $ $
  4. 4. us: automotive@luxoft.comLuxoft HQ10-3, 1-Volokolamsky proezd123060 Moscow, RussiaTel: +7 (495) 967-8030Learn more:Alliances, Partnerships & Technology VendorsiviLink, the Connectivity PlatformIviLink by Luxoft is the connectivity platform that enables seamless two-wayintegration between in-vehicle infotainment systems such as head units, carradios and rear-seat entertainment with Android and Apple iOS-based devices.iviLink provides automotive OEMs with the ability to create and adapt mobileapplications for in-car use quickly and cost-effectively while it enables mobileapp developers to create applications for the automotive market usinga convenient Software Development Kit.GLONASS ExpertiseAs of January 2013, it is expected that all cars sold in Russia must be equippedwith the ERA GLONASS emergency response system. Automotive OEMs willneed to develop Russia-specific solutions to stay compliant. As a partner andsoftware provider of NIS GLONASS, an official operator of the ERA GLONASSsystem, Luxoft has the expertise to help reduce the time and costof compliance with the mandate.About LuxoftLuxoft is a top quality Eastern European IT service provider that engineers high-end businesssolutions to clients across the globe. With deep domain expertise in finance, telecom, energy,automotive, travel and aviation industries the company consistently goes beyond clients’expectations by bringing together technology, talent, innovation and highest quality standards.Learn more:ivi link