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Enterprise mobility MADP MEAP MCAP struggles and approaches


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This presentation addresses how to efficiently use Mobile application development platform (MADP) technologies efficiently in the enterprise. This presentation covers the history of MADPs, what are their benefits in mobility space, what are the challenges and how to approach them

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Enterprise mobility MADP MEAP MCAP struggles and approaches

  1. 1. Enterprise Mobility : Struggle of the MADPs & Approaches AKP @anoopkumar_p #B2E #B2C#Mobility #MADP #MEAP #MDM #HTML5 #MCAP #MAM #Cloud #Platforms #App #IOS #Android #win8 #development
  2. 2. Scope What are MADPs ? Where it helps ? Where it struggles ( not everyone though) ? How to address the struggles ?
  3. 3. MADPs - The Final Word for Mobility ● MADPs(Mobile application platforms) are a suite of technologies that accelerate mobile application development- deploymentmanagement ● They originated in 2012 , from the rich history of MEAPs (Mobile enterprise application platforms) and MCAPs (Mobile communication application platforms) ● They are seen as the perfect answer to address device diversity, multiple app, multiple business backend streaming challenges ● They come with out of box IDEs, Adapters, Enterprise friendly hooks
  4. 4. MADPs, where it helps ? ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Single hardened point of mobile interface to/from Enterprise Service reusability across mobile applications Discovery of Enterprise services Mobile friendly modeling Enable IDE based device development - middleware modeling backend integrations Help deploy single security strategy for app data paths Cache for enterprise mobility Seamless synchronization support Device queue visibility and better control of channels
  5. 5. And then what happened (Not everyone though) ? ● MEAP/MCAP cache flooded as point of truth backend data got replicated at the middleware server and channel behavior were unpredictable ● They got tired of chasing all the device platform innovations ● Competed heavily among each other ● They forgot to discover their niche ● HTML5 took away all the focus ● Scale of platforms became a major worry ● They stayed ahead or with competition by acquisitions
  6. 6. They all took a safe bet , evolved to MADP (Not everyone though) ● Attained face lift to focus mostly on application development ● Tired of chasing Native platforms , they all adopted HTML5 ● Enterprise caching and syncing took a backseat ● Adapters became a JSON business ● Data transformations to and from JSON came back in race as top focus ● Non functional requirements handling became a significant part of application responsibility
  7. 7. Where are the struggles ? (Not everyone though) ● HTML5 innovations are not as fast as the native device OS & platforms’ ● HTML5 technologies are extremely fragmented and diverging ● HTML5 apps becoming an amalgamation of various JS/HTML technologies ● Open source HTML5 strategies are ruling than vendor HTML5 strategies ● MADP scope reducing only to APIs to control and manage app pipe to backend ● They are hesitant to be chatty to MDM technologies ● Scale worry at middleware side got shifted to performance at device side temporarily ● Offline - Sync - Cache is an enterprise necessity, cleaner solution pressures will always be there
  8. 8. How to address the struggles ? ● Know business problems well and map to the MADP which has maximum fitment ( cost - technology - alliance - roadmap ) ● Be adaptable to accept that technologies evolve every year ● Abstract implementations into 3 layers - UX, Business Logic/Process & Data , Device-Middleware platform integrations ● Loosely couple the 3 tiers so that the app can run with any new evolutions ● Architecture and Design governs the success factors for mobility and not the platforms, effort is needed no matter what the platform is ● Be clear of 2-3 year platform roadmap against investments ● Keep aside a re-engineering budget for mobilization ● Test, Try , Touch and Proceed with new stacks
  9. 9. Thank You AKP @anoopkumar_p