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Augmented Reality: Use Cases In the Automotive Industry


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Augmented, virtual and mixed Reality are optimizing automotive operations across a variety of functions including R&D, manufacturing, supply chain, sales, parts and aftersales service. Here are some of the most promising use cases for Augmented Reality (AR) In the Automotive Industry.

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Augmented Reality: Use Cases In the Automotive Industry

  1. 1. Augmented Reality: Driving Automotive industry into the future. Deepak Tak Audax Labs LLC.
  2. 2. Evolution of AR Market Predictions Augmented Reality: Shaping the Future AR 1968: First Headset 1990: AR term Coined 2009: AR to Web 2017: AR Kit & AR Core
  3. 3. TECHNOLOGIES HoloLens Google glass Meta Concept to Complete execution Vuzix Samsung
  4. 4. 2018: More than 200 million users of AR apps A study published by Juniper Research predicts the AR market to reach five to six billion U.S. dollars within the next five to six years. One example benefit for enterprises is AR’s potential to optimize product delivery, allowing employees to get to customers more quickly and simply. — Eckert Augmented reality creates value across all functional areas of a company. Especially the gaming and wearable industries will drive AR forward, through their high-budget investments in cutting-edge technologies. — Kiener Companies will use AR because it provides them with added value in the form of simplified and faster manufacturing processes, quality management, and cost savings. — Gross Augmented Reality: What the Experts Say
  6. 6. AR in Automotive value chain Research and Development Designing Prototyping Self driving car testing Manufacturing AR control in production Line Smart glass assistance in production Augmented processes in production line Supply Chain Packing and Shipping Smart Glasses in SCM Training Sales and Marketing Car Configurator Virtual showroom Test drive Part and After Sales Showcasing parts and accessories Service Manual AR powered Rescue Assist AR use cases creating exponential value
  7. 7. According to Gartner, by 2019, AR, VR and mixed reality (MR) solutions will be evaluated and adopted in 20% of large-enterprise businesses USE CASES IN AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY
  8. 8. FORD designing cars in Augmented Reality using Microsoft HoloLens Intel Vaunt eye glasses Augmented Reality enabling FORD designers to quickly model out changes to cars, trucks, and SUVs. This allows designers to see the changes on top of an existing physical vehicle, instead of the traditional clay model approach to car design. Using HoloLens to visualize full scale models in 3D, Ford design and engineering teams are able to iterate more quickly – processes that used to take weeks now take days because they no longer need to physically build every prototype. Source - Use Case #1: Custom design your car
  9. 9. Mercedes-Benz offers AR app replaces owner's manuals The technology's augmented reality features allow owners of E- and S-Class vehicles to hold their smart device up to various portions of their cars' interiors to reveal information about functions and features. For example, holding a smartphone up to the dashboard will reveal superimposed numbers the user can touch to reveal information about the corresponding feature. Source - https://www.mercedes- Use Case #2: Cool owner’s manual
  10. 10. Volkswagen develops AR service manual for the XL1 Volkswagen collaborated with Metaio to develop an AR iPad app for the XL1 Hybrid Diesel. Called MARTA (Mobile AR Technical Assistance), the app uses the iPad's camera to view the internals of the vehicle and label the various parts so that service workers will know what they're working on. MARTA also shows step-by-step instructions on how to repair and replace certain components, right down to which direction mechanics should be facing. Source - mechanics-vws-new-tablet-app-gives-interactive-repair- instructions/ Use Case #3: Interactive service manual
  11. 11. Ford used AR presentation at the 2017 North American International Auto Show that immerses consumers with its newest vehicles and technologies in ways they’ve likely never experienced before. Augmented reality presentation by Ford immerses consumers with its newest vehicles and technologies in ways they’ve likely never experienced before. Source - wY Ford used AR presentation to immerse consumers with its newest vehicles Use Case #4: Launch new models in AR
  12. 12. Porsche Tech Live Look brings AR to dealerships Porsche's Tech Live Look is a set of augmented-reality (AR) smart glasses. In the event a technician finds a problem he or she cannot fix, they can use the glasses to connect with Porsche's Atlanta-based support team, which will be able to see exactly what the technician does. The glasses help decrease problem resolution time by approximately 40 percent, which means customers get their cars back faster. Use Case #5: AR at dealerships
  13. 13. JLR Interactive AR technical training app with X-RAY vision Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) training and development was looking to solve this with a technical training app that could train employees without having to remove and reinstall the dashboard of the Range Rover Sport vehicle. In collaboration with Bosch using the REFLEKT ONE software platform for Augmented Reality, designed an app that visualizes existing JLR data inside the car for the mechanic. Source - item/augmented-reality-training/ Use Case #6: AR technical training app
  14. 14. Porsche Uses Augmented Reality for Quality Control Quality Control is a critical activity in all manufacturing enterprises. No wonder carmakers are looking at technology for this critical activity. Porsche has put AR to use for quality control during the manufacturing of the all-new Panamera sedan. Engineers test a component’s fitment, surface quality, accessory functionality, and more before it can be installed on the all- new Panamera. The engineers use a tablet with a proprietary AR app for this purpose. Source - process-building-porsche-panamera/ Use Case #7: Catch problem through AR cop
  15. 15. BMW Uses ARKit to Let You Customize Your New Car in iOS BMW rolled out its playful take on augmented reality with Snapchat, and now the automaker is bringing that same immersive computing whimsy to iOS directly. Using Apple's ARKit, the BMW i Visualizer app allows you to select and customize a life-sized version of the BMW i3, i3s, or i8 car while in any location.. Source - arkit-let-you-customize-your-new-car-ios-0181532/ Use Case #8: AR allows to customize car
  16. 16. Talk to us if you are facing any of these challenges Challenges Security and Privacy Content Lack of use cases Fragmentation Digital Fatigue Users data on smart phone and head mounted devices 3D modelling needed is very costly and often requires a host of software and serious talent Challenge due to lack of use cases and unproven ROI How to offer same experience across multiple platforms for AR development Melding of digital and physical worlds
  17. 17. User Requirements Concept Proofing User Experience Develop, Integrate Use cases Requirements Challenges Goals Proof of concept Prototype User experience Voice, object and Gesture recognition App development API development Integration Validation Audax Labs’ AR Solutions Approach Strategize AR approach & rapidly convert your ideas into fully-functional end product Audax Labs’ AR team has rich experience in delivering immersive AR solutions including 3D modelling and imaging expertise. Our team helps you to strategize a perfect approach, and rapidly convert your ideas into a fully- functional end product.
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