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5 S Deer

5 S Deer






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    5 S Deer 5 S Deer Presentation Transcript

    • White Tailed Deer Emily
    • About the Author Hi my name is Emily , I love to play out side And see all different Kinds of animals and . To see different things And my favorite animal Is a White Tailed Deer.
    • Who Am I My animal is a white Tailed deer these are. Some cool facts about The deer have really Good eye sight and . Pretty good hearing But if their in danger They use their sense . Of smell .
    • The Early Early Years The fawns stay in . Their moms stomach . For 200 days and it . Takes about 2 years For it to mature and . To live by it’s self.
    • Habitat Sweet Habitat White tailed deer live In woods and by lots . Of trees they also like Grass and plains they. Sleep in a good size. Hole in the ground.
    • What’s on the Menu? White tailed deer eat. Lots of stuff and some. Of the things they eat We can eat to like . Corn,soy beans, Berries,and rotten Apples .
    • Making tracks The tracks from a deer Looks like an apple That is cut in half and With out seeds in it And two little circles. For the ends and you Can find the tracks in Mud,dirt,and some other Places .
    • Simply Irresistible ! When White Tailed Deer get scared their Tail wags side to side. Deer can also run. Through a forest up To 40 miles per hour .
    • Where in the World North America in Minnesota and other Counties are some. Other places where They are found.But Not all White Tailed Deer look a like some And some look different.
    • DID YOU KNOW FUN FACT That deer have fawns White Tailed Deer are That weigh up to 3 Great swimmers and Or 6 pounds . Sometimes go into Streams or rivers to Escape from their Predators .
    • Resource List http://condesd.com/images/white_tailed_deer2.jpg http://artfiles.art.com/images/-/Rudi-Reichardt/White-Tailed-Deer-Print- C10053071.jpeg • http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.savemcdonaldcreek.com/ sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/070907 • http://www.statesymbolsusa.org/IMAGES/Pennsylvania/white_tailed_deer_buc k2.jpg • http://depts.washington.edu/natmap/maps/wa/mammals/WA_white- tailed_deer.jpg • http://www.enchantedlearning.com/dgifs/Deerwt_bw.GIF