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Lin Xue Portfolio

  1. 1. CONTENTS Confluence Philadelphia 2026 Team Competition Winner 2 Wissahickon Dream Farming Resort in Chestnut Hill, PA Individual Work From Brown Field to Wetland Park Adaptive Restoration of Ithaca Inlet Individual Work 3 4 Singing Water Woodland Recreational Park Design Individual Work Conversational Urban Nodes Grand Army Plaza Renovation Individual Work 5 6 Future Work Sphere Ergonomic Interior Design INSIGHT Environmental Installation Team Work Li n X u e 1 7 8 Winter at Cornell Pencil Drawings Individual Work 9 Team Work Olin Library Green Terrace Construction Documents Individual Work landscape architecture 859.699.2348 3
  2. 2. 1 Confluence | Concept Diagram Transportation map M Philadelphia 2026 Prize: Winner of the 5th Ed Bacon Competition, 2010 SEPTA station Stadia District Existing Industrial Partner: Eammon Coughlin, Kevin Dowd, Matthew Gonser, Clark Taylor downtown New Eco-Industrial Park FDR Park Ri ve r New Parks and Green Corridor Site Boundary Th Interstate Subway Railway Bike Airport e Fu n Sea level rise map M M Park Current Water 1 meter Sea Level he W T orking River The relationship of Philadelphia and the two rivers (1752~ present) The Delaware and Schulkill Rivers were crucial to the siting of Philadelphia and the Establishment of trade and industry in the area. Today, Philadelphia’s southern tip is a critical lens through which to view the future of the city. The site is a patchwork of industry, entertainment, and infrastructure, creating opportunities for celebration, residential and commercial expansion, and mitigating environmental change. Confluence plans for a large urban exposition - USA 250 - that operates within a framework, which transitions into an established urban condition at celebration’s end. As a broad master plan, it addresses connectivity, urban expansion, energy production, and the effects of sea-level rise. 4 1752 1898 present 5
  3. 3. Development Land Use Relative to Fair Buildings and Open Space Parking Residential Commercial / Office FDR Park Industrial 6 Wetlands created from inudated riverbank and larger flooded, saturated areas that were proviously Sunoco gasoline distribution center. Riparian forest buffer ensures long term health of the wetland, providing basic framework for park and other recreational programming. Trail corridor connects neighborhood nodes. Broad Street Fair Building Row of Nations Fair Building Wells Fargo Center The visitors to USA250 begin by disembarking at the SEPTA Station at Pattison and Broad. From the station, visitors arrive at Row of Nations, which is a wide promenade framed by four-story, neo-industrial brick buildings using Broad Street as a backbone. These fair buildings are designed to both accommodate the fair and provide a framework for sustainable reuse thereafter. To facilitate their reuse, the buildings will be constructed with ample utility stub outs, floor joists connection, and multiple elevators. 7
  4. 4. Phasing of the Schuylkill River corridor Beyond the fair A linear, riverine greenspace connecting Fairmount and FDR Parks, combining infrastructural, ecological, and recreational functions catalyzed by the inundation of lands adjacent the Schukill due to sea-level rise. Trails for passing Phase 1: Clean up 2010-2012 Phase 2: Remediation 2012-2020 Phase 3: Expo 2020-2026 Phase 4: Post-Expo 2026-2076 Trails for recreating Fair visitors recreate at Confluence wetland park. Wetlands to abate flooding Berms for protecting 8 9
  5. 5. • Three Types of Buildings: long-term rental houses, time-share houses and service buildings such as the barn, the carriage house and the cafe. • Natural Systems: farmland, orchard, evergreen windbreak and woodland. • Circulation: two-way driveway connecting Mccallum St. and Cherokee St. ; looped pedestrian walkway meets the driveway in front of the service court. • View: Each building is assured of farmland view, forest view or both. 2 Wissahickon Dream Farming Resort in Chestnut Hill, PA N N FARMLAND AND ORCHID HOMES AND DESTINATIONS N N SITE CHOREOGRAPHY N Soil: urban land - very deep, well drained soils on uplands 10 Land Use: Residential, single family detached Slope: 0 to 8 percent slopes Aspect: Not northerly facing, abundant solar radiant Road system: Easy acess Building footprint: relatively low density. 2 people per acre. VIEW FROM DESTINATIONS WOODLAND N VIEW FROM HOMES 11
  6. 6. Perspective from a private vegetable garden towards the playground. Driveway Organic Cafe Time share house Orchard Rental Office and Staff House Farmland Barn and Education Pedestrian Loop Tractor path Green house Evergreen windbreak Storage Community Playground 12 Case study of George Howe residence, Chestnut Hill, PA (upper) View towards the front court and Fairmont Park. (below) View towards the backyard and the distant mountains. Long-term rental house Vegetable garden 13
  7. 7. 3 From Brown Field to Wetland Park Adaptive Restoration of Ithaca Inlet In order to protect the flood control channel from sedimentation, as well as enhancing the quality of community life, a wetland park is proposed with a continous broadwalk, a tea house, a kayak launch and a couple of meditation islands. When completed, the wetland park will be part of a sustainable transportation system and contribute to the revitalization of the community’s waterfront. The brown field site is situated along the Cayuga Lake inlet shoreline, facing the inlet island. The proposed second phase of Cayuga Waterfront Trail runs across the site. The multi-use trail provides an active, non-motorized transportation and recreation way connecting Ithaca’s most popular waterfront parks and places. Decrease of Wetland Area in Cayuga Lake Watershed since 1895 14 15
  8. 8. 4 Singing Water Woodland Recreational Park Design | Ithaca, NY The sunken woodland screens out the noise from the busy streets, replacing it with the sound of Cascadilla Creek. The concept is to preserve and embrace the seclusion of the woodland, to make it a quiet meditative retreat. The entrance is a maze hedge which leads to a shaded tree/shrub archway. The visitor is then surprised and welcomed by the openness of a central meadow. The steps down to the meadow are accompanied by a series of tiered pools which collect the abundant rainwater in Ithaca. Picnic ground is placed on the north meadow next to the waterfront. As the name ‘Singing Water’ suggestes, water is the major inspiration of the design. Before/After Section Overlay Sequence Skeches (left to right) Hedge maze entrance, Shrub archway, Tiered pools, Trail to the horse sculpture in the woods (right) Site photography showing phenomenon and texture of the site. Sound Analysis 16 View Analysis 17
  9. 9. 5 Conversational Urban Nodes Grand Army Plaza Renovation | Brooklyn, NY Conceptually, I want to shift the focus of the plaza from being the historical gateway of Prospect Park into addressing the whole Brooklyn cultural district. Socio-spatially, I intend to increase effective plaza space for various programs and events and introduce new facilities for community usage. Practically, I try to simplify the current traffic circulation and improve the permeability of the plaza. Axis 1 Ax i s2 (Above) Looking over plaza from the green roof (Middle) Entering plaza from the south end (Below) Prospect Park New Entrance with Bailey Fountain relocated to the end of a promenade. SkechUp model showing the design of the plaza. New architecture and landscape elements are introduced to form two axes. 18 19
  10. 10. Top To Bottom: The greatest thing about Grand Army Plaza is the land value created by the aggregated effect of Prospect Park, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Library, Museum, McNair Park and the plaza itself which hosts New York City’s second largest green market, West Indian Day Parade, etc. Median Household Income (1999) Youth Population (2000) Land Use (2000) Communities of Color (2000) Flatbush Avenue connects all the way to Manhattan Bridge and cuts through the cultural district. Aong with Eastern Parkway, they are the two major roads in consideration when designing traffic. (Top Left) Before (Bottom Left) After (Right) Night Rendering Data retrieved from < $ 25,000 25K to 45K 45K to 65K 65K to 85K 85K to 105K > 105K 0.3-10% 10.1-20% 20.1-30% 30.1-40% 40.1-100% Residential Mixed Use Commercial Open space Institutions Industrial Vacant Lots 0.5-20% 20.1-40% 40.1-60% 60.1-80% 80.1-97% 97.1-100% 20 21
  11. 11. 6 Future Work Sphere Ergonomic Interior Design Partners: Erica Bupp, Shuo Zhou Worksphere as a Living System Sensitive and Adaptable The capacity to self-renew and adapt to new environment is what makes future work place sustainable. Each space will be equipped with light, motion Sensitive and Adaptable and sound sensors, which will decide the glowing level and color of the space. Flexible yet Resilient Contemporary working mode often involves temporary collaboration among teams or departments for a specific project. The future work place must be flexible in order to address this transitional trend. Flexibility can be yield by constructing removable units and walls. On the other hand, the future workplace should also be relilient in its organization. No matter how much the function of each unit shifts, the work efficiency remains unchanged. Super-hero’s Office The capacity to self-renew and The glowing spaces are visible adapt to new environment is what from the central lobby/plaza, so that everyone everyone can The glowing spacesmakesvisiblework place sustainare future from the central lobby, so that can sense what is Each space going on in sense what is going able.light, motion,will be equipped light patternthe recorded over The on in the surrounding. The is surrounding. time recorded over with and sound light pattern is sensors, which will of the to time to direct the rearrangement decide thework place. direct the rearrangement of the glowing level and color of the work place. space. Individual Workspace File Storage Mobile Noisy Stationary Quiet Team Lounge Printing and Library Conference Room Pantry Team A Team B Focus and Collaborate Gym Socialize Learn Lobby or Plaza Main Entrance Socialize Super-hero’s Office Learn Individual Workspace Growing needs of collaboration in future work space call for adaptable interior design. A design that allows two team spaces to merge into once during periods of collaboration and vice versa. File Storage Team Lounge Team A+B Printing and Library Focus and Collaborate Conference Room Pantry Team A Team B Gym Lobby or Plaza Main Entrance Socialize Learn Team A+B 22 Focus and Collaborate 23
  12. 12. 7 INSIGHT | Experiencing Information Environmental Installation on Cornell Ho Plaza I Partners: Carla Wells, Jimena Roses INSIGHT intends to bring awareness to preventable blindness occurring in children suffering from malnutrition in developing countries. Global trends in Vitamin A Supplementation Coverage: By layering of the stories of those involved through information graphics and interactive playscape design, the audience will become more informed on the issue. The INSIGHT traveling exhibit will serve as an on-site intervention on various compus and urban locations, targeting educated individuals involved in policy or healthcare, medical professions and the general public willing to make a difference. I 24 N S I G H T *A single dose lasts 6 months. Two doses covers a child for one year. Each path is designed to tell the story from a different perspective of the stakeholders involved; the advocate organizations, the pharmaceutical company and the blind child. 1999 2001 one bottle represents 100% coverage for vitamin A % of children receiving two doses % of children receiving one dose 2003 2005 25
  13. 13. 8 Olin Library Green Terrace Construction Documents | Cornell Campus My first comprehensive construction documents set. The site locates on campus of Cornell University. The second floor terrace of Olin Library overlooks the Arts Quad. Survey Demolition Plan (Top) Planting Details (Bottom) Planting Plan Schematic Design Plan Olin Library Building 26 27
  14. 14. 9 Winter at Cornell Pencil and Charcoal Drawings Shown here are selected works from a drawing project that is composed of nine drawings. The beauty of the architectures on the Arts Quad and the grandeur of the openness from the Libe Slope compose my favorite view on Cornell campus. In all the drawings, I tried to represent at least one of the two essential elements: the season and the duet of light and shadow. 28 29