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Independent film company

  1. 1. Liam Boreham
  2. 2. Often British media productions are made by smaller companies, Warp films is an example of a competitive independent film company. Often these indie companies such as Warp struggle to compete with the conglomerates budgets, advertising/ publicity and distribution. For instance a Disney film like ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ had a budget of $300 million as opposed to Warp Films 2007 film produced by Shane Meadows, ‘This is England’ only budgeted £1.5 million; portraying the major difference between conglomerates and indie companies, money. Disney owns the platforms which Warp would have to pay millions to make their film a hit at the box office.
  3. 3. Warp films sometimes converge with other media platforms to promote a production, for instance, This Is England was shown first on channel 4 allowing both smaller companies to benefit from the production and views essentially synergy is more difficult for indie companies as conglomerates have more money to produce the film and they can also market their film through all of their subsidiary companies.
  4. 4. New media technologies employed by Warp films would be the transfer into HD filming although they are not as good as the 22mm reels which cost $20000 a reel theyre still a breakthrough in indie film making technology. is their site which is made for viewers to give them a chance to buy the films through downloads (to combat the widespread of piracy/ illegal downloads.)
  5. 5. For Warp the spread of Technology has mainly consisted in the development of the internet access and more concisely social network sites which are of course FREE. YouTube allows Warp to freely market trailers, snippets or interviews about the film thus essentially they are receiving free publicity on one of the most popular websites. This can be further promoted by the correct use of social network sites Face book/ Twitter for instance they can develop a following base and their direct their followers to their YouTube channel which and if the viewers like the trailers they may be tempted to watch the film.
  6. 6. For Warp films technological convergence has helped them massively as it allows them to be able to market their products on most media platforms and most of the time free of charge as the internet can be used. In 2013 there are many gadgets that allow the user to watch films on either through the disc or on the internet e.g. Smartphones, mp4 players, portable game consoles and laptops, however on the negative side of this change in technology sees the massive increase in technology. Conglomerates can attempt to combat this for instance in 2006 Disney launched an ABC PLAYER which allowed any programmes/films that had been shown on the channel in the past 2 weeks to be viewed for free.
  7. 7. The conglomerates target audience is usually significantly broader than that of an independent film company like Warp films this cam be due to a number of reasons but ultimately because of funding. Indie companies have significantly lower budgets than the big 6 do thus they have to make productions that are cheaper to make and these are comedies or social realism. Normally as a result of the genre being reasonably maturely themed the certification is quite high, 18 or 15 thus immediately the potential audience capacity is limited. Whereas Disney can focus on big money films aimed at all target audiences and make several hits a year, generating millions of dollars gross profit.
  8. 8. As a Brit and a media student with an interest in the film-making industry, Im aware of the tribulations British indie film companies have to go through to create a film that will contend with Hollywood Blockbuster. However I feel that the majority of the films produced by the conglomerates are repetitive; the same story line with stereotypical characters repeatedly appears. As much as i appreciate the rawness of the indie films and perhaps prefer the content and realness of them, I also believe as sad as it is that there is a strict structure you have to follow to make a hit and indie companies dont have these facilities i.e. the funding to incorporate star persona which alone could create a ‘buzz.’