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Tablet + e-Reader Trends and Usage Analysis
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Tablet + e-Reader Trends and Usage Analysis


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More than 78 million Americans own a tablet and more than 59 million Americans own an e-reader. Whether you are a retailer or manufacturer of these consumer electronics, a marketer looking to …

More than 78 million Americans own a tablet and more than 59 million Americans own an e-reader. Whether you are a retailer or manufacturer of these consumer electronics, a marketer looking to understand how to reach your customers via this technology, or simply interested in learning more about the growth of these products, view this presentation for a wealth of information. Visit our other industry + trend analyses:

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  • 2. 2WHY DO I CARE?Glad you asked…In this report you will find a high-level overview of the tablet and e-reader industry. It is important that we keep apulse on the industry and related CONSUMER BEHAVIORS in order to identify OPPORTUNITIES that transform ourbusinesses.At Levelwing, we specialize in analyzing the paths that contribute to such BUSINESS OUTCOMES. Our analysts areexperts at TRANSLATING data collected via website analytics, customer relationship databases, consumerresearch, phone call logs and even recruitment application databases INTO A MEANINGFUL STORY that has realbusiness applications and implications for your company.Please enjoy the insights contained within.
  • 4. Among those reading a book in thepast year, 30% had read at least onee-book during that period.Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project,“E-book Reading Jumps;Print Book Reading Declines,” Dec 27,2012 TABLET + E-READER INDUSTRY TRENDS4Monitoring industry trends can help fuel strategies and initiatives by capitalizing on these trends in order toreach consumers on these devices.The fastest growth in e-readerusers last year was among AfricanAmericans, among whom usernumbers increased 81%. eMarketer,“Ereader User Increases Slow,” Jan 2, 2013 Over the next 5 years, total shipments of tabletcomputers to enterprises around the world areexpected to increase at a compound annualgrowth rate (CAGR) of 48%, with shipmentsrising from 13.6 million units in 2011 to 96.3million units in 2016. Worldwide Enterprise Tablet Market Forecast Report, Jan 25, 2012 Tablets are most often a starting pointfor shopping and trip planning. The New Mult-Screen World, Google/Ipsos/Sterling, US,Aug 2012
  • 5. TABLET + E-READER OWNERSHIP578 MILLIONAmericans own a tabletand more than59 MILLIONAmericans own an e-readerMore thanSource: comScore, June 2012; Pew Research Center, ”25% of American Adults Own Tablet Computers”, October 2012As e-reader and tablet ownership increases so does the necessity of having an optimized website (i.e.Responsive Design) for consumers using these devices, in addition to desktops and smartphones, forproduct research and purchasing.
  • 6. TABLET + E-READER OWNERSHIP6In May of 2011, the percentage of American adults that owned an e-reader was greater thanthe percentage of American adults owning a tablet. Since then, tablet ownership has beengreater than e-reader ownership, with 26% of American adults owning an e-reader and 31%owning a tablet computer.Source: Pew Internet Surveys 2009-20130%5%10%15%20%25%30%35%Apr-09 May-10 Sep-10 May-11 Aug-11 Jan-12 Apr-12 Dec-12 Jan-13Tablet E-Reader
  • 7. TABLET + E-READER OWNERSHIP7Tablet ownership growth has occurred since May 2010 while e-reader ownership declined slightly from May2011 to December 2011. From December 2011 to November 2012, e-reader ownership increased 9% andtablet ownership increased 15%. Monitoring trends in tablet and e-reader ownership can be an indicator ofrelated purchasing, such as e-book and app purchases.0%5%10%15%20%25%30%35%May 2010* May 2011* December 2011** Nov 2012**E-Reader Tablet EitherSource: Pew Internet & American Life Project, “E-book Reading Jumps; Print Book Reading Declines,” Dec 27,2012Note: *ages 18+; **ages 16+
  • 8. TOP 5 TABLET VENDORS, WORLDWIDE SHIPMENTS8Apple had the greatest year-over-year change in Q4 worldwide shipments of all tablet vendors. Samsungand ASUS experienced the second and third greatest change year-over-year shipments, but Amazonremained higher than ASUS in total 2012 Q4 worldwide shipments. Tracking the audience base by devicecan illuminate growth trends and combined with targeted messaging, brands can ensure they are reachingconsumers using each device.Source: IDC Worldwide Quarterly Tablet Tracker, January 31, 2013 (preliminary data)VENDOR2011 Q4 SHIPMENTS(IN MILLIONS)2012 Q4 SHIPMENTS(IN MILLIONS) CHANGEAPPLE 15.5 22.9 +7.4SAMSUNG 2.2 7.9 +5.7AMAZON 4.7 6.0 +1.3ASUS 0.6 3.1 +2.5BARNES & NOBLE 1.4 1.0 -0.4OTHERS 5.5 11.6 +6.1ALL 29.9 52.5 +22.6
  • 10. TABLET AS RESEARCH TOOL1041% of all U.S. tablet owners researched a product in the past month and shoppers using the iPad have a5.2% conversion rate to e-purchase, the highest of any device. Ensuring brand sites are optimized for easypurchase is critical to online revenue streams.Sources: North American Technographics Online Benchmark Survey (Part 1), Q2 2012; IBM Coremetrics Benchmark Reports: BlackFriday and Cyber Monday 2011; Google/OTX Consumer Pulse Check, Q4 201041%of U.S. tabletownersresearched aproduct in thepast month
  • 11. TABLET USAGE LOCATION + BEHAVIOR11Not only are more tablet users engaging with their device at home, but they are also using another devicesimultaneously while using their tablet. Learning usage behavior can help companies strategize campaigns thatwill reach these consumers where they are active. In addition, this emphasizes the need for a cohesivestrategy and assets in order to ensure there is a seamless experience across devices.Source: The New Mult-Screen World, Google/Ipsos/Sterling, US, Aug 201221%79%Out of Home At Home75% of all tablet usage is accompanied by theusage of a second device – 35% with asmartphone and 44% with a television Forrester Research US Cross-Channel Retail Forecast, 2011 To 2016, June 2012
  • 12. SIMULTANEOUS SCREEN USAGE ACTIVITES12When engaging in multi-screen usage, consumers are using their devices primarily for email. Second and thirdmost popular activities were Internet browsing and social networking, respectively. There is less consumerattention at these times because while consumers are emailing, browsing the internet, and social networking,they are very likely to be doing something else at the same time. 78% of simultaneous usage is multi-tasking, witha key device combination being TV + tablet at 89%.42%44%60%0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70%Watching VideoWork DocumentsSearching for InfoPlaying a GameSocial NetworkingInternet BrowsingEmailingSource: The New Mult-Screen World, Google/Ipsos/Sterling, US, Aug 2012
  • 13. SEARCH ENGINE RESULTS FOR PRODUCTS13In addition to Paid Search Placements and OrganicSearch Results (which are primarily online and brick-and-mortar retailers), consumers are shown aGOOGLE SHOPPING sponsored box (yellow) for an e-readers search. Included brands showing images for‘ereaders’ include:•  Nook•  Kindle•  Jensen•  Pandigital•  KoboGoogle Shopping product highlights are based onproduct listing ads and allow consumers to easilycompare and purchase products.*paid placements are paid advertising available through search engines, organicsearch results are the listings that are free and do not require a hard media investment SEARCH ENGINE RESULTS PAGE FOR ‘EREADERS’
  • 14. *Devices like Kindle Fire and Nook HD are considered tablets versus dedicated e-readers SEARCH ENGINE RESULTS FOR PRODUCTS14Included brands showing images for ‘tablets’ in theGOOGLE SHOPPING sponsored box (yellow) include:•  Samsung•  Google Nexus•  Kindle Fire*•  Nook HD*•  SonySEARCH ENGINE RESULTS PAGE FOR ‘TABLETS’
  • 15. 15LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? WANT TO SEE MORE?This is just the beginning of what we can tap into, imagine what we could do with the data you have internally…At Levelwing, we specialize in interpreting your data and providing you with actionable insights + solutions (and notjust graphs) that can impact your MARKETING, MERCHANDISING, INVENTORY or even RESEARCH ANDDEVELOPMENT. We help companies utilize data to OPERATE WITH GREATER CLARITY + PROFITABILITY.Bottom line, we move your business forward by helping you make sense of your data so that you can ACHIEVEWHAT COULD BE.For additional information, please contact:STEVE PARKER, JR.Co-Founder & Managing Partnersteve@levelwing.com1+843.631.4587
  • 16. THANK YOU16Want to learn more about Levelwing? Just keep reading.
  • 18. GLOBAL REACH We currently serve clients throughout NorthAmerica, Europe, China and JapanUNIQUE APPROACH Levelwing is the leader in businessintelligence and marketing solutions with data mining + analytics atthe coreMEASURED SUCCESS Levelwing has experienced 10 consecutiveyears of growth with industry leading client satisfaction resultsFULLY INTEGRATED We employ a matrix organization of marketers,analytics design experts, statisticians, researchers and creativesWE ARE LEVELWING18
  • 19. The Right Data Changes EverythingMarketing Budgets Should Be Smaller, Not LargerAccountability is EssentialSuccess Should Pay For ItselfLeverage Existing Demand FirstOUR BELIEFS19
  • 20. “Some of the most innovative and strategic minds in the industry” - Novartis“Some of the most sophisticated things I’ve seen being done with analytics and ROI measurement” - AdobeSOME OF OUR PARTNERS20