Event Crisis Management: Determining your Social Strategy


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We have all heard one too many stories about social media gaffes from companies or brands during a time of crisis. As audiences are increasingly turning to social channels for information during these sensitive time periods, it's imperative to have a social strategy in place for your brand's response. This presentation will provide you with the necessary tools to ensure your brand has a consistent and sensitive response during any major event. Learn more about our approach to social channel management: http://ow.ly/lO19a

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Event Crisis Management: Determining your Social Strategy

  2. 2. §  Process for social response§  Guide for assessing level of crisis§  Templates for event crisis response messagingTHIS DOCUMENT WILL PROVIDE…
  3. 3. 3§  Assessment + execution of appropriate action(s)on behalf of the brand§  Unified brand messaging§  Planned response to consumer questions§  Humanize the brand voiceWHY DO WE NEED A PROCESS?
  4. 4. 4“Be HELPFUL,be KIND,or be QUIET.”WHEN IN DOUBT… “Help the CITIZEN,not theCONSUMER.”
  5. 5. 5PROCESS
  6. 6. 6ü Pause scheduled social messaging + paid mediaü Reach out to Core Teamü Establish crisis levelü Put together immediate planü Actü Regroup + revise strategy as neededü Evaluate process for future eventsPROCESS CHECKLIST
  7. 7. 7PAUSEPause ALL SCHEDULED MESSAGES + PAIDMEDIA until all facts are known and connection tobrand can be confirmed or deniedPREPARE
  8. 8. 8REACH OUT TO CORE TEAMCore team should include representatives from:§  Public Relations Team§  Human Resources§  Marketing TeamSocial team should come prepared with:§  Assessment of social conversation: currentvolume, sentiment + context§  Verified or perceived connection to brandPREPARE
  9. 9. 9Answer the following questions to determine magnitude of theevent for the brand:1.  Was human life lost?2.  Was there malicious intent?3.  Is this considered an environmental catastrophe?4.  Was the area declared a state of emergency?ESTABLISH CRISIS LEVELQUESTIONS TO ASK BEFORE PROCEEDINGPREPARE *Some criteria may be weighted more than others
  10. 10. 106. Is your brand involved by name?7. Is your brand indirectly involved (by industry, partnership,endorsement)?8. Was an employee or brand representative involved?9. Does this directly impact the markets where your brand’steammates and/or customers live?ESTABLISH CRISIS LEVEL: BRANDQUESTIONS TO ASK BEFORE PROCEEDINGPREPARE *Some criteria may be weighted more than others
  11. 11. 11Once you have evaluated the crisis event interms of the previous list of criteria, you candetermine the proper level of social response.The following pages have recommendations forimmediate actions for your brand to takeaccording to the established crisis level.ESTABLISH CRISIS LEVEL PREPARE
  12. 12. 12ü  Adjust messaging as neededü  Be sensitiveü  Err on the side of conservativeü  Continue to monitor the situation + other brandstatementsLOW: KEEP CALM + CARRY ON PREPARE
  13. 13. 13ü  Pull back volume of social messagingü  Revise messaging (remove hashtags fromtweets), promotions, placements in affectedareasü  Postpone major announcementsü  Refocus strategy when applicableMEDIUM: ACKNOWLEDGE + BE CAUTIOUS PREPARE
  14. 14. 14ü  Pause all media + social messaging in affectedareas until crisis situation has passedü  Involve Public Relations teamü  Release holding statement if necessaryü  Contact Core Team + ExecutivesHIGH: STOP + REGROUP PREPARE
  15. 15. 15PUT TOGETHER IMMEDIATE PLAN§  Choose messaging templates based on Crisis+ Brand Messaging Assessments§  Finalize communication + messaging strategy§  Implement monitoring + reporting schedule§  Schedule meeting regroup for updates§  Any additional next stepsPut your plan into ACTIONPREPARE
  16. 16. 16PUT TOGETHER IMMEDIATE PLANBRAND MESSAGING TEMPLATESAcknowledgement:§  “Our thoughts are with those affected by the eventsin [location].”§  “Things will be quiet around here as we watch thestory develop/mourn the loss of [person].”§  “Our stores will be closed today in honor/in memoryof [event, person].”Put your plan into ACTIONPREPARE
  17. 17. 17During crisis, monitor social conversation + revisestrategy as needed based upon the following:§  News updates§  Consumer conversation§  Competitive brand conversationREGROUP + REVISE PREPARE
  18. 18. 18§  After crisis, evaluate communication +messaging process to improve futureresponse§  Identify potential opportunities for moreeffective + streamlined socialcommunication to consumersEVALUATE PROCESS PREPARE
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