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Making sense of multichannel: Redux
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Making sense of multichannel: Redux



Presentation delivered at the Russian Pharmaceutical Forum, St Petersburg, 17 - 19 June 2014, an update of a presentation first delivered in 2012: 'Making sense of multichannel'. The focus is on the ...

Presentation delivered at the Russian Pharmaceutical Forum, St Petersburg, 17 - 19 June 2014, an update of a presentation first delivered in 2012: 'Making sense of multichannel'. The focus is on the progress of pharma multichannel marketing during the period 2012 to 2014, highlighting frequently cited hurdles, significant common practices, and emerging trends.



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    Making sense of multichannel: Redux Making sense of multichannel: Redux Presentation Transcript

    • Len Starnes Digital healthcare consultant Russian Pharmaceutical Forum St Petersburg 17 – 19 June 2014 Making sense of multichannel Redux
    • Multichannel status 2012
    • Easy to understand conceptually
    • Extremely difficult in practice
    • Has this changed? Not substantially but progress has been significant
    • Agenda 1 Belief & disbelief in the mantra 2 Common practices 3 Scaling up 4 The future is already here
    • Belief & disbelief in the mantra
    • 70% agree - by 2017 Linkedin poll 2012
    • Digital priorities 2014 1 Multichannel 1 eDetailing & tablet detailing 2 HCPs’ social networks 3 Closed-loop marketing 4 Social media PMLive Digital Futures 2014 Survey: 239 respondents from pharma, biotech , medtech, agencies, consultancies
    • But many pharmas remain sceptical on ROI Sales 28%cite proving ROI as the greatest challenge in driving multichannel* *Multichannel Business Case Report, Eyeforpharma 2014 (n =152)
    • Convincing management is equally a challenge *Multichannel Business Case Report, Eyeforpharma 2014 (n =152) 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 Management buy-in Channel integration processes Brand team capability CLM capabilities Platform unavailability 24% 20% 20% 7% 1% Largest challenges in driving multichannel*
    • Common practices
    • Who drives multichannel?
    • Not senior management Far more brand or franchise managers
    • Pharma MCM innovators take similar approaches … …but nothing that’s unfamiliar to marketeers
    • SMART objectives Strategy & tactics Brand plan alignment, segmentation, targeting, understanding true value Channel selection Learning journey, traditional channels, innovative channels, costs Execution Turnkey solutions, localization, campaign templates Measurement Engagement, operational, financial KPIs Maturity assessment Management, culture, capabilities, technology, platforms, vendor selection Customer insights Customer journey, needs, preferences, behaviours
    • Effectively using customer insights… …differentiates poor from excellent pharma MCM innovators
    • Customer centricity can give competitive advantage to the brand Reality: Multichannel is a balance of agendas Pharma agenda Sales growth Market share SOV Messages Internal capabilities Processes Regulations Budgets Customer agenda Value-add services Information in context Channel choice Anytime, anywhere Control Self-service Peer-to-peer Interactivity M U L T I C H A N N E L
    • Digital natives behave differently
    • Two tiers of pharma MCM practitioners Pharmas that use MCM to communicate traditionally Pharmas that understand the behaviours of customers have changed and use MCM to communicate differently Fred Bassett, Head of Strategy, Blue Latitude, London
    • Pharma innovators are aware of the evolutionary stages of MCM and on which stage they are located
    • Profitable revenue growth Multichannel evolution Isolated channels Limited integration of 2 – 3 channels at brand level Time Cross-channel integration of 4 - 8 channels at brand level Engagement across > 8 channels at franchise/BU level Increasing use of: insights, data, technology, specialized expertise MCM pharma laggards MCM pharma majority MCM pharma high-flyers
    • Pharma innovators use vendors with deep MCM experience to a c c e l e r a t e their programmes
    • Specialist MCM vendor capabilities Cross-functional MCM processes Customer insights Training & support Change management Campaign templates, KPIs
    • Pharma MCM innovators focus on excellence in ‘core’ channels and tactics… …mostly traditional
    • HCPs’ brand website SEM SEO Banner ads Web eDetailing Direct mail eMail SF + iPad Call centre Typical core channels & tactics
    • ‘Innovative’ channels such as HCPs’ SNs largely ignored 2010200920082007 > 120 networks > 5.5 m HCPs Global membership HCPs’ social networks 1m 2m 3m 2011 2012 2014 4m 5m 6m > 120 networks > 3.5 m doctors 2013 http://www.slideshare.net/lenstarnes/hc-ps-sns-digipharmlondon-sept-2011-final
    • Russian networks Members Partnership options Network specifics Doctomarabote 200,000 Market research Microsites Peer-to-peer Medical portal, pay- per-activity model Evrika 42,000 Market research Microsites Peer-to-peer Medical news and education portal iVrach 90,000 Market research Microsites Peer-to-peer First in Russia, highly active community Mirvracha 78,000 Market research Microsites Peer-to-peer Medical news aggregator Vrachirf 75,000 Market research Microsites Peer-to-peer Medical portal
    • The concept of multichannel marketing in Russia is going through an introductory phase with the first pilot projects kicking-off. This approach holds the potential to become a perfect solution for better addressing the needs of Russian HCPs and patients, despite shrinking marketing budgets. Oxana Kolosova Managing Partner iVrach.com HCPs’ social network Russia ‘ ’
    • Prediction: by 2017 physical/virtual medical conferences will be ‘core’ 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 Physical Virtual Baseline = 100% Number of physical conference attendees in 2010 Medical conference attendees 2010 2017 2020 20232014 Scenario based on current growth of virtual vs physical medical conference attendees: http://www.slideshare.net/lenstarnes/future-of-med-confs-final-11-dec-2013
    • Pharma MCM innovators display meticulously well-organized implementation processes
    • Subsidiaries demand turnkey solutions Dedicated resources Global Regional Local Localization training Responsibilities, options, use of channels/tactics Campaign templates Orchestration of messages & actions across channels Performance dashboards Channel-specific KPIs
    • ’ Pharma MCM innovators track multiple performance categories
    • Categories & sample KPIs Customer affinity Feedback Sentiment Reality check: Are we addressing our customers’ needs? Operational effectiveness Open rates CTRs Impressions Unique visitors Visit duration Referring sites Opt-ins Completion rates Intent to Rx Cost/contact Bottom-line results % sales lift target/control ROI = margin/investment
    • Scaling up
    • World’s largest pharma multichannel campaign Launch Patent expiry
    • Brand Cozaar Indication Hypertension Target audience High Rx GPs Regions EU, AP, LA Key objectives Protect franchise in EU markets Grow in emerging markets Adapted from a Harte-Hanks case study
    • Core channels eMail SF tools Direct mail Website Banner ads Core web eD waves
    • eDetail Pages Direct Mail Cover Banner Ads Banner ads eDetail pages Direct mail Asset samples
    • Market share retained in EU Growth achieved in AP, LA Deployed in 33 markets Campaign duration 3 years Adapted from a Harte-Hanks case study
    • Turnkey solution for local managers Global campaign-execution template Global KPI guidelines and criteria Partnered with specialist MCM vendor Adapted from a Harte-Hanks case study Keys to success
    • The future is already here
    • The future is predictive analytics
    • ‘Predictive analytics down to a granular customer [HCP] and patient level will be the key to turn intelligence into value.’ Kilian Weiss CEO Qforma.com USA
    • Month Taking insights to the next level What is my customer searching for? Why is she searching? How must we respond to add value? Content Services Media Channels
    • Monitoring network behaviour enables inference of future needs Sales reps alerted via iPad with recommended follow-up value-add actions Sales reps select pre-defined value-add actions on iPad, activate channels Predictive analytics in practice 2014
    • The future of multichannel is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed yet. With eternal gratitude to William Gibson
    • lenstarnes@gmail.com T: + 49 30 781 5513 M: + 49 172 1788253 Skype: lenstarnes www.linkedin.com/in/lenstarnes www.twitter.com/lenstarnes www.slideshare.net/lenstarnes Len Starnes Len Starnes Digital Healthcare Research & Consulting
    • • Fred Bassett, Blue Latitude, UK • Warren Drysdale, exlpharma, USA • Kevin Dunn, True Health & Wellness, USA • Izzy Gladstone, Eyeforpharma, Thailand • Oxana Kolosova, iVrach, Russia • Bryon Main, exlpharma, USA • Tom Masheder, GSK, UK • Gökhan Salmanoğlu, Pfizer, Russia/India/Turkey • Paul Simms, Eyeforpharma, UK • Kilian Weiss, Qforma, USA A sincere thanks to the following for their help in developing this presentation