Making Sense of Multichannel


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Presentation first given at the Digital Health Summit Turkey, Istanbul, 11 – 12 September 2012. This was the first event of its type in Turkey with representatives of all major healthcare stakeholders: HCPs, patients, pharma, payers, government, academia, regulators, digital agencies and the media. Some 200 delegates participated.

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Making Sense of Multichannel

  1. 1. Making sense of Multichannel Len Starnes Digital Health Summit TurkeyLen Starnes Marketing & Sales Sakip Sabanci Museum Istanbul Head of Digital General MedicineDigital healthcare consultant 11 – 12 September 2012
  2. 2. Easy to understandconceptually
  3. 3. Extremely difficultin practice
  4. 4. Difficulty is theelephant in the room
  5. 5. Agenda 5 Industry opinion 1 4 VendorsBasics 2 & geeks 3 Roots of complexity Real-world outcomes
  6. 6. Basics
  7. 7. What is MCM?‘A marketing methodology thatuses two or more different mediaapproaches to reach and influencea target audience in a singlecampaign’Bill Tyson, CEO Strategic Marketing Plus, USA
  8. 8. Why do it?Each channel reinforces theother thereby increasing the probabilityof a call-to-action being taken
  9. 9. Are digital and MCM the same thing? No, digital is a toolset that underpins and supports MCM Panel session opinion, Digital Pharma West, 2012
  10. 10. Essentials ofgood MCMClear objectivesCustomer centricitySegmentationPersonalizationLearnings basedCRM
  11. 11. Essentials ofgood MCMChannel preference insightsChannel/message matchTechnological expertiseAnalytics capabilities
  12. 12. MCM must evolve* MCM Profitable engagement revenue growth Cross-channel integration Independence with integrated teams 50% other Channel industriesindependence Most pharmas Time *Adapted from: The Multichannel Maturity Mandate, Forrester Research 2011
  13. 13. Reasons companiesfail to evolveNo defined strategyIncompatible org structureDisparate tech platforms Cross-Channel Marketing Report 2012, Econsultancy & Responsys Based on survey of 650 companies in US, EU, AP
  14. 14. Most industries optimistic % agree + completely agreeWill increase sales & profitability 77% Will be crucial for long-term success 76%MC customer worth significantly more 65% than SC customer*Forrester Consulting, December 2011: Results based on responses from 226 global marketing decision makers in 27 industries
  15. 15. Rootsof complexity
  16. 16. Brand objectives Increase sales by x% in 6 months HCPs target audience GPs Medical specialists Pharmacists Nurses Segmentation modelHigh/med/low prescriber See/No see Attitudinal data Channel preferences/segmentStated Opt-in/out Relationship data Market research
  17. 17. Sales Direct Mobile rep mailHCPs’ EventsSNs Channel proliferation One-way Two-wayTele Call eD centre SD Website eMail eD
  18. 18. Select channels on cost External InternalHistorical data based Organizationalon cost to increase Rx effort and expertiseLow Medium High Low Medium High
  19. 19. Select channels on suitabilityEmailSimple messaging, calls to actionSelf-directed eDModerately complex messaging,interactivity, calls to actionHCPs’ SNsComplex messaging in context,P2P engagement, relationship building
  20. 20. Optimize mix and sequencing Message 1 Message 2 Message 3 eD wave 1 eD wave 2 eD wave 3 Discussion 1 Discussion 2 Discussion 3Month 1 2 3 4 5 6
  21. 21. HCPs database Metrics and KPI framework Analytics &Below reporting dashboardthe surface Learnings feedback loop
  22. 22. The future of MCM will be based on predictive modelling
  23. 23. Insights drivenWhy is it happening?What will happen next?What must be done to increase sales?Segment Channel Message Optimum mix Month
  24. 24. Real-world outcomes
  25. 25. Brand Key objectivesAngiotensinreceptor blocker Protect franchiseIndication in EU marketsHypertensionTarget audience Grow in emergingHigh Rx GPs marketsCountriesEU, AP, LA Adapted from a Harte-Hanks case study webinar:
  26. 26. Global Directchannels mail Website eMail Core eD waves SF Banner tools ads
  27. 27. Reported resultsMarket share retained in EUGrowth achieved in AP, LADeployed in 33 marketsNew campaign running to 2013 Adapted from a Harte-Hanks case study webinar:
  28. 28. Direct mailBrandInuvair steroid inhaler eMailIndicationAsthma CallTarget audience centreGPsCountry eDGermanyPresented at Pharma eMarketing Europe, Eyeforpharma, Barcelona 2012
  29. 29. 30% sales lift in 4 months Start MonthPresented at Pharma eMarketing Europe, Eyeforpharma, Barcelona 2012
  30. 30. Sales force + 1Country Channel Th area Int cost KPIs UK Self eD GI €47 + 22% sales D Webinar Onc €73 73% intent to Rx ES Tele eD Endo €34 51% unprom recallUSA HCP portal Eurol €45 + 8% market share Courtesy: Blue Latitude, UK
  31. 31. Vendors& geeks
  32. 32. Uncomfortable truthMarketeers will be highly dependenton mathematicians, statisticians, andscientists of all types. With profoundimplications for the industry
  33. 33. In other words, geeks ‘Qforma is an eclectic blend of science, serious maths and business topped with deep domain expertise’
  34. 34. Industryopinion
  35. 35. Opinion is divided
  36. 36. Adoption in 5 years‘Yes MCM is more effective, but themore effective it is the more complexand costly it becomes. If we are tospeed up the process we need to focuson change management, on education…’Lars BognerHead Digital Centre of Excellence, Leo Pharma, Denmark
  37. 37. Adoption in 10 years‘…necessitates a complete volte-face forthe traditional one-way comms marketer,with their mindset wrapped around one-off iPad-pumped campaigns and non-meaningful KPI/ROIs for the lifespan ofan annual sales budget or new launchprogramme’Johnathan ReidSenior Commercial IT Project Manager, Abbot Laboratories, UK
  38. 38. Adoption in 10 – 15 years‘…the reluctance of pharma totraverse MCM is the overwhelminglycerebral undertaking it requires andthe "not currently budgeted" costs toensure success’Richie BavassoPresident Virtual Private Social Networks LLC, USA
  39. 39. When will pharma marketingbecome de facto multichannelmarketing in Turkey?
  40. 40. Len Starneslenstarnes@gmail.comT: + 49 30 781 5513M: + 49 172 1788253Skype:
  41. 41. Sincere thanks to the following for theirhelp in developing this presentation• All 226 friends and colleagues who kindly responded to the Linkedin MCM poll, particularly those who contributed to the discussion• Duncan Arbour, Blue Latitude, UK• Mark Bard, Digital Health Coalition, USA• Paul Dixey, Bluelight, UK• Kevin Dunn, The Agency Inside - Harte-Hanks, USA• Lanre Ibitoye, Eyeforpharma, UK• Monique Levy, Manhattan Research, USA• Bryon Main, exlpharma, USA• David Ormesher, Closerlook, USA