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#ChatAfib: Pharma industry's first-ever open tweet chat


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Analysis of the pharma industry's first.ever tweet chat: Boehringer Ingelheim's #ChatAfib, staged during the 2013 European Society of Cardiolgy Congress. The first of two presentations exploring the impact of social media and digital technologies on professional medical conferences

#ChatAfib: Pharma industry's first-ever open tweet chat

  1. 1. #ChatAfib One small step for a pharma, one giant leap for the pharma industry Len Starnes digital healthcare consultant
  2. 2. #ChatAfib Tweet chat staged by Boehringer Ingelheim 2 September 2013 during the European Society of Cardiology Congress 2013 Cardiovascular disease & thrombosis in women
  3. 3. A giant leap for the pharma industry. Hyperbole? Consider this…
  4. 4. The pharma industry’s first-ever tweet chat Open to all stakeholders Facilitated real-time engagement with a pharmaco Staged during a major professional medical conference
  5. 5. Signalled lateral thinking in pharma participation at professional medical conferences
  6. 6. 1 2 3 Conferences 2023 Deconstructing #ChatAfib Participants’ perspectives
  7. 7. Conferences 2023
  8. 8. Conferences & meetings still dominate pharma marketing budgets Column1 18% Pharma execs report conferences & meetings take largest channel share of marketing budgets Column1 82% Pharma execs report using conferences & meetings to target HCPs MM&M Healthcare Marketers Trend Report 2013, June 2013, n=200 execs from pharma, biotech, medtech
  9. 9. Annual pharma conference budgets? Typically several million
  10. 10. Major shift to following medical conferences online 29% 18% EU doctors accessing recorded audio/video from conferences Column1 EU doctors streaming live audio/video from conferences Sales Taking the Pulse Europe, Manhattan Research 2012
  11. 11. In future conferences will be radically different Increasing openness & transparency by pharmacos at conferences Virtual pharma booths Open engagement 365-day events Participant-determined agendas Physical pharma booths Sponsored sessions Temporal limitations Pharma-directed agendas Conferences today Conferences tomorrow
  12. 12. In future virtual attendees will outnumber physical 1600 1400 Attendees Physical conference attendees Virtual conference attendees 1200 1000 800 600 Baseline = 100% Number of physical conference attendees 2010 400 200 0 2010 2013 2015 Scenario based on current growth of virtual vs physical conference attendees 2020 2023
  13. 13. Deconstructing #ChatAfib
  14. 14. Compelling business logic Major annual investment by BI in ESC congress participation Increases trust in BI by afib stakeholders Increases reach & influence Leverages significant existing experience by BI in social media engagement Taps into captive real & virtual ESC audiences Focuses discussion on critical afib/stroke issues
  15. 15. Remarkably low cost
  16. 16. Boehringer: willing to engage the afib/stroke community 15 Percent Twitter 15 following/followers on corporate pharma accounts Axis Title 10 10 5 5 Indicator of uni-directional mindset 2.7% Pharmas competing in global anticoagulant market 14% 5.3% 3.7% 0.9% Status 5.11.13 0 Bayer BMS Pfizer JnJ Boehringer
  17. 17. Simple rules Independent moderator Not intended as medical advice Not for discussing treatments Follow-up on any SEs mentioned Not intended for US audiences 3 KOL guests 4 set topics
  18. 18. Participants included… Patients Patient orgs Doctors Boehringer HQ Boehringer NL Boehringer ES
  19. 19. Engagement by multiple functions within Boehringer Global Medical
  20. 20. Over 3 million impressions
  21. 21. Activity across 5 days Live event Pre-event warm-up Reach Post-event discussion Engage Retain
  22. 22. Intelligent use of infographics post event Summary of 4 key discussion topics
  23. 23. Participants’ perspectives
  24. 24. The European Society of Cardiology’s perspective
  25. 25. Ben Hainsworth Director Congresses & Meetings Division European Society of Cardiology ‘In future virtual attendees at ESC congresses will complement the physical, enabling speakers to present from any corner of the world, and facilitating a far greater exchange of knowledge and opinion. Social interaction will take place before, during and after the physical event, thus transforming congresses from temporally-limited into 365-day initiatives.
  26. 26. Boehringer Ingelheim’s perspective
  27. 27. ‘ We’ believed in the power of ve social media, especially Twitter, to get us closer to key groups for many years. Activities like #ChatAfib and #ChatCOPD were great to be part of but we ’ only at the start re of what we think will be achieved. Boehringer Ingelheim 6 November 2013
  28. 28. A participating cardiologist’s perspective
  29. 29. Angela Maas Professor Women’s Cardiac Health Radboud University Nijmegen The Netherlands Well organized But too much industry-driven activity Undefined target audience Public, doctors, other? Topic too broad Better to focus on single trials/guidelines
  30. 30. Angela Maas Professor Women’s Cardiac Health Radboud University Nijmegen The Netherlands In future Run after hot-line sessions For example with main presenters Organize with support from guideline committees Discuss 1-2 issues to keep debate focused Collaborate with ESC leaders to get closer to cardiologists
  31. 31. A participating patient’s perspective
  32. 32. Mellanie True Hills Founder & CEO, American Foundation for Women's Health and ‘Twitter has become an invaluable tool for those of us who attend medical conferences….through Twitter, we learn the key points from sessions that we cannot attend.
  33. 33. Mellanie True Hills Atrial fibrillation patient ‘Seeing companies that are highly-regulated participate in social media is a most interesting trend, and having Boehringer Ingelheim sponsor a tweet chat at ESC, in two languages, no less, was quite novel…
  34. 34. ‘The topic was quite novel, and near and dear to my heart… we focus on cross-pollenization across social media, repeating our key tweets from medical conferences on Facebook and Google+ so patients have access to this information in whatever is their preferred social medium.
  35. 35. A participating medical journalist’s perspective
  36. 36. Dr Paul Tunnah CEO PharmaPhorum The immediacy of Twitter makes it a more ideal platform for active discussion than platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn Pharma can commit to dialogue within a predefined time window with all participants understanding this is when a response is likely to be procured, thus managing expectations Using hashtags allows pharmas to engage with much broader audiences than just their followers and also align around specific events, such as disease congresses
  37. 37. The written nature of the discussion makes it easier to follow and interpret, and gives it a longer shelf-life due to downstream transcripts which are easily produced and engaged with The theme and target audience can be specified in advance, plus written responses to inappropriate dialogue or issues such as adverse event reporting can be prepared in advance, as can downstream management processes, making it ‘compliance friendly’
  38. 38. The future of pharma tweet chats Continuous tweet chats aligned around specific disease areas Integration of tweet chats with other channels Input into better understanding of brand positioning, additional services, new product development, plus improved corporate brand
  39. 39. A participating social business consultant’s perspective
  40. 40. Andrew Spong Social business developer focused on health communications ‘A properly prepared, efficiently moderated, fully compliant tweet chat poses negligible risk, and can deliver benefits to everyone involved. Early pharma adopters of tweet chats at professional conferences will benefit quickly; late entrants will struggle to find a space to occupy.
  41. 41. Andrew Spong Co-founder of the European Twitter-based community Healthcare Social Media Europe #hcsmeu ‘2013 was the first time that social didn’feel t like a fringe activity at professional conferences. Pharmaceutical companies should commit sufficient resource in their 2014 budget to support the anticipated spike in social activities such as tweet chats at conferences in 2014, and prepare for their being considered mainstream by 2015.
  42. 42. Learnings for pharma Medical societies will increasingly use social media and digital technologies to transform the format of their events New formats are likely to be common practice by 2015 Pharma has a unique opportunity to rethink its traditional participation model and increase returns from its future conference investments
  43. 43. Learn more #ChatAfib transcripts & analytics #hcsmeu chat 18 October 2013: Use of Twitter & tweetchats at professional medical conferences Transcripts & analytics:
  44. 44. This is the first of two presentations exploring the impact of social media and digital technologies on professional medical conferences Part 1: #ChatAfib. One small step for a pharma, one giant leap for the pharma industry Part 2: The medical conference is dead, long live the medical conference
  45. 45. A sincere thanks to the following for their help and support in developing this presentation • Ben Hainsworth, European Society of Cardiology @escardio • Professor Angela Maas, Radboud University Nijmegen @MaasAngela • John Pugh & colleagues at Boehringer Ingelheim @JohnPugh @Boehringer • Andrew Spong, @andrewspong • Mellanie True Hills, @stopafib • Paul Tunnah, pharmahorum @pharmaphorum
  46. 46. Len Starnes T: + 49 30 781 5513 M: + 49 172 1788253 Skype: lenstarnes