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Making the most of 140 characters at ENETS


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A beginners guide on how to use Twitter at the 2017 ENETS conference in Barcelona.

Published in: Health & Medicine
  • Guía para uso adecuado de Twitter durante conferencias médicas
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Making the most of 140 characters at ENETS

  1. 1. Making the most of 140 characters at ENETS Len Starnes Digital Healthcare Consultant 14th Annual ENETS Conference 2017 CCIB Barcelona Barcelona 8 – 10 March 2017
  2. 2. Using Twitter for the first time at ENETS?
  3. 3. 15 categories of tweets that will add value to the conference Twitter feed
  4. 4. *Inspired by Microstyle: The Art of Writing Little by Christopher Johnson A valuable tweet is like a key that opens doors*
  5. 5. Valuable Accurately informs Provides follow-up action options Drives debate Inspires & motivates Triggers emotions Offers light relief…yes, occasionally welcome Not valuable Does none of the opposite Is discourteous Delivers spam
  6. 6. A word about Perfectly acceptable For commercial organizations to occasionally tweet about events & services related to a medical conference Not acceptable For commercial organizations to flood conference hashtags with tweets about events & services
  7. 7. What type of tweets would be most valuable if you were following from… …10,000 km away?
  8. 8. Obvious place to start Retweet a valuable tweet from someone else Use the retweet icon bottom left on the original tweet and add a comment of your own
  9. 9. Start a conversation Ask a probing question Questions are the life-blood of conferences Use @ to address speaker(s) or pose rhetorically without @
  10. 10. Start another conversation Ask for clarification Use @ to address speaker(s) or pose rhetorically without @
  11. 11. Stand out in the conversation Offer unusual or original perspicacity Use @ to address speaker(s) or pose rhetorically without @
  12. 12. Keep the conversation going Respond to answers to your questions Debate is the essence of good conferencing Use @ to address respondents directly
  13. 13. 50% of scientists who use SoMe use Twitter to follow discussions scientists-and-the-social-network-1.15711
  14. 14. Flag highlights as they arise during presentations Imagine that oncologist, endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, or patient following from 10,000 km away Incentivize them to want to learn more
  15. 15. Post a take-away learning after every presentation & session Remember the words of Dr Merry Markham @DrMarkham #ASCO14 participant
  16. 16. 140 characters are beneficial Dr Merry Markham @DrMarkham #ASCO14 participant …the 140-character limit is a good thing. I am forced to consider what I want to say, how I want to say it, and with just the right wording.
  17. 17. Express a personal opinion Contrasting opinions drive scientific debate Albert Einstein debated the validity of quantum mechanics for over 20 years
  18. 18. Post contextual background information Broaden the scope of the conversation Start more conversations
  19. 19. Offer practical help Include account names, website addresses, anything to help others…10,000 km away Maximize use of 140 characters: use URL shortening services such as bitly or TinyURL
  20. 20. Signal the best sessions Let the community know which sessions you find most interesting Explain why
  21. 21. Praise great speakers Let your enthusiasm for a speaker be felt A little passion goes a long way
  22. 22. Easy via smartphone or tablet Tweet a photo
  23. 23. Tweet a video Tools galore…
  24. 24. Impressions of Barcelona Occasionally, prove you are human Conference buzz Networking experiences WiFi speed Anything inspirational Anything humorous Quality of cappuccinos Impressions of conference venue
  25. 25. Always remember to include #ENETS
  26. 26. Use hashtags to reach the global ENETS community – HCPs and patients #cancer #oncology #NETcancer #raredisease #pancreaticCancer #neuroendocrine #letstalkaboutENETS
  27. 27. Track analytics, influencers and transcripts in real-time
  28. 28. Learn more about Twitter use at conferences Social Media and Oncology: Creating Unprecedented Opportunities for Connecting and Learning Shira Klapper, Senior Medical Writer/Editor, ASCO Connection creating-unprecedented-opportunities-connecting- learning?et_cid=37236143&et_rid=931327603&linkid=Dr.+Fisch+Cover ASCO - Social Media 101: for Cancer Care Providers re_providers_0.pdf The medical conference is dead, long live the medical conference Scientific communications in a digital age Digitally Sick podcast with Alex Butler, Andrew Spong, Faisal Ahmed, Len Starnes Use of Twitter & tweetchats at professional medical conferences #hcsmeu tweetchat 18 October 2013, transcripts & analytics
  29. 29. T: + 49 30 781 5513 M: + 49 172 1788253 Skype: lenstarnes Len Starnes Len Starnes Digital Healthcare Research & Consulting