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Legal Site

  1. 1. web sites news worth a briefs click continued from Page 6 Military Legal Resources Site site soon. Among the other Library Anecdotes, Facetiae, Satire, Etc. rnents planned for digitizing At Library of Congress Francis Lieber library, the rteeter/libafse.l~tn~l N By David L. Osborne If you are looking for content snippets for a Inquiry into the Battl newsletter, a quote for a signature line, or inspi- Big Horn, and the U.S. The Library of Congress Federal ration for starting your own blog or Web site, Research Division hosts a Milita~y start here. Accordi~lgto the many links on the Legal Resources page on its public site, librarians wear leather, practice lzung-fu, framework for governing Web site. belly dance, ride motorcycles, get tattoos, and Launched in July 2003, the site turn themselves into superheroes.. .just like is at everybody else. Now all we need is our own Council and Coord Law/military-legal-resources- Committee of the Allied movie (oh, wait.. .see above). home.11tml. Authority in post-World The division is the fee-for-serv- occupied Germany issued a Why Be a Librarian i n the 21st Century? ice research and analysis group in of enactments and app hblack/ N the Library of Congress that pro- papers. This nine-volu whylibrarian.I~t~n vides its services to executive- and Because we're sexy, smart, radical, and judicial-branch agencies of the fed- farnous, that's why. Here you'll find infornlation eral government through intera- for the uninitiated (links to LIS programs and gency agreements. statistics), links to humor sites (quot;Library Science The site contains documents Jargon That Sounds Dirtyquot;), and links to sites from the collections of the Library unanimous agreement of r that are unmentionable in a family magazine. of Congress-plus others provided by the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General's Legal Center and School United Kingdom, and the A Librarian's Guide to Etiquette Library in Charlottesville, Virginia. States. The collection is not l~ttp:// The latter has a collection of histor- We all need a refresher course sometimes. ical and current documents of resource for current milita And we all need to vent sometimes, too. Hear interest to legal scholars, lawyers, scholarsl~ip. what others have to say about answering rhetori- and historians. The legislative histoiy cal questions, strategically tinling your lunch Daniel C. Lavering, librarian at break, wearing white socks, and handy uses for the Charlottesville facility, spear- provides Inany related business cards. Remember: quot; polite librarian is A heads the digitization effort. The ing historical materia a good librarian.quot; posted documents represent both lnent the development of pri~naly research and secondary and'can be used to argue Carolyn Sosrzowslti, MLIS, is an informatiorr spe- source inaterials of interest to mili- intent. Hence, this resoul cialist a t SLA. tary lawyers, judges, and civilian authorities. The site averages approxi~nately 90,000 hits per nation's war on terrorism. month. 2006 Conference 1 The documents on the site ~ n c l u d e I he tnact~llellts and Approved Papers of the Control Code of Military .Jt~stice. lnents already posted to th I illclude the Articles of Council and Coordinating Blog Now Open Committee, Allied Authority, Germany (1945- Control Share information and comments on SLA 1948), the legislative history of editions (1890-1968) of the Uniform Code of Military Manual for Courts-Martial 2006 through the new conference blog. Justice, and all published issues eventually be made avai It's online and open for business a t of Military Law Review froin 1958 full-text searching; the 1 Thanks to the present. 1951 editions already have been All issues of The Ar~ny Lawyer posted. to Elsevier for supporting this year's blog. frorn 1971 to the present are being Military Law Review (ISSN digitized and will be added to the 0026-4040) is the premier U.S.
  2. 2. Armed Forces journal of mili- Other historical, primary tary legal scholarship and has source materials that will be been published quarterly since added to the site and made full- I 1958. The Review is designed text searchable include the pro- ' for use by military attorneys in ceedings of a Court of Inquily cnnnertion nrith their official in the C ~ S of I/(?~QT ~ X U4S ? ~ I duties. It also provides a forum Reno (Battle of the Little Big for those interested in military Horn River, 1876); the papers of law to share the products of The U S ArmyJudqe Advocate General's Leoal Center & School Library In CharloUesulle,VA.holds Major General Thomas H. extenswe collections of primary source materials and puhlicahons In the field of milltary livr their experience and research. Selecbons from these collect~ons now being made accessible in full text PDF versions u a the are Green (JAG) on Pearl Harbor hhrary of Congress Federal Research Division (FRD) website As more materials are cowerted to All issues (1958-2006) are post- dig01 formats, they will be added to this page and martial law in Hawaii; doc- ed, and contents are fully !!yo:! MO~J!L(IIII$~ l i : o a~ dal+d, i.e,io nr?lih,yo.i.ii ?,hi.nlvsi>>~.i/iiil~~ln>~n!5 ai$drss ii5 j.ol.l+(i>~'I uments from the trial of eight retrievable and text searchable. Nazi saboteurs before a Military I Commission appointed by Lieber Collection the Encyclopedia Americana) This code also was adopted President Roosevelt; and the Among the collections cur- and the first American legal by the major nations of Europe legislative history of the Privacy rently in process for full-text comparativist. and, in 1899, became part of Act of 1974 S. 3418 (Public Law presentation are volumes from His writings were among the Hague Convention on the 93-579). the Francis Lieber Collection in the first American legal text- treatment of prisoners of war. the School's Library. Lieber books and were used by law Lieber's work thus has implica- Dr. David L. Osborne is 1 (17983-1872) was a Prussian- schools throughout the United tions on the international law research section head of the born American legal scholar States for most of the 19th cen- of war to the present day. Federal Research Division, and law professor. He was the tury. In 1863, Lieber was pro- In addition to the Lieber vol- Library of Congress. He has first American to apply the been a senior researcher at the 1 techniques of literary criticism fessor at Colunlbia University umes, the entire Peers division since 1978 and has when President Lincoln com- Inquiry-the U.S. Army's offi- to law, and the first American missioned him to write the cial investigation into the 1968 served as head of research since law teacher to write a work on quot;Code of War and Government My Lai massacre-and the August 2000, supervising 22 law and economics. for the Armies of the United William Calley Record of Trial members of the research staff He also was the first States on the Field,quot; which was will be digitized, posted on the and coordinating interagency American law professor to do published by the War Web site, and cross-linked to research with more than 20 fed- survey research. He is regarded Department as General Order the Federal Research Division's eraL agencies. as the first American encyclope- 100 (the foundation of the U.S. 15-year-old Vietnam War dist (Lieber was the founder of Code of Military Justice). POW/MIA database. 19th Century House colonies, and the wider world. Correction Now available from Due to an editing error, the article, quot;The Big Three in the of Commons Papers ProQuest's Chadwyck-Healey Media-Competition Among Today's Headline-Making Medical Complete brand, this comprehensive Journalsquot; (Information Outlook, May 2005), included tables that ProQuest Information and collection includes all ses- were from an earlier draft and contained material that was not Learning has completed the sional papers issued by the further developed in the final, published version. In particular, digitization of the House of House of Commons between the first table of quot;translationalquot; measures actually measured Commons parliamentary 1801-1900, including bills, something else. The correct, but UII-averaged,quot;translationalquot; fig- papers from 1801 to 1900. reports of royal commissions, ures were in the second table. The final version-with all the Parliamentary papers are con- reports of select committees, appropriate numerical data incorporated into the text for ease in sidered to be the most detailed accounts and papers, and following the author's discussion-is available in an open area of primary source for information command papers. the SLA Web site at SLA regrets on 19th-century Britain, its the error. I vol. 10, no. 6 1 June 2006 1 information outlook 1 13