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Nespresso Marketing Campaign, Sustainable Coffee
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Nespresso Marketing Campaign, Sustainable Coffee


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Nespresso Marketing Campaign pitch for AAA Nespresso sustainable espresso. This presentation was prepared for Nespresso in Costa Rica in 2007.

Nespresso Marketing Campaign pitch for AAA Nespresso sustainable espresso. This presentation was prepared for Nespresso in Costa Rica in 2007.

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  • Transcript

    • 1. “ People are the value chain” Presented by The Grinders September 8, 2007 Katrin Jamart Sebastien Jarp Lauren Jeter Costantino Petroccia
    • 2. Defining Sustainability Sustainable development is defined as balancing the fulfillment of human needs with the protection of the natural environment so that these needs can be met not only in the present, but in the indefinite future. Acknowledgement Adaptation Involvement Impact Short term - long term Invest - harvest Profits - Resources Environment Economics Ethics People
    • 3. Sustaining our Future
      • Ensuring long term profitability for farmers
      • Reducing farmer’s risk
      • Establishing long term relationships
      • Equitable share of value
      • Increasing quality of life both farmers and workers
    • 4. Higher price paid for quality Premiums paid for quality coffee, increasing income Farmers People are the Value Chain Virtuous circle Create value  Share value Member
    • 5. Closing the Gap Production Side Farmer Member
    • 6. Sponsored by Grand Cru Cooperative Institutes of Sustainable Quality
    • 7. Cup of Excellence
      • Hosted annually at local NISQ
        • Invited to Grand Cru Co-op
      • Gives farmers recognition
      • Sources high quality supply
      • Promotes local regions
        • Example: Tarrazu coffee
      Sponsored by
    • 8. Securing Excellence
      • Cooperative for the best of premium coffee farmers
      • Better coffee, better prices
      • Reinvests in the community
        • Schools
        • Reforestation efforts
        • New Milling Equipment
      • Assures long-term supply of premium coffee
        • Price
        • Community Involvement
      Grand Cru Cooperative
    • 9. Increasing Efficiency
      • Year Round Staff
        • Agronomists
        • IPM Specialists
        • Waste Management Team
        • 24 hour Technical Support
        • Seminars
      • Education/Technology:
        • Increases Yield and Quality
        • Ex. CATIE Research
    • 10. Closing the Gap Consumer Side Farmer Member
    • 11. Consumer Education
      • Awareness through product descriptions
      • Montezuma is a Costa Rican blend par excellence with a strong character, intense body and long, exquisite after-taste. Its thick, smooth crema remains to the last sip. It is sourced from the steep mountains of Costa Rica. The biodiversity of these mountains are bountiful and adds to the complexity of every coffee bean
    • 12. AAA Club Specials
      • Grand Cru Spotlights
      • 100% AAA coffee
      • Two Shipment per year
      Member Limited Edition
    • 13. Communication
      • Production blog
      • Leave comments about your favorite capsules
      • Tracking your coffee
        • Regional blends
        • Trace origin
      • Local wildlife
        • Gatekeepers of the region
    • 14. People are the value Chain
      • Thank you for your time