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Crouch's treasure lake business plan


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Crouch's treasure lake business plan

  1. 1. SEED CenterSustainability Education and Environmental Design with Confluence Permaculture Forest and Farm, Cabins, and CaféatLotus Lake<br />Leading Local Living<br />
  2. 2. Company Description<br />Our Mission<br />To serve multiple facets of local and regenerative living including low carbon recreation and tourism, organic food production and nutritious dining, and rebuilding a sustainability skill base through energetic and engaging educational programs. <br />Our Background<br />Crouch’s Treasure Lake<br />26 Year Old Business owned and Operated by Mary Carol and Everett Crouch, my Grandparents, who run a pay fishing lake and bar business on this 60 acre property<br />TreeYo Permaculture<br />Two Year old Sustainability education and Permaculture design firm, services provided globally and run by myself and a business partner<br />Business needs<br /> Succession Plan<br />Legitimacy<br />Competitive<br />Advantage<br />Fixed Location<br />SEED and Confluence<br />At Lotus<br />
  3. 3. Company Description<br />Our Competitive Advantage<br />The business will use an imitative strategy but will have a green tint to normal services such as dining, organic food production, festival, and cabin rentals. Through this we will dictate higher prices and because the market continues to grow forecasted profit and growth seems quite feasible. Our high quality products and services will be spoke of widely and appreciated by all of those who partake in the abundance of the property.<br />Our Model<br />The proposed business will use various income streams, regenerative design and management, and community outreach to achieve its triple bottom line of sustainability. Our model of meeting the important function of making money through several elements (recreation, food production and processing, and education), is a direct reflection of Permaculture design and the inherent workings of the natural world. <br />
  4. 4. Product/ Service Description<br />
  5. 5.
  6. 6. SEED Center<br />The market continues to be young professionals and students looking for ways to bring the green movement into their lives and careers, and also to gain practical skills for the new local economy<br />Lotus Lake<br />Coupled with the Cabins to attract classy bass fishermen to the pay lake, guests wanting to paddle on the lake, and sales of aquaculture products through the festival and café<br />Confluence Cabins<br />Fisherman, families, and course participants seeking to rest in green cabins and those looking for local travel options that reduce carbon output, those wishing to be educated while vacationing<br />Market<br />Confluence Café<br />Tourist from the local museum, cabin guests, and families looking for an afternoon of recreation and nutritious dining. Café will process foods and be a Cracker Barrel model with food, crafts made from the forest and farm, and processed foods. <br />Confluence Farm and Forest<br />Boone County residents looking for healthy food alternatives that help to regenerate valuable ecosystem services, tri-state residents seeking to gain cultural rich festival atmosphere to delight in the abundance of fall harvest, and those wishing to build with sustainably <br />
  7. 7. Functional Analysis<br />Inputs<br />nutrients<br />Outputs<br />Lotus Lake<br />