Ms. Cordeiro's Open House 2012


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Ms. Cordeiro's Open House 2012

  1. 1. • Graduated from FAU• Bachelors In Education• ESOL Endorsement• Teaching For 6 Years• Private Tutor For 3 Years• Going Back To School For Gifted Endorsement• Intend To Get A Masters In Leadership
  2. 2. • Principal Brenda Cummings, Ed.S.• Assistant Principal Ivy Benardo• Academic Dean Madelyn Hernandez• Director of Operations Scott Sznitken Our Mission The mission of Franklin Academy is to develop critical thinking skills and attain high levels of academic achievement in students meeting the benchmarks of a standards-based curriculum through a single-gender educational program utilizing varied research-based technologies and media. It is the intent that all students willengage in a rigorous curriculum promoting project-based learning, inquiry, technology, creativity, and teamwork while addressing each individual’s learning style. Through a sustained and integrated program of character development, Franklin Academy students will explore a sense of community, integrity and obligations to self and our world.
  3. 3. • Arrival – 7:00 Students may be dropped-off. – 7:20-7:40 Breakfast will be offered in the cafeteria. – 7:55 Warning Bell – 8:00 All students are to be in their classrooms ready to start the school day. – Students arriving after 8:00 are considered tardy. Parents must escort students to the front office.
  4. 4. • Dismissal – No child will be dismissed from the classroom after 2:00pm for early release. – Elementary students are dismissed at 2:45pm. Carpools may enter the campus at 2:20 pm. All other cars may not enter the campus until 2:30. – Any Elementary student who has a Middle School sibling will be held “free of charge” until second dismissal. Parents will not have a need to come to both dismissals. – Middle School students are dismissed at 3:30pm. Do not arrive prior to 3:20pm. – Walkers & Bike riders will dismiss through our downstairs lobby. – Buses • A1A Transportation – Late Pick-ups
  5. 5. No cash payments!All checks made payable to Franklin Academy.Make credit card payments on-line. • Lunch Accounts • Field Trips • Book Fair • Dress Down Days For every $10 donated to the classroom you will receive 1 volunteer hour. (Gift Cards, Wish list Supplies)
  6. 6. • Students MUST wear uniforms.• Shirts must be tucked in at all times.• Boys 2nd Grade and up MUST wear a belt. Belts must be plain brown or black. (No holes or studs.)• Socks must be solid white, navy, or black.• P.E. uniforms on P.E. days.• Please label your child’s uniforms.
  7. 7. MathGo Math Florida Series• Place Value, addition and subtraction with regrouping, measurement, geometry, money and time.• Math learning centers for remediation and enrichment.• Unit booklets and workbooks.• Review pages before each unit test.• Manipulatives• Number Concepts
  8. 8. Language Arts, Reading & Handwriting• Phonics and Phonemic Awareness• Spelling• Reading Comprehension• Fluency• Love of Literacy• Accelerated Reader• DEAR Time• Grammar skills will be focused on during each anthology story.• Guided Writing• Handwriting • Reinforce proper letter formation. • Proper handwriting technique. • Proper spacing between words.
  9. 9. ScienceFusion Series• The Nature of Science• Earth and Space Science • Soil • Weather• Physical Science • Matter • Energy • Force• Life Science • Life Cycles • Environments
  10. 10. Social Studies“Who We Are As Americans” Series• Living in a Community• Our Government• Learning About People• Our Past• Economics • Goods & Services• Research Projects• Vocabulary
  11. 11. • Gives children a chance to make their own choices.• Allows children to work at their own pace; a more individualized education.• Provides a whole variety of activities for completion.• Includes small group as well as individual activities.• Allows me to work with groups and individuals.
  12. 12. • 7:45-8:05 Morning Work• 8:05-9:45 Reading Block• 9:45-9:50 Brain Break• 9:50-10:10 Recess• 10:10-10:30 Writing• 10:30-10:55 Social Studies• 10:55-11:00 Clean Up/Get Ready For Lunch• 11:00-11:30 Lunch• 11:35-12:35 Math• 12:35-12:40 Brain Break• 12:40-1:15 Specials• 1:15-1:45 Science• 1:45-2:05 Story Time Or D.E.A.R./Snack• 2:05- 2:25 Handwriting• 2:25-2:35 Pack Up/Agenda• 2:40 Dismissal
  13. 13. Mondays: Music​Tuesdays: Spanish (Sketch BookNeeded)Wednesdays: PE (PE Clothes &Sneakers Required)Thursdays: MediaFridays: Art
  14. 14. Franklin Academy has a no homework policy.However…• Students will be given extra work at times for remediation or enrichment.• Incomplete classwork will be sent home for students to finish.• Studying for tests is a must at home!• Reading every night is encouraged.
  15. 15. A – 90-100B – 80-89C – 70-79D – 60-69F – 59 & below
  16. 16. ESE Coordinator: Sonia Aleman aleman.sonia@franklin-academy.orgESOL Coordinator: Teresita Fernandez fernandez.teresita@franklin-academy.orgParent Service Coordinator: Tamera Gibson parents@franklin-academy.orgElementary School Guidance Counselor: Betty Brath brath.betty@franklin-academy.orgMiddle School Guidance Counselor: Tirza Clarke clarke.tirza@franklin-academy.orgNurse: Melissa Geisser geisser.melissa@franklin-academy.orgCafeteria Manager: Karen Tomarchio
  17. 17. The best way to reach me is through my e-mail:cordeiro.laura@franklin-academy.orgAgendasI expect parents to check AND sign their child’s agenda everynight.The students will write important information about what theydid that day in class or important upcoming events.Students will also color in their color for the day (green,yellow or red) on their calendar.We can also communicate through theagendas. I might write a note for you soit’s very important for the agendas toget checked every night.
  18. 18.