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Nav Risk Product Brochure

  1. 1. Product SuiteIt’s not just what you need, it’s everything you need.
  2. 2. NavRisk automates key operational tasks, minimizes manual NavRisk Policyintervention, establishes consistent practices, and providesoperational transparency throughout the enterprise. Managing massive amounts of data and cumbersome processes cost-effectively requires automation and accuracy. Maintaining a competitive advantage requires operational efficiency and responsive service for customers and partners. That’s why NavRisk Policy combines rich content with rules-based technologies, business process management, and flexible workflows to create the most fully functional administration system in the alternative risk market. NavRisk Policy provides a full set of features such as reporting, loss control, flexible rating, diaries, and a configurable contact management module. It automates labor-intensive underwriting processes, streamlines access to information, and delivers actionable information to executives, underwriters, and agents. It tracks all lines of business for all states and automates processing functions that include rating and allocation, quoting, invoicing, certificates, reporting, renewals, and more. And its intuitive user interface provides flexibility and easy access to all data and management tools. NavRisk Policy integrates with NavRisk Central and NavRisk Claims, with other in-house and/or third-party systems, and with Microsoft productivity tools such as Excel, Access, and Outlook. And it provides all of these rich features: Policy Management • Premium Generation and Allocation for All Lines of Business • Underwriting Judgment Factors • Configurable and Ratable Underwriting Questions • Configurable Rating and Rate PackagesHow Suite It Is • “What-if” Rating Analysis • Insured Asset Tracking and ManagementOur NavRisk product suite supports policy administration, claims administration, management • Current and Historical Data Managementreporting, and business analytics on a single platform. That’s because we support our customers • Document Managementwith one, integrated commitment to service and success. • Automated Renewal Processing • Interim Changes and Transaction Log for Audit TrackingThrough comprehensive automation, rich content, advanced processing functionality, and • Endorsementsconfigurable reporting and analysis features, the NavRisk suite helps organizations improve • Integrated Claims Data Managementoperations, reduce expenses, increase productivity, and enhance agent and customer • Automated Calculation of Ex-Modssatisfaction. Based on business process management (BPM) capabilities and a Business Rules • InvoicingEngine (BRE) – and built on Microsoft architecture – NavRisk automates key operational tasks, • Excess and Reinsurance Policy Managementminimizes manual intervention, establishes consistent practices, and provides operational • Pass-through Policiestransparency throughout the enterprise.That’s suite.
  3. 3. Contact Management NavRisk Policy integrates with NavRisk Central and NavRisk Claims, with other in-house and/or third-party systems, and with Microsoft • Complete Contact Data productivity tools such as Excel, Access, and Outlook. • Diary Management • Agency and Other Entity Management • Agency/ Entity Segmentation • Automated Communication • Communication Log • Email and Fax Integration • Complete Application Security • Integration with Outlook and other third party applicationsReporting • Policy Documents • Declarations • Allocation Schedules • Endorsement Schedules • Certificates • Loss Runs & Loss Ratio Reports • Ex-Mod Worksheets • Ad Hoc Reporting • Advanced Analytics • Export Module • Report Designer NavRisk Policy DashboardPolicy Quoting and Renewal NavRisk Policy also offers the following Optional Modules and Capabilities: • Mid-Year Policy Changes • Member and Agent Contact • Advanced CRM Integration: facilitates the update of NavRisk contact management data • Loss Control Tools and Risk Management from an external CRM system such as Microsoft CRM. • Claims View and Analysis • On-demand Reports and Schedules • Association Management System Integration: facilitates the update of NavRisk contact • Scheduled Exposures management data from an external Association Management System. • Process Automation and Workflow Tools • Comprehensive Data and • Advanced Billing Options: enables NavRisk to track and manage various payment and • Transaction Security billing options, including exporting of applicable information to external account systems. • Property Appraisal Integration: facilitates the exchange of property COPE data between NavRisk and property appraisal systems and/or personnel.
  4. 4. BPM technology automates routine tasks to reduce manual NavRisk Claimsprocessing costs and increase operational efficiencies. And NavRiskClaims integrates with NavRisk Policy and NavRisk Central. NavRisk Claims is a claims administration system for all lines of business including Workers’ Compensation, Auto, General Liability, Property, Professional Liability, and many others. A user- defined rules engine simplifies the processes of setting up new claims, running reports, and viewing payment batches. A customizable user interface provides access to dynamic reporting and analytics capabilities. BPM technology automates routine tasks to reduce manual processing costs and increase operational efficiencies. And NavRisk Claims integrates with NavRisk Policy and NavRisk Central. NavRisk Claims: • Provides point-and-click configurability • Offers one-stop dashboard for adjuster activity • Sends e-mail reports to pre-defined or ad hoc recipients • Automates report generation and distribution • Generates standard reports for claim activity, financial analysis, regulators, and state agencies • Creates customized reports for users and groups • Analyzes trends for claim activities annually and monthly • Produces OSHA 300, 300A, and 301 reports • Provides access to performance metrics through a configurable dashboard • Sets automatic notifications, triggers, and actions based on customized workflow and internal process rules • Organizes scanned documents and photographs • Automates document flow at pre-defined review times. In addition, NavRisk Claims offers the following optional modules: • Rate Analyzer: enables on-the-fly rate comparisons with current and previous year rate • Organization Import: enables restructuring of an organization’s levels, activating and packages while making updates to base rate information. deactivating locations, updating address information and any other applicable data, and transferring claims to new locations without manual input. • Reinsurance Accounting: provides the breakout of premiums into reinsurance costs by carrier and line of coverage for both analysis and reinsurance premiums. • Bank Reconciliation & Positive Pay: verifies information between NavRisk Claims and banks to ensure accuracy of payments. Exports to banks include check issuance information • Advanced Loss Control and Risk Management: enables integration of risk management to help prevent fraud. Imports from banks provide cleared checks data, updating each and loss control credits into overall premium calculations. payment accordingly. • Education/Training Management: enables tracking and management of on-going risk • Medical Bill Review: imports medical payments, automatically adding payments to the management education. appropriate claims with the proper payment types and payee information. Payments can then be printed from NavRisk Claims, or exported to accounting systems for printing. Explanation of benefits (EOB) information can be included for individual bills and printed on the check stubs. Reports are provided to show imported bills and/or errors affecting the import.
  5. 5. • Employee Interface: uploads HR NavRisk Central is fully configurable and securely extends information from payroll systems into policy and claim information to policyholders, agents, NavRisk Claims. When new claims are providers, and other parties to those transactions. submitted, NavRisk Claims checks for existing employee records. When a match is found, employee data populates the claim, eliminating manual entry.• Payment Processing: prints checks from NavRisk Claims onto pre-printed check stock. Multiple payments for one payee can print onto one check if needed. NavRisk Claims Homepage MICR printing also is available.• Accounts Payable: export sends payment data to third-party accounts payable systems for check issuance. It then imports check numbers and dates back into NavRisk Claims. NavRisk Claims updates the payment status accordingly without manual input.• Electronic Reporting of Claims and Incidents: submits FROI and SROI records via EDI. The export files adhere to IAIABC standards for WC Claims. Acknowledgements from state agencies are imported into NavRisk Claims. FNOL submissions are available for all states and lines of business.• Medicare Reporting: complies with Section 111 of the Medicare, Medicaid, and State Children’s Health Insurance Program Extension Act of 2007 (MMSEA Section 111) for Medicare beneficiaries covered under group health plans, as well as for Medicare beneficiaries who receive settlements, judgments, awards, or other payment from liability insurance (including self-insurance), no-fault insurance, or workers’ compensation. NavRisk Claims tracks the proper data elements and provides electronic files for COBC.• ISO Submission: flags and indexes claims for initial submission, then re-indexes every NavRisk Central six months for subsequent submissions. ISO reports applicable matches to assist with data verification. All information is automatically filed into the notes section of NavRisk Claims. NavRisk Central is a gateway to all of your business applications and personal productivity tools, and it can act as a knowledge-share across your enterprise.• PERI Data Exchange: exports data to the Public Entity Risk Institute database and provides benchmarking reports that compare losses with similar organizations. NavRisk Central is fully configurable and securely extends policy and claim information to• Unit Statistical Reporting: provides payroll, premium, and loss information by state, policyholders, agents, providers, and other parties to those transactions. It provides self- company, and classification to Data Collection Organizations (DCO). service reporting, instant views of claim payment status, quoting, and policy renewal – on demand, with a single sign-on.• Claims and Financial Import/Export: integrates with third-party systems to update existing claims and payments or to create new records. NavRisk Central reduces or eliminates paperbound and ad-hoc electronic processes and• EAMS: simplifies and improves the California DWC case management process by data interchanges. It facilitates and automates information gathering and coordination for converting forms into the correct formats, capturing the data in NavRisk Claims. mid-year changes, additions of insureds, claims status, payment status, and ad hoc reports.
  6. 6. NavRisk Central can be deployed via intranet or Key functionality ofextranet. With single sign-on, it permits access to other NavRisk Central includes:applications, including personal productivity tools. • Policy Renewals • Policy Quotes • New Business Management • Mid-Year Policy Changes • Member and Agent Contact Management • Loss Control Tools and Risk Management NavRisk Central Interface • Claim Views and Analysis • Certificates of Insurance • Process Automation and Workflow • Data and Transaction Security • State First Reports of Injury • Self-Service Report Generation • Payment Details • Provider Payment Approvals • Post Events and News Items NavRisk Central can be deployed via intranet or extranet. With single sign-on, it permits access to other applications, including personal productivity tools. It offers drag-and-drop controls for news, stocks, weather, and other informational tools. It can provide a collaborative environment with shared document management and search capabilities. It can become the hub around which your enterprise turns.It streamlines the set-up of new claims, produces state First Reports of Injury, and generates If you’re an insurer – independent or captive – if you’re a risk pool, a TPA, a self-insured group,reports for claims analysis. And with user-defined security levels, it allows you to control who a public or municipal entity, or another type of risk-servicing organization – we have what youcan access policy or claims data, and at what level of detail. need. When it comes to reducing expenses, improving efficiency, increasing productivity, and enhancing customer satisfaction, we have everything you need.NavRisk Central uses BPM technology to identify process deficiencies and bottlenecks.It executes, monitors, and manages core policy administration and claims management Now that’s suite.processes, tracking metrics and providing the basis for improvements to operations andcustomer service. BPM can dramatically reduce manual data entry, improve communication,and reduce paperwork. Expenses are lowered, and results are improved.
  7. 7. We earned our success the same waywe earned our reputation – by makingcomplex business processes simple,by making valuable data sourcesaccessible, by making profitableperformance possible, and by makingour clients successful. With more than25 years behind us and the future ahead,we plan to continue our success thesame way we earned it – by anticipatingchange, by refining our products, bydeveloping new ones, by sustaining ourcommitment to our clients, and by neverforgetting: we sell software, but we’re inthe service business. 200 Pine Street, 2nd Floor San Francisco, CA 94104 Phone: 800. 55.DAVID Web: © 2009 DAVID Corporation.