Oracle Insurance Insbridge Rating & Underwriting + Documaker Document Generation


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Oracle Insurance
Insbridge Rating & Underwriting + Documaker Document Generation

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Oracle Insurance Insbridge Rating & Underwriting + Documaker Document Generation

  1. 1. <Insert Picture Here> Oracle Insurance Insbridge Rating & Underwriting + Documaker Document Generation Presented by: Dave Webster, Business Development Director, EMEA
  2. 2. The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.
  3. 3. Agenda <Insert Picture Here> • Introducing Oracle Insurance G.B.U. • Oracle Insurance Solutions • Insbridge • Documaker • Q&A
  4. 4. About Oracle Insurance • Dedicated Insurance team • End-to-end Insurance solutions • Sales and service • Administration and claims • Financials and Human Capital Management • Enterprise infrastructure 20 of the top 20 • Deep Insurance domain expertise Fortune 500 insurers use Oracle applications
  5. 5. Evolution of Oracle Insurance More than 2000 Insurers use Oracle applications Insurance Solution Depth Insurance Market Share
  6. 6. Oracle Insurance Offerings Comprehensive solutions for Insurance industry Enable Next Generation Insurance Distribution Management Increase Revenue Through Enhanced Technology Platform & IT Governance Distribution Management & Customer Service Document Automation, Content Mgmt, CRM, Insurance, Rating/UW, Illustrations Middleware, Database Core Core Operations Technology Enable Flexible & Efficient Policy Life Cycle Management Policy Administration, Premium Customers Billing, Claims, Incentive Comp Performance Corporate Mgmt & BI Support Improve Performance Management Provide Efficient & Effective of Governance, Risk and Compliance Corporate & Operational Support Business Intelligence, Enterprise Financials, HR, Procurement Performance Mgmt, Compliance
  7. 7. <Insert Picture Here> Oracle Insurance Insbridge Rating and Underwriting confidential
  8. 8. Insbridge Overview Easy-to-use, Web-based, highly-scalable rating, rules and underwriting application, enabling business users to build and manage complex rating and underwriting logic without reliance on IT resources. • Web Based • Point & Click – no coding • SOA Approach - easily integrated with external resources • Rapid rate testing – “What if” analysis • Simple licensing – • no user or server licenses • no volume based charges • Enables compliance
  9. 9. Insbridge Rating and Underwriting Capabilities
  10. 10. Oracle Insurance Insbridge Rating and Underwriting Key Modules • Oracle Insurance Insbridge Rate Manager • Business-user focused tool for creation of variables, rules, rates and tables • Easy to use • Browser-based • Oracle Insurance Insbridge Pricing Manager • “What If” analysis tool • Test rate impacts on book of business • Browser-based
  11. 11. Oracle Insurance Insbridge Rating and Underwriting Key Modules Continued • Oracle Insurance Insbridge SoftRater • Runtime rules engine • Full Web architecture • Scalable • Multi-platform rules engine support • Optimized on Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle database • Compatible with most major operating systems and databases • .NET or J2EE • Easy to integrate • Built as external rating engine • Any XML format accepted • Integration via Web Services and/or Java-RMI • Can make external calls while performing rate calculations
  12. 12. <Insert Picture Here> Oracle Insurance Insbridge and other applications confidential
  13. 13. Integration • Many possibilities to integrate Oracle Insurance Insbridge with Portals, Policy Administration other internal and external Underwriting Desktops Systems applications. Insbridge • Examples of applications where Insbridge can be integrated: • Legacy Policy administration systems (Fiserv, PMSC, i90, etc) Third Party Content • Custom Web front-end/agent portals • 3rd party (External applications and databases, etc)
  14. 14. The case for a stand-alone rating engine A single, best-in-breed rating engine, such as Oracle Insurance Insbridge, can modernize and consolidate current systems to improve efficiencies, promote accuracy and reduce total cost of ownership. Modernization Consolidation • Infinite rating tiers • Scalability • Regulatory and compliance • Able to handle multiple • Debugging and testing lines of business • Any-method rate creation • Integration • Modern architecture • Versioning • Role-based security
  15. 15. Insbridge Rating and Underwriting Summary Scalable for enterprise deployment One application which supports all lines Secure, efficient content distribution of business through deployment technology Intelligence cache control for optimized Infinite rate granularity memory utilizations Open, services-oriented architecture Extended Services Interface (ESI), Black-box rating engine for message- supporting: driven integrations Customizable business user interface Single integration pattern for Portal integration transactional/batch services Automation through third party system (Policy admin, etc..) Any-method rate creation Customizable templates Compliance & regulatory support Start-from-scratch Fully documented rating Create tables, logic, and entire line structure Dependency and reconciliation reports Flexibility for unique, out-of-the-box rating
  16. 16. Insbridge and Siebel CRM • End-to-end customer management, data capture, rate, quote system • Manage contacts, prospects and customers • Gather quote/rate data from one system • Generate quotes for all customers/any line of business from a single rating engine • Single location for every customer’s policy data • Additional Siebel functionality • Siebel Self Service – ex. Web payment functionality (rate, quote, pay) • Benefits: • Improve distribution management • Reduce data redundancy • More efficient processing • Reduce transaction costs • Strengthen CRM solution investment
  17. 17. <Insert Picture Here> Oracle Documaker for Customer Communication Management confidential
  18. 18. Insurance Customers State Auto Insurance
  19. 19. Why choose Oracle Documaker <Insert Picture Here> – Key Business Objectives: • Enterprise Consolidation and Modernization • Interactive, On-Demand, and Batch: Personalized Customer Communication • Less Reliance on I.T. • Increased Operational Efficiency Copyright ©2006, Oracle. All rights reserved. Oracle & [customer] Confidential
  20. 20. Oracle Documaker Powerful publishing platform that automates enterprise-wide design, production, and multi-channel distribution of a broad array of customer-facing insurance documents Key Features • Powerful design tool • Enables easy design of complex, personlised, documents • Call Center solution • Interactive completion of ad-hoc documents in real time • Integrates with Siebel and Insbridge • Enables straight-through processing • Multi-channel delivery and output • E-mail, SMS, HTML, XML, PDF, RTF, fax, 14 print stream outputs Copyright ©2006, Oracle. All rights reserved. Oracle & [customer] Confidential
  21. 21. Oracle Documaker Business User View Design Studio • Business User – friendly interface • Tight integration between content, data and logic • Integrated library manager • Design once for any delivery • Integrated testing tool Copyright ©2006, Oracle. All rights reserved. Oracle & [customer] Confidential
  22. 22. Oracle Documaker Summary Market share leader The widest breadth of document automation components and solutions in the industry Supports more platforms, integration methods, databases and print streams than any other document automation company One system for on-demand, interactive and batch output THE vendor of choice for the P&C and Individual Life, Health and Annuity markets Scales up and down to fit with customer needs Oracle investment to be #1 Copyright ©2006, Oracle. All rights reserved. Oracle & [customer] Confidential
  23. 23. Insurance Document Automation Needs Product Def. Distribution Underwriting Issuance Billing Service Claims Policy Forms Requirements Policy Statements FNOL Language Proposals Completed Correspondence Endorsements Applications Reports Marketing / Bills Material Document Types Structured Interactive On-Demand Bills Welcome Kits Web to Print At Issue Policies Booklets Account Notices Statements Business Correspondence Point of Service Routine Correspondence Policies Correspondence Claims Correspondence Quotes Confirmations Statements Transpromotional 24 Copyright ©2006, Oracle. All rights reserved. Oracle & [customer] Confidential
  24. 24. Oracle Documaker Distribution Methods On-Demand Web to print Account Notices Point of Service Correspondence Quotes Confirmations Statements Content Structured Interactive Welcome Kits Invoices Booklets At Issue Policies Business Statements Correspondence Routine Correspondence Policies Claims Correspondence Copyright ©2006, Oracle. All rights reserved. Oracle & [customer] Confidential
  25. 25. What Celent Is Saying “Documaker is the most widely used document automation tool in the industry for a reason: it has a long history, a complete set of functionality, a stable product, and supports almost any infrastructure….insurers should rests assured that this is a modern system that will fit into their technology roadmaps.” Source: Celent, LLC, “Document Automation Solution Vendors for Insurers,” December 2007 Copyright ©2006, Oracle. All rights reserved. Oracle & [customer] Confidential
  26. 26. <Insert Picture Here> Oracle Insurance Siebel Hasar Yönetim Çözümü Sunan: Erdem ÖNOL, Siebel Sigortacılık Ürün Lideri, EE & CIS
  27. 27. Oracle Siebel Sigortacılık için CRM ve Hasar Yönetimi Copyright ©2006, Oracle. All rights reserved. Oracle & [customer] Confidential
  28. 28. Oracle Hasar Çözüm Özeti Tek platform altında bilgi paylaşımı Harici Taraflar Dahili Birimler Acente ve Brokerlar Acente Portalı Tedarikçi ve Müşteri Yönetimi Eksperler Kanal /Acente Tedarikçi Yönetimi Portalı Enterprise Şikayet Siebel Siebel Yönetimi Müşteri Portalı Platform / Veya Müşteriler Database Web Entegrasyonu Pazarlama Tedarikçi Diğer Harici Arka Ofis Portalı Sistemleri Sistemler Hasar (Mernis, Tramer, Oto Analiz) Copyright ©2006, Oracle. All rights reserved. Oracle & [customer] Confidential
  29. 29. Siebel Hasar Yönetim Çözümü Yetenekleri • Đlgili Taraflar • Hasar Aktivite • Hasar Kodu • Hasar Dosyası ve ya • ÖAB Paneli Planları Yönetimi Dosya Parçası • Rücu Takip • Hasar Dosyası • Muallak Kodu Faturaları Parçaları • Eklentiler • Sovtaj Yönetimi • Fatura Ödemeleri • Polis ve Đtfaiye • Dosya Sorumlusu Ekranı Raporları Yönetimi • Toplu Ödeme Ekranı • Uyarı Uygulaması • Oto Poliçe Teminat • ÖAB ve Rücu Detayları Atamaları • Oto-dışı Poliçe • ÖAB ve Rücu Teminat Detayları göstergeçleri • Muallaklar Çağrı Merkezi, Dosya Sorumlusu, Dosya Sorumlusu, Eksper, Eksper, Sigortalı Servisler, Araştırma Şirketleri Copyright ©2006, Oracle. All rights reserved. Oracle & [customer] Confidential
  30. 30. Ortak Çözüm Sinerjisi CRM, Hasar/Rücu ve Çağrı Merkezi Kampanya Yönetimi Đnceleme Kanal Yönetimi Rücu Eğitim Uygulama Destek Đş Atamaları Organizasyon Şeması / Yetkilendirme Raporlama Datamartı Tekil 360° Müşteri Kullanıcı Arayüzü Görüntüsü Entegrasyon Şikayet Yönetimi Uygulama Alt Yapısı Kampanya Yürütme Đhbar CTI Copyright ©2006, Oracle. All rights reserved. Oracle & [customer] Confidential
  31. 31. Hasar Yönetim Sürecini Derinlemesini Takip Etmeye Đmkan Sağlayan Hasar Analitiği 140’dan Fazla Performans Kriteri • Đşgücü ve işgücü dağılımı • Teminat değerledirmesi, doğruluğu • Muallak doğruluğu ve yönetimi • Gecikmiş bekleyenler ve “zaman aşımı” yönetimi • Yönetmelik ve teminat takibi • Masraf Yönetimi • “Ödemesiz kapamalar”, “Tekrar Açılışlar” • Hukuki Takip Yönetimi • Usulsüzlük Tespiti • Proaktif aksiyon planlama ve günlük yönetimi • Yönetmelik ve Yargı Yönetimi - zaman dilimi ve dokümanlar • Dosya dokümantasyon kalitesi ve bütünlüğü • Rücu/Sovtaj Tanıma • Kapanış ve envanter kapanış rasyoları • Ödeme Doğruluğu Copyright ©2006, Oracle. All rights reserved. Oracle & [customer] Confidential
  32. 32. Oracle Entegrasyon Mimarisi Sigortacılık Temel Paketi (FP) • Kapsamlı süreç kompozisyon framework’ü CRM Hasar ve Rücu Süreç Entegrasyon Paketi (PIP) (Siebel) (Siebel) • Tümleşik iş süreçleri Oracle Service Bus BPEL Admin Server Skywire EBS (Poliçe Yönetim) (Tarife) ERP Financials Copyright ©2006, Oracle. All rights reserved. Oracle & [customer] Confidential
  33. 33. Many top insurers and insurer servicing partners use Siebel Claims Over 19,000 Claims Users in Production Copyright ©2006, Oracle. All rights reserved. Oracle & [customer] Confidential
  34. 34. Sigortacılık için Yol Haritası Hasar Yönetimine Devam Eden Yatırım Hasar Yönetimi Siebel CRM Acentelerden Poliçe Üretimi Entegrasyon AIA In s u r a n c e F o u n d a ti o n P a c k In d u s t r y B u s in e s s P r o c e s s M o d e l C o r e In s u r a n c e D is t r i b u t io n C la im s P o lic y A d m i n CRM A g en cy M g m t R a ti ng B ill in g E BOs/ I llu s t ra t io n A p p lic a t io n EB S F i n a n c ia l P l a n n in g UW R e in s u ra n c e D o c u m e n t G e n e r a t io n I n c e n t iv e C o m p e n s a ti o n P r o d u c t D e v e lo p m e n t C o r p o r a te A d m i n P ro d u c t P ric i n g / D e v e lo p m e n t F in a n c ia ls • Hasar Yönetim çözümünün • Uçtan uca poliçe üretim çözümü • Hasar, Poliçe Üretimi ve bakımını derinleştirilmesi: sağlanması: sağlayacak anahtar süreçleri • Yeni branşlar için hazır ihbar • Sigortacılık Nesnelerinin destekleyecek entegrasyonun Geliştirilmesi: Eleman/ Acente, framework’ünün sağlanması • Reasürans Kurgusu Teklif, Başvuru • Aşağıdaki sistemlerin • Hasar Self Servis Yeteneği entegrasyonu için entegrasyon • Skywire ve AdminServer’a • Sağlık için eTicaret ve self servis poliçe üretimi için OD nesnelerinin sağlanması: yetenekleri entegrasyonunun kurulması • Siebel • AdminServer • Skywire • Billing • EBS/ Peoplesoft ERP Copyright ©2006, Oracle. All rights reserved. Oracle & [customer] Confidential