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The social approach to online marketing
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  • Ask: anyone familiar with SEOMoz.org?Rand Fishkin, CEO of SEOMoz.Org
  • Ask: anyone familiar with SEOMoz.org?Rand Fishkin, CEO of SEOMoz.Org
  • Ask: anyone familiar with SEOMoz.org?Rand Fishkin, CEO of SEOMoz.Org
  • Ask: anyone familiar with SEOMoz.org?Rand Fishkin, CEO of SEOMoz.Org


  • 1. The Social Approachto Online Marketing
  • 2. I’m back!  Mass Communications graduate  Started SEO in 2006, worked as SEO professionally in 2008  Worked for a Public Relations company (specializing in issues management, advocacy and political campaigns) for almost 4 years. • Currently,  Online Marketing Manager for a company in travel and accommodation niche  Social Media Analyst for a Singaporean company  SEO Consultant for local businesses www.sheiladelapena.com
  • 3. Online Marketing Search Pay-Per-Click Traffic Engine Building Optimization Conversion Website Analysis Design Email Management Marketing Content Planning and Creation & Execution Management Offline Marketing Online Social MediaIntegration Marketing Management www.sheiladelapena.com
  • 4. Online Marketing “There is no black magic to successfully attracting customers via the Web.” -Rand Fishkin www.sheiladelapena.com
  • 5. Online Marketing Fast Facts 86% of people skip TV Ads www.sheiladelapena.com
  • 6. Online Marketing Fast Facts The Spam filter is now social www.sheiladelapena.com
  • 7. Online Marketing Fast Facts 44% of Direct Mail is NEVER even looked at www.sheiladelapena.com
  • 8. Ranking Algorithm context + authority www.sheiladelapena.com
  • 9. the Social ApproachSocial is about being connected and engagedwith your customers and/or target audience. content creation Buzz Link generation building www.sheiladelapena.com
  • 10. Actionable Social Media Data Communications strategy 27% Almost 30% of senior marketing executives Customer service enhancements 18% engaging in social media monitoring incorporate the information into their Media planning 14% communications strategy, according to data from WebLiquid and RSW/US. Organic search optimization 13% Customer service enhancements – ranging from automated search engine Paid search optimization 10% alerts to specific data queries and third- party research – followed at close to 20%. Display advertising optimization 8% Other relatively popular answers include Other 5% media planning (almost 15%) and organic search optimization (more than 10%).Source: WebLiquid and RSW/US www.sheiladelapena.com
  • 11. “What’s In It For Me?” Expect access to exclusive EaxctTarget reports that more content, events or sales 58% than six in 10 (63%) Facebook Expect discounts or 58% promotions through Facebook users who “like” a brand or Expect to receive updates 47% product on Facebook expect about the co. to the newsfeed something in return. Results from Expect the company to post 39%updates, photos or videos to newsfeed “The Meaning of Like” indicate Expect to share with friends, family and/or coworkers 38% that a leading 58% of Facebook Expect the name of co. likers expect both access to to show up on my profile 37% exclusive content, events or Do not expect anything to happen 37% sales, and discounts or promotions Expect the co. to send more relevant 36% through Facebook. Only 37% do content based on my public profile not expect anything to happen. Expect to interact with page owner (e.g., brand, person) 28% Expect the co. to access data in my public profile 27% Expect the co. to contact me through other channels 24% Consumer Expectations for Brand Liking % of Facebook users, September 2011 Source: ExactTarget www.sheiladelapena.com
  • 12. 5 Principles• Fit and match the activity to the goal• Listen to the conversation and engage• Evaluate your ability to create content• Recognize your limitations• Monitor and measure your performance www.sheiladelapena.com
  • 13. 5 Steps Process1. Research – product/service, brand, competition (SWOT)2. Identify objectives and metrics – consider: image building (comunicating brand promise), engagement experience, user experience3. Develop a strategy4. Implement5. Monitor and measure performance www.sheiladelapena.com
  • 14. Some Ideas:Guest Blog Post• do some research. select blogs that are aligned with your audience and topic.• network and look for opportunities to guest post on top industry blogs.• deliver your best work, making it hard for anyone to turn away your great article.• create a landing page to which visitors will land and convert.• plan the seo terms you are optimizing for. www.sheiladelapena.com
  • 15. Some Ideas:Contest• give away valuable prizes (ideally, related to your product or service).• select a social contest platform, incorporating popular networks.• provide clear rules for contest participants and keep them simple.• check rules, guidelines or laws.• use a simple winner selection system like random.org www.sheiladelapena.com
  • 16. Ranking Algorithm context + authority + social graph www.sheiladelapena.com
  • 17. Your Inputs are important to meI hope I was able to provide you with valuable information. Please help me improve my presentation by answering a short feedback form here. Thank you!