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  1. 1. March 2006 Issue # 97 www.teenstuffonline.com The Month of Sadness A Sunken Ferry and Insulting Caricatures Posters: Eric Bana - National Football Team
  2. 2. ‫ﻃﺒﻘﺎ ﻟﻘﻮﺍﻧﲔ ﺍﳌﻠﻜﻴﺔ ﺍﻟﻔﻜﺮﻳﺔ‬ ‫א‬ ‫א‬ ‫א‬ ‫.‬ ‫אא‬ ‫א‬ ‫)ﻋـﱪ ﺍﻻﻧﱰﻧـﺖ ﺃﻭ‬ ‫א‬ ‫אא‬ ‫ﻟﻠﻤﻜﺘﺒــﺎﺕ ﺍﻻﻟﻜﱰﻭﻧﻴــﺔ ﺃﻭ ﺍﻷﻗــﺮﺍﺹ ﺍﳌﺪﳎــﺔ ﺃﻭ ﺍﻯ‬ ‫א‬ ‫ﻭﺳﻴﻠﺔ ﺃﺧﺮﻯ (‬ ‫א‬ ‫א‬ ‫.‬ ‫.‬ ‫א א‬
  3. 3. THIS ISSUE March 20065 A Word from us Mail Bits and Pieces -G-Articles -What If…? -Think Green In Focus A Reunion Awaits to Be Spotlight From the Heart -Thoughts -Open Letter Tune up Political Mania Plain Talk Time to pay the rent A Gift we’ve Never Thought Of 34 Tune up Plain Talk Up Coming Attractions Star Corner Sports Story Confessions Teenz Style Teenz Stars Sports Star Corner
  4. 4. Dear Teen Stuff, This is the first time for me to think about writing to you like any other fan. What I want to say is that Teen Stuff is awesome, just awesome! I don’t know whether this is going to be published or not, but keep it up guys. I just noticed that you keep increasing the advertisements and the writing is not quite enough. I just wanted to mention this but no matter what, I like your magazine because I feel like it’s about me. So please keep up the enchanting work and thanks to you all. Hi Teen Stuff, Mohamed Hazem, 16 I like your magazine so much. It’s very supportive for all teens and very informative too. This is my first time to write Dear Mohamed, to a magazine and I actually want to ask you about something. Thank you for all what you’ve said. I write poems and I really would like to share with you some We’re so glad you decided to write to of these poems but I don't know how. So please can you us. Concerning your comment on the help me and tell me how to send you my poems. Anyway, advertisements increase, I want you to thank you for making such a beautiful magazine and thanks know that it’s an international policy to Mrs. Manal El Mahdy and to everyone who shared and that advertisements in any publication cooperated to produce such a wonderful, informative and should take one-third of specified space supportive magazine. while the other two-thirds should be dedicated to the content. However, Riham Halbouni starting last January we had increased the pages of the magazine to 72 in Dear Riham, order to give you guys more space and We’re glad that you’ve written to us and we hope it won’t be your chance to publish your thoughts. We last time. If you’re interested in contributing with your poems in hope to keep on hearing from you and the magazine just make sure to send them to us by email to thank you again for your feedback. info@teenstuffonline.com. Finally, on behalf of Mrs. Manal and all the staff, we thank you for your kind words and your support. 6 . March 2006 . TeenStuff
  5. 5. Mothers are everything in our lives. Without them, we’re nothing and will be nothing. They are the source of our happiness, joy and pleasure. They can sacrifice their lives for our sake. Their giving is infinite and their importance is, as God describes in the holy Qur’an that, “heaven is under the feet of mothers.” photograph all the time, kissing it foreign country. I also began to I’ll tell you my experience when a and all sorts of things like that). I study and make the best use of part of my soul and heart - my didn’t do any household chores and the time as she always tells me, mum - traveled abroad for three even the food was home-delivered. “Don’t waste your time.” months for an important purpose. Mum told me that she was going On the eighth day, I gazed at myself Although it’s a very hard job to be to travel abroad to study for her in the mirror. I found myself getting apart from my mother (as she is PhD, which she had postponed for much thinner and asleep all the my friend, sister, mother and more than 20 years for our sake. time not to mention the house that daughter) I like being responsible It was the most dreadful news I needed to be cleaned badly. I asked for the family and depending totally had ever heard all my life! The myself one question, “Has mummy on myself in everything. I feel now news came to me as a shock, like traveled abroad leaving me the how mothers work very hard and a large stone falling upon me and responsibility of the family just to suffer a lot in this rough life. They keeps hitting me with all its force. be in this dreadful and miserable don’t have time for rest or pleasure. I didn’t show any sadness or misery condition?” If mum wasn’t sure Briefly, mothers are the most in front of her and I tried my best enough that I could handle it, she wonderful blessing from God. I to appear, as I am, satisfied and wouldn’t have left me to be thank God a million times that he happy with that journey. Not only responsible for the house. But she gave me such a mother. showing her, my satisfaction and knew that I could depend on myself. happiness but also I tried to Honestly, the following day I From this lovely magazine, on this encourage her to do so and that became a totally different person. special occasion, I’d like to send a we would be okay while she was I cleaned the house, prepared the message to the readers to take away. dinner and took care of my brother care of their mothers because they’ll Days passed and the beautiful Ahmad and, in turn, he took care never get another one. I say to all flower of the house had traveled. of me trying to help me in the the mothers in the whole world… I’m going to tell you how I passed housework as much as he could, thanks for everything! the first month and how I’m still as well as daddy. trying to pass the second month. Amira Fouad Abdel Hameed Now, instead of crying all time, I Farghally, 17 During the first week, I was in the write to mummy everything I feel most miserable situation a person and do throughout the whole day. could be put in it. I was very sad, I’m also trying to please her there always crying, doing nothing in my in every possible way (with my life except remembering the old letters, calls, messages and emails) days of mummy (holding her so she doesn’t feel lonely in a March 2006 . TeenStuff www.teenstuffonline.com
  6. 6. Since I left home early carried her in her mouth, everywher and I get to be the grabbing her to the other side! mother to all of them. It might in the morning, help to discharge some of my everything seemed to be I also remember a day when I motherhood feelings. triggering my was getting ready for a new academic day at college. I entered I can’t concentrate at work now motherhood instinct the court, then walked a few steps - images of kids are crossing my that’s concealed inside towards the main building when mind so much that I can’t tell me. I heard tweeting!! I followed the what the task I’m working on is sound... it was coming from the all about. I’ve almost reached the stage of choosing names for my Whenever the word ‘mother’ is own kids while I’m thinking of mentioned in front of me, some baby shops that I’ll buy them incidents cross my mind that in clothes that I always fancied. I my dictionary, make a perfect dream of my car, with a yellow, interpretation for motherhood “Tiny Person on Board” sign at feelings. the back. I imagine people saying, “Ohhh! You look just like I remember a day when I was your mum!” when they see my walking on the street and saw little girl. I see myself tasting a cat and her kitten crossing to food before feeding my baby to the other side. The kitten got back garden. I saw a bird teaching make sure that it’s not too hot. scared of the fast cars so she her kid how to fly; the mum It makes me smile when I drew back, hiding behind a car scurried a distance and then imagine my baby crying when I tire, while its mummy looked spread her wings and then flew back but didn’t find the kitten. high. She then placed the baby She seemed shocked and kept bird on her foot and spread her looking in all directions meowing wings and to my surprise she in a hysterical way! I found myself flew for a distance till she reached telling her, while I was pointing the ground! I swear I saw her at the car, “She’s hiding behind screaming that she managed to that car!” As if she heard me, she fly! The mum was jumping up went back to the car where she and down and chirping happily. found her kitten. She hit her face She seemed to be kissing her on hers and I could tell her claws baby and if they could actually were retracted. She kissed her, speak, I would have heard, “You licked her kitten’s face and then did it! I’m so proud of you!” It’s these messages that fuel the, leave the room. “I wanna be a mummy” Meanwhile, I mean till I have real idea in my kids of my own, I can be a mother mind. The to my colleagues at work, my thought got cat, my friends, my brother and to me so my mum when my grandma isn’t much that I available. no longer want to see any grown So back to work and ups. I’m thinking Happy Mother’s Day seriously of to all actual future mothers! going to a park or something Samar where I can find millions of kids playing www.teenstuffonline.com TeenStuff . March 2006 .
  7. 7. It's 7:00 am and I've told me, "Life will simply stop! People been studying since an will be unstable; some will try to hour…not too long but compensate by sleeping at work, others each minute passing, will sleep at the wheel and even I wish I could slip into students will sleep at their desks – my bed that lies in that’s if teachers will know how to front of me! Just now explain lessons!!" I realized how sweet So, what do you think would happen sleeping is. When you if we don't have the option at all? Yes, get up everyday early suppose we're originally born without in the morning, forcing the ability to close our eyes and sleep! your lids to let your How would our lives be like? eyes reflect what they receive of light; you It won't matter at all when the day surely evaluate a begins and when it ends; we'll be sleeping process! moving and moving all around all the Especially when you're time. Night will certainly be much forced to do that for brighter, due to the huge light sources the sake of studying - we would have, to put everywhere to not normal periodic overcome darkness. You'd find studying but for exams yourselves going to school at 3:00 am as I'm supposed to be or something like that to start your doing these days. school day. We might also go party at 6:00 am. And our parents would get Oh my God…I can't go to go to work whenever they felt like on like this! Well, okay, it. Even as students, we'd choose the I'll strive to complete time that suits us to go to school and it and forgive me for university; as such it would be a yawning!! Let's see nonstop learning process. If you missed what a Right now, sleeping process is in We spend about I've just put one-third of our the first place. my studies Sleeping is a behavioral state that's a natural aside and lives asleep! part of every individual's life. We picked up spend about one-third of our lives asleep. my pen to Nonetheless, people generally know little about the the afternoon class you can attend the start writing importance of this essential activity. It's not just something to fill time when one at dawn! this article a person is inactive. Sleeping is a required activity, not an option. Even What would I do after having lunch!! How can I resist it when I come back as I think it's though its precise functions remain a mystery, we all recognize and feel the from training at the club?? Or after having a shower as soon as getting the most need to sleep. After sleeping, we recognize changes that have occurred, home after a long, long tiring day? WHAT AM I GOING TO DO RIGHT suitable feeling rested and more alert. Sleep actually is required for survival. Surveys NOW?? status now show that rats deprived of sleep will die within two to three weeks; a time To my surprise, I found that problems with sleeping can be deadly. due to my frame similar to death due to starvation. Approximately 100,000 automobile crashes each year result from drivers bad need of When I told dad I'm writing about what who were "asleep at the wheel." In a survey of drivers in New York State, sleep! if we could never fall asleep, he just approximately 25 percent reported March 2006 . TeenStuff www.teenstuffonline.com
  8. 8. they had fallen asleep at the wheel at some time. In addition to the high risk of automobile crashes, problem sleepiness can cause difficulties with learning, memory, thinking, and feelings, which may lead to poor school and work performance. I don't think it'll help. On the contrary, we'll never have the sense of time. It won't matter at all if your friend is late; you can simply wait forever…who cares?? Here, I'd love to share with you this quote that I strongly love and appreciate by Brian W. Aldiss: "It's at night, when perhaps we should be dreaming, that the mind is most clear, that we are most able to hold all our life in the palm of our skull. I don't know if anyone has ever pointed out that great attraction of insomnia before, but it is so; the night seems to release a little more of our vast backward inheritance of instincts and feelings; as with the dawn, a little honey is allowed to ooze between the lips of the sandwich, a little of the stuff of dreams to drip into the waking mind. I wish I believed, as J. B. Priestley did, that consciousness continues after disembodiment or death, not forever, but for a long while. Three score years and ten is such a stingy ration of time, when there is so much time around. Perhaps that's why some of us are insomniacs; night is so precious that it would be pusillanimous to sleep all through it! A "bad night" is not always a bad thing." ~Brian W. Aldiss I have nothing to say after what Aldiss said!! Do you? It'd be great to listen to all of your opinions and comments about the subject…never hesitate! Waiting for your mail at: info@teenstuffonline.com Wishing all your mothers a very happy Mother's Day!! Greet them for me and wish the space was more to give me a little chance to greet my own mom and tell her how great and perfect she is and that I'm really proud she's my mother! Love you mommy! Best wishes, Doaa Samy, 19 www.teenstuffonline.com
  9. 9. Yeah we’re in Africa! And … YES WE ARE IN EGYPT!! What is really weird boasted no less than about them is their 10,000 operational Since earth is the only common place; then we’re all living language. In Iraq, when mills. The mills creatures ‘human beings.’ Even while Egypt is in Africa, we you meet anyone, you grounded grain, sawed still are different from the rest of Africa. Other than the find them saying, esh timber and controlled phenotype distinction, people also differ in their beliefs, ways lonak? They’re actually the water level in their of thinking, cultures and in return customs and traditions. asking about your low-lying country, since Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South health. Also, awa3i is a one-quarter of Holland America are the continents that have people living and Jordanian word for is below sea level (that breathing; depending on the fact that “there are NO indigenous ‘clothes.’ What is really is why it is called also inhabitants in Antarctica. nice is the Syrian Netherlands, which sakkarer which are means low lands). Later Those six continents make a perfect collection. I always wonder candies and sweets. in history, fires, heavy how it all happened in the first place. And how did people Finally, is the Lebanese storms and acts of war move and how were they found within each and every single telefantly which is the destroyed a large direction on earth, although Adam and Eve were surely in one cutest of them all. What number of mills. place. Well, it’s a fact anyway! The cool thing is their different is unusual is that they Presently, there are attitude and ways of expressing themselves. cook molo7'eya with its around a thousand old- leaves; they don’t chop fashioned working This month we’re trying to get you closer and closer to our it and its recipe is windmills. diversified planet earth as much as we can. Each has brought stranger than you can up a certain culture of a certain country or nation. It actually ever expect but I Okay, now enough with shows the difference! guarantee that it’s the cultural side and delicious. Their real let’s switch into their interest is Arjile. It's traditional side which Doaa Samy, 19 available for the whole (Head of Think Green Club) we, following totally family.You find the different culture, parents with their consider weird. They’re The Magical “Sham”: striking in the Middle East children beyarjelo. They actually in the form of Every nation, race and and especially as Egyptians. have a live folklore of tips which might be country has its own traditions Al Samah and Dabkes. useful if you ever decide and cultures that makes it Syrians are masters at the Jewels have strong to pay this beautiful unique and different from art of gesticulation. For history with them and country a visit (I’m not other nations. If we focus on example, a raised eyebrow they care so much for being sarcastic!) El- Sham (Lebanon, Syria, and a slight back throw of their environment. Iraq, Iran and Jordan) we’ll the head means NO. Also, in • If you try to speak find that they have many Jordan, an outstretched hand In Syria, they adore the Dutch to a native and traditions that we may find and a flick of the wrist means, ex-president Gamal Abd your accent is foreign, WHAT DO YOU WANT? The el Nasser. His posters he’ll immediately speak Shami food is known to be are everywhere. They your language. If your delicious, starting from the truly appreciate him and accent is reasonably mezza (hors d'oeuvres) like respect all Egyptians. good he’ll speak Dutch fettouche, tabouleh, makdous Finally, although Egypt to you very fast. If you and zaytouneyee, up to their and El-Sham seem to then say, "Oops, delicious desserts like be so much alike, they langzamer als je blieft baqlawa, konafa and ra7a. aren’t that identical. (slower please)" he’ll After desserts they have They’re quite different. again immediately zoharat which is like tea in revert to your language. our country but with a flowery Mahie Ahmed, 20 There’s no solution to scent and flavor. Syria is well- this. known for its booza (ice- From the Land of • Don’t even think of cream). What is truly nice Windmills…The suggesting corn as a about them is after finishing Netherlands: part of a meal. To the a meal, they say sa7tein Dutch, corn is for the (Bon Apetite) which is the cows, not people! What pops up in your greatest reply. mind whenever you • You must be aware hear the word Holland that, there’s no food- or Netherlands? You just shopping on the weekends in cities Syrians are masters at the art of imagine the great wind mills standing in the smaller than The Hague, Amsterdam, Roterdam, green fields, isn’t that and Ultrech. All shops the gesticulation right? Well, let’s get into more details. are closed on Sundays and you can’t buy anything! Make sure Holland is often referred that you have enough to as the 'land of food in the kitchen by windmills.' Some 100 the end of Saturday. years ago, Holland March 2006 . TeenStuff
  10. 10. • If you’re moving in there and you communication. Many African ‘Carnival’ literally means ‘to put intend to buy a house, don’t expect languages are ‘tone languages’ away the meat; it’s root word being it to be ready within five years which means pitch levels determine ‘carn’ which means ‘meat.’ The because Dutch building the meaning. So don’t feel sorry Brazilian Carnival is known in Brazil constructors stop working in winter. for the black continent. Its people simply as Carnaval. Despite the The reason? Temperatures get too are dancing and singing their way inspiration, Brazilian Carnival is cold and frosty... Yeah sure. Then through adversity. celebrated more as a profane feast you would think that summer than a religious event. would be THE season for them to Dina Wahba, 20 Enough about history, I can tell work. But think again! Dutch you the rest from what I saw. A building constructors stop working Parade in Brazil: parade of Samba Schools filled the in the summer. The reason? They streets of Rio with unrelenting go on a summer holiday for two It's almost 3:00pm. The clock is drumming and dancing, creating months!! ticking very slowly and I can't wait an ultimate fantasy till the break That’s all. I hope you could make till I get out of this classroom. The of dawn. Each school marches use of these tips if you’re going to teacher is blabbing about some along the routes for at least an Holland soon but don’t forget about carnival in Brazil, but my eyes are hour hoping to win the champion’s me. getting very heavy and I can't keep crown that is awarded at the end References: them open. Soon enough, I feel for the best parade. They all have www.howtosurviveholland.nl my head tilting to the side and I a theme which develops in an wwww.holland.com wake up suddenly to a large bang! allegorical performance, complete Omar Mohamed, 20 I jump out of my seat and find with fantastic floats. I stood and colors everywhere! Millions of enjoyed the parades with the rest Africa: The Black continent or people are gathered around; music of the jubilant people, who aren’t a Festival Continent?! is being played from large trucks only Brazilians, but also millions driven in the street. Half naked of tourists coming to see this Africa is the world’s second largest women with large exotic feathers attraction. The dancers wore continent. It covers around one- are dancing to the beat of the plumed headdresses and minuscule fifth of the landmass of the earth. music. I realized somehow, I was bikinis, or dressed up in elaborate It has more than 50 independent in Rio de Janeiro during one of costumes as insects, flowers, Arab countries and an estimated their carnivals. I couldn't believe sheiks or Roman Centurions etc... population of 800 million with over my eyes! It was exactly like Mr. The costumes are too many to 3000 ethnic groups, cultures and what's his name was talking about! even talk about. Brazil is a country languages. "Brazil holds one of the most that really can create the best The tropical rain forests, extravagant festivals in the world." festivals ever and it’s a country mountains, national parks and His voice suddenly shot through that truly knows how to party! Not wildlife preserves all together and my head as I watched this festival, only in Rio, but also in other small so much more constitute Africa’s The Brazilian Carnival (spelled cities. Each city in Brazil celebrates tremendous natural beauty. Well, Carnaval in Portuguese) is an its own unique Carnival which despite its natural wealth, Africa annual celebration held forty days reflects the diversity of cultures as includes the 15 least developed before marking people gather in social clubs or in nations in the world and 70 percent the start of the streets to party the night away. of its population survives on less Lent Suddenly, I woke up to the sound than two dollars a day. Africa (Fasting). of the bell; school was over. The suffered and is still suffering day was normal as ever except from disease and famine that that small trip I took to the Brazilian continue to kill millions of its Carnivals! Who ever said history people each year. class was boring?! What’s fascinating despite all of this, is that Africa is called Esraa Hegazy, 18 the festival continent! And Viva La France! that’s because throughout the whole continent there are As soon as any one hears the word always colorful and vibrant France, they start thinking of many festivals that include musical, things. The streets, the religious, cultural and harvest monuments, the movies, the Alps festivals. Also African traditions etc... Some people even think greatly emphasize singing and about their cheese! Well, let’s have dancing. a view of the country. If you’re When it comes to dancing, it’s not one of France's fans then fasten only an expression of happiness your seatbelt because we’re going and joy, because movement is on a journey to its culture. France regarded as an important way is very well-know for tourism. of communication. And that’s People all over the world love why they make going there and symbolic gestures in spending the their dance and use Christmas visual devices such as festivals and masks, costumes and other body painting. Singing Don’t feel sorry for the black continent. Its people celebrations, isn’t very different. on its most It’s also used as a mean of are dancing and singing their way through adversity famous streets. For www.teenstuffonline.com TeenStuff . March 2006
  11. 11. If you see girls with a pierced nose, that means she’s single those people who love the find this in mountains, they can just go to Egypt? Lyon which is only 137 km from Well, you the Alps. Concerning good industry can find you can go visit Rhone. Well, now people you have your guide so let's have asking for a look and see what the traditions money you are in France. surly know what I'm As I said at the beginning, France talking is popular and famous for its about) delicious cheese. This appears People in clearly by finding 400 varieties of France French cheese. France attracts enjoy one tourists because of its beauty. great Even though France wasn't that benefit developed in the older days, it is which is indeed now. People go to France FREEDOM! and are thrilled by its wonderful Anyone landscapes. The French know how there can to welcome tourists. do any thing Now let’s talk about arts. On any but they of France's crowded streets, you must stick to the rules. I know ‘Namaskar’ to Everyone from can find an artist. Not necessarily that the phrase, ‘stick to the rules’ India: drawing but he can be showing may be familiar to all of you as his talents. People don't only work you hear it a lot. But trust me, in Namaskar or Namaste is the term in companies and shops; they work France it’s much easier to stick to Indians use to greet people. It’s on the streets as well. They can the rules and still have freedom. a general salutation that’s used to dance, sing, play an instrument, And don’t forget the welcome people and also for or even mimic a robot and still get password…L’AMOUR! bidding farewell. To express money. Let’s pause for a second Namaskar, both the palms are here (can you Reem Ahmad,16 placed together and raised below the face to say hello to a person. As for the food we have France is famous for its delicious the Arati, which is performed as an act of veneration and love. It’s 400 varieties of cheese often performed as a mark of worship and to seek blessings from God, to welcome the guests, for children on their birthdays, family members on auspicious occasions or to welcome a newly wedded couple. Moreover it’s also used to drive away the effects and the malefic influence of the ‘evil eye.’ If you take a look at most of the women and girls in India, you’ll find them with a Bindi, which is a red dot made with vermilion powder that’s worn by women between their eyebrows on their forehead. People say that this Bindi protects women and their husbands. If you see girl with a pin in her nose, make sure you get to know her because that means she’s single but if you see a women wearing a black
  12. 12. se, necklace made of black beads, make would pull a sled made of animal shoes for you, then it’s permissible sure to get away from her because bones and skins, and in some areas to wear your socks but not your this means she’s married. The a bit of wood, over the snow and shoes. marriage processes or should I call ice. Sometimes elderly Inuit who it the marriage department are like could no longer hunt or do other It’s customary to pay your fine to this: If a girl and a guy like each useful work might choose, or be the police (Police-"i") at the time of other, they turn to a more official convinced to choose, a form of the ticket. Many drivers are stopped way and that’s when the parents assisted suicide when food was very in the middle of the street by the get involved. So this mostly turns scarce. police for a traffic violation. Russian into an interview process where They were left alone to die in the police give you two options; pay me photos are provided of the boy/girl ice. A far more common response now a fraction of the fine or pay the in question along with bio-data about to desperate conditions and the fine in full at the police station within his/her life and family. If that meets threat of starvation was infanticide, two weeks. Needless to say, the with the criteria, arrangements will which did sometimes include discount is worth paying at the time be made for the parents to meet abandoning an infant in hopes that of the offense. Highway robbery? the boy/girl and their family. someone less desperate might find You decide. and adopt it before the cold or the Also, Indians don’t need that much wildlife finished it off!Abbas,19 Never kiss your lady on her in fancy table arrangements; just forehead. Kissing someone on their a banana and clean hands will do. forehead is reserved for funerals. People there tend to eat in a thali Kissing a loved one at a funeral A Toast to Russia: reception is a tradition. (a metal plate or banana leaf) which is quite common in most parts of India. Indians wash their hands It’s a Russian tradition to drink! Never send even number of roses. immediately after and before eating Anytime is a good time to justify a Even numbers are reserved for a meal, as it’s believed that food drink or two. It’s customary to go death and considered bad luck if tastes better when eaten with one’s to a friends house for a routine visit someone gives you an even number hands… like us “bi7ebbo el and have a drink. Holidays or special while you’re alive. laghwasa!” events usually warrant everyone to show up to the party with a bottle It’s customary for people to hand or two. the money to the cashier when For further info check: www.indiatravelite.com exchanging money with retailers If you get married in Russia it’s a but don’t expect the cashier to count tradition for the brides mother to the money back to you or offer to Mohamed El Bahar, 19 hand the groom and bride a loaf of hand you back your money. bread at the wedding reception. Russians receive your money and Whoever can take the biggest bite return your change in a small tray Eskimo: becomes the head of the household. where you can count your money. Eskimo are the groups of people Usually this is to the man’s I really DO want to experience that! who inhabit areas that are closer to advantage. Don’t you?? the poles and are characterized by extreme levels of cold weather, Take off your shoes before you enter N.B. Whenever they want to do where snow and ice are part of their a house or any residence. Russians something or something that you’d culture. Despite the strange fact don’t wear shoes inside the home prefer not to do but they want to that they live in ice block houses except for house shoes. do it, they’ll tell you It’s a Russian (the famous Igloo), those people Even if you’re going to tradition! In short, whatever have a very rich and snowy culture someone else's home they want to do, saying it’s a of their own. you’ll still need to Russian tradition justifies it. There are two main groups of remove your shoes This applies to Russian men Eskimos: the Inuit (in Northern before you enter their and women at home and in Alaska, Canada and Greenland) and home. Most Russians the workplace. You’ll find the Yupik (of Western Alaska and have several pair of yourself hearing that phrase the Russian Far East). guest shoes at their many times. Be careful! There has been a remarkable home for visitors. homogeneity in the culture of this If they don’t Doaa Samy, 19 people, which traditionally rely on have enough fish, sea mammals, and land animals extra for food, heat, light, clothing, tools, house Hope you all enjoyed and shelter. Yupik group dances are our cultural mix and often with individuals staying found it pretty stationery in place, with all the movement done with rhythmic beneficial. Waiting upper body and arm movements for your comments accompanied with hand held dance. and feedback at: Eskimo kiss using their noses the same way as we touch lips. On land, Don’t forget to greet your the Inuit uses dog sleds for Moms:) transportation, A team of dogs in a fan formation (and not bound together in a line like horse teams) TeenStuff . March 2006
  13. 13. Distortion of One the Arab tongue, one Image region, same customs Arabs supposedly have and traditions, yet our minds the best principles in are floating in different directions. the world. This isn’t Same beliefs, different practices, just my opinion; a lot You said it during a time when we should be of people think that together hand in hand. We’re at each and it goes back to our other’s necks, smothering all means for beliefs and religion. us to develop and defend our identity. The Aren’t religion and Arab region consists of 22 countries. ethics related? So, Ironically, we’re all arranged next to each We decided to conduct a survey about why since we do have the other on the map but in real life such Arabs dislike each other. Turns out a lot of best principles, why is closeness doesn’t exist. In the old days, people dislike certain countries and we it we have the when we were as one nation, we wanted to get behind the real reason of this tendency to not like conquered and ruled the world. Torn ‘Arab vs. Arab’ phenomenon. another Arab country apart by our prejudice now, we’re for very trivial accused and used as scapegoats *What is your favorite country in the world? reasons? And what’s and we don’t have the Holland, England, USA, Japan... About 92 the main reason chance to rectify our percent of those questioned didn’t include behind the distorted image. one Arab country, and eight percent that image of Arabs in each chose Lebanon and Dubai. other’s eyes?! This is a question that has *What is your favorite and least favorite often haunted me. I country in the Arab world? mean we can, to some More than 50 answers show that no Arab extent, understand country is their favorite. Concerning their why the image of the least favorite, the list just went on and on Arabic people isn’t a naming countries like Dubai, Lebanon, good one in Western Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. countries; most probably because of The next question was ‘why?’ the terrorist attacks About 50 percent said that we don’t hate the Arab world but we don’t respect each other now. We can’t see any Arab country making any serious progress. And when we draw comparison to each other, every nation says that they’re the best without even knowing any information about the other Arab countries. But when the same nation compares itself to any European country or the USA, they consider themselves nothing. It’s only a matter of confidence and respect in the Arab world. The other 50 percent gave very weird answers. Some people said, for instance, that they don’t like Morocco because of football, Lebanon because of excessive freedom, The Emirates because of their luxurious life style and Kuwait because of the assumption that they don’t like us. that have been Regardless of whatever country they chose, happening. Today, when asked if they’ve ever dealt with them we’ve been labeled as at all, more than 75 percent said ‘NO’- not terrorists and we’re even once. But this is how they feel or defined as barbarians. because of what they heard about them. Or maybe it’s because of cultural differences Some of the answers we got were either too and other things of offending (which we won’t reveal) or actually that sort. But what funny concerning their least favorite country. about the Arabs who Believe it or not, this is what some people have a similar culture, really had to say: tradition, language and Al Sham (general): “I hate the fact that their history; how is it skin is so fair!” possible that they Morocco: “You just never figure out if it’s misinterpret each French or Arabic they’re speaking” other? Actually I don't “They know about magic, they give me the know how they don't creeps” perceive each other in Iraq: “It’s their facial features. They’re just the best way possible. so sharp, it makes you uneasy” It’s a fact that cultural Lebanon: “I hate the way they think good differences aren’t the media is the only thing that reflects a main problem in this country’s development. In fact, they’re not case. even close to being developed” Syria: “I hate the way they make words So I started to think sound either longer or shorter than they about other reasons. I are” think that maybe it’s an ego thing; for us to March 2005 . TeenStuff www.teenstuffonline.com
  14. 14. be better, others have to be worse. Maybe because we all have the same traditions, we would be perceived the same. But few countries want to break this perception as they want to excel. And in order to do this, one has to overshadow the other ‘competitor’ by any means possible. This is exactly what happens, the people of each Arab country believe that they’re superior and they prove this by demeaning other Arab countries. Another reason is that we oppose certain governments or regimes in other Arab countries and unintentionally we end up As long as this hating the people as well as their governments. Another thing that I couldn't help but notice are Arab tourists who go to another Arab everlasting country and, as they feel free from the cultural constraints imposed on them in their own native country, they start to behave in whatever hostility we hold manner that pleases them without considering the traditions of the country they are in. And this conveys a bad image of the people of for each other the country they come from. Also immigrants have a big role in presenting the image of their fellow country men. Immigrants could prevails, then reflect either a good or a bad image. There’s always the possibility that the distorted image is a result of hearsay; we hear our parents’ an outside force opinion about other Arabs and consequently adopt it. However, the reason I believe in the most is that we hate ourselves and we hate is bound to other Arabs as a part of hating ourselves. We’re not happy or satisfied with who we are and our animosity towards other Arabs is just another demolish us! way to express it. I think it’s clear by now the seriousness of this situation - of our situation - and our image is not only being destroyed to the outside world, but also between us. It’s become necessary for me to wonder where have our principles gone when we can’t defend ourselves people of this place are like that. against any biased accusations from non-Arabs. And when I say No, you don't have the right to defend, I don’t mean we declare war. No, we defend ourselves by do that; don't just generalize maintaining a united front. I also believe that people don’t realize the what so few would say or do. In horrific positions we’re placing ourselves in when our image is my personal opinion, this is the completely shattered between each other. As long as we all have root of the whole problem; this fragmented beliefs and different ways of thinking, and as long as this is why it's so hard for us to be everlasting hostility we hold for each other prevails, then an outside united, judging each other force is bound to demolish us! It’ll make it easy for an outside force instead of reforming one another. to invade our thoughts and alter our lifestyles. And by looking at It’s a shame! I look at Europe some parts of the Arab world today, I think it’s already being fragmented. for instance and find them united in most things, particularly, little things like one currency and The Media’s Responsibility being able to travel freely from one country to the other. I’m The media’s role is always crucial. It’s the most effective tool that can definitely not saying we should shape anybody and influence greatly, especially with young people. imitate the West, or at least if And it’s directly embroiled in the Arab’s love-hate relationship. It can we think of doing that, shouldn’t either bring us together or tear us apart. The media plays a part in it be for something useful rather seducing our people or repelling them by the foreign culture. To an than something silly and extent, we’ve lost our traditions and identity of our own media; most insignificant? Most of these of the programs in more than 15 Arab countries are the same and all European countries have nothing create a complete alteration of our real image, particularly in this in common; they don’t even generation. We can’t separate between what we read in our books speak the same language, yet, that we were once one great nation and what we see through what they manage to stick together our media presents nowadays. It shows all the negative images and and get more powerful and aspects of our society and the complete weakness of the Arab world. secure. While we, on the other And through the media’s eyes, we always compare our real life in the hand, were once ONE, bound Arab world to other parts of the globe. Thus, we feel weak and together by so many, and we humiliated. This generation doesn’t respect their Arab nation and they can't even seem to like each don’t feel that they belong to it. other. It's time to put our little These days, our media has a lot of Westernization elements, whether differences aside, don't you airing loads of foreign programs that keep you glued to your T.V. or think? We're always complaining Arabic programs that pointlessly imitate them. This results in the long of not being heard or being struggle between tradition and Westernization. It’s also hard to deny misunderstood as Arab nations. how it focuses on entertainment only. Moreover, our entertainment, Imagine how can someone as well, has a ruined identity, our songs and movies are so far away respect two big brothers picking from our Arabic customs. There are no evident shows that aim or on each other all the time? That's help in uniting us Arabs. The closest we’ve gotten to unity is by our case. Our quarrels won’t combining production companies for T.V. serials or through singing allow our world to respect us. competitions. The Arabic media should pay more attention to the gap We’ll either unite or we’ll divide between the Arabs and help in formulating our perception of each and fall. And we should keep in other. mind that, “One stick is easily bent and broken, a dozen of Clearly we're not getting along so well for the wrong reasons; you sticks are much harder to yield.” can’t hate an entire nation for how its people look or talk and you can't judge the whole fruit basket by one sour apple you've tasted. Dina Wahba, 19 In other words, when you see some people of another country behaving Esraa Hegazy, 18 in an ill-mannered way, don't be hasty to stereotype and say that all Kareem Abd Elmon’em, 21 Shady Sadat, 21 Compiled by: Esraa Hegazy, 19 www.teenstuffonline.com TeenStuff . March 2006 .21
  15. 15. Al Salam Al Salam: Peace Boccaccio: the Italian author and poet ‘98: The doomed year Boccaccio 98 when the company bought this age- ridden ship of 35 years 1991: Al Salam express sank in the after communication was lost with the lives? Many of Egypt’s top intellectuals, Red Sea where 464 people died. ship. And an English warship offered to sarcastically, blame the victims, saying October 2005: Al Salam 95’ sank in share in the rescue operation, which was it’s their fault because they don’t know the Red Sea. Two people died and 40 rejected by Egypt, but then they recalled how to swim. But as most writers and others were injured. it to join when they discovered the journalists are saying: The only one February 2006: Al Salam Boccaccio situation was serious! behind this tragic accident is 98’ sank in the Red Sea. Nearly one 2 - Thousands of relatives of the CORRUPTION. thousand people died in this disaster. passengers were desperately waiting for Corruption can explain how all the above- any news from their relatives, wishing to mentioned incidents took place. And it Upon looking at the above track record, hear about any survivors. They slept in also explains how a company, which has we have to wonder… what’s next and the streets for nights; they couldn’t get a record of fatal and near fatal accidents, who’s next? What will be the next crime any information from any responsible. is still in business with the same faulty and who will be the next victims? We They didn’t know what to do or whom to equipment, same faulty structure (extra would have preferred to call this ask or even where to ask! And instead levels on the boat to accommodate more catastrophe an ‘accident’ but in reality, of being offered comfort, they were people) and the same negligent attitude. it’s no less of a crime than as if these completely neglected by the authorities It’s really frightening the state we have innocent victims were shot in cold blood. and not only that, but also confronted by reached in Egypt and how it’s becoming riot police. Rumors kept spreading easily so easy to kill someone by being corrupt The same company - Al-Salam Maritime and frustration increased among them, and by not doing your job properly. This Transport - owned the three ships till the family and friends of victims, finally hurts me, personally, as a friend of mine mentioned above, that belong to attacked offices of the ship owner, and a died because of a highway that wasn’t Mamdouh Ismael, an APPOINTED Shura hospital in Hurghada that displayed suitable even for cars to park on! It’s the Council member. (and please, a million pictures of the recovered bodies from the demon of corruption that’s turning our lines under APPOINTED) sea! dreams into nightmares. It’s killing our Let’s reveal some of the incidents that hopes. I’m afraid I’m being extremely will explain to you why I took such an It’s really astonishing that we don’t have pessimistic but believe me, it’s hard to attitude against the company. a crisis management system in Egypt. be objective when you’re convinced that We always wait for disasters to happen, you’re not being considered as a valuable The company nearly monopolizes the feel puzzled and then fail to take a right human and a citizen in YOUR OWN Egyptian/Saudi Arabian naval decision. Things get worse and we blame COUNTRY! You find it humiliating that transportation route. Along Safaga and someone in the end. your life doesn’t count and it’s the easiest Daba harbors, many other (Salam) ships When will we have a crisis management sacrifice corrupt people can give. travel back and forth carrying goods, mechanism that is capable of dealing at The death of a thousand people is a very equipment, people and cars. the moment of a crisis? Crisis big deal, the number is huge. It’s only The company surprisingly owns a number management is a science that’s being because we’re used to dealing with of expired ships, those of which, three of taught now. However, we’re still not even numbers daily, that we can’t feel the them sank over the past 15 years with a familiar with the concept and fail to apply enormity of one thousand. Even if it were huge number of losses of lives. it at times of crises. one person who died on a highway They reached the extent of registering It should be previously organized, who because of other people who didn’t do their ships in Panama instead of Egypt, is to talk after a crisis occurs and how to their required work and thought it was as the security requirements in Panama manage the crisis on all levels. In our fine this way, the number would still be are much less than those of the Egyptian ferry sinking case, we should differentiate too high. And what about the others who government! between three separate operations that give a blind eye?! It’s not accepted and Al Salam Boccaccio 98’ was built in 1970 should take place simultaneously: WE WON’T accept it anymore! in Italy and was sold in 1998 to Al-Salam 1) Resuming the rescue operations Maritime Transport after 28 years in 2) Coordinating with the families and As this ship now lies at the bottom of the service! providing them with news about their Red Sea, our hearts and prayers go out It raised Panama’s flag despite being beloved ones to each and every victim. Despite that property of an Egyptian company and 3) Performing an investigation over the we have gone through many lessons of used in Egypt. During its last journey, a causes of the accident how negligence can cause lives, we still number of remarks were made about the Unfortunately, I can see that we nearly haven’t learnt. security standards, but they were all failed in each of the three separately! neglected as usual (welcome to Egypt if Not only this, but Egypt also lacks a great you forgot!). deal in, or even doesn’t have, night time N.B. Sorry for using a number of Most of the life jackets were faulty lots rescue operations. How many more lives exclamation marks! But seriously that’s of the passengers were found dead in could have been saved through out that how I felt after I finished almost every their life jackets! The fire prevention doomed night, with proper, updated, night sentence of this article. system was a mess, and in fact, the ferry time rescue operations? sank because of a fire. Yasser Abbas, 19 I really have nothing to say more about The President asked for an investigation this company, and let me remind you over the accident. And up till the moment I dedicate this article to the hope again of its owner - the honorable, of writing this article no one has been that died suddenly because of a lazy, APPOINTED (!) Shura Council member. found guilty. Speaker representatives of negligent hand. the company claim that everything was I dedicate it to Ahmad Amal and to Let’s discuss the government’s reaction up to standard, be it the ship or the all victims of corruption. May peace after the disaster… which can be actions taken after the sinking. If and forgiveness be upon them all. considered the second disaster. everything is so up to standard, then to 1 - The rescue operations started hours what do they acclaim the loss of those 22 . March 2006 . TeenStuff www.teenstuffonline.com
  16. 16. “The Danish Experiment” Reflections of the recent events the rights and reputations of others (prevention of defamation), and the T i me l in e in Denmark and the protection of national security and public European/Muslim current state order, health and morals. Countries like of affairs Canada, while exercising democracy and freedom of speech, have anti-hate laws. The on-going, still-raging, controversy Britain, also a bastion of free speech, September 17, 2005: Politiken, sparked over a Danish newspaper's has a law that bans insulting the Queen. a Danish newspaper, reports that caricature of the Prophet Muhammad Kaare Bluitgen, a writer, cannot (PBUH) has exposed a great deal about But regardless of the presence or absence find an illustrator for a book about how the West’s relations with Muslims of legislated limits, every society has its th e li fe of th e Pr op het have, post 9/11, deteriorated in to such own notions of what’s acceptable and Muhammad (PBUH), because an increasingly frustrating and troubled what isn’t. I’m quite certain that in a artists fear reprisals from Islamic state. It can best be described as a country like the United States, a extremists. sociological experiment; a case study of caricature that would be offensive to a head-on clash at full speed between controversial figures in the history of September 30: In response, two d iff erent cultures that hav e America such as Martin Luther King, or Jyllands-Posten, a right of centre persistently had difficulty in accepting Malcolm X, would have caused black newspaper, asks 40 artists to each other. On the surface it easily uproar. Anti-Semitic graffiti wouldn’t have draw Muhammad as they imagine features a classic cliché of our age: garnered as much support from the him and publishes 12 cartoons Western liberal ideologies and freedom Jewish lobby or the government either. of the Prophet. One depicted the of speech vs. Islamic conservative beliefs And if Jylland-Posten had decided to run Prophet as a bearded terrorist, and the cravenness fo r p olitical drawings maligning the Pope, by depicting with bulging eyes wearing a correctness. However, beneath the him, say, in provocative positions, not bomb-shaped turban with a surface, the recent events tell a lot about too many people would have been rushing burning fuse. Another had him the state of ‘Islamophobia’ and Muslim to their defence. In fact, the same wielding a sword, accompanied paranoia that has descended upon Europe publication refused to run similar cartoons with two women clad head to toe in the last few years and reveals a great lampooning Jesus (PBUH) back in 2003. in black. Another showed him as deal about the underlying feelings of hate Editors, even in countries with the freest a crazed, knife-wielding bedouin. and intolerance between Muslims and press laws, are faced with difficult Europe. decisions every day on what they should October 14: Up to 5,000 people publish. The limits to their freedom are stage a protest outside the offices Freedom of speech determined, if not by laws, then by questions of propriety, ethics and taste. of Jyllands-Posten. The issue goes well beyond the old debate o v e r October 19: Ambassadors from Invoking freedom of speech and the need ten Muslim countries request a whether to preserve freedom of speech or the freedom of meeting with Anders Fogh Europeans’ way of life is nothing more Rasmussen, the Danish Prime expression than smokescreens and mirrors; an has limits. Minister, over the cartoons. He excuse to hide a larger, much uglier truth. refuses to meet them. Freedom of I t ’s t h i s d o u b l e s t a nd a r d ; t h e speech is discrimination against immigrants, in o f t e n October 27: Eleven Muslim particular Muslim immigrants, that is the groups report Jyllands-Posten to regarded heart and centre of this conflict. The as an the Danish police for "blasphemy European media has always had a and racial discrimination." The integral tendency of exploiting anti-immigration concept in court rules against the complaint, advocates, particularly anti-Muslim, labelling the incident as a right modern bigotry, and the recent events are nothing liberal democracies. Advocates of freedom of freedom of speech. more than another link in a lengthy chain of speech will often argue that freedom of attempts by anti-Islamic provocateurs of speech should be unlimited, and N ov e m be r - D ec e m b er : A to repeatedly provoke Muslims, knowing delegation from Danish Islamic unconditional, however offensive, or full-well the depth of Muslim feelings blasp hemous, are the ideologies groups visits the Middle East to about their most cherished beliefs. spread p ublicity about the propagated, using the notion that it is righteous to say your opinion whatever cartoons. Rumours circulate and Any self-respecting editor anywhere additional images, not originally it is, because prohibition would lead to around the world would have refused to censorship and, ultimately, fascism. published in Jyllands-Posten, are run offensive cartoons of key figures that attributed to the newspaper. are held by people in high esteem. It’s Yet, the truth is that even in the most quite comprehensible that in a free press liberal communities limits do exist and January 10, 2006: Cartoons country, bad press is only inevitable. It’s rep rinted b y Mag azinet, a it is those limits that preserve freedom then, that the responsibility of proponents of speech and ensure its continuation. Norwegian Christian newspaper. of free speech has to recognize the good Imagine a society where every well- from the bad in the lot and condemn the thought argument is responded to by January 26: Saudi Arabia recalls form of speech that constitutes hate and its ambassador and initiates dozens, even hundreds of ill-thought, discrimination. Sadly, some European malignant responses or spiteful death b oyco tt of D anis h g ood s . publications have chosen to reprint the threats. Eventually, people will be hesitant offensive cartoons, defending the Danish to speak, which is why freedom of speech, January 29: Jyllands-Posten newspaper’s decision and allegedly prints a statement in Arabic as an idea, was conceived in the first making a point about free speech. In this place. say ing the drawings were case, they’re not only defending poor published in line with freedom of taste and bad journalism, but also hate expression and not a campaign Some governments may still prohibit and discrimination. certain damaging types of expressions, against Islam. Palestinians burn and under international law, restrictions Danish flags and Libya announces In the same manner, terrorists and it will close its embassy in on free speech are required to uphold a fundamentalists have given a bad name strict three part test: They must be Denmark. Danes told to be to Islam and religion, while the European vigilant in the Middle East. provided by law; p ursue an aim publications have besmirched the values recognized as legitimate; and they must of free speech. And by defending the be necessary (i.e., proportionate) to January 30: EU says it will take incident they’ve neither defended freedom World Trade Organisation action accomplish that aim. Amongst the aims of speech well nor upheld another sacred considered legitimate are: protection of secular principle: respect. www.teenstuffonline.com TeenStuff . March 2006 .23