How Mission Impacts Everything


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Mission statements are more than words on the wall at your office. Mission statements provide focus and direction for your organization. This pilot study of student media mission statements offers an initial look at student media and mission.

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  • Bringing your student media/publications strategy and goals into agreement with university strategy and goals Strategic planning and assessment
  • How Mission Impacts Everything

    1. 1. How Mission ImpactsEverything: A Review of CollegeStudent Media Mission Statements and StudentMedia SuccessPresented by Dr. Kay L. ColleyTexas Wesleyan University College Day 2012
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    3. 3. What is a Mission Statement?“A mission statement defines in a paragraph or so any entitys reason for existence. It embodies its philosophies, goals, ambitions and mores. Any entity that attempts to operate without a mission statement runs the risk of wandering through the world without having the ability to verify that it is on its intended course.”
    4. 4. What is a mission statement? A clear and succinct representation of your reason for existence The first consideration for any employee who is evaluating a strategic decision
    5. 5. Mission statement examples 3M "To solve unsolved problems innovatively.” Mary Kay Cosmetics "To give unlimited opportunity to women.” Merck "To preserve and improve human life.” Walt Disney "To make people happy."
    6. 6. Student media missionstatements: The Daily Tar Heel The Daily Tar Heel, the student-run publication of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, operates with the following mission: To aggressively pursue all news of the University, University community and all who are affected by the University; to consistently beat our competition in terms of breaking news and quality of content; to set the standard for the journalism industry in terms of innovation, accuracy and responsiveness to the community. To serve as a learning laboratory for young journalists with a relaxed atmosphere but serious expectations; to equip all aspiring media professionals with the tools necessary not only to communicate information but also in understanding the changing face of media; to train staff members in various aspects of reporting, editing and managing a daily news organization and publishing a daily newspaper; to provide a fun, relaxed working environment for young professionals. To advocate for the tradition of editorial and journalistic freedom among journalists; to be a leader in espousing the ethical standards of the industry; to serve as a beacon of journalistic integrity. To represent the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as its flagship news organization and also to represent the area as Orange County’s news source of record.
    7. 7. Mission statements of studentmedia: The Shorthorn It is the mission of Student Publications to provide training and professional support for publication of The Shorthorn, the official UT Arlington student newspaper; and other publications. In doing so, as part of its mission, the department also provides training for students planning careers in journalism and related fields.
    8. 8. The mission of The Rambler is to provide interestedstudents with a hands-on learning experience bysimulating a real-world newspaper environment.Offering writers, editors and other staff members theopportunity to learn and hone skills pertaining to awide variety of journalistic experiences (includingwriting, photography, editing, design, advertising,editorial judgment and newsroom management).The Rambler also strives to provide a quality publicforum for the dissemination of news and opinion ofinterest and relevance to the Wesleyan community.
    9. 9. Pilot study of student media Pilot study: – 13 universities and colleges – Student media departments and student newspapers Research question: – Is a mission statement, labeled as such, found on their websites?
    10. 10. Findings Mission statement available on four websites Charter available on three websites, one also included a mission statement Other guiding documents were bylaws (2) and constitution (1) Goal statements for two institutions No statements for three institutions
    11. 11. Findings For those universities and colleges having a mission statement available online, stated mission was: – A practicum for students to gain hands- on experience – A media outlet(s) for the campus community to get news
    12. 12. Other Information on Website Education component of student media outlets was apparent as many websites mentioned – extensive training opportunities – collaboration with journalism departments Several student media outlets also mentioned a focus on editorial freedom
    13. 13. Discussion No clear findings from the pilot study Additional research is needed Interviews with college media advisers are a possible source of rich data Surveys of college administrators could help determine if mission is clear