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Lifecycle Marketing
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Lifecycle Marketing


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Building Customer Relationships with Lifecycle Marketing Presented by:Amber Ricchetti, Lifecycle Marketing Manager (@Gldnamby) & Kim Stiglitz, Lifecycle Marketing Director (@Stiggy1)
  • 2. What is Lifecycle Marketing?Leading a customer orprospect down a path totake the desired actionbased on where they areor what actions they haveor havent taken.
  • 3. Why Is It Important?JupiterResearch indicates lifecycle email marketingcampaigns generate as much as nine times greaterresults than other types, and few email marketers arecurrently taking advantage of this customer-orientedstrategy based on the idea of delivering the right messageat the right time.
  • 4. Get On TargetTo build productive relationships with yourcustomers you must move beyond the traditionalemail "blasts" from the past. Time yourcommunications to your customers needs.
  • 5. 6 Keys to a Lifecycle Marketing Program• Clear goals• Segmentation• Personalization• Relevant Content• Compelling Email Design• Track & Test
  • 6. Goals of Programs• Increase new customer count• Increase conversion• Increase revenue• Increase engagement loyalty• Increase referrals, WOM• Decrease churn
  • 7. Examples of Lifecycle Programs•Welcome•Abandoned shopping cart•Birthday/Anniversary•First-purchase•Reactivation•Loyalty
  • 8. Example Customer Lifecycle Prospect Customer Customer Active Customer Recaptured Customer• Where are they in the process?• Segment your list to match.• What obstacle must they overcome?• Match your message to the desired outcome.
  • 9. The All Important WelcomeGoal: Increase newcustomer count &conversions
  • 10. Howdy!Double-click to enter text
  • 11. Welcome, Friend!
  • 12. Lead Down the Path to Conversion
  • 13. Make that First Purchase
  • 14. The Aha! Moment
  • 15. Customer Engagement Ideas: • Surveys • Reviews • Testimonials • Contests • Awards • Loyalty Programs
  • 16. Customer Engagement
  • 17. Customer Appreciation
  • 18. Keep Em LoyalLoyalty programs• Insider programs• Email bonus rewards• Happy Birthday emails• Anniversary emails• Rewards programs/card• Points programs/cards• Mileage programs• Member programs “B2B marketers report most of their new sales come from current customers, but only one-half say their companies have departments that focus primarily on customer retention, according to a survey by Loyalty 360 and SAS.”
  • 19. Get Em Back Email Ideas: • Re-Opt-In • Include a coupon for your product or service • Free Giveaway • New product or service enhancements
  • 20. Reactivation Examples
  • 21. Tell Em You Miss Em
  • 22. TrackBased on your segment, customer position in thelifecycle, and goals, howd you do? Here aresome things to track and measure:• Increased conversions?• Increased revenue?• Increased customer engagement?• Increased buzz and WOM?• Decreased inactive customers?
  • 23. Test• Calls to action• Buttons• From name• Subject line•Preheader• Header, other copy• Offer, positioning• Images, creative• Testimonials
  • 24. Quick Recap• Targeted lifecycle marketing programs are effective• Set your goals based on stages of the relationship• First impressions are everything• How do you get them to the “Aha” moment?• Help overcome obstacles to convert• Tailor your messages• Keep the conversation going• Keep customers happy• If things go sour, get em back• Track, measure, test
  • 25. Resources• VR Marketing Blog• Marketing Sherpa• VR Helpsite• VR Button Builder• Anne Holland - Which TestWon?