Silence and the Word


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A Journey through the Message for World Communications Day 2012

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Silence and the Word

  1. 1. Silence and Word Path of Evangelization A Journey through theWorld Communication Day Message 2012
  2. 2. Silence and the WordA forgotten aspect of communication?
  3. 3. Integration• Alternate and balance silence and the word.• Integrate one with the other.• A proper integration of silence and word allows for authentic dialogue and deep closeness between people
  4. 4. Communicationbreaks down when word and silence becomemutually exclusive giving rise to confusion and darkness.
  5. 5. When word andsilence compliment one another communicationacquires value and meaning
  6. 6. Silence is an integral part of human existence When silence is absent, words rich in content cannot exist.
  7. 7. In silence we canlisten to andunderstand ourselves
  8. 8. In silenceideas areborn anddeepen
  9. 9. Authentic Communication In silence we gain clarity and understanding of: •What we want to say •What we expect from others •How we choose to express ourselves
  10. 10. By keeping silence we allow others to speak
  11. 11. In the practice of silencewe avoid being tied to our own untested point of view.
  12. 12. We create space for mutual listening and deeper human relationships
  13. 13. Facial expressions and body language are how people reveal themselves to one another inlove (or not)
  14. 14. Silence is eloquent Through silence we communicate all of human living: joys, anxieties, sorrows, dreams
  15. 15. Discernment When there is a lot of noise around us, silence is essential for discernment in order to distinguish what is importantfrom what is insignificant or secondary.
  16. 16. Reflection Deeper reflection helps us discover links between events that at first seem unrelated.
  17. 17. Silence and media We can becomemedia mindful when we evaluate informationand analyze messages.
  18. 18. Media mindfulness The person who is media mindful shares thoughtful and relevant opinions.
  19. 19. Create your own media eco-system Balance • Silence • Words • Images • Sound
  20. 20. Searching Today the process of communication is fueled by the search for answers Advice Solutions GoogleInformation Ideas
  21. 21. People are bombarded by answers to questions they have not asked and solutions to needsthey did not know they had
  22. 22. Silence is precious • Silence lets us focus on important questions • Silence helps us exercise discernment
  23. 23. The human condition still seeks existential meaning• Who am I?• Why am I here?• What can I know?• What am I to do?• What may I hope?
  24. 24. • We affirm those who ask these questions when we can give them more than a hasty answer• We then open the possibility for profound dialogue• We call them to silent reflection and to reach into the depths of their being and open themselves to what God has written on their hearts
  25. 25. Questions• The constant flow of questions demonstrates the restlessness of the human heart.• People are constantly searching for truths of lesser or greater import to give meaning to their lives.
  26. 26. We all yearn for truth We cannot rest content with a superficial and unquestioning exchange of skeptical opinions and experiences of life.
  27. 27. “When people exchangeinformation, they are alreadysharing themselves, their view of the world, their hopes, their ideals.”
  28. 28. Pay attention Know websites and social network sites that can helppeople find time for reflection.
  29. 29. Tweet the WordTweets, however, still need the context of a cultivated inner life
  30. 30. We need the silence that becomes contemplation, asilence that introduces us intoGod’s silence and brings us to the point where the redeeming Word is born.
  31. 31. Inner powerContemplation brings forth: • the urgent sense of mission • the compelling obligation to communicate what we have seen and heard • so that all may be one, in communion with God and one another
  32. 32. Silent contemplationContemplationimmerses us in thegrandeur of Godand the source ofLove who directs usto our neighbor.
  33. 33. Silent contemplation• Silence leads us to the eternal Word, the Creator of the world who becomes more present to us.• Contemplation makes us aware of God’s plan being accomplished in history.
  34. 34. Only in the mystery of Jesuscan the restless human heart find peace
  35. 35. In silence we learn“to communicate that which we have seen and heard.” (1 Jn. 1:3)
  36. 36. Impelled by Mystery This mystery impels usto become heralds of hope and salvation and witnesses of that love which promotes human dignity and builds justice and peace
  37. 37. To Mary, whose silence “listens to the Word and causes it toblossom,” I entrust all the work ofevangelization which the Churchundertakes through the means of social communication. - Benedict XVI