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Inspiration. Book Resume


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Inspiration. Book Resume

  1. 1. “INSPIRATION” Resume Dyer, Wayne. María Antonieta Angarita
  2. 2. REFLECTIONS ABOUT INSPIRATION¿Do you feel exited ?¿Do you enjoy your work?¿Do you think the world is a peaceful place?¿Are you in peace yourself?¿Are you kind rather than criticize others?¿Are you usually happy?¿Do you like to play?¿Do you fell euphoric witn children and the elderly?
  3. 3. REFLECTIONS ABOUT INSPIRATION¿Do you love nature?¿Do you think the world is amazing?¿Do you listen rather speak?¿Are you ready to be teacher and student?¿Are you rational and humble?¿Are you accessible?¿Do you think that you have train yourego?¿Do you think people are the same as you?¿Are you open mind?
  4. 4. ¿WHAT DO YOU THINK WHEN YOU FELL YOUR SPIRIT?You brake fenceswith your thoughts Your mind trascends limitationsYou expand your conscience in all directions
  5. 5. ¿WHAT DO YOU FELL WHEN YOU LIVE IN SPIRIT?You find yourself in a new world, great and wonderful The forces, faculties and latent talents come aliveYou discover that you are a largest individual what you imagined
  6. 6. GENEROSITY AND INSPIRATIONGenerosity inspiresothers. We must givewhat we havethat can benefitothers If we are not generous when things are difficult, we wont be when they will be easier
  7. 7. INSPIRATION IS TO LISTEN When we are heard, for a moment who listens to us, has emulated what is felt when we have prayed When we pray, we just want to feel as if we were in contact with someone who cares enough for us to listen• Is realLy quiet who has the ability to talk and do not pronounce no idle word
  8. 8. INSPIRATION IS TO BE IN PEACEThe idea of God is sereneand calm, is inspiration. We must move away from people with little energy and without peace
  9. 9. TO LIVE INPIRED, INSPIRE OTHERS Enthusiasm means : “God is inside us” Living our passion is the way to transmit others how to be in spirit. Living life withexcitement is contagious and incredibly inspiring
  10. 10. THE TRUTH INSPIRES OTHERS You need to liveAnd breath “THRUTH” The honesty is a requirement to live in spiritWhen you hide truthyou are disconnectedfrom the universal source,it’s the idea of God. Muscles weak if you don’t say the the truth. The truth makes you strong.The spirit only creates from the truth.
  11. 11. THE LANGUAJE OF SPIRIT How to recognize when the source communicates with us?Intuition, insight, spiritual acuity, clairvoyance, sixth sense, telepathy ... .. When the student is ready the teacher appears..
  12. 12. FOUR ALIGNMENT MESSAGESSensations alignment:Feeling happy.To be happy and excited is abetter indicator than anymedical outcome. Nature alignment: listening to the wind, animals, clouds, butterflies. Understand the language of love for up telling you the way to the spirit.
  13. 13. FOUR ALIGNMENT MESSAGESAlignment with the events:All events that happen to youhave to do with your alignmentenergy for the moment.You get what you think,either you like it or not.Do not tune into energiesthat are not up toyour spirit.
  14. 14. FOUR ALIGNMENT MESSAGESAlignment with people: It is the energetic connection with others thoughts. The idea of God isn’t preached, you simply live ... ... Every man takes care of not to be deceived or damaged by its neighbor, it is better to understand that he must take care not to damage or deceive his neighbor ...
  15. 15. PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN SPIRITDyer Wayne sais:People who live inspiredand in spirit, are those who shine something difficult to define.However, it is absolutely recognizable when in their presence, are alignedwith the Power Source where we all come from.They practice a spiritual determinant leadership
  16. 16. “INSPIRATION”Dyer, Wayne. Editorial Norma, 2008 María Antonieta Angarita Marzo 2011