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Designing for Silence


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Our products send loads of email messages these days. We can send fewer AND increase engagement.

NOTE: These slides weren't intended as standalone artifacts. I doubt you'

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Designing for Silence

  1. 1. silence designing for
  2. 2. hello
  3. 3. posterous
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  5. 5. not inbox zero
  6. 6. inbox silence
  7. 7. silence
  8. 8. 4’33”
  9. 9. “The pause – that impressive silence, that eloquent silence, that geometrically progressive silence, which often achieves a desired effect where no combination of words, howsoever felicitous, could accomplish it.” – Mark Twain
  10. 10. noise
  11. 11. noise
  12. 12. Strive to make noise onlywhen it improves the silence.
  13. 13. bac’n
  14. 14. How have we gotten here?
  15. 15. Confirm private info Login on the website Click a link in the emailFind the notification in the email Open the email Read the subject line Notify the user
  16. 16. Why are we compelled to keep sending more?
  17. 17. silence
  18. 18. Bundling
  19. 19. Bundling Wisely
  20. 20. Highlight Favorites
  21. 21. Since You’ve Been Gone
  22. 22. bac’n
  23. 23. Don’t forgetthe important stuff.
  24. 24. Stephanie Hay
  25. 25. Don’t beataround the bush.
  26. 26. Nail your metadata.
  27. 27. 1. App or company name in the From line2. Keep the From line to 20-25 chars.3. Specific subject lines
  28. 28. Effective messages are designed messages.
  29. 29. Careful with the promos.
  30. 30. Feedback, please! Find me on Twitter @whafro