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2013-Portfolio Samples

  1. 1. Kevin E. Ford
  2. 2. Kevin E. Ford!Professional Credentials!22CREATIVEPROCESS/ACHIEVEMENTS
  3. 3. Kevin E. Ford!Professional Credentials!33Creative Inspiration !The catalyst for innovationand brainstorming as asource for emerging ideasand creative is inspired fromnew thinking and designsderived from various industrycategories, agenciesconsults and constantly thinkoutside of the box.CREATIVITY / CONCEPTING
  4. 4. Kevin E. Ford!Professional Credentials!44Evaluating Viral Trends!Evaluating and perceivingemerging viral design trends is adriving force to my inspiration,management and direction ofnew innovative projects. Thediffusion of new and acceptedtrends based on consumerinsights and preferences helpsto shape and mold my vision toinspire purchase intent thrucreativity.SOURCE: Packaging Design WorkbookEMERGING TRENDS
  5. 5. Kevin E. Ford!Professional Credentials!55Project Creative Briefs!Brief-to-Retail: Projects begin withthe creation or development of solidmarketing creative briefs capturing the brandessence, brand voice, brand equities,consumer insights, promotional content anddesign objectives for agency direction.Inspiring highly creative solutions requiresand begins with the development of a wellwritten creative brief. Usage of everydayhuman language; not marketing speak that adesigner would not understand.SOURCE: Packaging Design WorkbookPROJECT MANAGEMENT / CREATIVE PROCESS
  6. 6. Kevin E. Ford!Professional Credentials!662012 represented the most important “reinvention”of the Miller Lite franchise since 2003. Designedto revitalize and grow share w/ in the premium lightsegment. Led team “Design” and strategy directionon one of the most accelerated and successfulprojects to leverage brand toolbox in building abolder masculine approach to engage consumers.Packaging redesign over indexed on successcriteria and since T2 2012 launch has garnered (+)STR basis points in franchise growth.MILLER LITE - FRANCHISE REINVENTION / OVERVIEW2012–Miller Lite Franchise Re-Design!PACKAGINGPRINT / POS MEDIA
  7. 7. Kevin E. Ford!Professional Credentials!772012 Miller Lite Packaging Re-Design!Based on the ever-changing competitive landscape coupledwith Millenials evolving and outpacing GenXers andBoomers in purchase behaviors and choices, the 2012Packaging redesign over indexed on every measure in itsdesign attributes and success criteria. 2012 3rd Qtr. Resultssince the launch has demonstrated significant (+) STR basispoints change in franchise growth. The shift to a clean, morecontemporary dynamic graphics with bold brandingdemonstrated a powerful billboard effect that drivespurchase . The move to a darker blue color palette dials upmasculinity while introducing a larger glass dialing up theappetite appeal and “taste” communication.MILLER LITE - FRANCHISE REINVENTION / PACKAGING RESEARCH2011201642%61%THE CONSUMER IS EVOLVING
  8. 8. Kevin E. Ford!Professional Credentials!8MILLER LITE - FRANCHISE REINVENTION / GLASS INNOVATION2012 Miller Lite Packaging !Re-Design/Vortex Bottle!Designed and managed theglobal brand re-stage for MillerLite franchise Packaging andBrand Identity in 2012, 2009,2007, and 2004 revitalizing theoverall look/feel of the Miller Litebrand franchise for all ATL andBTL media throughout stage ofevolution of the brand. In 2011,the launch of the new ML Vortexbottle innovation, was therecipient of the regional (US)Mercatus Award forstrengthening mainstreambrands through distinctivepositioning and integratedcommercial programs .2012 label graphics signaledfranchise change to bold newgraphics and new color paletteconveying shift to moremasculine positioning.820122008
  9. 9. Kevin E. Ford!Professional Credentials!992012 Miller Lite - Promotional Packaging!In 2012, led the vision and architecture in thedeveloping a new comprehensive set ofpromotional packaging guidelines for MillerLite franchise streamlining to a more simplifiedand “consistent” delivery brand messagingcreating a more effective consumershoppability while to protect revitalized brandequities. New guidelines strengthened systemengagement amongst key distributorstakeholders to help elevate franchise growth.Consistent look/feel of new guidelines helpedto support strategic vision to reduce andconsolidate the volume of regional programsthat could negatively impact franchise (ROI).MILLER LITE - FRANCHISE REINVENTION / PROMOTIONAL PACKAGINGT2 NFL Football PackagingExamples of Sports Alliance/Event Pkg.
  10. 10. Kevin E. Ford!Professional Credentials!1010Miller Lite - Brand Evolution !Design Asset management of theMiller Lite Packaging re-designprojects from 2004, 2007 and2009, thru 2012 protecting andstrengthening the brand equitiesas the brands positioning evolved.Led direction in protecting acareful balance in maintaining asubtle yet powerful evolutionaryshift in the Brand ID toolboxleveraged throughout all aspectsof Above the line and Below theline Advertising media, Packagingand Perm POS.PACKAGING EVOLUTION1974 1980 1985 1989 1998 2003 2008 20122012 2003 2007 2009 2008 2011
  11. 11. Kevin E. Ford!Professional Credentials!1111Miller Lite - Aluminum Pint!Led overall design direction inspiring the(new) 2010 Aluminum 16oz. Pint bottlebased on the brand s repositioning of tasteand masculinity within the premium lightcategory. The design approach andarchitecture of this new re-sealable(innovative) aluminum structure capturedand supported the brand s proposition toreinforce consumers choice in “taste” andthe new “Man UP” advertising campaignreinforcing masculinity .PACKAGING INNOVATION
  12. 12. Kevin E. Ford!Professional Credentials!1212Miller Lite - Visual Identity Guidelines!Designed, authored and led the overall foundation and vision for Miller Lite franchise Visual identitysystem and brand standards in 2004, 2007, 2009, and 2012. The development of this comprehensivesystem of brand assets, backgrounds and usage guidelines are the guiding principles enforced andembraced by the organization, agency partners, distributors and all field personnel. The 2011 Miller LiteVisual identity guidelines 2nd edition was a key driver in controlling brand equities and was theculmination and streamlining of existing assets to a new and more consistent set of standards.BRAND STANDARDS / VISUAL ID SYSTEMS20122010
  13. 13. Kevin E. Ford!Professional Credentials!Miller Lite – Promotional Packaging Guidelines!Designed and led the foundation and vision for the development of a comprehensive Miller LitePromotional Packaging guidelines system for all trimester programs. This templated system wasdesigned to maintain consistent look/feel of brand equities w/ out sacrificing or diluting the brandingover time. The 2011 guidelines are the guiding principles aspect of the 360˚ marketing activation for allNatl. or Regional Retail promotional programs.PROMOTIONAL PACKAGING / RETAIL STANDARDS132010
  14. 14. Kevin E. Ford!Professional Credentials!1414Brand Standards / Visual Identity Guidelines!Designed and led the development of various Brand Standards manuals and Logo guidelines including the recent MillerCoors® corporateBrand Standards based on the 2007 joint venture. Majority of work went into the comprehensive development, care and asset maintenanceof the 2 lead focus brand standards - Miller Lite, Miller Genuine Draft.BRAND STANDARDS / VISUAL ID SYSTEMS
  15. 15. Kevin E. Ford!Professional Credentials!1515Lite / MGD - Promotional Packaging Guidelines !Presented and led the vision and architecture in the developing a comprehensive set ofpromotional packaging guidelines for Miller Lite and Miller Genuine Draft franchises to protect andmaintain consistent brand equities throughout the variety of regional and national promotionalprograms. Recent guidelines helped to validate and support the development of superior promopkg. in the marketplace efforts in the (ROI) of managing over $25M and 127 successful retailpromo packaging launches that led sustainable growth for the brand’s promotional sponsorshipstowards annual sports/event programs such as NFL, MLB, NBA, NASCAR Racing .PROMOTIONAL PACKAGING GUIDELINES2010
  17. 17. Kevin E. Ford!Professional Credentials!1717Led development of InnovationSuccess Formula model which isgrounded in testing the Right Ideasto drive purchase intent which areclearly anchored in the brand’spositioning, driven by compellingconsumer insights, dramatized by apoint of difference vs. competition,and provide a reason to believe orfunctional benefit. This insight-driven validation process is a provento deliver profitable results.PACKAGING INNOVATIONSInnovation Process!
  18. 18. Kevin E. Ford!Professional Credentials!1818Innovation Ideation/Launch !In 2012, led designdirection and namingnomenclature for the newPunchTop® Caninnovation featuring asecondary openingmechanism delivering asmooth pour deliverysystem for better tastepalette. First months ofthe national launchgenerated huge systemengagement andsignificant positive salesresults validating the highpositive scores from thePre-innovation conceptresearch phases.PACKAGING INNOVATIONSPunchTop® Can Innovation:Secondary Opening Allows Great Taste to Flow Right OutT2 2012 Launch - PTC Can Sales were up +16% vs. YTD PlanIDEATION PLATFORMS
  19. 19. Kevin E. Ford!Professional Credentials!1919Miller Lite Innovation - Home Draft Unit!PACKAGING INNOVATIONSDesigned the innovative In-Home product introduction of a 5.7 literMiller Lite Home Draft dispensing CO2 unit designed to target homeuse occasions. This patented home draft unit design was a verysuccessful breakthrough innovations product launch in 2009reinforcing the brands taste positioning. As a competitive advantageagainst Heineken, this secondary keg container was designed to drivevelocity by selling the unit cold in the cooler zone area in addition toselling as floor case displays in retail beer caves.HEINEKEN HOMEKEGBUDWEISER - BUD BALL
  20. 20. Kevin E. Ford!Professional Credentials!2020Miller Lite Innovation – 24oz. Football Tactile Grip Can!Designed the new innovative 2011 T2 MillerLite Football grip can as an strategic opportunityto drive incremental volume based on consumerpreference and insights of Miller Lite’s Taste and“masculinity” positioning in key channelsegments and reinforce promotional footballgraphics as a functional reason-to-believe (RTB)amongst KBDs. This Miller Lite aluminum caninnovation was the 1st industry can to introducethis new raised (tactile ink) technology in theU.S. which Ball Corp. recently launched only inEurope.PACKAGING INNOVATIONS
  21. 21. Kevin E. Ford!Professional Credentials!2121Miller Lite Innovation – 24oz. Soccer Grip Can!Designed the next evolution of the national Soccerpromotional program launch with a 2012 Miller Lite ChivasMexican Soccer grip can as an additional strategic plank toaccompany the multipacks for this Big Rock initiative. Keyinsights show Hispanic consumers prefer the 24oz. Can sizewhich tested well surrounding the use occasion of homesoccer events amongst friends and family.PACKAGING INNOVATIONS
  22. 22. Kevin E. Ford!Professional Credentials!2222Miller Genuine Draft!In 2006, managed and led the team in creativedevelopment of the new Miller Genuine Draftpackaging redesign launch supporting arepositioned franchise to reflect the brand s offer ofmainstream sophistication. MGD was premiumpositioned to be the “signature” brand of thecompany portfolio. Both MGD primary andsecondary packaging won the 2006 Best NewPackaging Impact Award. And in 2007, the newpackaging was also awarded the prestigiousFrederick Miller President s Award for MarketingImpact and Packaging Excellence for redesignedpackaging as well as the SABMIller MercatusAward for Global Packaging launch.PACKAGING RE-STAGE
  23. 23. Kevin E. Ford!Professional Credentials!2323Miller High Life !With a brand steeped in the rich heritageand tradition as Miller Brewing Co. 1stmajor domestic beer developed in 1903,I managed and led the team in creativedevelopment of the new Miller High Lifepackaging redesign launch supportingthe brands return to a classic yetsimplified contemporary look/feel.Recognized in 2010, the new MHL was“One of Americas Best Re-Brands” forprimary and secondary packaging.PACKAGING RE-STAGE
  24. 24. Kevin E. Ford!Professional Credentials!2424Miller High Life !Harking back to Miller High Life s infamous post-warPin-Up Girl campaigns, led the art direction andcreative development of a series of Miller High LifeSingle Serve Pin-Up Girl 24oz. Can designs and printads featuring three different ethnic American girls(Caucasian, Hispanic and African-American) to drivevelocity in culturally high-propensity geographicmarkets. These new can designs were a integralaspect of the overall 360˚ activation.PACKAGING
  25. 25. Kevin E. Ford!Professional Credentials!2525PREVIOUS EQUITY PREVIOUS PROMOTIONALMiller High Life !Inspired Brand to re-evaluate and move to a classiccontemporary approach for the 2010 Miller High Life secondarypackaging by losing the clutter and focusing on utilizing existingequities with the essential tools of bold branding, color blocking,and elevating of the story and importance of the “Girl in theMoon” icon. Leveraging simple recognizable icons for the“Extras- Get the Goods” promo packaging was a successfulturnaround from the former extremely busy packaging at retail.PACKAGING RE-STAGE
  26. 26. Kevin E. Ford!Professional Credentials!2626PRINTPrint / Collateral!Creative development of ahigh-volume of consumerprint advertising campaignswith years of experience indesign, art direction,managing photo shoots,post-production andprepress knowledgedelivering great results.
  27. 27. Kevin E. Ford!Professional Credentials!2727Out-of-Home Billboards / Signage!OUT OF HOME BILLBOARDSCreative development of manyconsumer Out-of-Home ad campaignsand Venue signage with years ofoutdoor media experience in design,art direction, and innovative 2-dimensional and 3-dimensionalcreative solutions. Utilized crossfunctional sphere of influencemanagement to create alignment b/wBrand Mgt. and agency partners tobest understand the power of goodOOH advertising and how print oftentimes does not translate well into thismedium in the mist of more onlinedigital marketing.
  28. 28. Kevin E. Ford!Professional Credentials!2828Permanent Point of Sale / Signage!PERMANENT POSVisionary industrial design andbrand art direction of hundredsof 2D and 3D permanent POSmerchandising materials andsignage developed based onretailer and consumer insightsunderstanding the channelneeds for the various classesof trade for Miller Lite, MillerGenuine Draft, and Miller HighLife.
  29. 29. Kevin E. Ford!Professional Credentials!2929Creative art direction of many3-Dimensional Perm POSmerchandising prototype items.Led the visualization based onbranded style guide in additionto the industrial designdirection w/ management andcore suppliers on how todevelop this new innovativeopen cooler refrigerator unitdesigned for the ML HomeDraft Keg unit. Collaborativeprocess of Design Mgr. leadinginternal/external functionalgroups inspiring fresh designideas to fill merchandising gapsin certain classes of trade.Permanent POS Merchandise!PERMANENT POS
  30. 30. Kevin E. Ford!Professional Credentials!3030Environmental Design!INDUSTRIAL DESIGNArt director / industrial designer of 3Ddesigns and floor plans for companybrand trade show environments andvarious retail class of tradeenvironments .
  32. 32. Kevin E. Ford!Professional Credentials!3232Gatorade!PACKAGINGIn 1994, managed and art directed thepackaging re-stage of the worldwidepackaging redesign implementation ofthe #1 Quaker Oats franchise, GatoradeThirst Quencher brand. The domestic andinternational launch was the firstinstrumental change to contemporizeGatorade franchise. This project was alsoa structural substrate change from glassto plastic and while boldly differentiatingan expansion to new flavors reinforcingthe brand s #1 thirst quenchingpositioning. This global launch was highlysuccessful and led to years ofsustainable growth.
  33. 33. Kevin E. Ford!Professional Credentials!3333Gatorade!PACKAGINGThe ‘94 contemporaryGatorade Packaging re-stage was extendedacross the various typesof professional (sports)and consumerpackaging formulas,structures andpackaging substrates.
  34. 34. Kevin E. Ford!Professional Credentials!3434PACKAGING INNOVATIONGatorade Sports Bottle!Designed and introduced the first plasticsqueezable 20oz. sports bottle forGatorade Thirst Quencher brandtargeting the young active lifestyleconsumers . This innovative squeezablere-sealable bottle design and structuresucceeded in opening a all new segmentw/ in the beverage category.
  35. 35. Kevin E. Ford!Professional Credentials!3535PACKAGINGKen-L Ration!Designed and revitalized themainstream Ken-L Ration GravyTrain Pet food franchise for NorthAmerican launch to reinforce thebig, bold product of consumerchoice and preference for large dogowners. Art direction and design ofKen-L Ration sub-brand extension“The Cycle Plan” introducing anutritional healthy choice line ofproduct designed for the variousstages of a dog s life.
  36. 36. Kevin E. Ford!Professional Credentials!3636Quaker Rice Cakes!In 1993, designed the firstintroductory line of flavoredQuaker Rice Cakes packagingdesigned to attract the healthylow-calorie alternative consumer.The bold branding and strong useof color to differentiate b/w theflavors led to a highly successfulproduct launch and expansion tomore new flavors.PACKAGING
  37. 37. Kevin E. Ford!Professional Credentials!3737Pounce Cat Treats!Designed the introductory line of crunchytartar-controlled Pounce Cat Treatspackaging designed to create a newcategory of healthy cat snacks to cleancat teeth. This simple and fun designapproach of introducing 2 natural flavorswas launched initially in various testmarkets before national rollout garneringpositive lift and ROI to support nationalrollout. Consumer insights supportedrationale in our development of a small“shakable” container as the key signal forpet owners to call their cats for themedical treat.PACKAGING
  38. 38. Kevin E. Ford!Professional Credentials!3838Aunt Jemima!In ‘93, managed the cultural re-branding of the Aunt Jemimaspokesperson icon and re-vitalization to produce updatedpackaging. Led the design team inconcert w/ consumer insights toembark on a 40 yr. historicalQuaker Oats analysis of the racialconnotations, color, inflection,tonality and presentation of theAunt Jemima female icon whichwas key component in developinga positively-accepted packagedesign in the marketplace.PACKAGING
  40. 40. Kevin E. Ford!Professional Credentials!4040INDUSTRIAL DESIGNLed team design exploration anddevelopment ideating various concepts onlarge format supermarket check-out countersystems. Vision and methodologies utilizedwere how to design/integrate a moreinspiring and efficient way for consumershopping experience and ease at point ofpurchase.Supermarket Checkout !Counter Systems!CONCEPT- 1CONCEPT- 2FINAL CONCEPTIDEATION
  41. 41. Kevin E. Ford!Professional Credentials!4141Modular Wheel Chair Scale!INDUSTRIAL DESIGNDesigned lightweight/flexible weighing apparatus or modular Wheel Chair Scaledesigned to weigh patients and wheelchair to obtain accurate weight readings whenparalyzed patients are unable to be weighed on traditional scales in hospitals. TheHeight adjustable Cross beam w/ dual wheel rails are designed to lower and releaserails allowing chair to ride onto track and lock into position for appropriate weighinganalysis. Design concepts and explorations was built on researching an emerging needfor weighing patients more efficiently in clinic and emergency room environments
  42. 42. Kevin E. Ford!Professional Credentials!4242INDUSTRIAL DESIGNDesigned a high-tech modular digital sewing machine unitdeveloped for spacing saving considerations filling a consumerneed for reinventing the look/feel of sewing machines as acompliment to home decors and environments. Unit can bestored efficiently in room, closet or work areas.Modular Sewing Station Storing Unit!
  43. 43. Kevin E. Ford!Professional Credentials!4343BBRRAANNDD // CCRREEAATTIIVVEE AACCCCOOUUNNTT LLIISSTT!Miller LiteMiller Genuine DraftMiller Genuine Draft LightMGD 64Miller High LifeMiller High Life LightMilwaukee s BestMilwaukee s Best LightGatorade Thirst QuencherAunt Jemima SyrupAunt Jemima PancakesRice-A-RoniQuaker Puff Rice CerealQuaker 100% Natural CerealQuaker Cap n Crunch CerealQuaker Rice CakesKen-L Ration Gravy TrainKen-L Ration Kibbles N BitsPounce Cat treatsSnausages
  44. 44. Kevin E. Ford!Professional Credentials!KEVIN E. FORD7626 W. KNIGHTSBRIDGE DRIVE, MEQUON, WI 53097, 414-350-3563 KEVIN.FORD@MILLERCOORS.COM / KEVINEFORD@ATT.NETThank You!