Cloud Performance Monitoring: Medtronic's CareLink(R) Cloud Application


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Keynote Systems presentation at Gartner Infrastructure & Operations Management Summit 2011

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  • Credit Card Index - The standard Keynote Credit Card Web Transaction begins by the measurement agents entering the credit card’s respective Web site through its credit card home page 2) logging on to a credit card account. (Keynote has established standard consumer credit card accounts at all measured credit card companies.)The transaction then looks at the recent charge info in the account. The next step in the transaction is to log out. Demonstration accounts or other non-standard accounts are not used for these measurements.Retail Electronics - The standard Keynote Online Retail transaction begins by entering the retail´s Web home page searching for an itemadding it to the shopping cartproceeding to check out without logging on to an account.Apparel – The standard Keynote Online Retail transaction begins by entering the retail´s Web home page and searching for an item, adding it to the shopping cart, and proceeding to check out without logging on to an account.
  • 3 factors to understand why cloud apps behave badly:App Construction – 50 to 60 objects on a page; it take a tollConnection Speeds – we need to understand what are the speeds of our users (eg., Plex Systems, ERP mfg systems, realized that its customers were regularly in 2G zones)Cloud Architecture is often a hybrid - Public Cloud (at top) involves db and storage interfacing with private clouds
  • Cloud Infrastructure – public, private, hybrid models – all require SLAs and benchmarksOrganizational Boundaries – not a trivial problem for those of you working across multiple office or regions; maybe the business made some (outsoucing/app) decisions that you are now just finding out aboutBusiness Transactions – It’s not about pages, but transaction steps users go through. As with the B2C examples, we need to understand how long it is taking to complete a typical taskRich UIs – More flash, JS cause slow downs; there are ways to solve using asynchronous transactions End Users – Mobility, great, but it makes them a moving target “why can’t I get the same access at all times?”Devices – device/browser combo more important than ever
  • Further you are, the more latency. But having multiple data centers is expensive.
  • Networks are complex and with the cloud as a tool it helps to think of these different elements different logical components, each which requires monitoring. Your network will have many if not all of these. Logical components include:Users – who and where? DSL? T-1 Office? Int’l mobile (oh and how about those telecom costs?)CDNs - helping deliver content . . . Consistently?Private Clouds – One of our customers has taken 1 data center our of several and move it into the cloud (i.e., cloud platform)Intra Cloud communication, e.g. between geographical distributed locations and regional data center clusters3rd parties who can deliver content direct to your users and/or to your serversPublic CloudsNOC(s): Must be able to communicate with your clouds, especially critical when spawning new resources on an as needed basis. And triage quicklyNeed to address these elements
  • Needs to be bullet proof, just has to be upPatient follow-up with a focus on clinic efficiencyIt’s not a website or cloud svc, it’s a patient system – that’s what Medtronic’s commitment to patientsProduct quality not svc levels
  • Latency issues – external service provider (CDN) accelerationNew product demands requiring reach outside the datacenterComplexity of deployment – global, many service providersCustomer demand faster response but more platforms (mobile challenge)
  • 1 – monitoring Medtronic service providers (e.g., messaging) from inside the DC2 – monitoring application (DC) from proximity to end user3 – integrating all monitoring data into EMS for diagnostics (where is the problem occurring?) and smart alerts
  • 1) Monitor as frequently as possible and from many locations2) Monitor while you are conducting ‘real world load testing’ (not inside the lab)3) Performance varies across browsers and devices
  • Cloud Performance Monitoring: Medtronic's CareLink(R) Cloud Application

    1. 1. Turbocharge Your Business with a High Performance Cloud<br />How Medtronic’s CareLink® Cloud Application Delights Doctors Worldwide<br />Anshu Agarwal – Vice President of Marketing Keynote Systems<br />Brent Pierson– Senior Principal IT Technologist Medtronic<br />
    2. 2. What’s Up With the Cloud?<br />2<br />Performance still matters, cloud or not.<br />© 2011 Keynote Systems, Inc.<br />This one we all know about.<br />What about these?<br /><ul><li>CRM
    3. 3. marketing automation system
    4. 4. HRS
    5. 5. Your customer facing application</li></ul>Understanding performance is the first step. And so is setting SLAs.<br />
    6. 6. State of Cloud SLAs<br />“Cloud service providers typically make minimal guarantees of service level.” <br /><ul><li>Service availability is measured at the door of a cloud provider's server room.
    7. 7. Service unavailability for less than five minutes is not included in the calculations.
    8. 8. Scheduled and emergency downtime for maintenance may not be considered in downtime calculations.
    9. 9. Proof of unavailability is the customer's responsibility. Documenting that proof can be time-consuming, and the results may be open to interpretation.
    10. 10. The penalty for unavailability is minimal.
    11. 11. Performance is often not measured at all and is not included in the SLA. The ability to establish a connection, however poorly performing, may be taken as evidence of the cloud service being “up.” </li></ul>3<br />Gartner Research <br />© 2011 Keynote Systems, Inc.<br />Source: Gartner, Eric Siegel<br />
    12. 12. Lessons from B2C<br />4<br />The Past is Prologue<br />© 2011 Keynote Systems, Inc.<br />“2 second rule”<br /><ul><li>47% of consumers expect a Web page to load in 2 seconds or less (perceived load time)
    13. 13. 40% would abandon if it takes more than 3 seconds</li></li></ul><li>About Keynote<br />The global leader in Internet and mobile cloud monitoring. <br /><ul><li>Founded May 1995
    14. 14. Public, NASDAQ: “KEYN”
    15. 15. 2,800 customers
    16. 16. On-demand infrastructure of over 3,000 measurement computers and mobile devices in more than 275 locations around the world</li></ul>© 2011 Keynote Systems, Inc.<br />5<br />
    17. 17. Cloud Apps Behave Badly<br />6<br />© 2011 Keynote Systems, Inc.<br />Global Connection Speeds<br />Cloud Architecture<br />Application Construction<br />
    18. 18. Cloud App Design Impacts Performance<br />7<br />© 2011 Keynote Systems, Inc.<br />Cloud Infrastructure<br />Organizational Boundaries<br />Business Transactions<br />Rich UIs<br />End Users<br />Device Capabilities<br />
    19. 19. Geography Matters<br />8<br />© 2011 Keynote Systems, Inc.<br />Business 40 Index<br />Further you are from a data center = Latency<br />
    20. 20. 7 Deadly Segments of a Cloud Architecture<br />9<br />© 2011 Keynote Systems, Inc.<br />5<br />Application Clouds<br />1<br />2<br />Mobile Marketing<br />CDN<br />Private Cloud<br />3<br />East Coast2<br />East Coast 1<br />West Coast 2<br />West Coast 1<br />Consumers<br />Social Widgets<br />Ads<br />4<br />Business Users<br />6<br />Public Cloud<br />Employees<br />NOC<br />7<br />
    21. 21. Application Clouds<br />Mobile Marketing<br />East Coast 1<br />East Coast 2<br />West Coast 1<br />West Coast 2<br />Social Widgets<br />Ads<br />Public Cloud<br />Watch Your Bottlenecks<br />10<br />© 2011 Keynote Systems, Inc.<br />Third-Party Content<br />CDN<br />Private Cloud<br />Backend APIs<br />Inside versus Outside Comparison<br />Consumers<br />Intra DC Connections<br />Measure from Customer Locations<br />Hybrid Clouds<br />Measure from Employee Locations<br />Management APIs<br />NOC<br />
    22. 22. The Cloud Impacts All Aspects of Our Lives<br /><ul><li>Leading Internet-based device follow-up system to help physicians and patients better manage chronic cardiovascular disease treated by implantable device therapy, such as pacemakers and implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs)
    23. 23. Secure 24/7 access to a wide range of trended reports offering information comparable to an in-office visit
    24. 24. Over 600,000 patients enrolled with more than 5800 cardiology clinics in 30 countries</li></ul>11<br />Medtronic CareLink®<br />© 2011 Keynote Systems, Inc.<br />
    25. 25. CareLink® Cloud Application<br />12<br />Medtronic’s Journey to a Bullet-proof Service Worthy of the Medtronic Brand<br />© 2011 Keynote Systems, Inc.<br />
    26. 26. CareLink® Cloud Application Monitoring<br />13<br />© 2011 Keynote Systems, Inc.<br />1<br />Medtronic Service Providers<br />San Francisco<br />Medtronic Datacenters<br />London<br />The Netherlands<br />United States<br />Mobile<br />Milwaukee<br />Germany<br />3<br />Japan<br />2<br />Boston<br />Enterprise Management System<br />3<br />Internet Cloud<br />
    27. 27. Application Clouds<br />Mobile Marketing<br />East Coast 1<br />East Coast 2<br />West Coast 1<br />West Coast 2<br />Social Widgets<br />Ads<br />Public Cloud<br />CareLink® Services & Monitoring Segments <br />14<br />© 2011 Keynote Systems, Inc.<br />3rd Party & Owned Web Content<br />CDN<br />Private Cloud<br />Messaging (voice, text)<br />Facsimile<br />Inside versus Outside Comparison<br />Consumers<br />Campus and<br />WAN<br />Messaging<br />(E-mail)<br />Measure from Customer Regions<br />(UI)<br />Measure from Customer Regions<br />(Services)<br />NOC<br />
    28. 28. Delighting Doctors With Speedy Patient Data<br /><ul><li>End-user perspective (outside)
    29. 29. Keynote Public agents: U.S., U.K.
    30. 30. Mobile, Desktop
    31. 31. Datacenter perspective (inside)
    32. 32. Keynote Cloud Application Perspective agents: U.S., NED</li></ul>15<br />© 2011 Keynote Systems, Inc.<br />
    33. 33. 24x7 Cloud Monitoring Must Haves<br />16<br />© 2011 Keynote Systems, Inc.<br />Monitor cloud segments externally and internally<br />Monitoring alongside stress testing of applications<br />Across browsers and mobile devices<br />
    34. 34. “Best of the Best” Focus on Performance <br />17<br />© 2011 Keynote Systems, Inc.<br />Keynote “Business 40”<br />
    35. 35. Thank You<br />18<br />Anshu Agarwal<br /><br /><br />Brent Pierson<br /><br /><br />© 2011 Keynote Systems, Inc.<br />