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The event will also include breakfast, lunch, expo hall, plenty of networking, and acocktail and networking hour.About the...
Presenters are requested to provide educational handouts. Please do not submit aproposal if you are unable or unwilling to...
Part I: CategoryMy Presentation Suggestion addresses cost cutting or increased efficiencies in thefollowing area:___      ...
Part V: Presentation SpecificsPlease briefly describe the measurable business results achieved, as per the casestudy you w...
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3rdgcf call for speakers


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3rdgcf call for speakers

  1. 1. Interested in Sponsoring Contact Keith Fiveson, Co-Chair @ 212-463-0043 or kfiveson@itesa.comCall for SpeakersIMT’s 3rd Global ContactForum (3rdGCF)www.globalcontactforum.comWhen: March 12, 13, 14, 2012Where: Mexico City, Mexico, Banamax CenterPlease submit by: October 30th, 2011The IMT Contact Forum is pleased to announce its “Call for Speakers” for our 2012Global ContactForum and Expo, back for a thrird year by popular demand. The IMTencourages interested individuals and companies to submit presentation proposalsby completing and returning the application attached.About the EventThe 3rd Global ContactForum, is the international gathering event of ContactCenter, Customer Contact & BPO professionals from around the world. Yearly, theycome together in Mexico City to network, share knowledge, discuss industrychallenges, showcase new technologies and present the best practices. Over 1,800people, from 22 countries came together.The theme for the 2012 edition is the Digital & Mobile Customer Experience and itsrole in the future of customer contact. Focusing on digital, mobile, tweeters andmembers of the social CRM community, and the influence on contact centers, toserve the demanding, discriminating new mobile, digital customer, anywhere,anytime, on any device in this age of mobility.technologies and solutions available.We are seeking: • Participants for multiple panels (topics listed below) • Keynote presentersThis year’s theme will be Digital and Mobile Customer Experiences, CustomerCare, Social Media, Technology enablers. We are soliciting speaking proposals that specifically address the use of digital, mobile, social media, customer care and how to enhance customer relatiosnhips via contact centers. Case studies with ROI (hard numbers) will be a valued component of every accepted submission. Direct customer / user participation is strongly recommended.Individual panel speakers will be given approximately 10 minutes to present theirsolution and explain how it cuts costs to “set the stage” for our interactive Q&A.Solution panels may be grouped by technology type or cost / efficiency addressed,as determined by event committee based on speaker submissions.
  2. 2. The event will also include breakfast, lunch, expo hall, plenty of networking, and acocktail and networking hour.About the IMT: The 3rd Global ContactForum is organized by the InstitutoMexicano de Teleservicios, IMT, Latin America’s leading Contact Center institution.This is the 15th consecutive edition of our successful international flagship event,the ContactForum, which we have evolved into a truly worldwide gathering.Chairperson: The Chairperson of the 3rd Global ContactForum is Maria EugeniaGarcia, President and CEO of the IMT. Maria Eugenia is one of the most admiredand influential figures in the Latin American Contact Center sphere.Co-Chair: The 3rd Global ContactForum is Co-Chaired by a respected ContactCenter professional and consultant, Keith Fiveson, CEO of IT Enabled ServicesAlliance, Inc. (ITESA). Keith is an expert in his field in their fields and brings to the3rd Global ContactForum his vast experience, deep knowledge of the industry andnetwork of contacts.Our Mission: To expand business opportunities through global contact centerprofessional networking, advance professional education and promote digital,mobile and social media throughout the call center.Submission of abstracts: Please be aware that all submissions will be consideredcarefully for inclusion in the event program, but this does not guaranteeacceptance.Speaker Requirements (Important-Please Read Carefully)The IMT speaker board relies on many criteria in addition to relevance, historicalspeaking scores, and references from its members. The IMT is also looking toshowcase exhibitors and sponsors. Preference and consideration will be given toindividuals with a demonstrated commitment to the organization once content hasbeen considered.The IMT requires that all information be presented in an educational, non-commercial, non-self promotional manner. Promotional presentations willadversely affect future speaking opportunities. Sponsor and exhibitor opportunitiesare available that offer an appropriate channel for promotion. Speakers who arealso exhibitors may briefly direct attendees to their display at the close of theirpresentation.Sponsors who submit speaker proposals that meet the requirements detailed herewill also receive preferential consideration.
  3. 3. Presenters are requested to provide educational handouts. Please do not submit aproposal if you are unable or unwilling to provide educational handouts (outlines,slide summaries, etc.)Speakers that are selected are expected to speak. This means that if organizationalchanges, availability, or other reasons cause the speaker to be unable to speak, theIMT in its sole discretion will determine whether to cancel a session, change thespeaker, or make other arrangements.Criteria for Evaluation (Important-Please Read Carefully)Event delegates attend the 3rd Global ContactForum to gain access to timely,informative, leading edge information and education that can be found nowhereelse. They use this information to shape business practice, improve performanceand knowledge, and make technology purchasing decisions.Individual topics are selected based on demonstrated audience interest and synergywith overall panel topic. Innovation, originality and timeliness of material are alsoconsiderations.Selected speakers are required to provide a 100 word biographical summary andheadshot photograph for marketing purposes. Proposals should be accompanied bya brief company description, especially for vendors. Additional supporting literature-company brochures, whitepapers, articles, etc. are also welcomed if your companyis sponsoring (in which case you’ll have your own table display and showcase.)Please note that all speaking positions are unpaid and speakers are responsible fortheir own travel expenses to and from the event. Speakers will, however, attendthe event for free.Contact Information: The following contact information will be used to confirmreceipt of your proposal and notify you if the proposal has been selected.____________________________________________________Name_____________________________________________________Title_____________________________________________________Company______________________________________________________Street______________________________________________________City State Zip Country _______________________________________________________Telephone Email
  4. 4. Part I: CategoryMy Presentation Suggestion addresses cost cutting or increased efficiencies in thefollowing area:___ Digital / Mobile / Social Media in the Contact Center___ Contact Center Operations Cost Cutting___ Training / Hiring / Employee Management(including At Home)___ Agent / Call Handling Efficiencies___ Supervisor Efficiencies___ Cost Effective Tools to Meet Security and Privacy Mandates___ Customer Self Service___ Customer Experience & Loyalty___ OtherPart II: Presentation TitlePlease provide title suggestions for your presentation. The titles should be benefitfocused and pique the curiosity of potential attendees.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Part III: Presentation ContentPlease briefly outline the educational content of your proposed presentation.Descriptions should be concise, specific and clearly define the benefit to thepotential audience.___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Part IV: Guarantee CopyPlease list one - two specific guarantees that you can make to session attendees.___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  5. 5. Part V: Presentation SpecificsPlease briefly describe the measurable business results achieved, as per the casestudy you will present.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Thank you for your interest in speaking at the 3rd Global Contact Center, in MexicoCity, Mexico! If you have questions, please contact Keith Fiveson via email( or by telephone (212-463-0043).Please return your completed proposal to Keith Fiveson by email (212-463-0043) no later than October 30th, 2011. If you know of others who may bequalified to speak on one of these topics, feel free to forward this Call forSpeakers.