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Integrating technology into the classroom
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Integrating technology into the classroom


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Ideas brought to your by AmpliVox To view the full article, visit in-classroom.html
  • 2. Reason #1 Students love it!!!
  • 3. Reason #2 It engages the four key components of learning:  Active Engagement  Participation in Groups  Frequent Interaction and Feedback  Connection to Real World Experts
  • 4. Reason #3 Professional Development Using new technologies allow students to learn another skill set that will help them in the marketplace.
  • 5. Reason #4 Makes Life Easier for Teachers Teachers have to juggle a variety of tasks outside of teaching including planning lessons, grading, meeting with parents, and some administrative work.
  • 6. Reason #5 Improves Test Scores Improved test scores comes from reaching different learning styles through the use of technology. The use of electronic drilling in education can help students learn quickly and provide incentives like games for them to keep progressing.
  • 7. Reason #6 It Helps Students with Low Attention Spans Students with ADD or ADHD can be aided through the use of technology by mixing up the learning process with different methods and through providing them engaging activities to keep their interest.
  • 8. Reason #7 Learn From the Experts With the an increasing amount of free resources available on the internet, you can engage your students with content from the smartest and best teachers in the world.
  • 9. Reason #8 Encourages Completing Homework Students who want to go home and unwind after school are not usually eager to put their head in a book but would rather spend time on the internet playing games or Facebooking. Why not engage students through the internet and games? Seeing an interesting tweet or Facebook post. could encourage them to continue learning even when their homework is done.
  • 10. Reason #9 Save Money Although using new technology normally has an initial investment, it will save schools by multiplying the number of teachers in a classroom.
  • 11. Reason #10 Remove Obstacles Do you have students who have trouble hearing? Using a classroom amplifier system can allow teachers to amplify their voices and speak at a comfortable level so students are able to hear teachers without strain.