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This is a really wonderful system followed in erp. this provides a detailed view of the various departments involved in the process. I'll be uploading much detailed files also in which the departments are discussed in detail. - - Thanks to Mr. Arvind Singh (CEO- aSoft Solutions) to allow mw post this thing.

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Erp system f test

  1. 1. 4, 1st Floor, Dharmpal Awana Mkt., Atta, Sector-27, Noida (U.P) - 201301, INDIA Phone - 91-120-3918622 Cell - 91-9810514593, 91-9350461587, 91-9873449998 E-mail - website - aSoft Solutions (An innovative technology)
  2. 2. aSoft Solutions BAIS V2.0 Page 2 of 25 Issue Date : 23-03-2010 Alteration Date: 00-00-0000 TABLE OF CONTENT Page PART – 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Computer’s Layout 3 1.5 H/W & S/W Requirement 3 PART – 2 Information Description 2.1 System Diagram – BAIS V2.0 4 2.2 Process Flow Chart 5 2.3 Information Contents & Flow 2.3.1 Purchase Objective, Feature & SRS 6 Purchase Process Flow Chart 7 2.3.2 Inventory Objective, Feature & SRS 8 Inventory Process Flow Chart 9 RTS Process Flow Chart 10 FGS Process Flow Chart 11 2.3.3 Manufacturing Objective, Feature & SRS 12 PPC Process Flow Chart 13 Production Process Flow Chart 14 2.3.4 QC Objective, Feature & SRS 15 QC Process Flow Chart 16 2.3.5 Sales & Distribution Objective, Feature & SRS 17 Sales Process Flow Chart 18 Customer Rejection Process Flow Chart 19 2.3.6 Finance & Account Objective, Feature & SRS 20 Finance Process Flow Chart 21 2.3.7 Taxation Objective, Feature & SRS 22 Taxation Process Flow Chart 23 2.3.8 Administration Objective & Feature 24 2.3.9 Abbreviations 25
  3. 3. aSoft Solutions BAIS V2.0 Page 3 of 25 Issue Date : 23-03-2010 Alteration Date: 00-00-0000 Computers Layout for ERP Switch SOFTWARE Required 1. O/s – Windows Server 2003 2. S/w – MS office 2000 3. DB – SQL Server 2000 ERP Administrator QA Prod S E R V E R SERVER / ERP ROOM Store Finance 1. User’s Training 2. Database Administration 3. Any others Task Purchase Sales / Invoicing SOFTWARE Required for Nodes 1. O/s – Windows XP 2. S/w – MS office 2000 PPC
  4. 4. aSoft Solutions BAIS V2.0 Page 4 of 25 Issue Date : 23-03-2010 Alteration Date: 00-00-0000 (-) Not OK (+) OK Not OK OK Not OK Not OK (+) Y E S Y E S BAIS-ERP FLOW Purchase Order Receipt & MRR Indent Generate Prod Planning Material Issue from Store Vendor Rejection IQC Inspection Contact Review & Order Receipt Lotcard Generation Production Packing Box Invoicing Material Packing Banking END Finished Good Stock Printing Scrap/ Rework Stock Raw Material Stock No Customer FG Status Short Fall No Y E S Accept OK Re-test START Customer Re - Test Sales Invoicing FQC Business Development Customer PO Kick of Sheet PO Approval Store Inward Debit Note & Purchase Return Invoice Account Updating Payment Vendor / Jobworker FG Inward Dispatch Advice
  5. 5. aSoft Solutions BAIS V2.0 Page 5 of 25 Issue Date : 23-03-2010 Alteration Date: 00-00-0000 Kick of Sheet Contact Review & Order Material Requirement Planning Production Final Quality Inspection PO for Vendors Gate Entry & Receipt Incoming Quality Inspection Dispatch Advice Material Issue to Production Material Stock Updating Invoicing Vendor’s Account Updating FG Stock Updating Customer’s Account Updating Customer PO
  6. 6. aSoft Solutions BAIS V2.0 Page 6 of 25 Issue Date : 23-03-2010 Alteration Date: 00-00-0000 Purchase Objective : Empowering enterprise to procure right material at right time and at right prices. Real time status of materials in hand and in pipeline. Optimal utilization of goodwill and resources of the enterprise. Feature : ♦ Elaborate Vendor Masters with Categorization Vendor approval, Activation and de-activation, ABC Analysis and Black List ♦ Payment Hold Supplier Item parameters and selective approval Consolidation of Purchase ♦ Auto Indents generate against MRP Run, Purchase Consolidation RFQs, Supplier Quotations ♦ On line price Comparison ♦ On line Purchase Requisition for Various types of material including ROL, Stock, Trading etc. ♦ Indent cancellation ♦ Online display of Indent quantity determination factors ♦ Auto updation of Indent Status ♦ Purchase Orders management including amendment, Requisition and Purchase Order Approval ♦ PO holds & Closure ♦ Auto Purchase Order Status ♦ Updating Order Scheduling ♦ Purchase of Services ♦ Direct PO, RFQ etc. Email, Print or Fax ♦ User defined Purchase Analysis – Complete, Last and Periodically. ♦ Standard Purchase Terms Re-inspection and Disposal of Rejected Material ♦ Purchase Orders in Foreign Currency ♦ Work Orders management including Requisition ♦ User defined Work Orders Analysis ♦ Alternative Units of Measurement ♦ Product Profile Supplier Part Numbers and Alternative Names ♦ Online Inventory Parameter display at PO raising ♦ Vendor performance and ranking ♦ Vendor mailing list ♦ Complete Purchase Reporting - Online and Offline ♦ Document Search Engines SRS : • Item Master – material type, group, sub group, item description • Vendor Master, Vendor Item Master, indent tolerance, item rate, currency unit, purchase receiving tolerance • Vendor’s Consignee Master • Job worker / Service Provider Master User Feedback (JBJ-E46) : • Quotation analysis mandatory along with at least 3 vendors • Material Received from vendor’s different consignee at different purchase rate
  7. 7. aSoft Solutions BAIS V2.0 Page 7 of 25 Issue Date : 23-03-2010 Alteration Date: 00-00-0000 Quotation Analysis PO without Indent Finance Indent for PO PO Generate Indent for WO PURCHASE Inventory WO Generate Vendor Approval PO Printing PO Approval Gate Entry WO Printing 1. Any Department 2. Prod Planning 3. Auto against MSL Vendor Item Registration E-mailing E-mailing Quotation Approval
  8. 8. aSoft Solutions BAIS V2.0 Page 8 of 25 Issue Date : 23-03-2010 Alteration Date: 00-00-0000 Materials Inventory and Warehousing Objective : Materials Management, one of the most important business processes for an Enterprise, play a major role in cost reduction, efficiency build up and Customer satisfaction. BAIS provides right from assessing the requirements of materials to making it available at the right time and cost to analyzing the consumption/usage patterns. Feature : ♦ Elaborate Item Master, Hierarchy of Item Categories ♦ Multiple stores housing same material option Bin Nos. option ♦ Serialization of both Bought and Manufactured material ♦ Parameterized Inventory Levels ♦ Unlimited Material Indenting Areas ♦ Multiple Units of Measurement ♦ Auto Generated Part numbers and User defined of Drawing No ♦ User defined Item Categories and their Names ♦ Item Families Hazardous and Shelf life monitoring Inventory Levels like ROL, Min & Max ♦ Different Inventory Valuation methods to choose from Mass updation of Item Master - Standard Costs , WAP, FIFO ♦ Gate Entry Operations Receiving Dock and transfer to Quality / Main Stores Zone ♦ Material Receipt against Only Approved Purchase Orders ♦ Material Receipt against Statutory Category (Excise/Non-Excise, Transportation form etc) ♦ MRR Generation after Receipt Approval ♦ Partial Store receipt Quality Control and Stock entries ♦ Purchase Orders status Close or Open depend on Material Receipt ♦ On line Material Issue Requisition for Various types of material including Inventory, Trading, Stationary, Fixed Assets etc. ♦ Material Issue Requisition cancellation ♦ Auto updation of Material Issue Requisition Status ♦ Auto issue against Production Lotcard ♦ Reissue against Short Issue ♦ Material issue on FIFO basis and Traciability through Batch No. ♦ Jobwork Handling Management for Assembly & subassembly Processing ♦ Vendor Rejection Handling ♦ Storage and handling of various types of rejected material ♦ Cycle count Stock and valuation entries for cycle short/excess material ♦ Gate Pass cum Challan Handling (RGP / NRGP) ♦ Excess, Ok, Rejected and Scrap Material Return to Store through RTS ♦ Material Receipt against RGP ♦ NRGP Challan cancellation ♦ Search engines ♦ On line Status Display – Inventory, Waiting QC, Vendor Rejection and Material Movement ♦ Slow moving, Fast moving, Dead Items ♦ Stock Register ♦ Online and offline reporting ♦ User alerts and messages relating to stock levels etc. SRS : • Item Master – material type, group, sub group, item description • Item Location, Min and Re-order stock label, Re-order point • Opening Stock and Valuation, Stock categorization – excise or non-excise User Feedback (JBJ-E46) : • Rejection Tolerance on Jobwork Challan
  9. 9. aSoft Solutions BAIS V2.0 Page 9 of 25 Issue Date : 23-03-2010 Alteration Date: 00-00-0000 (-) Not OK JW Bill Processing (A/c Update) Store Inward Approval MRR Rejection Store ExternalInternal To Prod NCR Raise Pur Return Invoicing Scrap Stock Rejection Stock Raw Material Stock RECEIVE Vendor External IQC Internal Others (+) (-) (+) O K Inventory ISSUE Debit Note Raise (A/c Update) Gate Pass NR R A/c Update RTS OK Scrap Issue ReIssue Lot card Gener al To Deptt Against Short Rej VendorJW GP D LC (-) (+) (+) Rej
  10. 10. aSoft Solutions BAIS V2.0 Page 10 of 25 Issue Date : 23-03-2010 Alteration Date: 00-00-0000 RTS approval RTS requisition Debit Note Return to Store Scrap Stock Under Deviation Rejected Material Options – • OK • Rejected • Scrap Hold for store inward Vendor’s Rejection Invoice OK Stock Y E S No Rework RTS store inward Batch Code Options– • ISV No • Misc i.e 0 Scrap Vendor’s Side In-House OK Disposal Document’s printing Raw Material Stock Scrap Stock Material Change Select Scrap Material Rejection Details – • Type of rejection • Rejected Qty Rejection Verify
  11. 11. aSoft Solutions BAIS V2.0 Page 11 of 25 Issue Date : 23-03-2010 Alteration Date: 00-00-0000 Materials Finished Good Store ♦ Daily FG Credit ♦ Online FG Stock Status ♦ FG Stock Statement ♦ FG Stock Register ♦ Dispatch Summary ♦ Online and offline reporting Store Inward Finished Production Invoicing Received FG Packing Finished Good Store Issue Sales Return FQC Dispatch Advice Finished Material Stock (-)(+)
  12. 12. aSoft Solutions BAIS V2.0 Page 12 of 25 Issue Date : 23-03-2010 Alteration Date: 00-00-0000 Production and Planning Objective : Advance Planning, machine booking, co-ordination with marketing, sales and dispatch, Bills of Material, Production Processes. Feature : ♦ Projection Plan Receiving ♦ MRP – I : Shortage, lead-time, PO Status ♦ BOM - Process wise Specification Sheets ♦ Item family wise planning and execution ♦ Online MRP Changed Plan ♦ MRP – II : Man, Machine, Material ♦ Production Order : Lotcard / Batch card management system ♦ Daily Production ♦ Process Wise Production ♦ Production Statement ♦ Production summary Report – FG item vs Month ♦ Balance production Lot ♦ Production Stage Process / Material link Search Engines SRS : • FG Item Master – material type, group, sub group, item description • Bill of Material • Production Process, cycle time, finished Date • Rejection Tolerance • Packing Box standardizations User Feedback (JBJ-E46) : • Pending KOS Status • Assembly Status • Line Rejection • Daily PPM • Material Issue as per lotcard requirement. No excess WIP for Raw Material.
  13. 13. aSoft Solutions BAIS V2.0 Page 13 of 25 Issue Date : 23-03-2010 Alteration Date: 00-00-0000 Material Issue from RMS LOTCRAD Issue MRP-I Raw Material from Alternate BOM PPC Inventory Update Material with Lotcard to Prod Short fall No Y E S Short fall Y E S Indent Raise Indent Approval PO Generation No Marketing / Business Development Lotcard Generation M/c Booking
  14. 14. aSoft Solutions BAIS V2.0 Page 14 of 25 Issue Date : 23-03-2010 Alteration Date: 00-00-0000 Not OK Materials Raw Material Store Production Entry Finish Receiving Scrap PRODUCTION PPCLotcard FQC Repairing O K WIP Rework Rejection O K Finish Production Entry Material Processing Materials failed RTS Material Issue from Store through ISV Byproduct RTS Packing Box
  15. 15. aSoft Solutions BAIS V2.0 Page 15 of 25 Issue Date : 23-03-2010 Alteration Date: 00-00-0000 Quality Management Objective : Management of Incoming and Outgoing material. Specification Sheets, and Standardization of Rejection reasons. Process alerts through SPC and Inspection alerts through SQC Feature : ♦ User defined Quality Checks and Standard Reasons of rejection ♦ Item wise QC check parameters ♦ Production Specification Sheets ♦ Packing Specifications with validity checks and integration with Items ♦ Test Certificate Specifications and issuance ♦ Standard Test Certificates with copy facility of previously defined ♦ Specifications Size conversion option for different measurement systems ♦ Receipt of Material from Supplier and Acceptance by QC from the total quantity ♦ Re-inspection of Material ♦ Quality checks on Customer Return ♦ Option to mark quality must for critical items ♦ Partial QC of a Store Receipt and its transfer for production / sale ♦ Workflow and seamless integration with related Business Processes ♦ Statistical Analysis and Control in every Processes ♦ IQC and FQC check under AQL system ♦ Instruments Calibration and Automation SRS : • Characteristic Master, AQL System • IQC Master • FQC Master User Feedback (JBJ-E46) : • Part Weight management i.e net weight 1 pcs
  16. 16. aSoft Solutions BAIS V2.0 Page 16 of 25 Issue Date : 23-03-2010 Alteration Date: 00-00-0000 Store Inward MRR - Vendor MRR - JW Production FG Inward IQC Vendor Rejection Re Test O K QUALITY FQC Testing Not OK OK NCR Report Printing Testing Not OK O K Test Report Not OK Cust Rejection
  17. 17. aSoft Solutions BAIS V2.0 Page 17 of 25 Issue Date : 23-03-2010 Alteration Date: 00-00-0000 Sales & Distribution Objective: Complete Customer Satisfaction. Compiled out of related business processes, S&D cover functionality right from Prospect raising to outstanding collection and other parameterized sales analysis. Feature : ♦ Elaborate Customer and Prospect Master Multi Location ♦ Customers Parameterized Customer wise Credit limits ♦ Various Price Lists options ♦ Customer Categories ♦ Customer Part Numbers ♦ Multi Currencies ♦ Multi units of Measurement ♦ Business Groups as Customers Sales tax Group wise rates ♦ Excise Duty (Manufacturing Tax) auto charge ♦ Standard Charges on Invoice ♦ Sales Enquiry, Quotation and amendment ♦ Sales order receipt and acceptance ♦ Discount sheets and approval (Compare costs) ♦ Sales order Scheduling ♦ Online Credit Control Alerts ♦ Order Status and Stock Status at Order Booking i.e Dispatch Advice ♦ Order hold on Credit Activation and de-activation of Customer ♦ Single dispatch against multiple orders option ♦ Many dispatches against single order option ♦ Auto pick up of Rates, Taxes and conditions at Sales Order stage ♦ Re-correction of taxes at invoice stage in case of change Bill to one and ship to another Bill to one and TOD to another Shipments from multiple warehouses ♦ Material reservation against DA and de-reservation ♦ Special instructions to Logistics on a particular shipment ♦ From Date and To Date reporting ♦ Sales Return and Credit notes ♦ Sales Targets and Forecasting ♦ Sales Plan on historic parameters and capacities ♦ Customer Order Tracking ♦ Customer Mailing List ♦ User defined aging of Sales Due date ♦ Sales Tax forms tracking ♦ Matrix Report with user selectable parameters for day to day monitoring ♦ Online and Offline Reports ♦ Customer ranking and history Allocation of a particular material to a customer SRS : • Customer Master, Customer Item Master, Customer Executive, Marketing Executive • Customer’s Consignee Master • Transportation Master • Invoice Printing Format, No. of Item in Invoice User Feedback (JBJ-E46) : • Tax Calculation of Tool Amortization cost in Invoice
  18. 18. aSoft Solutions BAIS V2.0 Page 18 of 25 Issue Date : 23-03-2010 Alteration Date: 00-00-0000 FG Stock Update (-) Dispatch Advice Production & Planning A/c Update Customer PO FG Booking & Packing SALES Statutory Update Invoice Printing Invoicing FG Stock Booked FG Status No Y E S Customer Registration Customer Item Master Consignee Registration Order Confirmation cum Kick of Sheet Packing Box Status
  19. 19. aSoft Solutions BAIS V2.0 Page 19 of 25 Issue Date : 23-03-2010 Alteration Date: 00-00-0000 Approval FQC Rework Complain Login Customer Rejection Closure of Complain Complaint Options – • Quality • Payment • Transportation • Others Reference Options– • Invoice No • PO No • Batch Code • Dockit No • Others ScrapRejectedOK Y E S No Scrap Stock Material Change Select Scrap Material ScrapOK FG Inward Account Updating – Credit Note Creation FG Gate Entry Rcpt Rejection Details – • Type of rejection • Rejected Qty
  20. 20. aSoft Solutions BAIS V2.0 Page 20 of 25 Issue Date : 23-03-2010 Alteration Date: 00-00-0000 Finance and Accounts Objective: Complete online capturing of Financial Data and real-time reporting. Seamlessly integrated with other processes. Manage the finance of the Enterprises and ensures the flow of funds, Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss account at any instance of time. Feature : ♦ Multiple Financial Entities and Periods ♦ Online General Ledger and Sub Ledgers management ♦ Multiple Currencies ♦ From and To Date Reporting ♦ Automatic GL and SL entries from Purchase and Sales transactions ♦ User defined BS, P&L and Trial Balance Layout ♦ Drill Down and Data Mining ♦ Account Group wise Flag definitions for different transactions in the same voucher ♦ Entity wise Multiple Open Periods ♦ Excise (Manufacturing Tax) and Vat supported ♦ Full on-line journal validation and balancing ♦ Online Account Structure ♦ Department and Account Head wise Budgets ♦ Period Calendar (Fiscal and MIS) ♦ User defined Multiple Transaction Numbering Scheme ♦ Inactivation of Accounts and Balance Transfer facility ♦ Standard Narrations - Transaction type wise ♦ What is pending – one click real time information ♦ Account Head allocation for Inventory Categories and Taxes ♦ User defined Purchase and Sales ageing reporting and Due Date Reports ♦ Unlimited Departments and Cost Centers ♦ Sales Tax Declaration forms tracking ♦ Sales Tax and Excise - auto entries in GL and statutory books ♦ Online Supplier Invoice processing Auto transaction in GL and Purchase ledgers ♦ Fixed Assets Management and Depreciation Calculation ♦ Banking System – cheque receive, issue, EMI & Advance booking, cheque clearance ♦ Costing – cost head center, cost element ledger, profit margin, product cost calculation SRS : • Master of General Ledger, TDS Master, Currency, Taxation Rate User Feedback (JBJ-E46) :
  21. 21. aSoft Solutions BAIS V2.0 Page 21 of 25 Issue Date : 23-03-2010 Alteration Date: 00-00-0000 Voucher Creation Vouchers (Direct) Jobworker / Service Provider Bill Processing Excise Currency Updating FINANCE Banking Party’s A/c Update Ledger Creation Vendor Balance Sheet Ledger Update Non-Excise Voucher Printing Ageing Analysis Cheque Book Receipt Payment Cheque Issue Payment Advice Printing Import Ageing Advance Ref. No. • PO • WO • Sale Invoice
  22. 22. aSoft Solutions BAIS V2.0 Page 22 of 25 Issue Date : 23-03-2010 Alteration Date: 00-00-0000 Taxation Objective : Meet tax related obligations on manufacture as well as sales. User defined tax groups and tax rates. Feature : Excise ♦ Excise Duty (Manufacturing Tax) ♦ Management Standard Excise Duty Rates with effective Dates ♦ Automatic Charge of Excise Duty in invoices and outward challans ♦ Auto calculation of Excise Duty Liability ♦ Stock maintenance under Excise Laws ♦ Online Data transfer to Financial Books MODVAT (Excise Duty paid on inputs) management ♦ Excise returns to the Government Sales Taxes ♦ Sales Tax Group wise classification of Items ♦ Sales Tax Group wise Tax rates ♦ Optional automatic charge in the Sales Invoices ♦ Different kinds for Sales for Tax Purposes ♦ User defined multiple Sales Tax declaration forms ♦ Pending Sales Tax declaration forms ♦ Online updation of Financial Books with sales ♦ Tax related activities ♦ Sales Tax return information ♦ Statutory Forms holds, Closure and Outstanding SRS : • Type of Sales Tax Forms • Type of Transportation Forms User Feedback (JBJ-E46) :
  23. 23. aSoft Solutions BAIS V2.0 Page 23 of 25 Issue Date : 23-03-2010 Alteration Date: 00-00-0000 Form Receive - 38 (depend on state) - C - 3B - OC Stamp Sales Tax TAXATION Excise Return Tax Return Information Issue Vendor / JW Vendor As per PO31 / 38 C & other As per PO MRR Entry Monthly Yearly Form 36 RG 1 Part II Excise & PLA Tariff No identify – FG & RM ER-1 ER-5 ER-6
  24. 24. aSoft Solutions BAIS V2.0 Page 24 of 25 Issue Date : 23-03-2010 Alteration Date: 00-00-0000 Administration Configuration and Security Objective : Keep data secure. Give need based authorization. Build standardization and put naming conventions in place Feature : ♦ Geographical Areas definitions including Regions and Zones ♦ Enterprise wide interaction entities like Banks, Transporters Definition of roles to operate the various enterprises ♦ Financial limits for approval of various transactions ♦ Definition of Entity and its constituents Entity constituents relationship ♦ User Management and Access Control ♦ Master Data Creation ♦ Entity wise Financial Recording and Reporting Periods Entity wise ♦ MIS Reporting Periods ♦ Base and other Currencies and their Notations ♦ Relationship builtup between Geographical Areas for MIS and Communication ♦ Listing of Masters in various formats e.g. Notepad, Wordpad, Excel, Pdf, and Html SRS : • Department master • User master User Feedback (JBJ-E46) :
  25. 25. aSoft Solutions BAIS V2.0 Page 25 of 25 Issue Date : 23-03-2010 Alteration Date: 00-00-0000 Abbreviations : AQL : Accepted Quality Level BOM : Bill of Material Cust. : Customer D : Direct Deptt : Department EXC : Excise FGS : Finished Good Store FQC : Finished Quality Control GP : Gate Pass GE : Gate Entry IQC : Incoming Quality Control JW : Jobwork LC : Lotcard MIS : Management Information System MKT : Marketing MRP-I : Material Requirement Planning MRP-II : Manufacturing Resources Planning MRR : Material Receipt & Inspection Report NCR : Non-Conformance Raise NEXC : Non-Excise NR : Non-Returnable NRGP : Non-Returnable Gate Pass PO : Purchase Order PPC : Production Planning & Control PQC : In-Process Quality Control PROD : Production R : Returnable Rej : Rejection RFQ : Request for Quotation RGP : Returnable Gate Pass RMS : Raw Material Store RTS : Return to Store SFG : Semi Finished Good SPC : Statistical Process Control SRS : Software Requirement Specification WO : Work Order