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Troubleshooting Batch Reports
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Troubleshooting Batch Reports

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Overview of Troubleshooting Guide.

Overview of Troubleshooting Guide.

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  • 1. Troubleshooting Batch Reports To efficiently resolve problems
  • 2. Introduction
    • To Identify and Resolve problems with Batch Reports.
    • Kai Leung Liu, Sr. Oracle Architect Consultant, Kaitech, Inc.
  • 3. Topics of Discussion
    • What is a Trouble Report?
    • What to look at to Identify a Trouble Report?
    • How to troubleshoot your problem report?
    • What to look at in the backend to troubleshoot report?
    • Current Issues of Trouble Reports
  • 4. Batch Reporting
  • 5. What is a Trouble Report?
    • When Queue Manager show terminated or hung report.
    • Explain how all the individual pieces fit together
    Spooler Unix Log Email RW Server Log Weblog DBA Queue Mgr CMN_LOG
  • 6. What to look at to Identify a Trouble Report?
    • The Queue Manager and User is our window to Reports status and progress.
    • The Spooler to see if you can find the Finished report.
    • The Email check to see if we received, we can check server to see if it exists.
    • Check the Weblog for the specific Report Server form the Application Server.
  • 7. What to look at to Identify a Trouble Report? Continue.
    • Check CMN_LOG see if there a clue of what else could have gone wrong.
    • Check the Unix logs to look for clues /utmp/repserver.log, /utmp/processserv.log and /tmp/dmsp.log.
    • Check RW_SERVER_JOB_QUEUE to see status of Reports from the Server.
    • Check DBA to see if database activities could have effected the reports.
  • 8. How to troubleshoot your problem report?
    • Use Queue Manager to determine status like terminated, hung, and etc.
    • Check Weblog to determine why the Report terminated.
    • Check CMN_LOG to see if processes or report log errors.
    • Check Unix Log to see if job ran under on server.
    • Check to see if it’s been Spooled with Easy Spooler and you can check /tmp/dmsp.log.
  • 9. How to troubleshoot you problem report? Continue.
    • Once job has been corrected. You need to restart report. Reports does not re-run within the same day.
    • The Report Server Table which is called RW_QUEUE_JOB_QUEUE need to remove specific job to re-run a terminated job.
    • Use Queue Manager to reset the terminated and hung job to re-run again. Simply modify something and save changes. It can not reset a current running job.
  • 10. What to look at in the backend to troubleshoot report?
    • The backend has the logs to check and files to help determine what has happened.
        • /utmp/repserver.log – Logs all report jobs submitted.
        • /utmp/processserv.log – Logs all procedures jobs submitted.
        • /tmp/dmsp.log – Logs all entries and status of easyspooler submission.
    • Check Email and spooled files.
        • /var/spool/dms/<instance> -- Report repository before goes to spooler.
        • /var/spool/elink/<instance> -- Email repository for 1 week.
  • 11. Current Issues of TroubleShooting Reports
    • Invalid Emails on Batch Report will cause Terminated reports.
    • Batch reports being reschedule before being submitted to Spooler.
    • Batch reports being reschedule during the spooling of Batch reports.
  • 12. Summary
    • How to Identify a Trouble report and ways to resolve and determine the problem.
    • **What to check if a report doesn’t run?
    • Do analysis first don’t go to DBA unless you see database errors?
    • 1-900-KAITECH
  • 13. Q & A
    • Review doc Troubleshooting Guide for Reporting.
    • Answer Questions?
    • Next Week is a break and Lecture TBD.