S01 E02 Tow All The Bands


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S01 E02 Tow All The Bands

  1. 1. S01E02 – TOW All the Bands. Whats the deal? 1. The answer to each question is a band. 2. This is pointless list. 3. Lists just look so much more professinal 4. BLAH 5. Colourless green ideas sleep furiously. 6. Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo 7. Read again from point 1. 8. Aha. You cheated.
  2. 2. Red Black and White This detroit band consists of Jack Gillis and his ex-wife whose maiden name he took following their marriage. They christened their band after their now common surnames. One of their now famous albums is dutch for “ The Style ” Known for their simplistic style both visually and musical.
  3. 3. The White Stripes
  4. 4. These are some of the works of Don Van Vilet best known by his pseudonym. And best known as a musician. Active from the mid-1960s to the early 1980s. Mainly a singer and a harmonica player. He played with a rotating assembly of musicans called the Magic Band.His compositions are characterized by their odd mixtures of shifting time signatures and by their surreal lyrics.
  5. 5. Capn' Beefheart
  6. 6. Which band is associated with these iconic images?
  7. 7. The Grateful Dead
  8. 8. Connect to a musician.
  9. 9. Bruce Springsteen The Indian Runner – written and directed by Sean Penn based on “The Highway Patrolman” The Wrestler is a song written by Bruce Springsteen after reading the script which was sent to him by Rourke. It plays during the end-credits. Springsteen played a cameo as himself in High fidelity. He won Mtvs best cameo award. Streets of Philadelphia and Courtney Cox
  10. 10. The Musical Theme The fine print: Individual questions may or maynot have anything to do with music. The theme will
  11. 11. This guy was made famous by a movie, that he finally never acted in due to a little “technical mishap” during the filming, involving his makeup. Identify the guy and the role and the film.
  12. 12. Buddy Ebsen – The Scarecrow – The Wizard of Oz
  13. 13. [½ (1) + ½ (2)] VS ? = 1 2
  14. 15. Identify this inventor who created something he called the running machine which is largely regarded as the archetype of a rather common “contraption” today.
  15. 16. Karl Von Drais
  16. 17. Whats the RHS called ? + =
  17. 18. Connect
  18. 19. Toc H Toc H. was the army signallers' code for "TH", representing Talbot House, a club where officers and enlisted men were equals. It later became an interdenominational Christian fellowship organization serving the community.
  19. 20. A certain chinese tome called the I Ching(The book of changes) explains the significance of the figure shown. The text entered mainstream culture when a wildly popular band wrote a song whose lyrics were inspired by the contents of the chapter where this figure was explained. Hint : Note the number of lines
  20. 21. Chapter 24 A movement is accomplished in 6 stages.