Social Media Marketing for Nonprofits


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This presentation was from a 2 hour workshop that I did for Nonprofit NOVA on Social Media Marketing.

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  • I love this graphic because it’s a great depiction of what’s out there right now. Looking at this can definitely be a little overwhelming, but I’m hoping that by breaking it down I can give you a clear picture of where you can start. We’ll discuss several of these “petals” including Social Bookmarks, Blogs, Micromedia, Social Networks, Niche Networks, Vido and Pictures.<number>
  • Dominos – Employees post a video on YouTube of them putting snot on a sandwich. It resulted in felony charges to the employees and hurt the Dominos brand. Motrin – Mothers were offended by motrin saying that wearing babies in a sling was “fashionable.” “It totally makes me look like a real mom” The ad was pulled within 4 days because of the backlash it received on blogs and Twitter.In both instances these companies were able to respond quickly because they were monitoring the internet for mentions of their company.<number>
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  • What is RSS? RSS is an easy way to get information from many different sources without going out to multiple websites to access it? As we go through the rest of these slides you’ll notice the orange RSS icon. If you see that icon on a website that means that an RSS feed is available to you. Take advantage of these feeds because it will make the act of listening much easier if you have all of your information in one location.<number>
  • Technorati is a search engine that is dedicated entirely to blogs.Monitoring this site is important to find trends in the blogosphere that pertain to your cause.Notice the RSS icon in the top right corner of the screen? Once you have a search that you’d like to monitor you can click on that icon to get updates.Does anyone here already maintain a blog? Have you claimed your blog on Technorati? Doing that allows you to provide additional descriptive text about the blog to make it easier to find.<number>
  • What is social bookmarking?Tags never contain a space. So breast cancer would actually be crushed into one word.<number>
  • What is social bookmarking?Tags never contain a space. So breast cancer would actually be crushed into one word.<number>
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  • After you have listened for some time I would recommend doing research on your average user. Forrester did an excellent study of the types of participation in social media and they came up with the Social Technographics Ladder that is pictured on this slide.<number>
  • The vertical white line in critics and inactives shows the average for all demographics in this country. In this example females aged 35-44 are more likely to be critics and inactives then the average from the US.<number>
  • There is a line that we all have to be aware of with social media and that is what is personal vs. what is professional. For me, I have decided that Facebook is purely a personal space and that Linkedin is where I have my professional presence.Social networking is all about going viral. You need to have an established network to listen to what you’re doing and then spread it to their networks. Dip your toe in and experience these sites for yourself, I bet you’ll be surprised by the old connections that you make.<number>
  • The first step to engaging in marketing is figuring out what you’d like to achieve.Raise MoneyBuild recognitionGain signatures for a petitionGenerate buzzWithout established goals then it’s difficult to decide where you should start and which social media sites you should target.<number>
  • Tire - Comes from the edges of the company, but no clear leader. People don't know what others are doingTower - Executive mandate and can come off as not authentic.Hub & Spoke - Different parts of the organization come together and link out to different business groups. Requires there to be a clear plan so that all parties are aware of what the others are doing.<number>
  • You have to ask your users to talk about your organization in social media. Adding widgets to your site makes sharing content much easier and more at the top of the site visitor’s mind.<number>
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  • What is Twitter? Twitter is a service that allows people to converse with each other 140 characters at a time?How is it being used? It started out that just the geeks were on it, but recently celebrities have gotten on board. The day that Oprah mentioned it on her show membership just about doubled. Nonprofits are also using it to get their message out, let’s look at some examples.<number>
  • Break down the different parts of this twitter page. What is the background vs. the actual “tweets”. Highlight that they’ve include a bio about the org, but that they’ve also included additional contact methods in their background.NWF is doing several things:Increasing awarenessSoliciting donations<number>
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  • In your folder is a sheet of paper with a Twitter screen on it. Please fill out three items on that page:Username – The character limit is 15 and there can’t be any spaces in it. Think about if you’d like your corporate brand or your name as the username. It really is up to you and can be done either way. Think about who currently has more visibility in the community. What do you suspect that people will search for?Bio – 160 Characters. This is your marketing area. Tell people why they should follow your updates and a little bit about what you’ll be speaking about.Latest Update – 140 Characters. Think about what you would be doing if you were sitting in your office right now? What’s on your mind? Did you just get that 1,000th signature on your petition? Are you actively recruiting volunteers for an upcoming event? Did you just release a press release or an advocacy alert?<number>
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  • Your organization must be registered in as a 501 (c)(3) in order to accept donations through this application.Currently have a presence:Our Daily Bread - FairfaxShelter House - Falls ChurchJust Neighbors - ArlingtonNew Hope Housing - AlexandriaLiteracy Council of NOVA - Falls Church<number>
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  • A niche network is one that is very specific to a cause. I’m going to talk about two non-profit niche networks, but there may be others that you’d want to explore based on the cause that your organization supports.Users can become part of a nonprofit’s network. Come on here to claim your organization. From there you can update it with causes and ask people to take action.<number>
  • This social network is not specific to an organization. It’s more about groups of people who have similar interests. My recommendation would be to actively participate in the conversation on the site and reference your org’s programs and services in comments.- You can create petitions<number>
  • Flickr Groups – Allow your constituents to upload photos to your group. Collect pictures of events, and promote comments and categorization. You can even use these photos and integrate them directly into your website.<number>
  • Similar to Delicious you can also see a tag cloud for Flickr photos. <number>
  • What is more compelling? A corporate press release about how a house was constructed or a volunteers story about how building the house affected them personally?<number>
  • Counsel on Legal Education Opportunity allows their students to blog about their experiences at their programs. This isn’t just a blog that is produced by the organization so the stories are very personal and can help future students gain a real understanding of what they will experience.The Breast Cancer 3 Day also allows users to host their own blog posts within their site.<number>
  • YouTube is the #2 search engine online. Only Google receives more daily searches than YouTube.Uploading videos to YouTube is going to make them more accessible than having them only on your website. Google will also rank YouTube videos higher than pages of your website because it is considered more of an authority.Create a channel for your organization to be able to have a branded YouTube page. That’s not really necessary though, you can just create an account and upload your videos to it. <number>
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  • Social Media Marketing for Nonprofits

    1. 1. Social Media Marketing for Non-Profits Laura Lacy Web Consultant TerpSys www twitter com/LauraLacy
    2. 2. About TerpSys • We Delight our Customers! • We Help You Use Technology to Achieve Your Mission • We Offer Networked and Web Based Solutions Including: • Website Design & Development g p • SharePoint Development • Interactive & Visual Design • Application Development • Branding • Search Engine / Usability Evaluations • Database Integration • End User Support / Network Services • Founded in 2000, Profitable Since Inception • 235+ Employees $20+ Million in Annual Revenues Employees, • “Great,” “Best,” “Most Philanthropic” in 2007
    3. 3. Internet Business Solutions Overview • Creative & Inspiring Web, Interactive Design and Application Development Solutions • Unique Combination of Technology, Design, and Usability Expertise • Over 100 Non-Profit, Federal and Commercial Clients • User- Centered Design Approach Focuses Your Web Site on Its Audience and Meeting Their Goals • Experienced with a Variety of Content Management Systems (CMS) and C tit d Constituent R l ti hi M t Relationship Management (CRM) T l t Tools
    4. 4. What is Social Media? Social Media 5/13/2009 4
    5. 5. Why should you care? • 86% of non-profits are currently engaged in social media (Nonprofit Social Network Survey Report, April 2009) • “Organizations like the National Wildlife Federation have seen an increase in website traffic, activity, participation, and giving because they’ve put a social media strategy in place.” (Steve MacLaughlin, Blackbaud) • Brand Management • Dominos • Motrin Moms Social Media 5/13/2009 5
    6. 6. Why should you care? Social Media 5/13/2009 6
    7. 7. Where do you start? 1. Listen 2. Research 3. Participate p 4. 4 Market Your Organization Social Media 5/13/2009 7
    8. 8. Step 1: Listen • Setup Google Alerts • Get an RSS reader • Monitor blogs on your topic ti • Search social bookmarking sites to see how people are tagging your content tt • Monitor Twitter Social Media 5/13/2009 8
    9. 9. Step 1: Listen • Setup Google Alerts - Social Media 5/13/2009 9
    10. 10. Step 1: Listen • Get an RSS Reader • Google Reader g • iGoogle • Outlook • MyYahoo! Social Media 5/13/2009 10
    11. 11. Step 1: Listen • Search Technorati for blogs on your topic Social Media 5/13/2009 11
    12. 12. Step 1: Listen • Social Bookmarking Sites • Enable users to access content from any computer • Receive content suggestions from people in your network • Gives increased visibility to your website’s content • Most Popular • Delicious • Digg • Reddit • StumbleUpon Social Media 5/13/2009 12
    13. 13. Step 1: Listen • Search to see how people are tagging your content Social Media 5/13/2009 13
    14. 14. Step 1: Listen • Search Digg to see what articles have been voted on Social Media 5/13/2009 14
    15. 15. Step 1: Listen • Monitor Twitter • Twitter Search • TweetBeep Social Media 5/13/2009 15
    16. 16. Step 2: Research Social Media 5/13/2009 16
    17. 17. Research your constituents Social Media 5/13/2009 17
    18. 18. Step 3: Participate • Setup personal profiles on major social networking sites and begin to build a community • Facebook • MySpace • LinkedIn • Flickr • Comment on Blog posts • Rate videos on YouTube Social Marketing will only be effective if you have an engaged audience! Social Media 5/13/2009 18
    19. 19. Step 4: Market Your Organization • What are your goals? Social Media 5/13/2009 19
    20. 20. Step 4: Market Your Organization • Who should be tasked with social media? • Not just the interns • Marketing messages are controlled by higher level management, why shouldn't social media marketing? • 65% of nonprofits that participate in social media have allocated ¼ to ½ of a full-time staff person (Nonprofit Social Network Survey Report) • Three Models – Which one do you think is most sucessful? • Tire • Tower • Hub & Spoke Social Media 5/13/2009 20
    21. 21. Step 4: Market Your Organization • Social Media Widgets •Ti Twitter • Facebook • Niche Networks • Flickr • Blogs • YouTube Social Media 5/13/2009 21
    22. 22. Social Media Widgets Social Media 5/13/2009 22
    23. 23. Social Media Widgets Social Media 5/13/2009 23
    24. 24. Social Media Widgets Social Media 5/13/2009 24
    25. 25. Lifestreaming/Micromedia Social Media 5/13/2009 25
    26. 26. Twitter Social Media 5/13/2009 26
    27. 27. Twitter Social Media 5/13/2009 27
    28. 28. Twitter Social Media 5/13/2009 28
    29. 29. Twitter Social Media 5/13/2009 29
    30. 30. It’s Twitter Activity Time! It’ T itt A ti it Ti ! Social Media 5/13/2009 30
    31. 31. Facebook Social Media 5/13/2009 31
    32. 32. Facebook Facebook Users (Millions) by Age Group G 20 15 10 5 0 18-25 26-34 13-17 35-44 Social Media 5/13/2009 32
    33. 33. Facebook • Actively recruiting new supporters • Admin is regularly posting links and announcements to her feed e eed • Displaying a media board with announcements to keep content f h t t fresh Social Media 5/13/2009 33
    34. 34. Facebook Social Media 5/13/2009 34
    35. 35. Niche Networks Social Media 5/13/2009 35
    36. 36. Niche Networks Social Media 5/13/2009 36
    37. 37. Niche Networks Social Media 5/13/2009 37
    38. 38. Flickr Social Media 5/13/2009 38
    39. 39. Flickr Social Media 5/13/2009 39
    40. 40. Flickr Social Media 5/13/2009 40
    41. 41. Blogs Social Media 5/13/2009 41
    42. 42. Blogs • Require time and commitment – Should be updated at least once per week • Should be written in a more personal tone •B Benefits fit • Frequent updates to your site means more visibility in search engines • Promotes conversation • Helps users relate to the cause through personal stories Social Media 5/13/2009 42
    43. 43. Blogs Social Media 5/13/2009 43
    44. 44. YouTube Social Media 5/13/2009 44
    45. 45. YouTube Social Media 5/13/2009 45
    46. 46. Closing Thoughts • Have a goal • Understand that participating in Social Media takes time •B Become personally i ll involved - Th most l d The t effective results are linked to an individual and not an organization • Create valuable and interesting content often ft • Think beyond traditional audiences Social Media 5/13/2009 46
    47. 47. Thank you Contact Information: Laura Lacy, Web Consultant Lacy Social Media 5/13/2009 47