Public And Private Revelation
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Public And Private Revelation



A collection of miraculous photos obtained from my mother through the Medjugorje Peace Center as well as from a few other sources used for a lesson on private revelation for my 8th grade religious ...

A collection of miraculous photos obtained from my mother through the Medjugorje Peace Center as well as from a few other sources used for a lesson on private revelation for my 8th grade religious formation class.



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  • Explain third book omitted is called Revelation; this is a chance for me to show off my personal collection of miraculous photos
  • Ask them if they know what it is—core elements of our faith Apostolic traditions include oral, written traditions that comprise our faith—St Paul tells the Corinthians…what are some examples: sacr of Reconciliation
  • Private revelation (major examples)—can they guess? come through 2 means—saints and miracles; keep in mind saints occasionally have gotten things wrong or have spoken on things more poetically than being precisely correct
  • When the Church approves private revelations, she declares only that there is nothing in them against our faith or good morals, and that they may be read without danger …; but you are not required to believe them. Implicit is that they are valid and historical. You have probably seen pictures from the older ones but not the newer ones…
  • Note the dome of the church was also glowing
  • Human blood, sweat and tears—told Sr. Agnes to only receive Euch only on the tongue, never in the hand; 1969—change in rules to allow local bishops to allow—changes began in early 70s; US 1977 Mother theresa, what do you think is the worst problem in the world today?" She more than anyone could name any number of candidates: famine, plague, disease, the breakdown of the family, rebellion against God, the corruption of the media, world debt, nuclear threat, and so on. Without pausing a second she said, "Wherever I go in the whole world, the thing that makes me the saddest is watching people receive Communion in the hand." distribution of Communion in the hand remains, even now, from the juridical standpoint, an indult from the universal law, conceded by the Holy See to those bishops conferences which requested it. In other words, it is an exception to the norm, and Pope Benedict is making it clear what the norm has been and still is: Communion on the tongue while kneeling.
  • The following are not in my collection but are important ones you should know about Approved devotion-National Shrine in PA; painted by St. Luke. St. Luke is believed to have used a tabletop from a table built by the carpenter Jesus. It was while Luke was painting Mary that she told him about the events in the life of Jesus that he eventually incorporated in his gospel. The painting shows up in 326 AD when St. Helen located it in Jerusalem while on a pilgrimage there. She gave the painting to her son, Constantine, who had a shrine built in Constantinople to house it. patroness of Poland and symbol
  • --not in my personal collxn--Pope JPII was Polish so it makes sense (she appears to people in their own nationality) notice the gold trim on the mantle
  • --speaking of the Polish connection----------------ask them if they now when celebrated (final octave) Approved celebrate week after Easter 1931, Jesus appeared to Sr. Faustina as the King of Divine Mercy. He asked her to have a picture painted of him as she saw him — clothed in white, with red and white rays of light streaming from his heart. The rays represent the blood and water that flowed from the side of Jesus on the cross. Under the image are the words, "Jesus, I trust in you."—JPII canonized
  • My personal collection of photos from my mother Use Medjugorje newsletter as an example; Photoshop disclaimer
  • distrust anything published that doesn’t have this or a similar statement
  • God can use people for miraculous signs…. the most dramatic example of a charism is probably…
  • The most dramatic example of a charism
  • So its ok to question these things—when in doubt don’t believe; at least 30 appearances of Mary have been investigated by the church and ruled fakes the most dramatic example of a charism is probably…
  • Photoshop disclaimer---common signs of fakes are trying too hard to prove something is miraculous, bringing attention to an individual or cause rather than God
  • First reported 1962, including travelers and a french air force pilot
  • This is old, maybe early 70s—source is unknown; Click to enlarge
  • Discovered on a bank building—survived a chemical attack (sort of disproves the sprinkler theory) but then vandalized in 2004
  • 2003 source unknown
  • taken in 1982 by a US pilgrim in Israel. She had her film developed when she returned home, and this image was among them. She told the staff in the photographic shop she had not taken this image. She then heard the holy voice of Jesus say it is a miraculous photo and she should promote it worldwide. He said it should not be framed behind glass; and it will prepare humanity for His final coming! --
  • A priest from Vatican took this picture of Our Lady of Medjugorje in 1980's or 1990's. (Believed to be an actual snapshot of Mary taken by a priest visiting Medjugorje) NOTICE they have the same nose! Flip back
  • supposedly this was a single pregnant mother; this could be a double exposure and still be a miraculous act of private revelation
  • Click to appear
  • Statue weeps tears or blood;
  • One of the miracles of Naju is this—but not sure if this photo came from Naju a 1990 poll—only 30% of American Catholics believe in the true presence
  • My parents story
  • 10 yrs ago this photo spread around—explain conventional thought ; as it turned out the baby was anesthetized during surgery and its hand coming out would be involuntary, nevertheless this caused conversion of the photographer from pro-choice to pro-life; so it was business as usual for the surgeon but a moment of great private revelation for the photographer.
  • My photo collxn avail if you want to look at again after class

Public And Private Revelation Public And Private Revelation Presentation Transcript

  • Public and Private Revelation
  • Public Revelation
    • Sacred Scripture
    • Apostolic Tradition
    "I commend you because you … maintain the traditions even as I have delivered them to you" (1 Cor. 11:2)
  • Private Revelation
    • 1. Servants of God
    • Blessed
    • Venerable
    • Saints
    • 2. Apparitions and Miraculous Signs
    • Approved
    • Unapproved
    Must never contradict Public Revelation or undermine Church authority! View slide
  • Approved Major Marian Apparitions 1531, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mexico 1830, Immaculate Conception (Miraculous Medal), Paris, France 1846, La Salette, France 1858, Lourdes, France 1917, Fatima, Portugal 1968, Zeitoun, Egypt 1973, Akita, Japan View slide
  • Our Lady of Zeitoun 1968 Egypt
  • Our Lady of Akita Japan 1973
    • warned of worldwide disasters if man does not repent
    • emphasized the need to pray the rosary
  • The Black Madonna Our Lady of Częstochowa
  • Photo of Mary holding Pope John Paul II in Her arms when he was shot in 1981.
  • Jesus of Divine Mercy Sr. Faustina, Poland, 1930s
  • Church Teaching on Unapproved Miraculous Events
    • Does not improve upon or complete Public Revelation, but helps us live more fully by it in a certain period of history.
    • Those who publicly release information related to new appearances, revelations, etc... should do so under the guidance of a qualified Spiritual Director (priest).
  • … the final authority regarding these messages rests with the Holy See of Rome (Pope).
  • Miraculous Signs-People “Charisms”
    • Extraordinary gifts are not to be rashly desired (or boasted).
    • Beware of false prophets and people who use special gifts to bring attention to themselves
  • Stigmata Padre Pio Mirna of Damascus
  • Miraculous Signs- Apparitions and Photos
    • Beware of false prophets
    • Test goodness by its “fruit”
    • Evil has some supernatural power in this world
    • When in doubt, doubt it!
  • Be Wary of Fakes
  • And I will show wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath-- Acts 2:19
  • Clearwater, Florida 1996
  • Newsweek Magazine June 1989 photo 1970s
  • The True Image of Jesus
  • True Image of Mary?
  • Conyers, GA
    • Miracle of the Sun
    • 1990
    • Medjugorje, Yugoslavia
  • Our Lady Queen of Peace (Medjugorje) 1977
  • Our Lady of Naju, South Korea 1993
  • Rosaries Turning Gold Rosaries Turning Gold
  • The End