Cosmic Awareness 1981-16: (More on the Bardo States of Consciousness)


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Cosmic Awareness 1981-16: (More on the Bardo States of Consciousness)

  1. 1. The New-Age Cosmic Newslette r Cosmic Awareness Communication s 81-1 6 P . 0. 0or 115 . Olympia, WaiMngton 9850 1 $3 .00 ( helping peotlle 1 .) bueonre aware 1COSMIC AWARENESS is the Force that expressed Itself through Jesus of Nazareth the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, Edgar Cayce an dother great avatars who served as Channels for the Heavenly Father and who speaks again today as the world begins to enter the New Ag eof spiritual cunsciuusness and awareness. Since 1963 Cosmic Awareness has been communicating through carefully-trained channels . The infor-mation contained herein was received from deep super-conscious trance levels and interpreted by an entity affiliated with C .A .C . Thi sinformation is for those who desire to help in bringing in the New Age . Throughout the thousands of Readings given through these channels ,Cosmic Awareness tells us not to believe anything but to question, explore, doubt, and discover for yourself . through your own channel,what is the truth . Cosmic Awareness will only indicate and suggest . Neither C .A .C ., the Aquarian Church of Universal Service or the Interpreter ,Paul Shockley is responsible for anything Cosmic Awareness may state in any of these readings, nor does C .A .C . nr Paul Shockley neceasanl ybelieve or agree with the statements of Cosmic Awareness, Paul interprets the energies as he sees them in trainee levels and is not personallyresponsible for what is said .Memb ers of C .A .C . are invited to send in questions of general interest to ask Awareness for possible publication . COSMIC AWARENESS REVEAL S THE THIRD SECRE T FATIMA PROPHEC Y Paul Sbuckley . tnterpretc h Convright 19111 by Cosmic Aw•nrcness Coot lowestions & film Ayosoa n Church of Universal S .,rvzcc . Keprodnrtiut, by pernmissio,,
  2. 2. (C .A .C . General ]leading, May b, 1981 )QUESTION :Over the years weve received many bequests to ask Awareness to expound on the famous `Lady of Fatima prophecies that occurred back in 1917, and I dont believe we did ; but a story thats happening in the news -papers in regard to this prompts me to ask the cque don at this time .The Fatima reference is to an account of th ereported apparition of the virgin Mary to three children in Fatima, a town in central Portugal six times in 1917 .One of the children, Lucia dos Santos, 10 at the time, is now a Carmelite nun . She wrote a three-part accoun tof the apparition . in 1942 which was given to the Pope . Two have been revealed, the third has not . The firs tpart described a vision of hell ; the second predicted a strange light would appear in the sky to forewarn of war ,hunger and the persecution of the church . Believers of the Fatima apparitions contend a strange sky illumin-ation occurred in Europe on January 25, 1938, and that it fulfilled. the second secret by forecasting the star tof World War Two . The account also predicted the Soviet Union would instigate wars around the world an dthat various countries would be destroyed if the Soviet Union did not convert to Christianity . Lucia, now 74, is said to have requested the third secret remain unpublished until 1960 or until the time o fher death . The year 1960 passed without the secret being disclosed . In 196 0 .Lucia still would not tell what theLadys final message was . In 1967 she revealed it to Pope Paul the 6th . He turned white and swung away fro mher, but to this day no one has told the world what she said to him . The reason I asked the question, is that an ex-trappist ; monk, Laurence James Downey, yesterday or the da ybefore, hijacked a plane in France that had a hundred people aboard and threatened to blow it up with som egasoline bombs he had if the Pope did not release the information to the public which was contained in th ethird prophecy . Id like to ask Awareness if It would explain about this and perhaps reveal what the thir dprophecy was?COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that this third prophecy as that which predicted nuclear war . This Awareness ind-icates that the prophecy as that which can be altered, as has been indicated previously . This Awareness indic-ates that these prophecies based on this appart ;ition as that which has been overemphasized by the mysterysurrounding the messages . This Awareness indicates that such prophecies as previously described--the strang elight in the sky, and war and famine---such prophecies as being capable of fulfillment in almost any future .This Awareness indicates that the prophecy of a devastating war of much earthly destruction, fire falling downfrom heaven ; this Awareness indicates that this essentially as referring to the potential of the nuclear war,whereby great portions of the earth become scortched, and masses are destroyed . This Awareness indicatesthis, of course, as that which many entities can prophesy also . This Awareness indicates that while many ent-ities recognize this as a potential . most entities are earnestly wishing and hoping, praying and working to pre-vent such occurrences . This Awareness indicates that the prophecies as having gained much momentum over the years because o fthe mystery surrounding the information . This Awareness indicates that occurrences such as described in th eoriginal experience, while unusual, are not unique to entities . This Awareness indicates there are on many occ-asions, which generally are unpublicized, occasions whereby entities see apparitions–at times in dreams or i nwakened states, day or night, whereby they experience an inner vision or a visionary experience into the inne rplanes : the ethereal, mental or astral planes . This Awareness indicates that when this occurs in countries or cultures of the Christian nations, these app-aritions or visions generally include the images of familiar deities or saints or, in some cases, familiar demons ,This Awareness indicates that when these occur in Eastern countries and cultures, the apparitions are generall ythose of their own familiar deities, such as Krishna or Buddha . This Awareness indicates that these are, in part ,experiences which are called forth from inner plane communication between entities who have a kind of att-unement or opening of consciousness which allows them to see into these inner planes, and whereby there i sthe willingness of entities or energies on the Inner Planes to expose the inner plane to that physical entity . This Awareness indicates this often occurs whereby these energies of the Inner Plane are capable of takin gon whatever form is acceptable to the-physical entitys philosophy or religious concepts . This Awareness ind-icates that in this particular instance, these children being of a Catholic culture, experienced the vision of Mar yand received the information from this image which was reasonably accurate and relayed the information i napproximate accuracy, according to that which they understood . This Awareness indicates that the phenom-ena as that which was being experienced during certain high energy vibrations brought about by both planet-ary aspects focused in the particular area as well as by other forces from the Inner Planes, to allow this inform-ation to be brought forth . This Awareness indicates these events do occur whereby entities receive signals from the Inner Plane whic hcontinue to create mystery upon the physical plane to upset and confuse the rational mind and the rationa lorder, which insists on basing its standard of reality on material manifestation and which does not acknow-ledge spiritual, metaphysical or non-material phenomena . This Awareness indicates that so long as the rationalmind continues ignoring these areas in the scientific evaluation of reality, there will always be those,--whic hCharles Fort referred to as `damned things that occur to frustrate the rational standard of reality . 2.
  3. 3. This Awareness indicates that the threat of nuclear war does continue to hang heavy over this planet . Thi sAwareness indicates however, it is not inevitable, and with continued efforts of Light Workers and the energie sfrom higher dimensions, is avoidable. This Awareness indicates that obviously, the Church of Rome would no twish to reveal such a prediction, as it would panic the masses . (This Awareness indicates however, entities read -ing these messages are aware enough not to be superstitious over predictions, having seen many which have no tcome to pass . This Awareness indicates that it might be added here, as an aside, that predictions are not always intende dto give entities an exact preview of future events ; predictions have a more important purpose . This Awarenessindicates this purpose being to awaken the consciousness of entities, to get them to look out from their self -centered activities toward the "Big Picture " , toward the large frame of reference . This Awareness indicates that wherein an entity is wrapped up in self-centered activities : self, personalinterests, home, family, occupation, money in the bank, and such things ; that entity is not, in fact, growin gto his or her full potential . This Awareness indicates wherein a prediction is brought toward the entity, des-cribing the possibility of an earthquake occurring, whereby vast landscapes will sink beneath the ocean, ornuclear war will disrupt the future existence, or famine will sweep the land, or other calamities will occur, o rUFOs from outer space will invade, or forces from neighboring countries will invade ; this Awareness indicatesthis kind of prediction causes the entity to glance outward from his or her personal interest, personal life, self -centered concerns and look out at society and out at the world, and out at the universe itself ; looking out atnature, looking out at the planets, and in this action the entity becomes more open, more aware of that whic his beyond self . The entity becomes aware of the larger self, rather than just the little individual self, strugglin gto get from one paycheck to the next . This Awareness indicates in this manner, entities find themselves becoming more aware of more things out -side of self, and the level of consciousness begins to expand and grow, and the life within the entity become smore vital, more aware . Being made aware and becoming more curious, the entity begins to look out even furt-her, wanting to know more about what, is occurring ; becoming more curious, and the entity begins to stud yand expand the consciousness levels even further . This Awareness indicates that it will be noted that down through historical times of great change ; thesegreat cultural changes wherein the culture made a quantum leap into a new dimension : it will he noted thatduring and prior to these great leaps in consciousness, there were predictions of chaos of great multitude, man yof which never occurred in the physical level, but which did in fact occur in the psychic level, and in socia llevels, and in consciousness levels . This Awareness indicates present discussions regarding the shift of poles of the earth, present discussion srelating to vast portions of the earth rising and sinking into the sea, or from the sea : such often are made, an dcreate much concern among entities who become involved in metaphysical or spiritual pursuits . This Awarenesswishes to explain to entities that these things, though they may occur, are of little consequence to individual sor to the mass of society, but what is of consequence is the social phenomena and reaction of consciousnes sto these predictions . For these predictions being given, may well take place, not physically, but psychically ;wherein the poles of the mind are shifted and individuals reverse their polarities, or whereby the earthquake stake place in consciousness and certain values sink, while others rise ; these occurring in part, as a result of th epredictions which were made and which appeared to be in reference to physical phenomena . This Awarenes sindicates that many of these predictions are in fact occurring on Inner Planes, in astral levels, but the physica lplane, having much greater density, does not respond with the quickness which the predictions imply . ThisAwareness indicates therefore, the physical experiences may be much more subtle and not so extreme as is ex-pected by the interpretation of the prediction . THE NATURE OF PREDICTIO N (How They Expand Awareness ) This Awareness indicates that this does not imply that certain messages given previously in regards to event swhich were to come, or which might occur on this plane, were necessarily allegorical or metaphorical in natur eand had no substance of reality, nor does this imply that future predictions made by this Awareness or others ,should be ignored and taken as simply tricks to expand entities consciousness . This Awareness does not in -tend to make predictions for entities simply to play tricks which expand their consciousness . This Awarenessis interested in expanding the consciousness of entities to make them more aware, to bring entities home t othis Awareness, but It does not intend to play tricks on entities to do so . This Awareness indicates that whenIt relays a prediction, expresses a prediction ; if this is expressed in detailed terms from the levels of earthly aff -airs, it generally is predicted from the energies which are in motion at the time the prediction is rendered, acc-ording to the direction, force, and implication of those energies . This Awareness indicates It does not, in rendering such predictions, always include any event or energ ywhich has not yet been set in motion, or which has not been revealed that may counter those energies whic hare in motion . This Awareness indicates that therefore, many times the energies which are in motion becom edisrupted or thrown out of synchronization due to other forces which enter, or the changes of consciousnes swhich occur, or by the prediction itself which calls attention to an area which, in turn, affects the movemen tof the energies . This Awareness indicates therefore, many of these predictions describing what may occur, i nfact alter the outcome of the prediction and the occurrence .
  4. 4. This Awareness indicates that entities who have experienced awareness of various metaphysical prediction sduring the past ten years, who have sat forward in anticipation of this or that earthshaking event, and hav ewatched hours, months, years, decades pass without the earthshaking event ; these entities may feel in on esense, that they have been wasting much valuable time . This Awareness indicates however, that if such entitie slook more deeply at what occurred while sitting forward in anticipation of these events, they might notic ethat their consciousness has become much more acute, much more alive, much more aware . This Awarenes sindicates this likened unto a meditation whereby the entity sits and focuses with great intensity and develop spowerful concentration and mind power and psychic energy and will and capacity for discernment . This Awariness indicates that this not simply being a matter of fifteen minutes or fifteen weeks of meditation, but rathe rbeing that which has gone on month after month, year after year, whereby the entity finds his or her consciou sness expanding again and again, out from self-interest into world concerns, into social concerns, into universa lconcerns, into abstract concerns, and into historical and future events, politics, and scientific, technological ,military and economic concerns, This Awareness indicates entities who, in fact, look carefully at what occur sto their consciousness throughout such periods, may discover that they have received during that time a greate rexpansion of consciousness, a greater education than would have been received in four, five, or six years of in -tense college studies ; for the energies these entities experience are personalized, experienced fully, and are no tsimply read about and reported in essays and final exams . This Awareness indicates these entities having fully experienced the emotional connection, the experientia lconnection of the energies of the society, the universal, the economic, the abstract concepts . This Awarenes sindicates therefore, if entities feel shortchanged in not having seen certain predictions come true, they ma yfind that they have overlooked certain other rewards which have been of great value to them ; perhaps leadin gto a kind of accelerated soul-growth that is invaluable to their well-being and self-esteem . DID THE CHURCH OF ROME CREATE THIS PHENOMENA ? ( More on the Bardo states of consciousness )QUESTION :Awareness, this theory may be totally in error, but it occurs to me that in predictions made many years ago ,(in this Fatima prediction in particular), it seems like they occur in small communities where the people ar esuperstitious anyway, and that when they make these predictions, particularly showing hell and all these direcalamities which the people cant . do anything about, -- that all this, it would seem to me, would make the mfearful and kowtow more to the church ; and I was wondering, its almost like the Church of Rome has a karmi celemental or something, and that it was this force that was putting these predictions out in these areas, only ,for the main purpose of keeping these entities in the fold of the `mother church . is there any truth to this ?COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that essentially, many of these predictions come about in part because of certai nthings that occur to entities ; some entities being naturally susceptible to seeing visions ; others having certai nphenomena occurring, such as a sickness or a particular astrological influence occurring that creates a phenom-ena of a psychic or spiritual nature ; others may consciously or inadvertently ingest some form of hallucinogen ,such as mushrooms or other weed or plant, sometimes without realizing what has happened, and these entitie smay indeed see into the Inner Plane, projecting concepts of their own beliefs into pictures and images befor ethem . This Awareness indicates that it has been described in the Tibetan Book of the Dead, a Bardo state wherei nentities see the wrathful deities . This Awareness indicates that this description informs the voyager that thesewrathful deities may have grotesque faces, may look `freaky and terrible in their appearance, may be frighten-ing to the entity ; but are nothing more than projections from the mind of the entity . This Awareness indicate sthat this as a description of certain states of consciousness whereby entities project--such as in a dream–image sof faces and beings, and while in the dream, the entity may feel, "this is absolutely real . Everthing here is real .l can pinch myself and I am real . These beings are real . This is a true experience ." This Awareness indicate sthat later the entity may wake up, enter a different Bardo state, and realize that the reality just experience dwas that of a dream . This Awareness indicates that likewise, entities often see visions, believing them to he absolutely real . ThisAwareness indicates that the dream characters can be easily understood as extensions or projections of one smind ; for the entity upon awakening, looks and sees that these characters are not in the vicinity of the entit yand were only present when the entity was locked into his mind in a dream state . Therefore, the entity hasevidence that these wrathful deities or characters of the dream state were nothing more than projections o fhis or her mind . This Awareness :indicates that it is somewhat more difficult when the entitys eyes are open, the entit ystands in a field, looks out and sees images in the clouds or across the fields, or wherein an entity sits upon adesert, looks out and sees a mirage of a city ; it is more difficult for the entity to acknowledge that these ar eprojections of his or her mind when the entity does not wake up and find himself in bed . This Awareness ind-icates that when the entity comes out from the trancelike state or visionary state, finds himself still sitting o nthe field or on the desert, but now the apparition has disappeared ; the entity is more inclined to believe tha tthe appartion was real than to say " it was just a projection of my own mind . " 4.
  5. 5. DREAMS AND HALLUCINATION S ( Getting stoned over Mothor Mary ) This Awareness wishes to delineate more closely on this, so that entities do not get the wrong impressio n from what has just been given . This Awareness indicates that the activities within the dream state, when a n entity sleeps, are not unreal so long as they are observed within the frame of reference of the Bardo state know n as the dream . This Awareness indicates that when an entity steps out of the dream and looks back at it, th e entity can easily say, "This is real, and that was unreal" . This Awareness indicates likewise, when an entity i s involved in a visionary experience, it is real, but when the entity steps out of that visionary experience, it ca n be called unreal ; and if so, is generally classed as hallucination . This Awareness indicates that in any case, these experiences which may be nothing more than projection s of one s own mind, are real within the frame of reference which they exist, or within the frame of referenc e which includes all of the Bardo states and recognizes each one as being valid . This Awareness indicates that i f entities only consider the awakened physical experience as being real and the others as being false, then fro m that kind of reasoning, these experiences may be classed as hallucinations or projections of the mind whic h have no substance in reality . This Awareness indicates however, if entities recognize the totality of the human experience,—life, death , afterlife, rebirth experiences, dream states, the Clear White Light,--all of these Bardo levels being part of th e human experience, each being real . . .(if entitites recognize this as a totality and a completeness of that total experience called reality), then these projections of the mind have a substance and reality which can be take n seriously . This Awareness indicates the question may then arise : should such predictions be taken seriously ; and if so, on what levels? This Awareness indicates often, predictions which are based upon visionary experiences come true in th e reality level of physical awakeness ; in other cases these visionary experiences are only valid in terms of releas- ing certain emotional energies of the beholder ; or in other cases these visionary experiences are symbolic mess - ages to the beholder and must be interpreted . This Awareness indicates in still other experiences, the message s may be warnings that if this action or if energies continue as present, this will be the result . This Awareness indicates that in terms of the vision experienced by these children, the projection was tha t which they had been programmed to believe in terms of their concepts of reality--the Mother Mary, heave n and hell, and the dangers of the future . This Awareness indicates that these children having inadvertently eaten certain mushrooms and being open to the Inner Plane energies . This Awareness indicates that this, along with other phenomena at the time, allowed certain energies to move which brought forth this image, and these child- ren received messages from the Inner Plane phenomena which substantiated their own programming and beliefs . This Awareness indicates that, as indicated by the questioner, the entities in that area being somewhat in- clined toward receiving superstitious or religious phenomena without careful discernment or questioning, ex- panded on the phenomena until the story became highly emphasized, so that great attention was given to it ; and wherein the church saw the effect the story was having on the masses, it encouraged the story to be con- tinued as part of the mystical evidence of the proof of the spiritual phenomena . This Awareness indicates tha t this does not in any way mean the phenomena did not occur . It is rather attempting to explain how the phen- omena occurred and that it was not something impossible, but rather was something which could occur unde r proper circumstances of a similar nature to almost anyone who was inclined toward such an experience . This Awareness wishes to remind entities that as was given previously, entities can stare at a cloud and mak e the cloud disappear or can form arms and legs and shapes upon the cloud . This Awareness indicates that like - wise, in heightened levels of consciousness, entitites can visualize clouds into certain shapes and images an d can see faces, and other entities looking upon those clouds would also recognize those faces . This Awareness wishes also to inform entities that there are other methods of creating pictures in the sky, as was recently exp- erienced in a Russian village, whereby certain machines are used, along with a kind of hologram technique t o project pictures in the atmosphere upon a kind of screen created by vapor and particles placed in the atmosp- here at the point where these images are projected . This Awareness indicates these relating to ionized particle s brought on by the machine projecting the images, or in other techniques, created by aircraft dropping fin e particles and chemicals in the atmosphere which serve as reflectors for these projections . WHY WAS MOTHER MARY IN SUCH A GLOOMY MOOD ? (Catholic programming creates another imag e QUESTION : One of the thoughts I had on that ; its not that 1 doubted in any way the occurrence, it was that many entities like J .T. for example, can sit quietly outside and see Inner Plane phenomena, but these are always beautiful- - messages of hope and very lovely things like the creations of nature and stuff . ...the thing that wasnt quite clear to me that this was `Mother Mary of all people . You would think by now that her message to entitie s would be something more uplifting, something full of hope particularly expressed Co young children, and thi s is why I was questioning the motivation of those Inner Plane energies or forces that sent that particular dir e message down in such a manner . 5.
  6. 6. COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that it was not the entity Mother Mary who sent the image of hell to these child-ren . This came about from the programming of the earthly parents and priest and culture, and this was in th eminds of the children ; the children projected these images out, into the Inner Plane . This Awareness indicate sthis also in reference to the image of Mother Mary . This Awareness indicates the only action entities of theInner Plane gave to the children was in reference to their psychic request to know the future, whereby th eInner Plane energies then released images to allow them to see certain potential energies of the future . This Awareness indicates these, of course, were not accurate in the sense of specific information, but rathe rwere in the sense of common or probable phenomena which would occur in any future according to the ener-ies upon this plane : that a `strange light would appear in the sky,--this could be predicted at this time ; that awar would occur in the future, and that a large nation would make war in various parts of the world,--this kin dof prediction could hardly go wrong. This Awareness indicates that the third prediction, which has been kept silent, was not exactly described a snuclear war, for these entities did not have the understanding of nuclear war, but rather was described as th eend of the world, wherein fire and brimstone occurred upon this plane . This Awareness indicates these entitie shad already been programmed by the Catholic teaching that the world would end and, as it had been destroye ,by water in the previous flood, was now to be destroyed by fire in these end-times. This Awareness indicatesthat therefore, the images which these entities saw in these predictions were actually little more than had bee nprogrammed into their tiny heads by the earlier teachings of their religious faith .ED s Note : for more on various ty pes of predictions, please refer to `Revelations of Awareness No . 77-2 ;$2 .00 :78-39 :$2 .00 ;79-29 ;$9 .00 ;80-8 ;$3.00;80-22 ;$3 .10 ;80-14 ;$3.00; 80-30 ;83 .00 .For more on creating cloud formations, see No . 78 . 30 ; $1 .50 from C .A .C .The book, "The Tibetan Book of the Dead" is available from C .A .C . (See book catalog) . This is one of the required book sfor those who take the Cosmic Awareness Spiritual Development Classes which will be later available in some areas..Those interested in more information on the mushrooms those urchins ate, the book, "The Sacred Mushroom—Key to th eDoor of Eternity", by Andrija Phuarich (Doubleday & Co ., N .Y .) is recommended. MOTHER SHIPTONS PROPHEC Y EDs Note : Many have asked about Mother Shiptons amazing prophecy, so this is probably a good place to inser t this information which was printed by the New Age Weekly, ATLANTEAN ERA, a publication CA C heartily recommends to the membership . (There are plans to change the frequency of publication bu t you will get your moneys worth regardless if you subscribe . This publication in the past has publishe d some of the urgent messages which Cosmic Awareness requested be circulated) .Mother Shiptons prophecy is another confirmation of the Fatima Prophecy and also what Cosmi cAwareness has been trying to tell us for many months, that our world is faced with nuclear destructio nby those Illuminati-Zionist forces It refers to as the Beast . Our world was on a head-on course to nuclea robliteration--it was scheduled in consciousness eons of yens ago . Cosmic Awareness indicated that I tcomes to this plane at this time to inform entities of the secret war going on behind the scenes--the siniste rplot of the Beast to either snare humanity in its clever trap or destroy the world if the plot should fail .We know by the communications from Awareness that entities are awakening, the mischief of the Beas tis being spotlighted and with the continued effort of the Light Workers, neither enslavement nor nuclea rannihilation is going to be allowed to occur .Astute entities, in reading Mother Shiptons amazing prophecy, will notice that all of her prediction s(made over 400 years ago) have all come true . Entities will recognize "And England shall admit a Je wthat was held in scorn and from a Christian born" as none other than Benjamin Disraeli, who becam ea very famous Prime Minister of England (and none other than our good friend Dr . Beter in this lifeexperience) . As for the end of the world occurring in 1981•-we will have to wait and see . Our guess i sthat nuclear war WILL be avoided and what Mother Shipton was actually seeing was the end of the pas tworldly consciousness and the beginning of the Aquarian Age Consciousness predicted by Awareness .We suggest the CAC membership add Atlantean .Er•a magazine to the list of those publications that ar ehelping entities to become aware . Send $26 for 52 issues to : Atlantean Era, Box 1223, Belleville, Ontario, Canada K8N 5E 9 6.
  7. 7. COUNTDOWN 1:;O cv"The world then to an end shall come in nineteen hundred and eighty-one ." by Make Martineau Mother Shipton (1488-1559) was an In eighteen hundred and ninety -si x English writer and prophet . She wrote Build your house of rotten sticks her astounding predictions in the for m For then shall mighty wars be planned And tire and sword sweep oer the land of a poem centuries ago. Most have And those who live the Century throug h been fulfilled to date. in fear and trembling this will do; Fly to the mountains and the glens , A house of glass shall come to pass , To bogs and forests and wild dens , in merry England — but alas , For tempests will rage and oceans roar War will follow with the worts And Gabriel stand on sea and shore , in the land of Pagan and Turk ; And as he toots his wondrous hor n And State and State in fierce strife Old worlds shall die and new be born . Struggle for each others life. In the air man shall be seen But when the north shall divide the south , In white, in black, in green An Eagle shall build in the Lions mouth, Now strange, but yet they shall be true . A great man shall come and go , The world upside down shall b e Carriages without horses shall go, And fuel be found at the roots of a tree . And accidents fill the world with woe . All Englands sons that plow the lan d Primrose Hill in London shall b e Shall be found with book in hand, The Conine of Bishops See; Learning shall so ebb and flo w Around the world thoughts shall fly The poor shall most wisdom know . In the twinkling of an eye , The world then to an end shall come Through the hills men shall ride In nineteen hundred and eighty-one . And neither horse or ass bestride . ***** e Under water men shall wal k Shall ride, shalt sleep, shall talk . The house of glass she talked of was th e Iron in the water shall float Crystal Palace which was built for theGreat As easily as a wooden tit, Exhibition in 1851 but which was later de- And shall be found and show n molished because it provided a good land - In a land thats now unknown: mark for enemy planes . "Horseless car- FU and water shall more wonders do rrages" nave indeed caused many acci- And England shall admit a Jew dents . Primrose Hill was a rural area of Lon - The Jew that was held in scorn don over 50 years ago . With todays improv - Shall of a Christian be borne and born . ed communications thoughts do fly prett y Three times three shall lovely Franc e fast and submarines proved that man coul d Be led to play a bloody danc e talk under water and that iron could float . Before her people shall be free , The unknown land she talks of is the Nort h Three tyrant rulers she shall se e American continent . England and Franc e Each springing from a different dynasty. being one was something that the peopl e The British Olive next shall clim b of Mother Shiptons time could not im- In marriage with the German vine, agine. However, the common market ha s And when the last great fight is won brought them together . The rest of her prophecies tell of muc h Reprinte d England and France shalt be as one more recent events . Women wearing pant s fro m Taxes for blood and for war Shall come to every door, and cutting their hair short would have Atlantea n And now a word in uncouth rhyme shocked the English society of Mothe r Er a Of what shall come in later time Shiptons day . Childless couples were als o Box 122 3 in most wonderful far-oft day s frowned upon at that time but through th e Belleville , Woman shall get a strange old craz e years pets often became a substitute ob • Ontario , to dress like men and breeches wear ject of affection . During World War II, coun- Canad a And cut off their beautiful locks of hair , tries "died" and new ones were formed an d men parachuting often wore khaki, black o r KBN 5E 9 And ride astride with brazen brow As witches do on broomsticks now , white. War could be compared to a tempes t and atomic tests did make the oceans roar . $2 6 Then love shall die, and marriage cease , And babies and sucklings so decreas e The much talked of fuel, oil, is derive d for 5 2 That wives shall fondle cats and dogs , from rotting wood and education has take n issue s And men shall live much the name as the farmers son from the land . Next year i s hogs 1981 . 7.
  8. 8. HOW TO DISSOLVE KIDNEY STONE SQUESTION :S .R. of Ohio, would like to ask Awareness about kidney stones : the cause, prevention, and if there is a wa yto dissolve them,--those already formed in the kidney ?COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that the use of lemon juice in your diet, also other forms of citrus and vitami nC ; these are ways whereby entities can avoid kidney stones . This Awareness indicates that causes relate t ocertain minerals and vitamins and deficiencies, and other foreign substances which enter into the kidney sand are not properly processed . This Awareness indicates that there is a new technique which appears to be approximately 6 months awa yfrom being available and approximately 2 years away from being commonly used, which dissolve kidney stone the use of sound waves. This Awareness indicates that this shall be introduced within a short time . This Awareness indicates that meanwhile, there are certain herbal remedies . There are biochemical remediesusing Dr . Schuessler s cell salts of the homeopathic system, and there are also certain procedures of a die tnature which can be beneficial . This Awareness indicates that the use of aloe vera juice in large quantity o fseveral tablespoons daily, depending on the size of kidney stories, this can be beneficial in helping to pas sthese . This Awareness indicates that there are also benefits from the use of D Cell water . This Awareness ind-icates also from the use of large quantities of liquids,--in many instances this can benefit . This Awareness ind-icates the Dr . Christopher book, and that of Dr . Jensen as beneficial in regard to herbal remedies . This Aware-ness indicates there are also certain pharmaceutical drugs which can assist in some cases . **** *EDs Note : The Dr . Christopher and Dr . Bernard Jensen hooks are available in most healthfood stores . Also his books an dhis NOVA nutritional foods as well as the Dr . Christopher remedies are available from the GOODSHIP, P .O . Box 40083 ,Portland, Oregon, 97240 . Write to them for their free catalog .Also, the hair analysis tests which Awareness recommends entities have every now and then are ,pow available through th eGOODSI-IIP . They are now working with a homeopathic firm which provides excellent hair analysis . A special price o f$32 .50 for C .A .C . members is available through the GOODSI-IIP . This will include a hair analysis, a nutritional evaluationand an exercise program at no extra charge . C .A .C . previously listed one hair analysis firm in California (but we canno tvouch for them) . Those ordering from the GOODSHIP (address above) are guaranteed as genuine . Write to the GOOD -SHIP to receive free hair-analysis form which is required . Do not send any money until you obtain your form . D—CELL WATER AND THE UNBORN CHIL DQUESTION :K.K. of Chicago asks, "Would D-Cell water heighten the consciousness of the child to be born if it were take nby a pregnant woman from the time of conception ; and would it affect the thought-forms in any way tha tpass from mother to child, shielding the unborn child from any negativity on the part of the mother . Also ,would it be an aid to delivery, helping things to go along smoothly, and to help miscarriage, even though th emother may have this in her consciousness ?COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this in the affirmative . This Awareness suggests that this particularly helpful where -in the mother has been using D-Cell water . This Awareness suggests that entities who have not used D-Cel lwater and begin using this in large doses, may experience what appears to be a cold, with the runny nose an dother similar effects . This Awareness indicates this partly due to the 1)-Cell cooling the temperature of the bod yand partly due to its affect on eliminating mucus from the system . This Awareness suggests that wherein entitie sdo experience this excessive cold reaction, that they simply cut down on the use of D-Cell water for a perio duntil the symptoms pass . This Awareness indicates that if they do not object to the effects of the cold, thi seffect should pass within approximately three days---this depending on the condition of the entitys bod yand the amount of D-Cell water being consumed . SHOULD A PREGNANT WOMAN USE THE POLARIZER ? I More on Magnetism IQUESTION :A final question from the same lady : "Would it be good for a pregnant woman who just conceived to use th epolarizer? What effect would it have on the new-born child if she were to use the North pole exclusively o rboth poles equally ; since in experiments, the North pole stunted growth and the South pole caused cannibal -ism and severe mental disturbances?" S.
  9. 9. COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness wishes to clarify that statement that the North pole stunted growth ; this in reference to cert- ain animals and fowl . That in terms of plants, the South pole assisted in the growth of plants . This Awareness indicates the cannibalism, this also in reference to certain animals and chickens . This Awareness indicates tha t these experiments were not conducted on people . This Awareness suggests that the North pole as being the more beneficial for your child . This Awareness suggests this to be approximately seven minutes per day . That this may be done in the late evening before fall- ing asleep, or during the morning upon awakening . This Awareness indicates that approximately seven minute s under the North pole will assist in the alignment which you desire . This also having its affect on the genera l sensitivity of the child . This Awareness indicates this does not appear to have any influence as far as harmin g the child or stunting the childs growth . This Awareness suggests that this be used daily . That the South pol e may be used approximately once or twice weekly for a period of approximately one to two minutes . Thi s Awareness indicates this not being necessary, but that you may use this for this length of time without an y particular difficulties . This Awareness suggests that generally, the North pole as that which entities should use,--the South pol e being used only when entities need stimulation to carry on after their bodies need rest or for other types of stimulation . This Awareness suggests that the use of the North pole as being the more beneficial, even for th e fetus. :se* * ED s Note : For more information on magnetism and the Sam Millar Polarizes, please refer to `Revelations of Awareness No, 80-2($3 .00) ; 80-8 ($3 .00) ; 80-9 ($3 .00) ; 80-24 ($1 .00) ; and 81-6 ($3.00) . Sam Millar is still manufacturing Polarizers for the C .A .C . member- ship . Write to C .A .C . for tree information if interested . DO SYNTHETICS GROW ? (From a C .A .C . Gen . Reading, August 4, 198 0 QUESTION : S .C . has a question : "As I understand it, Robotoids do not age, and it will not be long before some reporte r notices Amy Carter is not growing . How is this going to be handled, and is knowledge of Robotoids to th e masses coming about soon? " COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this questioner as not having kept up with the recent information released by Dr .L- Beter . This Awareness indicates this entity has indicated previously that the synthetic Carter family has rep - laced the robotoid Carter family . This Awareness indicates this appears to have been in October or November of last year . This Awareness indicates that Synthetics essentially live much longer than the early Robotoid s and that the aging of these beings does occur . This Awareness indicates that the newer Synthetics are also cap - able of turning their heads further, do have the appearance of the Adams apple, and the previously describe d pocked skin is no longer present on these beings . This Awareness indicates that the progress in terms of this kind of genetic engineering goes on, and certain factors regarding the beings at one time may be changed a t another time. This Awareness indicates the Synthetics still do not eat the way most humans cat . These can eat smal l amounts, and this as a condition which is also being worked on for improvement in these beings . This Aware- ness indicates that essentially, all of those who had been Robotoids and listed as such in the Beter tapes, have been switched to the Bolshevik Synthetics . ED s Note : For more information on Robotoids and Synthetics, please refer to `Revelations of Awareness No . 79-20 :$3 .00 ; 79-21 ; $2 .00 ; 79-25 ;$4 .00 ;80-14 ;$3 .00, available from C .A .C . A LETTER IN THE SKIES OF RUSSIA WRITTEN BY MOTHER MAR Y (From a C .A .C . Gen . Reading March 26, 1981) QUESTION : Several members have sent in a document concerning apparitions that have been appearing in the USSR, an d this particular one evidently is a reprint from an article called "Fatima Findings", put out in New York, an d Ill read part of it . "The latest apparition is said to have taken place in the village of Tombaugh (?) about 25 miles south o f Moscow, and heaven is said to have announced that Mary will also appear in the capitol itself sometime i n the future. Moreover, as far as the latest apparition is concerned, a large crowd is said to have witnessed th e apparition of Our Lady which occurred on Feb . 10, 1976 . A white hand appeared in the clear sky . It was holding a huge pen, and wrote these words : There is more evil than good in the world. It is Winter for m y people, now is the time for repentance . No good soul will be left among the evil ones, and no evil soul will b e left among the good ones . Heed my warning! Produce fruits of repentance . I will save the God Fury . Accep t your responsibilities . The time is very near at hand. I will return soon. Amen . EDS Note : This reading is what Awareness was referring to earlier in this newsletter in the rap about the Fatima Prophecy . 9.
  10. 10. "The hand wrote for about half an hour . The writings could be seen by everyone all over the city . It couldbe read for three hours . Thus a great fear gripped the people who filled the streets, so that all the means o ftransport were paralyzed . Yet from fear of provoking a mutiny, they did not dare arrest the onlookers wh owere thus able to pass the heavenly message to the ever-increasing number of conversions which have resulte dafter all these apparitions of the Immaculate Virgin, thus they have been fabricating lies to explain away thes efacts . The latest fabrication is so base that in the eyes of the people the authorities are becoming quite ridic-ulous, for they are claiming, `The apparitions have been maneuvered by America . The CIA agents have man-aged to smuggle into the USSR, a beautiful spy from Washington or from Hollywood who can speak Russianwithout a foreign accent . They have been making her appear in various parts of Russia in a beam of light pro-duced by a cine-projector . The Russian people are clearly not so gullible as to believe such a fabrication, thu sfaith in God and devotion to prayer have been spreading rapidly among the people so that the KGB is bitte rand disappointed that it cannot send that "virgin" either to a Siberian camp or to a mental asylum, as it woul dbe able to do with any other real enemies of the regime . " Id like to ask Awareness if that statement on this document is true ; and if so, how was this effected ?COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that this informa tion has been highly embellished with opinions and with fiction-alized areas . This Awareness indicates however, that this apparition and others which have appeared from tim eto time throughout the history of this planet as that which are, in fact, valid . This Awareness indicates thatthis particular apparition as that which did occur. This Awareness indicates that it appears these apparitionsare intended to serve at certain times and points in history for the gradual opening and acceptance of change swhich are to occur in the mass mind . This Awareness indicates this likened unto a vision held in one part o fthe mass mind which is not recognized by other parts . This Awareness indicates that this creates within th emass mind certain curiosity, and allows the opening of the mass mind to some extent as such experiences ar erepeated and reported by large numbers of entities . This Awareness indicates that this gradually having th eeffect of opening up the closed mind of the masses, who are so enraptured by materialism that they canno tbelieve in the possibility of something of this nature . This Awareness indicates that this also as a form of message to those who are aware and awake, whethe rconsciously . or unconsciously, as to the destiny, purpose and direction of humanity during this time . Thi sAwareness indicates this message for those who are of that which is called the Avataric Company, thos eWanderers,---this for those who are part of the forces which are seeking to raise the vibration of the planet .This Awareness indicates that this message through such apparitions can be of great benefit to the masses i npreparing them for certain changes which may follow . This Awareness indicates this in reference to the plan sset up by those world directors to bring about the events which lead to the climax of this "Third Act" o fmans development, and allow for the conclusion and the beginning of the new drama which will follow . This Awareness indicates that the apparitions are very similar to that of a hologram, but wherein the holo -gram is made so as to project lights into a central point within a room, the techniques used in this apparitio nproject images through laser-type mechanisms from different sources placed apart from each other, so tha tthe focal point is in the heavens rather than in a room . This Awareness indicates that this will also be used i nfuture efforts and actions to affect the mass consciousness of cultures, nations, and to fulfill prophecies fo rthe civilization.QUESTION : Then, that particular apparition was not, as the government charged, created by the CIA, but from Wanderer s,or Skoptis New Age people there in Russia ...?COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that this action not caused by Wanderers, Skoptsis, nor caused by the CIA--thi sas an even more secret group and operation . This relating and having connection with those alien forces whic hhave long guarded and watched the affairs of humanity upon this planet--the builders of the civilizations,--these entities who have connections-within the inner parts of this planet in those ancient underground civiliz-ations and cities which were built by the Elder Race, and from which many directions, systems, changes, crea -tions, inventions and events are brought forth to the surface of this planet through the agents and subagent soperating with these entities . This Awareness indicates this also in reference to inter-dimensional influences .This Awareness indicates that particularly, the apparition as that which was of this dimension, created withi nthis dimension, using technologies presently available to certain agencies for the purposes described to affect ,to test, and to influence consciousness of the masses for this and future use . I M.
  11. 11. WHY IS GEORGE KING BEING HONORE D BY THE KNIGHTS OF MALTA ? l MORE ON THE COMING OF THE UFOs 1 , QUESTION : A question from E .Sc "Whats George King and the Etherius Society s connection with the Knights of Malta? He is apparently a healer, work s through the Spiritual Hierarchy and yet is a Maltese affiliate . What gives? He claims he is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ and is very involve d in UFO communication" . And this member sent in a notice from "the Etherius Society announces a meeting of unusual interest " and Ill read just a Iittle bit of it . (Incidently Anthony Warrens group is also promoting this circular like they believe every word of it ) "There are very few people in the USA who have ever seen th e crowning of a prince, and fewer still who have been chosen t o perform this honor of honors . One such arch-bishop who was so chosen was the founder/president of the Etherius Society , His Imminence, Sir George King, Arch-Bishop metropolitan _ of the Etherius churches . After returning from his mos t successful commision the large Christ church in New York, His Imminence addressed a public audience .about the role he played as the chief archbishop of the largest investiture ever held by the sovereign Knights of Malta ecumenical on Sept. 23rd, 1980. The choice of a western master of yoga to act in the Christian mystical cap- acity of an arch bishop in the crowning of a prince, and bestowing blessing upon some of the most prominen t people in the USA, must in deed be counted as one of the most significant religious , and metaphysical moves made in this country" ...and it goes on to invite people to this thing and hear tape recordings and so forth . Would Awareness please comment ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that It will not comment on this particular situation except in a way whereb y entities may understand certain implications involved in the scenario . This Awareness indicates that there is a plan whereby after a major chaotic crisis upon this earth, the UF O phenomena would be opened up by allowing what appears to be an invasion of space beings to this planet t o set things right, to set up the New Age, the New World Order, to prevent wars of the future . This Awarenes s indicates that this action being designed and planned requires that entities in society be open to receiving such spacecraft as friends and as advanced beings, capable of helping humanity in a time of crisis . This Awareness indicates that the plan would call for entities to be in such chaotic confusion and to be ope n and willing to receive space visitors who could put things in order, so that entities will gladly turn over thei r lives, their governments, and their rights to these entities so that the "New World Order" can be established by these so-called `space beings for the benefit of mankind in the future . This Awareness indicates however, tha t the plan is a plan of the Alien Force for the purpose of setting up the "New World Order" that is the On e World Government, which is not so concerned about giving freedom for all, but rather is concerned to hav e power over all nations . (This Awareness indicates that there also are other forces which counter this plan ; these being true space people, and others who are working upon this plane for the more highly motivated purposes). This Awareness indicates that essentially, there are many of these UFO organizations which have been set u p to condition the masses into thinking that all space people or UFO people are higher spiritual beings ; and there- fore, if you see one of these, simply give yourself to them in a devotional manner, for these are Angels of Go d come to rescue you from the problems of the world . This Awareness indicates that essentially, this is the pro- gramming which many of these organizations seek to present ; but essentially, there are both alien and benefic- ial types in various situations whereby some of these UFO beings serve the Dark Forces and some serve the Forces of Light . This Awareness indicates that it is necessary for entities to be ever and always watchful in terms of thei r liberties and freedoms . That you not give these away to strangers who walk out of dark alleys, or who stan d behind the counter at your bank, or who ask for your thumbprint at the market, or who seek your privat e information, or who ask for your personal data ; or who ask that you support a program, or who come to yo u from outer space, or who stand in pulpits and tell you how to think . That any of these and many others ma y be telling you truth, or . may be seeking to take away . your priceless liberties, and you must be ever and always watchful . ***a EDs Note: Another promoter, like George King, telling us to welcome these UFOs with open arms is Alien-Michael of the On e World Family Commune in California, who bills himself as the "Cosmic Messiah" and whose `channelings have resulted in hum- erous hooks directed at the youth of this nation . Somehow this entity was represented at the famous 7.7-77 York Convention and an attempt was made to cram his "One World Government" down the throats of those New Age entities Awareness called t o Yorktown to ratify the `Unified States of Awareness--the government of the New Age proposed by Cosmic Awareness designe d to counter the Beast-666 One World government which Rockefeller and the illuminati is attempting to set up . Fortunately, those attending this magical conference were not so gullible as to swallow Allen-Michaels proposal . Several so-called `Light organizat- ions in Detroit, however, swallowed 1•e bait and are still promoting Michaels concept and hailing him as the "Cosmic Messiah" . Those interested in the New Age gov .rnment suggested by Cosmic Awareness should read the `Akashic Record ($4.00 from CAC ) also the two following reports : `A Magic Happening at Yorktown ($3 .00) and the November 15, 1977 200th Anniversa .y Celeb- ration of the U .S., which includes Paul Shockleys Yorktown Address ; $3 .00 from C .A.C, (Sec Back Issues Catalogg) . 11 .
  12. 12. ANY .CHANGE IN THE KNIGHTS OF MALTA ?QUESTION :Awareness, has there been a recent change in the Knights of Malta, or are these entities still involved in th efinancing and assassination areas---a tentacle of the Beast, as indicated previously ?COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that it appears these entities as having undergone many changes over the years ,being much more inclined toward improving their self-image and reputation at present, This Awareness indic -ates this organization is still one which is highly dangerous to discuss and focus on too greatly, for these ent-ities do have great power and know how to use this to their advantage . This Awareness suggests that you le tsleeping dogs lie for now, and allow time to have its effect . ** a *EDs Note : The Knights of Malta were recently exposed by `New Solidarity as being a secret branch of the Catholic Churc hwhich has been involved for centuries in financing wars and assassinations of all types . For more information on what Cosmi cAwareness has revealed about this organization, please refer to `Revelations of Awareness No . 79 . 1 (The Gathering Storm) ;$3 .00 . WHAT NEW-AGE GROUPS HAVE BEE N INFILTRATED BY THE ALIEN FORCE ? QUESTION : One area that this particular question from this member brings up which has not really covered thoroughly; is the infiltration of the Alien Force into these so-called New Age and spiritual groups . I would like to ask Awareness if it would be appropriate, without naming names of these groups particularly, sometime in th e future to have a reading on this subject that might clarify for the entities involved in these various group s how they might discern when the Alien Force is channeling and when it isnt . Would that be appropriate ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates this in the affirmative . This Awareness indicates that essentially, entities can dis- tinguish these actions by applying the Cosmic Laws to these channelings to determine whether the entitie s are setting up personality cults, are setting up control situations or mind-manipulative organizations, o r whether these are allowing entities the freedom to explore and think in different ways,---examining, question - ing,---and freedom to come and go from the organization as they choose . This Awareness indicates that a truly Divine organization does not seek to bind others ; but rather seeks to enlighten and give them the right and opportunity to grow and develop themselves fully as Divine .Beings . **** M A S A D A -- THE FIRST JONESTOWN ? QUESTION : Recently, the so-called novel for television, called Masada was screened to a huge aud- ience. According to the hype on this series, it tells the story of 900 some Jews wh o took their own lives on that mountaintop rather than live in slavery under the Romans , without their own homeland . According to Dr . Betel., however, the Zionists promoted this series as part of their effort to get public sympathy for the present state of Israe l and the real story of Masada was that the 900 Jews were murdered in the first Jim Jones type of mind contro l experiment . I have personally read of accounts where these entities jumped off the cliff or were pushed off th e cliff: in the story they all committed mass-suicide . Would Awareness tell us the truth about Masada and wha t really occurred? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that ,,his only to briefly comment : that the leaders of these entities determined no t to be singled out and taken prisoner or stripped of their power, fearing that surrender to the Romans would i n fact allow the others of their group to return to their various personal Iives without punishment, but that thes e leaders of this culture would be singled out and killed regardless of what happened to the remainder of thes e 12 .
  13. 13. 900 or so entities . This Awareness indicates therefore, the leaders themselves, feeling that since they would be destroyed regardless of what happens and possibly meet worse fates than immediate death ; these entities deter- mined that they would resist as long as possible, then create a hollow victory for the invaders by causing suc h mass suicide that all of Rome and of the area would hear about how Rome attacked these entities and ho w they would take their lives rather than surrender . This Awareness indicates that this being a psychologica l victory over. Rome in lieu of a military victory . This Awareness indicates that without this plan of operations, the entities would have been removed an d returned to other lifestyles or places, and the leaders persecuted . This Awareness indicates that there woul d have also been certain persecution for many of the 900 . In some cases there would have been death, but had these entities cooperated in the early stages of the action, the entire situation could have been avoided . This Awareness indicates that once these entities made a stand, challenging the Roman Empire, then the,Roma n Empire, in order to save face and its reputation, felt compelled to bring these entities down . This Awareness indicates that in the action of creating mass suicide, the Romans received a hollow victory, which did not sho w them to have any power over the life and death of these entities, for these entities held the power of life an d death over themselves . This Awareness indicates that it is true that many of these entities did not wish t o commit suicide and they were murdered by their own associates . ARE AMERICANS STILL BEING HELD IN VIETNAM ? ({S THERE A STATE DEPARTMENT COVER-UP ? ) (Excerpt from a Gen . C .A .C . Reading ? QUESTION : March 1.1, 7.98 1 A Question from M3 . Spotlight has on numerous occasions claimed that American POWs are still being held in Vietnam, Laos an d North Korea. Tonight on ABC-TV a special program was devoted to this issue . Ted Kopell interviewed a wom - an who was a teacher in Laos in 1975 and was imprisoned for several months there .She talked to prisoners wh o had seen 100 American pilots in Laosian prisons . She charged, along with Spotlight, that the existence of per- haps hundreds of American POWs was being covered up by the State Department . Three questions arise : One, are Americans still being held captive in the countries mentioned? Two, what would these countrie s stand to gain by secretly holding these entities against their will? And three : why should the United States State Department cover up the status of these entities and impede investigations into this matter? Coul d se. Awareness answer these questions ? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that this as in the affirmative . This Awareness indicates that many of these entitie s are being held both for information which they could supply (this in terms of technical information or train- ing), and also in terms of being held for possibility of exchange at some future date for favors or for purpose s of blackmail exchange techniques . This Awareness indicates that essentially the State Department is not releas - ing this information because much is unconfirmed and because what is confirmed and available would creat e much of a similar problem as the Iranian hostage situation created . This Awareness indicates so long as th e American people are not aware of these prisoners being held by these countries, the opportunity for black - mail is less likely ; for it requires concern on the part of someone . allied with the hostage before an entity or a group or country holding the hostage could extract energy for release of the hostages . This Awareness indicates there are efforts within the State Department on certain levels to seek release o f those entities . This Awareness indicates however, that these efforts are not of strong priority . This Awareness indicates that greater publicity on this, as indicated, is that which can assist in bringing about the climate for release of these entities . This Awareness indicates that many of the families believe their kin as having bee n killed and have given up on any concept that they might still be living as a prisoner . This Awareness indicate s when this occurs, the prisoner then, is hopelessly tied to his captors until some outside force or until an oppor- tunity for escape can deliver the freedom desired . HERE S ONE fOR THE BIBLICAL EXPERTS QUESTION : A.M. has a question : "In Genesis 3 :22, "And the Lt 1, `Behold, the man is coming as one of us, to kno w good and evil. Here is a plural, as I understand "us" . le .is pertaining to the Elohim, or to the Jehovah? Also , how could they have missed this, as it refers to more than one,--that is, the church and those who make a study of the Bible? COSMIC AWARENESS : This Awareness indicates that generally, wherein entities have within their mind a picture of how thing s are assumed to be, that picture is superimposed upon everything observed, and anything that does not fit int o that picture is assumed to be of error, or of some unworthiness . This Awareness indicates that wherein entities assume the Bible to be absolutely true in every way, and yet run across passages such as this which cannot b e elearly explained in the traditional pi .cure, then, of course, the only option is to not notice such passages . This Awareness indicates therefore, many entities will gloss over those passages, looking for the nuggets which support their own values . 13 .
  14. 14. NEW PLATEAU IN CONSCIOUSNESS ( Things in life are going more smoothly) (Closing message) May d, 198 1 This Awareness indicates that what may be termed a new plateau in consciousness is now in effect ; that ent-ities can again move more quickly along the path of spiritual evolution and, for a time, will find that the press -ures are removed . This Awareness indicates that this may be better understood by the following image : Visualizing a ship building up speed, reaching a point whereby the resistance factor is extreme, and the ent-ity or the ship continues building speed, creating greater and greater resistance to it . This Awareness indicatesat some point, the resistance factor must give way if the speed continues to increase, and the entity break sthrough the sound barrier or the light barrier . This Awareness indicates that once through the sound barrier ,or once through the light barrier, greater speed is allowed . This Awareness indicates that likewise, in the move-ment of spiritual progression, whereby an entity struggles along a path, running into resistance ; once the entitycomes in contact with that force which is of great difficulty, but manages by sheer purpose and determinatio nto continue moving, pushing, struggling : the entity eventually gets through the difficulty, and then suddenl ythere is greater freedom and less resistance than before the entity had come in contact with the previous diff-iculty . This Awareness indicates now the entity is in second gear, rather than in low, and the entity now ha sgreater speed and direction . As the entity again speeds up at greater movement and acceleration, the entity then finds that there come sa point wherein the speed is being slowed down, the acceleration of the acceleration is being hindered or red-uced, and there is a diminishing return . This Awareness indicates that again, resistance is hindering furthermovement. This Awareness indicates that as the entity shifts into still higher gear, or recognizes the need fo ralchemical change, or moves on beyond that which is the force that is resisting ; the entity again moves int ohigher planes and higher speed and greater freedom than has been experienced before . This Awareness indicate sthat now the entity is in third gear . This Awareness indicates at this level there is still greater speed and mom-entum than has been experienced previously . This Awareness indicates that in a similar manner, there has been a shift in consciousness which occurre dthis spring, having its apex in the early weeks of April, whereby thereafter, entities can experience a movemen tof less friction and greater performance level, whereby fluidity and smoothness in life should be enhanced fo ra period, until entities agaiia reach that speed and intensity that creates resistance which must be furthe rovercome . THE PERILS OF THINKING IN QUALITY (Opening Message ) Dec . 4 . 198 0 This Awareness suggests that entities reread the Law of One, that entities also consider the concept of one .xhat entities recognize that one is a description of every single thing within the universe, is a description o fevery single group of things within the universe, is a description of the universe itself, and is a description o fthe groups of universes . This Awareness indicates that one can be applied to every relationship, and wherei nentities observe the unity of a relationship of one, regardless of how limited or how expanded that one relation -ship might be, whether personal or inclusive of others, or universal, or inter-dimensional,--that oneness is tha twhich allows an entity to feel at home in that relationship, at one with that relationship, integrated, in tune ,at onement . This Awareness indicates that the feeling of unification is an attitude that is available to any entity in an ysituation,---even wherein there may be conflict in that situation, the entity can recognize the united actions o fentities in conflict as one situation . This Awareness indicates that wherein an entity is capable of seeing th eoneness of every situation, of every circumstance, wherein entities are capable of seeing the parts Iinked to-gether , the sequential circumstances linked together as one long event or movement, wherein entities are cap -able of seeing unity in all things, entities will never feel separated, or cut off from what is . This Awareness indicates that wherein an entity looks at the duality of circumstances and refuses to see th eunity which contains the duality, wherein entities seeing the two parts, fail to see that the two parts make on e.ituation, and, in seeing these two parts, must identify with one part or the other, hut refuse to recognize agreater oneness of the total circumstance, then entities feel themselves to be at odds, and separated from other s--not involved in `that because they are involved in `this, and `that is wrong and `this is right . This Awareness indicates that the thinking process of thinking in duality and opposition as opposed to recog-nizing that even in opposition there is a unity or a single situation which contains the opposition ; when an ent-ity is capable of seeing this unity of oppositions, the entity then can also recognize how these oppositions ca nbe reconciled within this united situation . This Awareness indicates that wherein the entity cannot see this an dalways expects and recognizes only duality and ignores the united or unity of circumstances, ignores the one-ness of a situation, then the entity will be in constant, act of creating greater and greater division and separation .This Awareness indicates that as this increases and multiplies, the entity may become so separated from so man ydifferent divisions that the entity is boxed in to a tiny space in life and eventually may squeeze himself or her -self into such division and such schizophrenia into such tiny pieces and small points of identity that the entit ycan no longer tolerate his or her own thinking and the entity simply disappears . This Awareness indicates that separateness as a guiding concept for an entitys approach to life is a very dev-astating and dangerous path for the soul, whereas entities may wish to make discernment and divisions fo rpurposes of clarification of the path the entity wishes to follow . The entity who creates and accepts these dis-cernments and clarifications does not have to see this as separation, but sees this as a total mosaic made up o fmany parts, each being distinct from one another and each having its own place, its own right to be, or to b emodified and changed by influences of consciousness or time, so that everything which is at one moment i swhat it is, and is acceptable for that moment, even though it may not be acceptable for the next moment, fo ra change may be in order and may be proper for the next moment . This Awareness indicates that in every moment, an entity can accept what is for that moment, but may de-mand a change for the next moment and in this approach, may never be dissatisfied or cut off from what is ,may never need feel duality when approaching a conflict, for the conflict can be acceptable in this moment , though reconcilable in the next . *ern REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS is n cosmic newsletter publinhcaI every two weeks by Cosmic Awareness Communications , P .O . Box 115, Olympia . Washington 98507 (A non-profit organization) . Subscription rates are available upon request .