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The history and mystery of the mass


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Outline for a lesson on the Roman Catholic Mass

Published in: Spiritual
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The history and mystery of the mass

  1. 1. The History andMystery of the Mass
  2. 2. “The Source and Summit”
  3. 3. Cultural Influences from the Mass• building stories• television seasons• pretzels• malt lager bock beer• courtroom (examples next)
  4. 4. Sanctuary Parallels to Courtroom  High altar=judge bench  Altar rail=Bar  Ambo=witness stand  Black clerical garb=judges robe  Law clerk comes from word cleric
  5. 5. The Mass is in a sense older than the Last Supper MelchizedekAbel (why we don’t have to recreate the Last Supper in detail)
  6. 6. Torah Scrolls (10 The Body, Blood, Soul andCommandments) Divinity “the Holy of
  7. 7. Pope St. Clement founder of liturgicaltradition, said the Massshould imitate worship by angels church sanctuary should be a glimpse of heaven
  8. 8. The Altar• must be stone to represent the "living stone rejected" (not "on this rock I will..")• five crosses inscribed on top represent Jesus wounds• the point of encounter between heaven and earth
  9. 9. Parts of the Mass• I. Intro. Rite• II. Liturgy of the Word• III. Liturgy of the Eucharist
  10. 10. Introductory Rite• Procession• Confedior• Kyrie• Gloria
  11. 11. Liturgy of the Word…spoken • First Reading • Second Reading • Gospel
  12. 12. Liturgy of the Word… explained and prayed• Homily• Credo (Profession of Faith)• Prayers of the Faithful
  13. 13. The FirstHomily?
  14. 14. Liturgy of the Eucharist Part I. Eucharistic Prayer• Offertory/Presentation of the Gifts• Mixing of water (people) and wine (Jesus)• Prayer of the Holy Trinity (“secret prayer”)• Eucharistic Prayer (“Canon”) Sanctus (Holy x3) Doxology
  15. 15. Liturgy of the Eucharist Part II. Communion Rite• The Lord’s Prayer• Sign of Peace• Agnus Dei (Lamb of God)• Holy Communion
  16. 16. Awe of the Eucharist“the highest of angels don’t dare touch the consecrated Body of Christ” –St. John Chrysotom“Then one of the seraphs flew to me, holding in its hand a live coal which it had taken from the altar with a pair of tongs. With this it touched my mouth and said: Look, this has touched your lips, your guilt has been removed and your sin forgiven.” Isaiah 6:6-7only in persona christi do the priests dare to touch and distribute the Eucharist- 3 requirements: consecrated, ordained and veiled hands
  17. 17. Don’t Try to Add to or Improve on the Mass• “This is the Word of the Lord”• “This is the Body of Christ” the Mass should change you (not vice versa) EME, not EM
  18. 18. Leave that to the Pros…• "Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof."• “I believe in one God…”• “For You and for many that sins may be forgiven…”• "The Lord be with you/And with your spirit."
  19. 19. The End