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Menu Casa Mexico

  1. 1. “Show me another pleasure like FROM THE GARDEN FROM THE GARDEN dinner, which comes every day CASA MEXICO SALAD $11.95 and lasts an hour” Lettuce, grilled chicken strips, tomato, - Tallleyrand - Tal eyrand avocado and our own house dressing AZTEC SALAD $ 6.95 APPETIZERS APPETIZERS Avocado and cactus slices, fresh lettuce tomatoes, onion, coriander, dressing topped with cheese MOLLETES (2) V * V $ 5.50 Halves of baked bread smothered with CAESAR SALAD $ 5.95 beans and topped with salsa & grated cheese Fresh lettuce, croutons and Mexico’s own famous dressing PICANTE MUSHROOMS V V $ 6.95 “Champiñones al Ajillo” TACO SALAD * $ 5.95 Sautéed mushrooms with sun dried Vegetables with our own dressing, topped chili peppers, garlic and onion with feta cheese on a wheat tortilla basket GUACAMOLE $ 5.95 Mashed avocado with tomato, onion Back in 1924, Caesar Cardini was limejuice & salt. Served with crispy Totopos running a popular restaurant in NACHOS V * $ 7.50 Tijuana, Mexico, Running low on V Crispy tortilla chips with melted cheese, food one night, he rummaged jalapenos, sour cream, tomato, onion & sauce through his inventory and came MEXICAN FONDUE V * V $ 7.95 up with the salad that forever after “Queso Fundido” Delicious melted cheese has borne his name. To prepare 3 tacos in a soft wheat tortilla TOSTADAS (2) V V $ 6.95 SOUPS SOUPS Beef or chicken on a hard tortilla plate, topped with beans, lettuce, cream & cheese AZTEC TORTILLA SOUP $ 4.95 World famous tortilla soup with SOPES (3) V V $ 6.95 avocado, cream & melted cheese Beef or chicken on deep-fried corn dough plate, topped with beans, beef & cheese XOCHITL SOUP $ 4.95 Broth with shredded chicken, onion, * With ground beef, bacon or chorizo add $ 1.50 coriander and limejuice BLACK BEAN SOUP $ 4.95 “ A good cook is like a sorcerer Served with sour cream & croutons who dispenses happiness”. - Elsa Schiaparelllii - Elsa Schiaparel
  2. 2. REAL MEXICAN FARE REAL MEXICAN FARE Moles are to Mexican cuisine what butter-based sauces are to French. ENMOLADAS V V $12.95 Intricate, subtle, intoxicating in Chicken-stuffed tortillas topped with Oaxacan Mole sauce, sour cream & fresh cheese both flavor and aroma, these complex combinations of nuts, ENCHILADAS V V $9.95 fruits, peppers and bitter chocolate Chicken-stuffed tortillas topped with red or green tomato sauce, sour cream & grated cheese are truly a love affair between the cook and ingredients TAMALES (2) V V $ 9.95 GRANDMA’S RECIPES Mexican corn dough stuffed with chicken, or peppers and cheese, wrapped in corn leaves GRANDMA’S RECIPES and topped with green and red sauce MOLE OAXAQUEÑO $14.95 CHILAQUILES V V $ 8.95 Chicken in Mole sauce served with rice Chips layered with chicken in red or green And beans. Proudly Oaxacan Sauce... Mmh!!! tomato sauce, sour cream, onion & cheese COCHINITA PIBIL “Mayan Style Pork” $14.95 QUESADILLAS AZTECAS (3) V V $ 8.95 Shredded pork cooked in the most exotic Fried hand-made corn tortilla filled spices. Served with black beans and red with cheese, chicken or beef onions, includes 3 tortillas... Bomba!!! FLAUTAS DORADAS (3) V V $ 8.95 Deep fried tortilla flutes stuffed with tender beef or chicken, topped with lettuce, sour cream and cheese BURRITOS (2) V V $ 8.25 Chicken or beef, in a wheat tortilla with cheese, lettuce, beans, tomato and onion MIXIOTE $14.95 QUESADILLAS NORTEÑAS (2) V $ 7.75 Shredded spiced pork or beef V steamed in a bag. Served with rice Melted cheese and chicken in a grilled and fried beans… A truly Aztec recipe wheat tortilla, served with beans TACOS CHILE RELLENO $12.95 PASTOR, STEAK, CHICKEN OR CHORIZO $11.95 Poblano pepper stuffed with cheese. Served with rice and beans. Ay caramba!!! Garnished with guacamole and fried beans CASA MEXICO PLATTER $14.95 JALISCO-STYLE POZOLE Sm.$ 5.95 Beef or chicken taco, sope, quesadilla, Typical soup with pork or Lg.$ 8.95 enchilada, rice, beans, guacamole chicken & hominy. Served with and crispy totopos lettuce, onion, oregano, lime & chili powder.
  3. 3. “After a perfect meal, we are more “TORTAS” “TORTAS” susceptible to the ecstasy of love than at any other time”. MEXICAN SUBS MEXICAN SUBS - Dr. Hans Balzi - Dr. Hans Balzi ”PEPITO” STEAK SUB $ 8.95 Beef Sirloin Steak, beans and Guacamole BEEF, CHICKEN & SHRIMP BEEF, CHICKEN & SHRIMP “TULUM-TORTA” $ 8.95 TAMPIQUEÑA STEAK $17.95 Cochinita Pibil, beans and red onions Delicious grilled steak with enchilada guacamole, fried beans and rice “CHICKEN CAESAR” $ 8.95 Chicken breast and Caesar dressing ARRIERO STEAK $16.95 Country steak smothered with creamy “CHORIQUESO” $ 8.95 chilpotle pepper sauce, beans & rice Chorizo and melted Mozzarella FAJITAS “A true gastronome should always Steak and / or chicken $15.95 be ready to eat, just as a soldier Shrimp $16.95 should always be ready to fight”. “ALAMBRE” STEAK & CHEESE $15.95 - Charles Monselet - Charles Monselet Delicious grilled steak with green pepper, onion, bacon and cheese. To prepare 3 tacos GRILLED CHICKEN BREAST $12.95 Red-hot-stone-grilled boneless breast Served with fries or salad CHAMUCO SHRIMPS $16.95 Shrimps in spicy Chilpotle sauce served with rice and salad AJILLO SHRIMPS $16.95 Gulf of Mexico style shrimps cooked in garlic SIDE ORDERS SIDE ORDERS sauce and sun dried chili peppers. FRENCH FRIES $2.95 PARRILLADA “for two” $34.95 MEXICAN-STYLE RICE $2.50 Sirloin steak, chicken breast, chorizo & mixiote. FRIED BEANS $2.50 Garnished with guacamole, salsas, cheese, AVOCADO SLICES $2.00 beans, sour cream & corn and wheat tortillas. SALSAS $2.00 TORTILLA CHIPS $1.50 TORTILLAS (3 Corn or Wheat) $1.00
  4. 4. TEQUILAS TEQUILAS DESSERTS DESSERTS DELUXE FLAN 3 LECHES “caramel flan” $ 4.75 José Cuervo 1800 $ 6.00 ARROZ CON LECHE “rice pudding” $ 4.25 Hornitos $ 6.00 POSTRE DEL DIA “today’s special” $ 4.25 Conmemorativo $ 5.50 GOLD Jimador $ 5.00 SOFT DRINKS SOFT DRINKS Cuervo Gold $ 5.00 MEXICAN JUICES “JUMEX” $ 2.75 Sauza Gold $ 4.75 Mango, Guava and Tamarind Viuda de Romero $ 4.75 JUICES Joven de los Dorados $ 4.50 Pineapple, Orange or Cranberry $ 1.75 El Charro $ 4.50 AGUA FRESCA “Fruity Drinks” $ 1.50 Hoja Vieja $ 4.00 POP $ 1.50 SILVER Coke, Diet Coke, Ginger Ale, Jimador $ 5.00 Sprite or Iced Tea El Charro $ 4.25 Perrier $ 2.00 Sauza $ 4.75 REFRESCOS “Mexican Pop” $ 2.75 Viuda de Romero $ 4.75 Sidral Mundet & Sangría Señorial Joven de los Dorados $ 4.50 COFFE OR TEA $ 1.50 Hoja Vieja $ 4.00 Bottle Water $ 1.00 MEZCAL BAR DRINKS BAR DRINKS Monte Alban $ 5.00 BOTTLED BEERS BOTTLED BEERS Gusano Rojo $ 4.75 CANADIAN Blue, Canadian, Export, Today’s TEQUILA Ask the waiter Dry, Carlsberg, Heineken, Budweiser $ 3.50 WINES WINES MEXICAN Corona, SOL, XX $ 4.50 HOUSE WINE (RED & WHITE) DRAUGHT BEERS DRAUGHT BEERS Glass $ 5.00 Canadian, Blue & Carlsberg pint $ 4.75 Half liter $15.00 Pitcher $15.00 CASILLERO DEL DIABLO $31.00 Alexander Keith pint $ 5.25 SANGRE DE TORO $29.00 Pitcher $16.00 SANTA CAROLINA $27.00 XX Mexican Lager pint $ 5.75 GATO NEGRO $25.00 Pitcher $17.00 TRAPICHE $23.00 MARGARITAS & SPECIALS MARGARITAS & SPECIALS SALUD Y BUEN PROVECHO! MARGARITA LIME CLASSIC $ 6.00 MARGARITA FRESH FRUITS $ 6.75 CHEERS AND BON APETITE! PIÑA COLADA $ 6.00 Reserve our party room Reserve our party room SANGRIA CLERICOT glass $ 4.00 for your special celebration for your special celebration Pitcher $22.00 15% tip will be charged on 8+ parties 15% tip will be charged on 8+ parties MIXED DRINKS CHECK COCKTAIL MENU TAXES NOT INCLUDED TAXES NOT INCLUDED
  5. 5. LUNCH SPECIALS $6.95 LUNCH SPECIALS $6.95 Monday to Friiday,, from 12::00 ‘‘tiillll 15::00 Monday to Fr day from 12 00 ‘t 15 00 Monday to Friday, from 12:00 till 15:00 Entomatadas V Chicken-stuffed tortillas topped with red sauce, V V sour cream & feta cheese, served with rice Tostadas (2) V Shredded beef or chicken on hard tortilla, topped V V with beans, lettuce, cream & cheese, served with rice Pelliscadas V (3) Shredded beef or chicken on deep-fried tortilla V V plate, topped with beans, beef & cheese, served with rice Enfrijoladas Chicken-stuffed tortillas topped with black bean sauce, sour cream & feta cheese, served with rice Chilaquiles V Corn chips layered with chicken in red sauce, V V smothered with sour cream, onion & cheese, served with rice Dobladas (2) V Fried hand-made corn tortilla filled with cheese, V V chicken or beef, served with rice Burritos (2) V Cheese, lettuce, beans and beef or chicken in a V V grilled wheat tortilla, served with rice Flautas (3) V Fried tortilla flutes stuffed with beef or chicken, V V topped with lettuce, sour cream & cheese, served with rice 1 FREE PPoopp oorr Juuiiicce iiinn evverryy lllunncch 1 FREE Pop or Ju ce n every u nch J e e e u h V=Veggiiie optiiion V=Vegg e opt o n V=Vegg e opt on 16 Isabella St. TORONTO Tel: (416) 924-6331 Web: